Asya OS: Prequel to "Dil, Bhaang and More"

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Since someone requested this, here it is. The bhaang night continued from the point in the episode, just as they are about to fall asleep.

They both felt drowsy and yet alive and hyper aware of each other.  Her head swayed toward him as her eyes slowly closed. She strained to keep her eyes open but couldn't. In a fog, he watched her face move toward his, and sleepily he reached out his hand to tuck her hair behind her ear. He saw her eyes snap open. He lightly traced her cheek with his thumb, pausing at her dimple, and her lips parted. He could not resist, he dipped his head to gently feather his lips over hers. She moaned softly and leaned into him.

He pulled her into his lap as she wrapped her arms around his neck looking at him saucily with an eyebrow raised. Both were wide awake now, breathing heavily and fully aroused by their closeness.

He leaned in to kiss her and she laughed and jumped out of his arms and out of the door into the rain. 

"Zoya!" he groaned and followed her outside. She was twirling in the rain with her face raised to the night sky. He stood, mesmerized by the sight. How did she do it? He felt drawn closer to her and she twirled in circles around him as though dancing in tune to music only she could hear. He grabbed her wrist and she slammed against his chest. Her laughter died on her lips as she looked up into his face. He held her by her waist with one hand and re-tucked the errant strand of hair behind her ear. 

He leaned in and murmured, "why doesn't this stay in place?" 

She shook her head wildly, cascading droplets of rain on his face and laughed, "that's why!" 

She tried to run away but he held her close with both arms around her waist and aligned his hips with hers. 

She felt the ridge of hardness press against herself and said, "Ooh, Mr. Khan, seventh pack?" 

Zoya clamped her hand over her mouth in surprise as she saw his shocked face. She closed her eyes in embarrassment but felt him press into her as he whispered in her ear, "Koi shak?" 

Eyes still clenched closed, she shook her head. He grabbed her head with both hands and still grinding into her said, "Zoya, I want you right now." 

Her eyes opened and widened as she saw the intensity in his face.  And she was undone. She became bolder and pressed herself into him and leaned in to trace his lips with her tongue. He growled and captured her mouth with his. Their arms struggled to grip each other over wet and slippery clothing. He let his hands roam over her full breasts and slide down her waist to hold her butt and grind into her.

Asad bent down and lifted her in his arms and carried her in the house. Putting her down just inside, he leaned her against the closed door.  She worked to unbutton his shirt impatiently as he pushed her palla and blouse off her shoulder and bit down on her bare wet skin. Her breath quickened and her fingers fumbled on the buttons. He turned her around, and her palms slapped on the door. Pressing her into the door he kissed her bare back with his hands kneading her breasts through her blouse and saree. With his teeth he ripped the flimsy blouse strings off. She moaned and writhed and threw her head back. He slipped both his hands under the now loose blouse and cupped her bare breasts. She whimpered and shuddered leaning into him and arched her back, wrapping her arms over his. He rubbed his palms over her tightened nipples and she moaned and rolled her head side to side on his shoulder. Not able to take the rioting sensations any more, she turned in his arms and clung to him. He pushed her back against the door, peeled the wet blouse off her arms and threw it to the ground. Asad stilled looking at her bare upper body, her breasts heaving with each breath that she dragged. Suddenly shy, she ducked her head and tried to cross her arms in front. He groaned and pulled her in his arms and captured her mouth in a kiss again. Sliding one hand down, he stoked her hip and tried to tug her leg over his but her saree got in the way.

He lifted her up in his arms and took her to the nearest bedroom. He laid her gently on the bed as he had done a few times before. But this time he would join her and make her his. She sat up and tried to help him out of his shirt.  She let her fingernails rasp across his taut stomach and then felt a scar. Tracing it with her fingers she bent to kiss it and then ran her tongue over it slowly. He bucked and arched his back this time and she nipped his skin around the scar.  

"What happened here Mr. Khan?" she asked. 

"I'll tell you some other time," he whispered tightly as his hands came up to cup the back of her head and one thumb strayed to trace her lips.  

She licked his thumb and took it her mouth to suck on it.  "Ah, Zoya" you're killing me." 

"Mmm" was all she said.

He grabbed her by her forearms and stood her in front of him and started to hurriedly tug at the saree at her waist. 

"How do you get this thing off?" he grumbled impatiently. 

"You'll figure it out," she teased as she raised her arms and slipped them around his neck and began to slowly and sensuously rub herself against him, bare breasts to bare chest. He tugged and tugged and finally had the saree off but then encountered the petticoat. Frustrated but highly aroused by her moving rhythmically against him, he finally found the drawstring and yanked it to spill her petticoat to the floor.  

"You're not wearing panties?" he yelped.  

She tipped her head back to look at him, "should I go put them on now?" 

He gathered her in a tight embrace and lifted her up to place her back on the bed. He couldn't take his eyes off her. She was so beautiful and what a vixen. She turned her face away shyly from his heated gaze. And his heart bolted. Shy, now?

He sat down by her and bent down to turn her toward him and kissed her hungrily as his hands trailed over her heated flesh.  She sighed and held him by his shoulders. As he deepened the kiss, her own hands began to explore his body with her charged fingertips; she dug her nails and raked them across his back all the way down to his waist where she encountered a clothing barrier this time.  He nuzzled the side of her neck. She feather touched the skin around his waistband and he shifted to give her better access. This time she tugged at his clothes and he stood to shed them. She sat up to help him slapping his hands away at the belt. Still looking into his face she slowly undid the buckle and then the top button of his jeans. His hands came over hers and she stilled. Wiggling one hand free she pulled the zipper down and his pelvis involuntarily thrust forward as he threw his head back exhaling loudly.  As she slipped her hand inside to stroke him, he grabbed her wrist more tightly this time. Pushing her hands away he quickly pulled off the jeans and briefs and tried to push her back in bed to join her. But she resisted, wanting a longer look at him fully naked. He blushed at the intensity in her gaze and grew harder. She lifted her hand to caress him and he groaned loudly. Holding her shoulders more roughly this time he nudged her on her back and climbed in bed to cover her body with his. 

"Enough torture," he rasped, "let me do what I've been dying to do." He bent down to lick and lave her skin between her breasts down to her navel and she went crazy and whimpered and thrashed on the bed. Completely undone by her arousal he quickly entered her but she was too tight. As he tried again she cried out and he stopped. She grabbed his hips and rose to take him in, digging her nails into his butt. He pushed in, bolder this time, and she writhed under him.  "Zoya, baby," he whispered hotly in her ear, "you drive me crazy." And she came. As her thighs clenched around him he felt himself go too.

Later at night, while asleep on her side, her eyes snapped open. The room was dark and she felt different. She became conscious of her nude body. The skin on her throat and breasts felt tender, so did her inner thighs. What? She must be dreaming of him again. She had frequently imagined the whisker burn before, fantasizing about the aftermath of their heated lovemaking, but why did it feel more real now? She felt a movement next to her but before she could orient herself she felt his hand on her shoulder as he turned her on her back.

And she remembered everything.

Before she could say or do anything, she felt him enter her. Her body responded instantly and moved of its own volition in sync with his. She wrapped her arms around him and called out his name. She tried to bring up her knees around his hips but he wouldn't let her and that made her so mad. She tried pushing at his chest and he laughed softly. She got madder. She grunted and pushed at his chest, and he let her flip him on his back as she sat astride him triumphantly. His laughter froze as he saw her silhouetted on top of him. His hands clutched her waist and he cupped her butt roughly, pushing himself deeper into her, and she tilted backwards resting her hands on his bucking thighs. The sight of her head thrown back, her hair grazing his thighs and her bobbing breasts drove him insane. 

"You are so gorgeous," he cried, and she came then and fell limply across his chest.  He rolled and tucked her body, now slick with sweat, under him. Up on his palms he pounded into her till he came too and fell heavily on her.

"Aah, I can't breathe, you're crushing me" she panted. He raised and shook his head. 

"You are such a baby, always complaining." 

Her eyes flashed. He smiled down at her and kissed the corner of her mouth before she could sass him with "oh really?"


My mega FF: ASYA FF: Preme Kahani Hai Mushkil  now on India Forums too!

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Asya OS: Dil, Bhaang and More

Asya OS: Prequel to "Dil, Bhaang and More" 

Asya OS: Voh ... Actually ... 

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MOTHER OF GOD WOMAN! That was so HOT! You have a talent! 
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Posted: 2013-06-30T23:19:10Z
oh. my. GOD. that was AMAZING!!!!! i loved the other OS and i loved this even more!!! your writings keep getting hotter and hotter!!!!! and i LOVE that!!!! keep writing more and more!!!! 
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Posted: 2013-07-01T00:08:51Z
omg it was freaking awesome
sooo hot
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Posted: 2013-07-01T08:47:53Z
Anything u ever write, I WANT TO READ! 

Now for a cold shower!
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Posted: 2013-07-01T08:55:53Z
You have a great writing skill...
should write more OS/FF/SS
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Posted: 2013-07-01T08:56:28Z
This was brilliantly written Clap Clap
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Posted: 2013-08-18T14:48:04Z
Loved the passion between these 2. Wanting it for real on show.
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