New AbhIya FF:The Toxic Affair(pg68,Chpt10,Nov7)(Page 42)

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Like button not working..
Finally read it Smile
I just love d way ti write tanzie Big smile Amazing update.. Hope abhay understands his Mom's pov too.
and pia avoiding abhay seems lije she is fallen for abhay already n wanna avoid dat feeling
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Originally posted by ..juhi..

Yay!! I am first kinne tym baad...
Anyways...tanzie brilliant update
Loved each and every bit of itSmile
Piya avoiding abhay...why??

Thanks a lot Juhi. why piya avoiding abhay n how it will be cleared in next few updates 

Originally posted by snitchseeker

I feel like taking Abhay in a tight embrace and assure him that his life will have a fairytale ending as well. But, sadly I cant. I feel bad for Abhay. Yes he misses his father but he somewhere misses his mom too. And poor Haseena. :'( I really can see where she is coming from. But she is weak and vulnerable too.
Piya's story is a mystery and I get the feeling we have many tear jerker on the way.
This story is showing us how shitty life can get.
I am loving it. Kudos Tanzi. Love u :*

Trust me Snig i feel the same whn I write about both of them Ouch and yes the situation which they are in you cant blame Haseena or Abhay as both are right and wrong in their own ways. piyas story will come after a while. now will concentrate on abhiya. love u too Hug
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Originally posted by Paint.It.BlacK.


How ironically they have every luxury in life
still they are so unhappy. they had such wonderful family and they live in
different houses while she would die to
live in the same house with her family
which she can't. the world is such a
strange place. Clap this line is simple yet so truthful. Loved it.Clap Indu u donno how your comments make me smile and proud thanks so much. you make me feel great with your comments Embarrassed Hug

He didn't know how to show
his gratitude and Pia didn't ask
anything else to him. sometimes its
better not to question people about something which is hurting them and
one question could hurt even more. She
just asked, "will you be okay? I will
take leave now." another beauty! Clap i dnt remember if i have said this before, that i immensely admire your style of writing.Star I love the way they are so simple yet so appealing to the senses! Heart Embarrassed

next i want to mention some lines that i couldnt leave nt mentioning. They state Abhay and his mental state so brilliantly!
 thanks so much Indu. i donno how to write beautifully. i just try my best to write with feel. because its whats imp to me. 

Abhay didn't want to be alone but why
he would even ask her to stay? she was
nobody and she need not to stay here
but right now he was afraid of being
alone. On the other hand he knows he
has a lot on his plate to handle today and judging by everything he is about
to get his hands dirty. Media, his family,
his dads business so he has to be
strong. His lip twisted and he didn't
reply if he would be okay or not, "I will
go out too. I will have to deal too much today. Thanks again." Clap

Abhay had a lot to sort out today. He
cannot go to work today but whenever
he goes back he has to be ready for the
curious looks, the hisses and back biting
behind him. gossips people will now
talk about his family. Some will fake sympathize with him and those who
cannot stand him will be silently happy
at such public nonsense created around
his family. some will even come to him
and try to use this event as an
opportunity to impress him. he knows all these already and that's why he
knows even better he is not mentally
ready to handle the situation. And this too! Brilliant portrayal of Abhay. You have brought his inner mind so vivid and perfectly! Just fabulous!Clap thanks dear. Abhay isnt weak but this was extrmly weak moment for him when he lost his guards so i needed to show how even in his worst vulnerable situation he can think with his brain too. 

but he couldn't complete and Abhay almost shouted, "what is the meaning
of she LIKED him mamu? she is my MOM
and i cant think of her lovestory
rationally. She didn't even bother to
tell me, her SON that she is going to get
married. she is still my dad's wife doesnt matter my dad is dead." AMAZING!! Each n every line in this para is simply brilliant! Of course a son couldnt listen about his mother's love story! Thats quite natural and expected.Approve and the reason i admire it because you have pictured this subtle thing so magnificient and aptly.! This tiny nuances are extremely important for a story to have a mark of its own and that is how exactly it turns out to be here. And you deserve every credit for presenting those aspects soo immaculately. Bravo! Clap

as a reader i wnt say what haseena did was right. Neither i would say what she did was wrong. Because sometime somethings in life are beyond judgement. Everything always cnt be judged by right and wrong. Anyway coming back to this part , i just would like to say that i absolutely love how you explained haseena. Her thoughts and her words are completely well narrated. Gives us a believable picture of her.Clap exactly Indu. thanks a lot for understanding. everything cannot be judged as right or wrong. somethings in life will always be right for someone and same time wrong for someone else and nobody should expect Abhay to understand in the first place he will accept his mother dating anyone just like that. its difficult for him. but from haseenas pov, she isnt entirely wrong either. thanks so much u liked it. i was scared writing that part. 

honestly tanzie i dnt know which lines to mention and which to leave-because trust me i LOVE each and every line in the update and i dnt know which one to praise more. Confused literally i am confused.LOLBut anyway here is one more that i couldnt help nt mentioning.--Embarrassed

Abhay couldn't hold himself any longer.
he punched the wall beside and
shouted, "Still woman you are blaming
me and everyone else for all the mess
you created. Fine I was too occupied in
my life, it was ALL MY FAULT. okay? fine but still if you want me believe and
understand you needed to move on
from my father so early with whom
you have spent 30 years and it took no
less than 4 years for you to move from
him when I still miss him than Im sorry mom maybe I'm just not that much
RATIONAL and indulgent. I can't
sympathize with you. and we cleared
your mess and saved my father
company. " he didn't even bid goodbye
and left the house. Clap BRILLIANT.BRILLIANT ! I dnt knw if brilliant is the word that can rightly explain it...but ya thats the only word i can use right nw to express my feelings! I am in complete awe tanzie-really how masterfully have you brought the tangible aspects of a mother-son relationship! Especially Abhay.Clap Abhay of TTET was my favourite bt nw this Abhay tops the chart in everyway! This is the best picturisation of Abhay among all ur works i have read so far! Truly amazing!Clap thanks so much Indu omg  really you liked this Abhay more Shocked i will take that as my credit thanks so much Embarrassed

he caressed her face and hugged
her and that moment Pia somewhere
deep inside her heart feared that this man is going to turn everything upside
down in her life and after tonight her
life is never going to be the same. but
she was ready to do anything to
distract him. She stroked his face and
whispered I will distract you from all the pain you have. I know a good way
of it and it always works. Clap amazing amazing amazing!!Clap the manner you're dealing Abhay n Piya's relation here is simply fab! The fashion in which you're blending their story is just great. I can already see two Great characterisations in the making. Clap beautiful! I love women to see strong headed and determined . And here though Piya is a eye candy bt her character is one of a strong girl and i admire it. I told this at the beginning and once again i want to say that this is the best characterisation of piya amongst all ur works! Clap
and as a reader i earnestly hope the strength and vivacity-two integral parts of her character remains the same till the very end.Embarrassed thanks again Indu. I hope I will keep up the standard high till the end. this Piya will be my most difficult to write till date that I can assure LOL 

how i wish i could quote the entire update and explain in detail..Embarrassed bt time is short. :(
so summing up my comment i just want to say that am really curious to knw abt piya's past and why she became what she became. I hope to knw her story.Embarrassed

And about Mamu and his son i guess a big game is going behind and i hope when the blow comes Abhay can save their company and his mother, both.

At the end it was difficult for me to prevent myself nt feeeling for Abhay. My heart literally broke at the sight of his vulnerability!Ouch I so hope he is able to pull himself together again. And soon!

and there's nthng that i didnt like in this update as a reader. It is in everyway a brilliant piece of craft. Star
please carry on tanzie. Thank you so much for the pm.Hug

and i knw i am horribly late and i'm extremely sorry for that. :-(
Its just that i cnt give a two or 3 line comment you knw what i mean. I need decent amount of time to state my thoughts. Thats the reason i always take time to unres in ur works. Smile sorry again!

Will be waiting for the next part anxiously. Take care.Hug
Will now focus on abhiya and once its done we will come to piyas part as her part will come with a very crucial incident. yes the business wont be good as Abhay has more enemies thn he can imagine but they wont be coming for now. its okay if you are late Indu im horribly late also but thanks for keeping up with me.. im glad to have u here Hug
Posted: 2014-08-22T14:08:14Z
Originally posted by Syed695

Awesome update!!!
 Loved d connection dey got here...its different n deep level...the attraction had started earlier but d affair just got started. ...loved d precap too...eagrly waitin 4 nxt!!!!

Thanks. still no affair but yes attraction is here but different.. the relationship will be hatke. 

Originally posted by ..Bournville..

pia sure has more diplomacy than abhay when it comes to asking questions. u seem to have done a role reversal here Wink LOL
liked the way story is moving though. 

i didnt do it purposely just the situation is like here LOL i hope the pace is not too slow neither fast. 

Originally posted by anjali0111

whoa!!! it was an emotional roller coaster ride
abhay n his family went through a lot...but they are just the victims of misunderstanding n lack of bady tried to understand others' pain...everyone was busy in struggling with their own. hope abhay will understand haseena some day.
n whats with pia's parents? she also has a painful story about her sad...these two are so broken

thanks Anjali. Abhay and haseena are both alone but lets see if their family will mend ever or not and Piyas history will come just wait a bit. i hope thinks will be more clear thn. thanks for the comment
Posted: 2014-08-23T02:32:31Z
Originally posted by Kit_Kat

amazing n emotional update...
loved every bit of it...
waiting eagerly foe next

Thanks ekta. Embarrassed

Originally posted by bookworm-ALS--

Beautiful. i love abhay and piya's bond here. and i love how you showed that sometimes there's no right way. 
Not how i pictured their first time I guess but that's ok. I hope Abhay is in his senses the next time though. 
Abhay intrigues me more and more in this FF. I think I'm quite close to falling in love. 
Fab update

Thanks Shreya. i was actually worried about the first time but i never intend to make it acceptable on first time as i planned it to be accidental so thats how it is. wow thanks so much. i hope you will like Abhay more in future Embarrassed

Originally posted by rhtkumar672

A different abhay and a different piya here. Still the story is really intriguing going on better with every update. 

Thanks a lot. glad u liked them Embarrassed
Posted: 2014-08-23T03:01:18Z
sry for late replying 
So abhay lost his bachelorhood to Pia ??  Abhay is going through so much  and so is haseena . i really wish they make peace with each other soon . Waiting for more Embarrassed
Posted: 2014-08-23T13:03:53Z
Originally posted by MS-meghasharma

amazing update tanzie. 

loved the way abhay and pia are getting attached with each other. abhay was so vulnerable and the only person who could have calmed him was pia. abhay and his mom has a lot of communication gap and that has made things so difficult b/w them.though i don't agree with his views on his mom but i think haseena too could have done things differently and same goes for abhay too. thanks so much megha. your comments are always precious to me. sometimes strangers can support us while people who know us will fail to see our situation. yes Abhay n haseena are right and wrong both from their pov but not from each others pov and thats why the mess. 

he was searching for her place like crazy and i have a feeling that deep down he does understand where he has went wrong but in senses his emotions get better of him.he loves his dad very much and it his love for him that he isn't able to think practically.

pia's father seems like bad news. i have a feeling that her life story too would be sending us on an emotional roller coaster ride. it's quite clear that someone close to her is in hospital and she needs money for that person. may be her mom. looking forward to read that part of story. yes Abhay does understand but obviously he just cant accept his mother having affair with somebody else. afterall its his mother. lets see Piyas story wont be in highlight for now. now will focus on abhiya relationship. 

pia wants to stay away from him which as per precap seems difficult.
can't wait to read the next update.

fabulous chapter and brilliantly written tanzie. i am totally lovin it. abhay and pia are so different personalities's just awsum. thanks a lot dear. i hope u will like next update too. 
Posted: 2014-08-23T13:06:21Z
Originally posted by arwakantawala

Awesome Update the emotions was a treat to read and Abhay and Pia both have make a wonderful connection hope they feel it soon and accept it especially Pia

thanks a lot. hope so too thou they wont take it to a relationship any soon. 

Originally posted by bellaaa

amazing update tanzie.
some how abhiya are much like each other , both are suffering :(
awww abhay is so broken, i would love to see more of haseena and abhay. too emotional conversation between mother and son wonder they will ever patch up ;(
whats the background story of piya. piya and her father 
so now piya will avoid abhay. its not going to be easy for piya ;) 


Thanks a lot beenish. u will surely see more of haseena and Abhay scenes. will come to Piyas story a bit later when its needed Wink and yes Abhay wont make it easy for Piya.

Originally posted by sukugeny

Amazing Update Tanz.Precap rocking-Agreesive abhay...i love .looking forword for it.

thanks a lot Geny. 

Originally posted by Abhiya_eternal

Awsomeee it Dear...U r too awsome tanzie...U turn my thinking soo much...Like that charecter u write Piya,a normal life like us hates like that woman...My think like that  woman blackspot  of woman's life...If u have physical strength work hard ...y go like that route..But Now ur story made me feel may b they won't & they won't barrier of  parent protection which God give us...Love it..I Love ur thoughtHug

Thanks kakoli. i hope u will understand piyas pov and why she is in this profession :)

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