Asya OS: Dil, Bhaang and More

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Bolder this time. 

Imagining if something had happened between the 2 on that fateful night at the farmhouse: the perfect set up--bhaang, rain, abandoned house, 2 people in the process of falling in love.


Dil, Bhaang and More 

Zoya woke up feeling an odd sensation--of what exactly?

Something's different. She turned her head and saw Mr. Khan's face close to hers. She jackknifed up and realized that she was undressed. Covering herself hurriedly with the sheet, she looked at him in horror. He was still asleep. Chest bare and sheet up to his waist. Oh, my god what happened last night!

Still in shock with her hand on her mouth she barely noticed that he'd woken up too. Her earlier emotions were repeated on his face now--confusion giving way to realization and horror. She looked away nearly in tears, thinking he'll yell at her for sure, saying that she did this on purpose.

She heard him sit up and move, but there were no words of anger. Several minutes passed. She turned and tried to sneak a peek at him through her wet lashes. His face was red and he was avoiding looking at her, hastily trying to cover himself with the sheet but unfortunately she was trying to cover herself with the self-same sheet. As he tried to slide out of bed she grabbed his arm.

"Mr Khan, I am so sorry, I don't remember anything. Please don't be mad at me."

"I don't remember anything either." He said huskily.

She sighed with relief that he was not mad. 

"Was it good?" 

Oh my god, Zoya, are you freaking mad? Did those words just leap out of your stupid mouth? She was so embarrassed that she covered her head with the sheet and mumbled,

"I'm so sorry. I'm so stupid."

Mr. Khan was still paralyzed with shock at her words. What did she just say? Was it good? 

Was it? He wanted to know as well. He looked shyly at her and saw that she had covered her head completely and was mumbling something.

Zoya, "tu bhi na, itni gadhi hai. Kucch bhi bolti hai. Kab apne zabaan pe kabu karegi." 

She heard a chuckle and tried to peer at him from under the sheet. Whoa! Was that a teensy little smile? She'd never seen him smile ever before. At least never in her company. He was always scowling at her. Wait ... wasn't there a lot of laughs last night? Or was it a dream? She lowered the sheet but then realized that she couldn't afford to lower it too much.

"Aap actually hans rahen hain? You are finding this funny? Of all the times to laugh, you choose the most awkward and embarrassing one?"

That sobered him up real quick. And he stuttered, "voh ... actually ... main ..."

She noticed that he was blushing again. He struggled to unsuccessfully get out of bed still clutching the sheet, and her heart tipped, not at the sight of his naked shoulders and hard chest, but his face and how he avoided looking at her. A snatch of his hair had fallen over his forehead. She wanted so badly to reach out and pat it back into place. He looked at her just then and there was something in his face that made her go soft inside. She felt a fist of longing punch her in the pit of her stomach. He was looking at her more boldly now and their eyes locked as neither had the power to look away.

"I want to know what it was like" she breathed.

He clenched his eyes shut and sighed. She could see his adam's apple bob as he swallowed and exhaled loudly.

This made her bolder. She sat up and kneeled, still clutching the sheet in front of her.

"Please Mr. Khan"

He heard the longing in her voice and his heart slammed as his eyes snagged open. He knew this was the point of no return. He slowly looked into her face, now closer to his own.

"Please, what?" he whispered hoarsely.

"Please make love to me."

He groaned and blindly reached for her to hold her to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he hungrily trailed kisses from her chin down her throat. 

"Zoya!" He heard a giggle and opened his eyes in confusion to look down at her. Was she actually giggling at a time like this when he wanted to do such things to her that she would be screaming his name?

"Your stubble is tickling me," she said. And he knew. That was the time when he fell deeply and madly in love with her. 

"Oh really?" He said as he nuzzled her closer and she squirmed and giggled more. He swooped down to kiss her into silence and felt her silent gasp as he sucked her lips and drove his tongue into her mouth. Their naked and heated bodies were touching and clinging to each other. She arched her back as his hand slid down to cup her breast. He broke the kiss to look deeply into her eyes as his fingers crept over the nipple and tugged at it with his finger and thumb. She made a sound in the back of her throat and he leaned into her ear to whisper, "not ticklish any more?" 

She shook her head and dug it deeper into the pillow as he nipped at her lobe and slid his tongue in her ear. She gasped hard and felt herself melting. She held his shoulders and raked her nails on his forearms. As he moved his head to look down into her face, her eyes opened and teared slightly. He gazed deliberately into her eyes making a thousand unsaid promises, and then moved down to snag her nipple into his mouth. He rolled it between his tongue and the roof of his mouth and she arched as she grabbed his head with both hands. While he suckled on her breast his hand moved lower, over her belly button to pinch it slightly. 

Her mind was a mess. She felt a thousand sensations. She felt the heat from his mouth but was also conscious of his hand moving excruciatingly slowly, down between her legs. As his fingers found her center and rubbed her tight and wet flesh, she went crazy. 

"Mr. Khan!" she moaned while arching and clutching at him helplessly at his shoulders. 

"Zoya," he whispered into her ear, "You're so wet. I've wanted to do this for so long." At those words, she gripped his shoulders as she came and felt herself shudder and then go limp. 

As she langorously opened her eyes she saw him looking at her with an expression of wonder. She stirred, rose up to nip his shoulder and lick away the bite. He cradled her head tenderly. She pushed him on his back and climbed on top feeling him nudge her as she slid across his body. 

"Oh really, then why didn't you?" she asked softly as she now rained kisses down his throat and chest and took his nipple in her mouth to suck at it. He groaned and grabbed her by her waist tightly, rubbing her against himself. In between switching to the other nipple, she looked up exultantly at his face stretched taut and eyes closed tight as hot breaths escaped his mouth. 

"Why did you keep fighting with me all the time?" she asked as her own hand moved lower. 

His eyes shot open and he grabbed her wrist. In one swift move he had her pinned on her back. He raised her arms over her head and interlaced his fingers with hers. Brushing his lips over her ear he promised, "because if I didn't fight with you I'd have jumped your bones and done this a long time ago" and he slid into her. 

She tensed slightly and he pulled out. "Are you ok?" he asked anxiously. "Hmm" she murmured looking into his face. Cupping her face with one hand, he used his other to slowly guide himself into her again, brushing his knuckle against her heated and moist skin. He started to rhythmically move in and out of her as she made breathless moaning sounds in the back of her throat. She dug her nails in his back and wrapped her legs around his waist to take him in more deeply. Still rocking her, he came up on his elbows and looked into her face before bending to lick her throat. She buckled as he bit down and called out, "Mr. Khan." 

"No," he breathed, "say my name out loud" as his body moved more urgently. 

"Asaaadd!" she cried, and he exploded. 


Asya OS: Prequel to "Dil, Bhaang and More" 

ASYA OS After Dil, Bhaang & More 

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This was really good , you're a great writerBig smile. You should put that this is an OS in your title so people will know what it is because I thought it was just some random post LOL
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Originally posted by divc

This was really good , you're a great writerBig smile. You should put that this is an OS in your title so people will know what it is because I thought it was just some random post LOL

Thank you so much for the encouragement as well as the tip for the OS in the title--done!
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That was brilliant hun. You write so well. It was beautiful. Keep writing more:)
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Posted: 2013-06-28T21:46:56Z
Great OS
Wonderfully written :)
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Posted: 2013-06-29T01:09:59Z
freaking awesome n hot os

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Posted: 2013-06-29T02:33:24Z
Very nicly written dear...

 U R such a gud writer
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Posted: 2013-06-29T03:09:46Z
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