Posted: 15 years ago

Hi friends,

today I feel very very disappointed - we have had two stickies regarding bashing members before and felt everyone understood it.

But unfortunately, some did NOT. Be it bashing members in the newest creations topic, in any shop or through PM - we come to know about it.

In future, we won't send warning PMs but warning levels will be increased instantly. Unfortunately this is necessary as those who attack members, use foul launguage and are very rude.

See this as our last and final warning - no exceptions.

And am also including some other points - some still tend to go against our rules:

- A few siggy makers tend to make too large siggys, wallpaper and collage sized. Many keep complaining that pages are loading too slow because of too large siggys.

So from now on, the maximum size of a signature is 550 x 350 pixels, if we see larger sigs those will be resized or removed.

- Some members have upto 5 siggys!!!

Friends, don't keep more than 3 signatures as it's annoying. Many of us have kept the signature option off because of this. We request all of you to remove additional siggys if you have more than 3.

See this as our last warning friends, I'm sad that this is necessary in such a wonderful section Ouch I used to say it's the most creative section and the neatest - don't break our trust Smile


Khushi, Jem & Sunny

Avatar & Signatures Shop Dev.Team

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Posted: 15 years ago
Posted: 15 years ago
i dun beleive ppl stil dunt
Posted: 15 years ago

Originally posted by ankuhujulover

i dun beleive ppl stil dunt

omg.. who wud tho...Confused

Posted: 15 years ago
Ouch hailaa cant believe this is still happening! Cry ....cum on everyone! lets follow rules and make this place rok Smile

thanks khushi di Hug

xx lika Ouch
Posted: 15 years ago
omg really! comeon guys follow the rules!
Posted: 15 years ago
i can't beleive it's still happening! i hope this is the last time u give the warning and it'll all be over now!
Posted: 15 years ago
Okie Khushi Di! Thanks! Tongue

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