Laut Ke Aaye Dekho Kaun?! Hum Hain Don!

Posted: 7 years ago

Hello lovely QHians Hug

As you all know, the DT is back and some new rules are in place as outlined by our esteemed CM Jyoti. Definitely look through it as we're going to be working under the assumption that you already have read them!

Next on the list, we wanted to CONGRATULATE each and every one of you guys for helping to make our forum reach its true potential and take the #1 forum spot for numerous weeks running [and hopefully many more to come]. Clap We're very proud to be associated with such an amazing forum filled with even more amazing members! Hug If any of you has any ideas to make this forum a better place, do not hesitate to PM any of us and we will be more than happy to adopt it if feasible.

Now moving on to some housekeeping things. Firstly, we wanted to announce the new division in labor amongst the DT for permissions. From here on out, please only PM the people outlined below for the associated permissions:

Celebrity Birthday Thread Permissions: jyoti06
[These cannot be taken more than 3 months in advance]

Permission for Contests or Special Event/Celebration Threads: |Persephone| or LoveRosh

Permission for any new ATs or Chat Clubs: -RD-

Other miscellaneous threads that we should consider 
sticky-ing: |Persephone| or LoveRosh

If you need any permissions, please contact the people listed above for that category. If they have not replied within 48 hours, feel free to contact one of the other QH DT members. This division of labor is to streamline the process and make sure that each activity and member gets its due time and importance.

Finally, we wanted to let you all know that two time zones are represented in the DT:
|Persephone| and LoveRoshEST [USA/Canada Eastern Time]
-RD- and jyoti06IST [India Time]

So, accordingly if you guys need something urgent during the day in India, please contact Pooja as it is night in USA/Canada. Alternatively, if something requires our attention during India night/USA day, please contact Rosh or I. While Jyoti is a integral member of the team, please only use her as a last resort. Rosh, Pooja and I should be contacted first for any QH related issue as jyoti has to oversee an entire channel. 

With this, we sign off and hope that the new information and streamlining of duties will help to make this forum even better than before! If you have any questions, queries or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Rosh, Pooja, Gunia and Jyoti

PS: We are obviously not Dons, no matter what anyone thinks. The title was a fairly poor attempt at some humor.

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Posted: 7 years ago
CAN I JUST SAY: [Long pause] ... ANYTHING. Stern Smile Damn it feels good to be back on the forums. ROFL Been a while hasn't it guys? Day Dreaming Did you miss us? Blushing Don't lie and say you didnt because I know you  all did. ROFL I may not have been able to post anything but Ive been RAPING the like button like crazy on some of your topics. ROFL Especially the spoilers. Stern Smile Damn I had so much to say about them too. Ermm *sigh*. [Grumbles: BILLI KI BAACHI. Angry] *cough* anyways  ROFL

K so Thank You to Jyo for her post .. hope everyone read the new rules/guidelines and is familiar with them and Thank You Paapaji for our OFFICIAL welcoming back post. Cool

IDK why Gun paaji signed off. Sleepy We have another order of business other than division of responsibilities ROFL. My bewaqoof pitaaji forgot to take her meds for yaadhaash (memory) ROFL. Anyways the other order of business is something QH DT has been discussing to do and that is the following so please read carefully! Embarrassed :


To get members more active on the forum and to give you guys something to do LOL Gun, Pooja, Jyo and Myself have come up with the idea to allow volunteers to UPDATE the Written/Video Updates Archives! Embarrassed It is not only a way to get you guys more involved with the forum and so you dont feel like DT does everything ROFL, but its also because we tend to forget and always get stuff about it not being updated ROFL So might as well stick it you guys because your more efficient Blushing ROFL 

Anyways, from now on we will be taking Volunteers to update the Written and Video Archives section. Here is the link:

How this works is simple!

The updates archives is already updated until the end of June by the DT. The way they are don is that each month gets its own post and the format of it can be scene through the previous months updates Wink Simply title the post with the MONTH, and then follow up with the DATE, Written Update Link for that day and Video update link (usually posted by sonyfan) for the day. 

We will be doing 2 volunteers at a time for the next 2 months! IE: July and August. At the end of august the volunteer post will come back up for September and October. Each volunteer is responsible for that month they sign up for. Hence, PLEASE make sure you are able to FULLY dedicate to UPDATING the archives if you end up volunteering. If for whatever reason you are unable to continue on with updating, PLEASE PM the DT. The DT will be back ups for you. The FIRST two people to ask will get the spots for July and August. If you see that July and August has its 2 volunteer than please wait until the end of August when the list comes back up to volunteer for Sept/October. Do not volunteer in advance for those two months as its to far in the future. 

Now that everything is clear,

Volunteers for Written and Video Archives Updates:

July Month:

Name: Jyo_Ksg

August Month:

Name: GodhuliLogon

Any questions please post below or PM Pooja, Gun, or myself. Wink

(P.S: To access the link to the Update Archives, simply visit the Archives Mansion in the announcement section on the first page of the forum, and the Link to the Written/Video Archives is on the SECOND post. Just in case you loose it. LOL )

Note to the Volunteers:

Friendly Tip: If you update everyday as soon as the Written and Video links are up, it will be easier for you guys to maintain rather than go back and find the links Embarrassed

Also: If you find that you are unable to find the links to either the Written or Video Updates for a particular day, simply write: "NO LINK" next to WU or VU. Same goes for if there is no episode airing on a particular day simply write:  No episode today. 

Now we may APPROPRIATELY sign off. Cool

 Pooja, Rosh, Gunia and Jyoti

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Posted: 7 years ago
Welcome back really missed you guys the forum needed you lol
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Posted: 7 years ago
QH really has a cool DT with Gunia, Rosh, Pooja and Jyoti.
I feel so happy seeing the moderation of this forum, such humble and sweet mods/viewbies of this forum.
I never get pleased with mods or dts but this forum really has a very nice team.Embarrassed

Just wanted to suggest something. QH Memes are floating on the forum, why not have a QH Meme center/thread? because I see lots of lots of memes/comics on QH. @Roshni : I'm sure you must have viewed all of them.ROFL 
And we can have a contest of it too to encourage people to make more memes, haha but that's your job DT, aap organize karo contest Embarrassed hum participate karenge.
But on a serious note, a QH Meme thread, do consider the idea.
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Posted: 7 years ago
'The return of the QH DT - Fight against cyber bullying2.0' What say?
Nah. Yours is weirder.

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Posted: 7 years ago
Welcome back 

The forum missed youSmile

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Posted: 7 years ago
Welcome back! Its soo nice to have you all back! Hug finally we gonna have the nice and calm forum back! Yayy Big smile
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Posted: 7 years ago
Yes DTs are back hopefully sanity returns to the forum now!

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