Three's a Crowd *Last Part P15* - Page 4

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Posted: 8 years ago
wow very nice.  In the show they tended to potray Khushi's feelings in a comedy manner so I really am enjoying how you have portrayed Khushi's insecurities and how she tries to make her Arnavji notice her but then in the end she does not confront him and that is so like khushi.  She never tries to bring attention to herself and especially if it is something she really wants even then she will put herself second.  Looking forward to Arnav's P.O.V.
Posted: 8 years ago
Wow that was an amazing update, yet so emotional and painful.

Written exceptionally well and a fantastic read,

Loved reading the update from khushi's point of view, you wrote down her feelings, emotions and anguish so well. 

Poor Khushi I felt sorry for her, she is feeling quite insecure but she has reasons as Arnav is not even noticing her.

But I hope Khushi does not tell him how she is feeling, I want Arnav to figure it out himself and how he takes Khushi for granted. 

Rather than sleeping with her, maybe he should talk to her and spend some time with Khushi.

Loved the first part, eager to read the continuation,

Please continue soon and thanks for the PM xx 
Posted: 8 years ago
Cant wait for part 2!!
Posted: 8 years ago
Poor Khushi! She is feeling so insecure with Arnav taking her for granted...
Posted: 8 years ago
Res for replies/thanks for Part 1
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Posted: 8 years ago

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Posted: 8 years ago

Mee firstiee!!!!Dancing

Soo sorry for the late unres, but after
I had read this update, I really needed
some time before I could write a proper

I was so FURIOUS after this... Arnav Singh
Raizada? What the hell? Aapko kya-kya
bulaane ka mann kar raha hai, aap andaaza
bhi nahin lagaa sakte!!!!

Seriously? You really did that AGAIN???

And this time... Argh!!!! You wait! I'll
call you all the name you deserve you

Manhoos! Kaale mongoose! Gobar ke keere!
Gali ke kutte!

How dare you????

C'est ta femme espece de salaud! Bouric
sale! Gros plein de soupe! Zouave! Connard!
Espece de bachibouzouk! Enfoire!!! Si je
Seulement te casser la gueule, bien je le
ferais volontiers, cheri!

You wanna spend time with Sheetal? Fine.

You think that Sheetal was right and Khushi
is insecure? fine.

You don't even understand you WIFE, Khushi?

But how dare you say that YOU are stuck with

B*TCH! You were the one who ruined her life
since the beginning! You and your arrogance
made her leave Lucknow! You humiliated her
at every possible occasion! You forced her
in a marriage! You crushed every single dream
she had! You called her all sorts things she
was never! You wanted to hold on to this
relationship when she decided it would be
better for you and your Di!

And today, you have the himmat to come and
tell her that YOU ARE STUCK WITH HER???


Got to hell, Arnav Singh Raizada!

Plus, she understands you even when you don't
say any bloody thing!

She understood you word for word when you
lost your f*cking voice! She understood by
your simple 'I love you' that you were in
some trouble! She nearly gave up her life for
your oh-so-shitty one! She knows when you are
sad, anxious, angry... She knows you like
the back of her hand, DAMMIT!!!!!

And this is how you repay her???

Not that she wants any, but still! You are
her husband, remember? She deserves some
support too. Or is that only your right?

Because you don't understand her love for
her dabba service but you want her to
understand your friendship and involvement
with Sheetal? You are such an ass, Arnav.

Stuck with her, huh?

Had I been in Khushi's place, you'd never
ever find your wife again! I go, disappear
and let you rot to your sorry death! And
thanks! Cause you know what? Knowing you is
actually a warning to all girls that screams
"DON'T EVER GET MARRIED!" from a distance of
1000000 miles away!

Gone out in your car haven't you? Well, I
hope a tree lands on the top of it! And you
don't die! In fact, you should be alive,
somewhere in a jungle, in the cold dark night
with no way of returning home! Ha! Take that,
you disgusting piece of shit! To hell with

Khushi, I love you, okay? Leave that asshole
of a husband you have, you'll be so much

*sighs* Let's attack part 3 now?

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Posted: 8 years ago
res for chap 1
The first part was SUPERB..
Poor khushi...I loved the part where khushi gave reasons for not talking wd family members... & NK is soo sweet..I used hate him before but started liking him when he came in show again & helped khushi to rescue Arnav...
I just love to read ur work..
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