AsYa OS: May I?(Based on June 17 Epi)

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I loved how Asad helped Zoya drink water today, but I hoped that she would have said yes to when he asked if she wanted to eat something, but she didn't! Cry So I decided to write about it since the thought wasn't leaving my head. So let me know what you think!

OS: May I?


Asad's POV


Where is Zoya? I thought looking around the room not finding her between the hordes of women who had taken over my house. Ammi was walking around serving everyone but Zoya was not anywhere. I sighed as I walked past the kitchen when I saw her.


She was sitting in front of the cooler looking as beautiful as ever trying to grab a glass of water.  She threw the coaster of the glass and tried to pick it up with her wrists. Stubborn girl. Why won't she ask someone for help? I walked towards her and reached for the glass causing her to stop her attempts and look up at me. Her eyes were glistening for some reason. Maybe due to frustration.


"May I?" I asked staring at her. She didn't respond but just blinked staring at me confused. I smiled as I kneeled in front of her holding the glass, my eyes not leaving hers. I watched mesmerized as a small smile appeared on her face bringing my attention to her beautiful full lips for a second before moving back to her eyes. I held the glass out in front of her as she moved towards it, tipping it towards her awaiting mouth.


She rest her hand on my wrist as she closed her eyes and gulped the water quickly. She opened her eyes again and looked at me. The hair around her face blowing away due to the wind made her look even more beautiful. As much as I loved her hair open, there was something about the way she looked today that made her even more beautiful. Maybe it was due to the fact that she was wearing the present I got her, or maybe due to the understanding we had come to.


Our eyes were locked as she sipped from the glass more slowly now, I felt her loosen her grip on the glass and I moved it away from her mouth. There on her beautiful lips was a drop of water, clinging to her like I wished to. She noticed it and tried to move her hand when I grabbed her dupatta and wiped the drop away. How I longed to wipe it away with my hand, feeling her lips graze my fingers. Yet, I held back not wanting to make her uncomfortable. She looked back up at me, her eyes still damp. But there was an emotion in her eyes that was new to me. She looked back down as I stared at her.


"Uh, mein aapke liye kuch aur laon? Kuch khaha chaati hai aap?" I asked hoping she would respond with a yes. I knew for a fact that she hadn't eaten anything for hours, that is what I told myself. But on the inside I knew the thought of feeding her appealed to me. I didn't want to leave her side yet.


She shook her head but her stomach chose the exact same moment to growl causing me to smirk at her.


"What would you like to eat?" I smiled. She didn't say anything so I decided to take the task upon myself and got up. "Mein abhi aaya." I said walking towards the kitchen counter and grabbing a plate. I grabbed a samosa and some jalebi for her and made my way back to her kneeling in front of her again.


"It's okay Mr. don't have to." Zoya said quietly.


"I want to." I said holding out the samosa to her. She leaned forward and took a bite chewing slowly her eyes still locked with mine. I held out the samosa to her again as she swallowed, she took another bite causing a piece of the flaky samosa to attach itself to the side of her lip. She was completely oblivious to it as she chewed but it was bothering me.


I lifted my thumb towards he lips causing her eyes to widen cutely. I smiled as I fulfilled my wish of feeling her lips. I softly brushed the crumb off, her lips were so soft, softer than they looked. My hand lingered a lit longer than necessary as I stared at her lips. They were absolutely perfect, plump and pillowy but not excessively large, but so soft. I looked back up to see her staring at me intently, a faint blush appearing on her cheeks. I went back to the task at hand...feeding her.


The task, although, pretty casual felt very intimate. Maybe because we were barely 6 inches apart, or because I could see that she was affected by this as much as I was. Her breath was quickening. Or maybe because, for some reason, we couldn't stop staring at each other, a thing that happened often. She was absolutely stunning and her eyes. Her perfect almond shaped eyes lined with kohl just drew me in, I could stare at her all day. Her eyes spoke volumes and they were telling that she was in pain for some reason.


"Zoya, tum theek ho?" I whispered. She nodded in response and tried to smile, but it didn't reach her eyes like it usually did, and it looked more like a grimace.


"Are you sure?" I asked again causing her to nod again. She smiled again, it seemed a bit more genuine than the last one but not by much. I didn't understand what was going on with her.


I picked up the jalebi and held it out to her, she took a bite carefully yet a small piece broke off and fell into my hand. I picked it up and held it out to her. The blush on her cheek increased she took it in her mouth, her lips grazing my fingers causing me to groan inwardly as my heart quickened. She moved back slowly her eyes still locked to mine. I put the jalebi back on the plate and broke off a little piece again. I loved to torture myself.


I moved it towards her again as her cheeks reddened more but a faint small appeared on her face as she ate it, her lips grazing my fingers yet again, but lingering a lit longer than before. I smiled and let my fingers graze her bottom lip causing her to shiver slightly. She was just as affected by this as I was.


I brought another piece to her lips noticing a bit of sugar stuck to the side of her lip. I wiped it off with the pad of my thumb as her eyes grew wide again. I brought my thumb to my mouth and licked the sugar off smiling as her eyes grew even wider while the blush on her cheeks deepened. I brought my other hand and cupped her cheek feeling the warmth pool under my hand.


Time slowed again, as it always seemed to when she was around. I could almost see the emotions flicking through her eyes, from surprise, to confusion, to desire. I moved my face up towards hers, my hand still caressing her cheeks. I hesitated when her face was an inch or two from mine, and searched her eyes looking for the confirmation I wanted. Her eyes closed and her face turned down towards mine, that was all the confirmation I needed as I moved towards her.


"Mhmmm." I heard someone clear their throat from behind me causing me to draw back like I was on fire. I turned to the side to see Najma and Ammi standing there smiling at me.


I looked at them sheepishly, feeling my cheeks burn. I had forgotten that we were surrounded by people.


"Awww, Bhaijaan is feeding Bhabhi." Tamatar squealed. "How romantic." she gushed. I looked back at Zoya to see that she was not as red as a tomato, maybe we should start calling her Tamatar instead.


"Waise Asad Miyah, iss ghar mein aur bhi bahut kamre hain, kitchen kai ilava." Ammi teased causing me to blush.


"Woh...actually." I started causing both ammi and Tamatar to laugh. "I have to go make an important phone call." I said getting up and looking at Zoya one last time before retreating to my room.


How could I forget that we were in the kitchen? Ya Allah, anyone could have seen us! I seem to loose my mind when Ms. Farooqui is around. It is a good thing they interrupted...well maybe they could have interrupted just a minute later. I thought as I shut my room door and leaned against it. 

TADAAA! Love it, hate it? Let me know what you think Embarrassed

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Posted: 2013-06-17T15:40:48Z
Awww, this was lovely. Blushing So sweet! Loved it.
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Posted: 2013-06-17T15:42:35Z
Well written, I have shared you OS on FB @ Forum32 . I hope you don't mind... I have given full credit to you...
Great job
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Posted: 2013-06-17T15:44:22Z
that was cute !! love it !! you write so well !! Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2013-06-17T15:47:10Z
sweet stolen moments
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Posted: 2013-06-17T15:47:11Z
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Posted: 2013-06-17T15:52:40Z
DOSSST!! you definitely are a goddess. MWAH. I was so hoping he would feed her, but he didn't :( but you made my wish come true!!!! it's even better than I expected, it is SO CUTE!!!! I am going to read it again Embarrassed
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Posted: 2013-06-17T16:08:46Z
Originally posted by kmh2lover

DOSSST!! you definitely are a goddess. MWAH. I was so hoping he would feed her, but he didn't :( but you made my wish come true!!!! it's even better than I expected, it is SO CUTE!!!! I am going to read it again Embarrassed

aw, you make my day Dossttt! ego = boosted. xoxo.
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