ff mpsk updt updt pg 148 note(Page 9)

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yeh kaisa sawaal hain dear, of course we all want an update and that to fast, so plz Madam, do oblige Tongue

Thank u dear for waiting and liking my ff Tongue
Ill cont soon Smile

will wait anxiously
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Sangs shayad hume waiting likhne ka man karta hoga.. ROFL sorry just kidding.. Wink
Obviously we want yar..we all re waiting from so long.. Tongue update asap

oh ok dear
ill updt so soon Tongue

Ok waiting..
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Originally posted by jineejiggs

Originally posted by .sangs123.

Originally posted by jineejiggs

yeh kaisa sawaal hain dear, of course we all want an update and that to fast, so plz Madam, do oblige Tongue

Thank u dear for waiting and liking my ff Tongue
Ill cont soon Smile

will wait anxiously

ur wait is over dear
i am updating
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Originally posted by vironikajain

Originally posted by .sangs123.

Originally posted by vironikajain

Sangs shayad hume waiting likhne ka man karta hoga.. ROFL sorry just kidding.. Wink
Obviously we want yar..we all re waiting from so long.. Tongue update asap

oh ok dear
ill updt so soon Tongue

Ok waiting..

hope u enjoy it
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ff meri ek pyaar si kahani updts parts

part 21 Heart part 22 Heart part23  Heart part 24 Heart

part 21:

scene 63:

next day morning 

raya are in deep slumber becoz they were not having sleep through out night so they just slept just before sun rise

the sun rays slowly peeped through the beautiful green room wishing them a beautiful day to start with a good morning the sun rays shine fell on priya face which made her face more angelic than before ram woke up and smiled as they were just covered by duvet nothing else he smiled seeing his beautiful wife sleeping like a cute adorable princess and kissed her gently on her forehead and cheeks and started caressing her hair she slowly opened her eyes when ram started caressing her hair ram wished her good morning

priya also wished him good morning and came to sense and noticed that they were just covered by duvet nothing else their clothes were lying by side of their cot priya got up sat in sitting position and covered herself tightly by duvet and blushed towards ram and ram also started blushing seeing priya

slowly priya was about to get up but sharp pain in her body did not allow her to get up ram helped her in getting down and priya went to freshen

from here the story will be voiced by ram and priya according to situations


i came from bathroom after my head bath i was wearing a bath robe covering till my thighs my knees were exposed and water  were falling from my curly hair and my better half saw me ram was coming very near to me conveying his  desire through his eyes and i moved back he was moving towards me  i was going back and he was following me i landed near the wardrobe he caught my hands and clasped it to wardrobe tightly i closed my eyes tightly out of nervousness he absorbed the little water near my neck crook and smelled me 

ram:priya u r smelling so sweet and absorbed more water from my neck crook 

he whispered i love u 

i said me too...

he told  ur looking so hot in this dress

i blushed gazing at me with a grin

ram spoke to me

priya i cannot leave u for a while its so painful and heart wrenching to leave u during my office hours he hold me tightly 

after hearing this words from my better half

 i could not resist myself i surrended my self to him he also was lost in me he ended kissing my lips passionately and i dont know how much time we were in that position and we came back to sense when someone knocked door telling tea is ready 

ram i screamed..

he told hm.. shit this man also came at wrong timings and unwillinglyhe uttered out of anger

we parted  from each other 

i rushed to dressing room and ram opened the door 

it is bansi kaka who brought tea for both of us 

ram:bansi kaka thank u for this tea

bansi kaka left 

ram:i left to freshen up 


i am in dressing room my wardrobe is in dressing room and ram's is in our bed room 

i opened my wardrobe     

omg now what I should wear today is my first day in home and I should wear saree but I don't how to drap it I never wored any saree before now what I should do if I will share this with ram what he will think about me now what I should do first let me a choose a nice dress then after that ill wear a saree after that

I opened my wardrobe where all my clothes were already arranged yesterday and pick up a light pink salwar suit and wore it and entered our bed room from dressing room and picked up some accessories lying on the dressing table attached to our cot and wore it 

 iam in dilemma as to how I should manage wearing saree becoz I was worried what will be dadi and Krishna maa reaction if they come to know that I don't know cooking and saree drapping becoz if they point out my parents for this I cannot bear it as a girl I never want anyone to pinpoint my parents for my mistakes  I did not know what to do I started crying out of fear closing my face with my fingers

I started crying  like a kid when my better half entered the room after bathing he was in bath robe when he came to me with wet hair after head bath he came to me very worriedly becoz I was crying he asked me

ram:priya wt hpnd why ur crying

I remained silent becoz I don't know how will he react to this

I know iam sounding weard but I don't know what to do my mom used to tell me to learn how to drap a saree but I always neglected her words and now iam suffering again I was crying silently without looking at my hubby side

my love sat beside me cupped my face in his hands and asked me very slowly

ram:priya plz tell me what is ur problem did I hurt u did I do anything then why r u crying

I slowly opened my mouth telling I don't know how to wear saree and don't know cooking becoz they were my 2 works in home today as soon as spoke he started giggling at me

I got very much angry but seeing my innocent hubby smile even I started giggling along with him my hubby is so understanding I felt it at that moment he simply kept his hands on my shoulder we both were sitting on cot and he told

ram:priya don't worry this is a very simple problem ill send anyone from outside to help u but plz don't cry I cannot see u crying this way seeing ur tears even I get tears

and he started wiping my tears and kissed me on my cheeks and embraced me in his hug

I slowly told him ram I don't know how to cook but today I should make sweet for many people and how should I do it my hubby pacifyingly told me priya don't worry as far as iam with u ill make sure that u don't face any problem but promise me that u will not cry for simple and stupid reasons

I was relieved after this sweet words from husband some how some woman came to help me in wearing saree I was in red saree becoz its my love favourite colour 

after i left our bed room ram went to change his clothes which i choose for  him and kept on our cot 

scene 64:

 I slowly went to pooja mandir to took  blessings from god and then went to  dadi Krishna maa blessings and then now my task started here I entered kitchen telling best of luck to my self and my hubby came to me as soon as I entered to kitchen with a recipe book I thanked him for that and to my surprise only we both were present which all the time is completely packed by many chefs and we both started our work 

we were wondering what sweet to make 

ram started searching the recipe  he asked me to prepare carrot halva i noded yes for him like a good girl

i started chopping the carrot after washing it by using the vegetable blade ram started helping me he placed his hand on my right hand and we both started chopping  the carrot i could feel his warm breathe on my neck crooke and he uttered i love u priya i blushed at him and said me too

after chopping i placed it in the fry pan and i was about to fry here also ram caught my waist tightly with his left hand and i closed my eyes tightly telling ram leave me...

if any one will come it will not be good i uttered

but no he was stubborn

ram closed my lips uttering shhh in my ears 

he placed his right hand on my right hand and i saw him turning my head towards him he smiled i also gave a grin telling plz leave me but no my better half did not listen to me i got to know that ram is very stubborn person after this if he decided once he will not change his decision 

so with no choice left he caught me near my waist in 1 hand and my hand with his left hand and we both started frying the carrot 

we both were blushing at each other and frying the carrot 

  so after all this romance we made carrot halva following recipe  finally I made it and my hubby even tasted it and told me to add some sugar becoz that was less in my halva and finally we both made very lip smacking carrot halva at that moment I felt we both as team will do wonders I felt I was so blessed to have him in my life

he gave me a hifi 

even i gave him 

i hugged him i was completely covered my him he enclosed me in him tightly with his hands around my back and after a long time we back to sense and moved away from each other 

and when I was keeping knife in its original position while busy talking to my better half I got my finger cut becoz I was not handling the knife properly I screamed out of pain maa...

my hubby got panic and worried seeing me in pain

priya he uttered r u fine...

i said yes am...

while catching my right palm 

he immediately took me to washbasin and cleaned my fingers and took me to our room for first aid and warned me badly not to be negligent and hurt myself way this was the first time I saw him in anger mode but very much concerned about me and my health and I as a obedient girl noded my head as yes smiling at him he also gave me a grin

scene 65:

after hearing dadi voice we both went to dinning table and everyone tasted halva made by me and my pathi dev and every one cherished the halva and gave me compliments but poor people they don't know it was not just my effort but even my hubby was involved with me

after going to room we both sat in cot I thanked him he told me

ram:priya we are wife and husband so no thanks sorry and plz btw us

I nodded yes but the next minute I said sorry for thanks he stared at me I gave a grin seeing me even gazing at me even he started smiling .

he said he should leave for office I said yes but in my heart I was feeling he should be with me for the whole day becoz I don't know any one properly in home and he kissed me on my forehead and I smiled and we both went near his car in parking zone and I waved him bye he told me he will come fast to home I said ok

I did not know its my first day in home new ppl new house everything was new to me I was so much woried as how will I make all this ppl to make them believe me as one among them soon i went to my room walking fathoming how will i make all these ppl accpet me one among them 

  i reached my room  I just  sat in my room on my cot  and my friend called me telling that admissions in mba are started and last day is tomorrow it was my dream but becoz of my marriage I had to keep it aside I wanted to continue my education  I went to shelf at the ending of the green  caught a book in my hand which I brought along with me to my house from my parents house  and thought I will talk to ram regarding this ram entered the room I was surprised and shocked becoz he came so early I mean it was just 2 hrs when he left house I was happy to see him soon but at the same time sad for my studies

I decided to open my mouth and speak to me

 I told ram I want to'

he closed my eyes and I asked him why...

he told me 

ram:priya I told u naa close ur eyes I said

what did ram get for priya

is it hm tickets ya mba application form

keep guessing till my next updt

dont forget to hit like button if u like it Tongue

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Very nice and Romantic update.  
My guess is may be it is mba application form which will make Priya more happy at this moment.  Lets see.  Waiting
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Wow its a smashing update...
Morning romance was superb including kitchen romance...
Ram is a co-operative husband
Priya's finger got cut Ouch
What is d surprise for priya ??
I think its mba form Confused
waiting for next part Tongue Edited by 123fiza1 - 2013-06-22T06:12:38Z
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Posted: 2013-06-22T05:51:53Z
i think its a mba form
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