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Originally posted by priyajan12

i luv ur writin
jst cnt wait

thank u dear for cmnts and loving my write ups Tongue
am very happy to see ur cmnts Tongue
ill updt today Smile
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guys wish a very happy and safe diwali

                                                   Banner animation with candles says "May You Have a Sparkling Diwali"
          Animated banner with a single candle burning says "May the divine light of Diwali spread into your life Peace, Prosperity, happiness & good health, Happy Deepawali"



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part 26:

priya went to college from hospital after meeting rajath and jytothi in the hospital. She came to kapoor mansion in the evening after a very tiresome day in the college


i entered mansion, dadi and Krishna maa were waiting in the living room for me becoz i was late i took blessings from them by touching their feet

dadi:priya puttar aaj itns dheer kyu hogayi

Krishna maa:hm beta aaj bohut dheer hogayi

Priya:hm maa dadi woh aaj special class tha aur woh khatam honey main dheeri hogayi isliye aaj bohut dheer hogayi

Krishna maa:achaa beta tum jaake fresh hojavo main tujhey teri adhrak wali chai teri kamre main bhejoongi

Priya:nahi maa aap kyu itna takleef utaare main karlungi

Dadi:isme talkeef wali baat kaha se agayi priya tum iss ghar ki bahu nahi beti hoot ho tumhare liye itna bhi hum nahi kar sakthey kyaa

I smiled and left to my room to freshen up

I slowly went to my room threw my hand bag and placed  books on the couch and accessories on the cot and took a white turkey towel to freshen up with a spare of regular ware

I went to freshen up to washroom and started thinking what i was doing in teh college

ram also did nt come to pick me up i waited for a persistent time in the college for him i even called him but he was not picking up my call so i left the college after waiting for him for 1 hr and i had to tell dadi and Krishna maa a lie that i had a special class may be my love is busy lined up with meetings in the office.after all i never wanted my husband to get trouble becoz of me.


I changed to a light pink colour night dress and was busy engrossed in lappy using net searching topics of my assignment which i should complete by the end of this week.

I was busy that i forget the world in my studies. Suddenly some one placed their hands on my shoulder i was a bit scared i turned back to see them it was my love ram.

Ram... i uttered

The music


The bg music when raya come usually play is playing in the back ground

I got up and spoke to him

How was ur day was it good

Ram:yes it was good but very hectic

Priya:oh i think ur tired u change urself ill get u tea for u

Ram:thank u ok u get it ill go change and come

I left the room and bought 2 tea cups from the kitchen and kept it on the table and was waiting in the room my love changed to white colour kurhta paijama and was wiping his face with white towel and came. I was waiting for him seating on the couch and he came to me andsat beside me and placed encircled his left shoulders around me and i slept on his chest and we were chatting in the room.

We both took saucer and pour some tea and we were taking sips from the opposite corners while looking intently in each other eyes and drinking tea. We both enjoyed the tea alot it was so cherishing i never felt so much excitement in drinking tea but this one was so special to me becoz i was drinking completely looking into my man's eyes.

Ram:oh sorry priya


I kept my fingers on his lips looking deeply into his blue enchanting eyes and said

Priya:ram no sorry btw u and me but why u are telling me sorry

I removed my fingers from his lip and again slept on his chest and he was resting his head on the couch head board

Ram: i was busy with meetings that i could nt take ur calls i saw the number when i sat in the car while my journey to home

Priya:its ok ram i can understand may be u wanted to but u could nt its ok don't ever say sorry ok

Ram:ok baba btw when i got up where did u go bansi kaka told me u asked him to take care of me till i leave where did u go priya that too without informing me 

I did nt want to answer i don't know if i say him the truth how would he react my mom told me keep this matter underlapse to my sasural people even my husband i was dumb don't know what to tell him

I was looking at the other side with  deep thoughts

Ram:priya ...

He jerked me near by shoulders


I looked to his side

Ram:what happened where did u go what r u thinking

Priya:woh ram actually u were sleeping naa isliye i did nt wanted to disturb u i went to my friend she was in hospital

Ram:oh what happened to her

Priya:she is pregnant so she called me to tell the news directly

Ram:oh thats great btw madam when will we become parents

I blushed i kept my head down and was biting my lower lip

Priya:plz will post pone this till i complete my post graduation

Ram:yes offcourse yaar will plan after u complete ur pg and till that will live and enjoy all this 2 yrs very happily

Ram placed a kiss on my forehead and we left for dinner as dadi was calling us

Dadi Krishna maa Natasha i and ram all enjoyed dinner alot

We ate palak paneer with fried rice and chapathi with paneer butter masala and drank some ornage juice and we were talking about how we all spend the day

We chit chatted and giggled and we all relished the dinner with a lot of chirpiness.

i and ram left to green room and i left to study to complete my pending assignments and my love was doing his work on lappy in the green room

after 1 hr it was 10.30 he came to study and i was almost done with my work he came and asked me

i was sitting on the chair in front of the work bench where lappy was placed

he placed his palm on my neck and spoke to me

ram:priya is it over

i turned my face towards him and said almost done

ram came and sat on the couch in the study and was reading news paper till i finished my work

we both left to our room after i completed my work

we came to green room and my heart beat was rising tremendously becoz i know what my man was upto i can see long lasting desire in his eyes and although i was having same desire but i wanted to tease him for a while

i slowly went to left side of couch when he was bolting the door

priya:ram i am so tired am feeling so drowsy

his face turned to a puppy face

ram:saachi priya...

with a lot of disappointment on  his face

i was behaving like a drama queen and acted

priya:yes ram am tired  ill talk to u tmrw am sleeping

he came to cot and with a lot of disappointment slept on the other side of cot

seeing his puppy face i could nt control my laughter and i laughed out

he got angry

ram:u were joking naa ...

he said out of rage

he came on top of me

priya:hm ... i was panting and saying yes i was joking

ram:now u r gone priya in my hands in the morning also u ran away naa now i will give u punishment for that and this prank

he was on my top when he was telling all this

priya:oh really

i said looking into his deep mesmerising blue eyes intently

ram started tickling me and i was laughing and urging him to stop tickling me

and after alot of request

ram:got it now from next time when u wil play pranks u will get this punishment

priya:oh really

i was laughing like a mad girl

ram:ur punishment is nt over i will give u other one

before i could say anything he started nuzzling my back giving me many wet kisses and i was enjoying my man

priya was feeling ram he entered inside her but this time he was not so gently handling her becoz he was abit angry with stupid prank priya played on him

he entered her with a lot of force it some how caused priya a lot of pain


ram... i screamed loudly out of pain


r u alright priya

tears came started trickling from my eyes

priya:yes ...i said suppressing the pain fisting my pillows tightly

iam fine i love this pain a lot given by u ram..

we made love for the night

this night witnessed romance of 2 love birds who poured their immense love on each other

next day morning :

sun rays started peeping the room the bird were chirping and making noises to wish us good morning and cool breeze was waving hand to wish us good morning

i got up slowly i was sleeping on ram's ches we were just covered by a duvet i cuddled more to him and was listening his beautiful rhythm of his heart which was beating for me

he also got up and was stroking my hair gently

we both got up and we got freshen up and left to our respective places

he dropped me in college and left for office

in after noon

my brother called me to  and my mom karthick and jyothi all came there to give party of the wonderful news.

i left to xyz five star  hotel bunking my class and did nt even inform ram about it and the hotel  was a very big 5 storey building

the gate was very huge and when i entered i could see a red polygon shaped red marbels for parking and entring the hotel  from there i walked inside

there were 3 stairs with ash colour flooring on them and from the glass door i entered inside and it was  a very big one

the watch man guided me to the restarunt floor it was in third floor i had to catch lift to get into it and i was in lit i reached the floor and then went to the restarunt place

it was with ash and white colour flooring the glass door was open and it was an ac furnished one i entered inside there are compartments like for every family to seat and these were separated by furniture with designs on it and a light music was playing and it was full of dim lights making the arena so peaceful and music making me very pleasant

they were single table with me karthick and mom sitting on opposite of my brother rajath and jyothi and ppl can see me and rajath becoz i was sitting face towards the entrance door and my bro opposite to me

my mom kept her palm on jyothi head

shipra:jyothi u should be very careful take care of each and every thing properly i wish i could be with u in this journey

she became emotional tears started rolling along her eyes and we also became so much centi we all wished we could stay together she went with flow

shipra: am very happy beta thank u for giving me such wonderful news of becoming dadi

to enlighten the situation my brother called the barrer and said

rajath:take the order he gave some list of items

shipra:rajath ye tujhey kya hogaya ye tum kise khana order kaari hoo ye sab kuch bohut calories hain see me now at the age of 49 also i eat sprouts and everyone in my hometown call me miss bhuvaneshwar

i karthik and rajath were giggling listening the word miss bhuvaneshwar

giving hifi to each other and we were trying to taste all the calory food my mom snatched the menu card and ordered some very healthy diet

but we know our mom loves us a lot she does nt want us to spoil health my eating some junk food

we were giggling recalling the past we spend together from schooling to college

and giving hifi to each other teasing and pulling each other legs


i went to xyz hotel for a client meeting where i was astonished to see priya

she was giggling and talking to someone giving hifi to 1 guy

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Thanks For the diwaali Special updateTongue.. Hopes Priya   Jaldhi apni P.G cmplete kare aur dono ki Life mein Bhohath saare khushiyaan aajaaye!!  Wink
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Happy Diwali dear... :)
thanxx 4 d pm...
ram is very understanding and loving husband
would love to see the new twist with lots and lots of raya...
update soon...
will eagerly be waiting...
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awesome awesome update fnx for the diwali special pm
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Posted: 2013-11-03T09:07:44Z
u r too good ...humble fan of ur grt writing...
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Posted: 2013-11-03T09:48:17Z
Thank u so much for this wonderful update...love u
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