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Embarrassed Blushing romance to banta h as they r newly married..update soon again suspense Shocked

thank u dear Tongue
suspense tho story main masala ke liye bantha hain bossWink
ill updt today Smile
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Originally posted by luvbalh

update now 

ill updt today dear Tongue
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Originally posted by bpatil3

Ye kya teenage romancing chal raha hai hiding mobile n chatting. Lol.
Looks interesting.

thank u dear for cmnts
they are newly married yaar 'how much desperate they will be to meet and to talk Wink
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Originally posted by leena04

Originally posted by .sangs123.

preview :

i slept in study after reading some core books
i stirred from my slumber
i felt i was holding my teddy and sleeping
i was clasping it more tightly
i was listening some beautiful music on its chest
but when i got up
i was sleeping on

to know what happened raya life
keep waiting for my updts

Priya thought of Ram is teddy so cute yaar awww but Ram is here as macho na toh Teddy kaise ho gaya... post it soon yaar...

he is thin yaar
 i mean teddy in sense very smooth Wink
ill cont soon Big smile
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Originally posted by leena04

Originally posted by .sangs123.


ram is nt leaving priya for a single second
they are making love very often
and ram is picking up priya from college and dropping her
infact even in free time like breaks
raya are talking
and during class times
priya is hiding phone and chatting with ram

so guys romance continuing in

so is it silence before storm ya
just paying a route for strong relation ship of raya

Previwe 2

awesome RaYa's love growing up more & more this geeting so sweet yaar RaYa deeply in love with each other but ur last lines scares me is anything wrong going happen... pls post next soon.

thank u dear for cmnts Tongue
kuch bhi nahi baas iam just giving u idea what is coming up soon in next updts Big smile
ill cont soonBig smile
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Originally posted by 123fiza1


thank u for waiting
updt today Big smile
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hi to all my lovable readers TongueTongue
thank u for showering ur love and effection by reading my updts and aslo for  likes and cmnts Hug
love u all Heart


guys i was getting very less cmnts and likes and iam gonna updt dil deewana  and pyaar hain ya sajaa today evening
and seeing this 3 ffs cmnts and likes ill decide whether i should cont this ff or not
decision is all urs am tired of askign the same thing Broken Heart
this is my exam and know all my readers will decide whether i will pass this or fail
if am passed ill updt if i fail ill leave this forum stopping all my ff in btw
decision is all urs


ff meri ek pyaar si kahani updts parts

part 21 Heart part 22 Heart part23  Heart part 24 Heart

Part 24:

Raya room:

Ram and i was just anxiously waiting for our results ram was excited more than me for the results. He was just checking the gadget for every ample of  time. Finally the call which we were waiting  has come and i was informed that i was selected

I was overjoyed with happiness my love scoped me in his arms and twirled me out of happiness. We forgot to bolt the door and all family members arrived when i was in his arms the moment they entered and saw us we were just perplexed embarrassed .

The next minute ram slowly laid me on the floor and i and ram were very agitated and we both felt grevious. Becoz our romance was just the relation which was between us but today it was slightly exposed to family members.

I  kept my duppata on my head and took blessings from dadi and Krishna maa. Rishab and nuts were teasing ram. But dadi scolded both of them. After that nuts hugged me and rishab came to me

Rishab:congrats babhi

Priya:thank u

Nuts:congratulations babhi hume toh party chahiye

Ram:hm party tho bantha hain boss

Chalo teek hain aaj sham ko iss khushi ke khateer party manayengey

But we forget about the reception of ram and priya dadi said

So 2 parties will happen today rishab jumped out of elation.

Meanwhile bansi kaka wheeled the horizon buffet to the room

Dadi took a gajar halwa bowl and feed me gajar halwa wishing me congratulations and gave me ashirwaad and even Krishna maa did the same thing.

We love birds were left alone in the room. Ram without wasting a sec bolted the door as soon as they left the room. He made me sit on the cot and we were sititng beside each other .He kissed my palm and gave a sweet kiss on my cheeks.

 He was feeding me gajar ka halwa and i was feeding him. Then halwa was struck on my lips ram took my lips and started sucking the sweet nectar of my lips

The kiss turned to a heated and passionate one he made me lie on the floor and throwed my duppata on the floor. I slowly dig my head into the pillow. We both made love.

All our elation turned to a sweet love making. ram showed me heaven in this art of love making.all the elation we had took a beautiful turn of 2 bodies 1 soul unison. We both cherished this moment.

In the evening when i slowly opened my eyes i was sleeping on ram bare chest i started listening to his beautiful heart beat. He claped me very tightly and went to deep slumber.i winced my face out of sore. I was about to get up ram said

Ram:darling i need u where ur going

Priya : i hit his chest and said ram did u forget

Ram:when i am with u i will forget myself then wt is the big thing that i forgot

Priya:ram party

Ram:when u came to my life some months became like sec then what is forgetting about party

Priya:ram plz leave me

Ram:ok but on 1 condition

Priya:hm tell me

Ram showed me his lips

Priya:i slowly pecked a soft kiss feverously

It turned to a passionate one

I went and freshen up and ram also went to freshen up

I wore a black and pink combination sareee in which embroidery and silver work was embedded. I kept my hair open and placed it too on my left shoulder i adorn a big pink and black combination ear rings matching my attire. I just kept light pink lip gloss and a neatly lined kohl.


Ram in raya bed room:

I paced near to mirror priya was getting ready for the party .

Omg she was just looking very hot i could nt take off my eyes her mesmerising eyes made me fall for her again. Her attire was so simple but very elegant she was looking a sweet cherry. I felt like feeling her for once again.

I placed a small peck on her lustrous neck nap she turned back to me.I was just lost in her her enchanting beauty made me go very wacky.

I clasped her hands and slowly headed towards the party arena in the hall of our mansion.

The living room was beautifully embellished with many dim lights and enhanced with red roses the living room was festoon like a new bride.

I and priya stood in the centre of the party my attire was matching priya attire.


Priya in hall:

Ram was looking handsome hunk i was burning in jealousy becoz some youngsters were gazing my love and blushing. I stood beside ram and we were just attending the guests.dadi Krishna maa rishab and nuts were engaged in receiving the guest.

Vikram and neha also arrived at the party.

Neha came and hugged me and vikram hugged ram.

Neha:priya ur looking so gorgeous.

Priya:thank u and same to u


Some business people took ram and vikram to a long distance

Vikram was just talking and gazing at neha and ram was also talking and gazing at me

Although we were bound by many people in the party but our hearts were in contact i was just lost in ram i was just gazing him and ram was gazing him.

But to hide it from every one we were just pretending like we were talking to people but we did not care what were they talking.


Ram in party:

Priya was looking so stunning and gracious i wanted to make love to her .

Every sec was running like an year very tough it was to wait to meet her . i felt like i wanted to stop the party and spent some quality time with her that desperate i was. And a sigh of relief came when a plan was shovering in my mind

Dance i uttered even vikram was desperate to spent some time with neha just like me

A light music was playing

I and priya were dancing and vikram and neha were dancing and some of the guests were dancing on the floor .we 4 some were just living in that moment

I caught priya near gerth and he hold me near my back and we were dancing we were lost in each other eyes. That we did not even now when the music stopped but immediately we came back to this world from our world where we only belong to each other.


Raya bed room:


The party was over and all of our family members retired to their room

I just changed to night clothes and ram also did the same thing. We made love for the whole night .


Next few days our schedule was very hectic i would go to college and ram would go to office

But i would chat in the class room hiding my gadget and in break time i would speak to me and for privacy in talking i would even skip my food


One evening i was studying in study and i doze off without my consent and when i woke up i felt a very warm skin under my cheeks i was holding it very tightly and sleeping i was listening to a beautiful music on its chest  i thought it was my pink teddy but nope when i opened my eyes

It was on ram's bare chest i was sleeping.

I got up when phone bell rang

I pick up the call it was...

waiting for ur likes and cmnts TongueTongueTongue

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guys i was getting very less cmnts and likes and iam gonna updt dil deewana  and pyaar hain ya sajaa today evening 
and seeing this 3 ffs cmnts and likes ill decide whether i should cont this ff or not 
decision is all urs am tired of askign the same thing Broken Heart
this is my exam and know all my readers will decide whether i will pass this or fail 
if am passed ill updt if i fail ill leave this forum stopping all my ff in btw
decision is all urs 

i second u in this ... 

update is fantastic ,  i loved it  ram has only one thing to do lol...
loved it 
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