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Thanks to change your decision...pls dont think to leave this forum...if it difficult to give regular updates,dont worry we will wait..u update whnever you are comfortable...but dont think to leave us...

thank u dear
yes till i complete my all ffs i wont leave the forum
but will updt only 1 updt a week
Thank u very much that u have decided to complete all yr ff...I m very happy...u r a wonderful writer..all we want u to stay here and give us good ff.

am really honored to receive such cmnts from u all thank u dear
hm surely ill give good ff
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preview seems  interesting.update soon
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ff meri ek pyaar si kahani updts parts

part 21 Heart part 22 Heart part23  Heart part 24 Heart

part 22:

scene 67:

raya bedroom:

ram:priya close ur eyes

priya:hm ram i closed them paar kaha lekhar jaare aap mujhey

ram:tum naa sawal zyada pucti hoo shaadi se pehle tho kitni silent thi

priya:hm aap zyada baat kaari hoo kya karthe sangat ka asaar

ram:hm paar tum naa ise sawal puchthi hoo tho mujhey bohut achaa lagta

ram was blushing and i was blushing gazing at him

ram took me to our wardrobe removed his hands from my eyes and gave me an envelope and i was so astonished to see this i spoke to ram

priya:ram what is this

ram:just open it sweet heart

i with a lot of furiosity opened the envelope and just got overwhelmed in happiness it was my dream it was mba application form  unknowingly tears started trickling from eyes and i went and embraced ram in my hug

ram encircled his hands around my waist i became very emotional and still tears  were trickling down my eyes we remained in hug for a persistent time and then we broke the hug

ram noticed the tears from my kohl eyes and he asked me

ram:priya are u not happy with this surprise

i was about to wipe my tears ram slowly took his handkey and gently wiped my eyes

priya:no ram iam so happy i wanted to talk to u regarding continuining my further studies but u ur selves understood this and bought it for me

thank u for everything iam really blessed to have u in my life

ram grined looking at me and spoke

ram:priya there is 1 way of telling thank u in kapoor mansion

i was disoriented and looked at him for answer

he showed me his lips and i started blushing and he was pacing towards me and i was playing with him by running away from him we were playing a love chase i went to changing room and closed the doors of that room

ram was screaming out my name priya...

ram:priya come out this is not fair just come out once

i was giggling inside the room and was just testing my man's endurance but i heard something fell down and ram screamed loudly for a while i felt like my heart beat stopped hearing ram's scream i immediately without wasting a sec i reached the green room but to my astoundment ram was no where in the room i was screaming ram ram... and when i did not found him only tears started rolling from my eyes

suddenly to my consternation i found someone hands clutching near my waist i was dumbstruck for a while and then got relieved it was ram i could not speak to him anything becoz i was panic hearing ram screaming sound

ram gazed into my deep eyes and i also gazed into him we were lost in each other eyes and then we spent some quality time speaking to each other

ram looked at my tears absorbed it through his lips

ram:priya promise me that u will never again cry for silly reasons

priya i hit him near his chest

priya:silly reason i heard ur scream in pain and i got tears

 is ur pain scream a silly reason for me i spoke in rage

ram just gave a grin to me and i was just becoming very ferocious and ram hold my both hands and spoke to me

ram:priya ok sweet heart am sorry  ill nt silly pranks with u now common give a naughty grin to me

he told this to me gazing at my eyes

i was blushing he took my lips in his lips and slowly started kissing it this kiss turned to a heated and passionate one we both started playing with each other tongues and our tongues mated and then our lips which became a very long lasting kiss

he scooped me in his hands and took me near the cot and laid down me gently he sat beside me and we both were facing each other he was nuzzling my neck he slowly nuzzled from my neck to my shoulder and gave me a love bite at my shoulder he gave me love bites at my both shoulders by nuzzling he reached my nap and absorbing my fragnance he hold my hair and twisted and i was losing my control and was trembling to his touches he slowly passionately kissed my forehead my cheeks and laid down me in sleeping position he bent down and started nuzzling from my head to bottom he slowly removed the saree covering my navel area he gave many love bites on my cleavage and gave a love bite on my area covering my belly button.

he entered me i started feeling him i felt sore when he was entring me but i loved this sore a lot i was happy feeling my man he was increasing his thrusts and i encircled my thighs aroung his shoulder for more access becoz of this love making my eyes started rejoicing in tears and my body became crimson enjoying my man inside me

that after noon we entered a different world where only i and my man were present leaving the world behind

 in evening

i slowly winced my eyes i was very tired i was sleeping on my man's chest and started listening his heart beat lub dub which was beating for me i was listening this rhythamatic voice made by my man's heart i was involved in it till i got satisfied and slowly went to washroom for freshen up he got up when i came out of wash room

he blushed at me thinking about the moment we spent just now i was also blushing biting my lower lip and i closed my eyes with my palm he got down dressed himself and removed my palm and kissed me on my cheeks and went to washroom


scene 69:

ram and i went to dinning table and we cherished the dinner with all my family members dadi Krishna maa rishab and all i had a great time with all of them even though they were all new for me but i felt like i was knowing them since long time

we finished our dinner and everyone retired to their respective rooms

scene 70:

i wanted to speak to room some thing so important  i called ram who was busy engrossed in his business files

priya:ram i want to speak to u some thing important

ram:hm tell me u want to feel me for 1 more time kyaa

he spoke this giggling at me

i got so much rage

priya:no at all sir i want to speak to u something else

ram:hm tell me

i went and sat beside him and started opening my heart

priya:ram i want to tell k i want to get the seat out of my talent and my excellence and not out of ur power i just want to go to college as a simple girl and not like a great business tycoon wife

ram smiled looking at me

ram:priya its ok in can understand continue it as ur wish

priya:thank u ram thank u for understanding me i want to create my own identity and i know am ur wife but before ur wife iam a lady i want to create my own identity apart from ur wife ram

ram:really this attitude of urs amazed me about u alot in what ever step u take am with u priya

priya:thank u ram thanks a lot

ram was busy engrossed in his office files and i went to study and started preparing for interview the next  day

waiting for ur likes and comments Tongue

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 u were back. 

am so happy ...  

coming to the part ..

super hot, and romantic. so ram is supporting her studies. such a sweet heart.  hmm he is naughty too.. 
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Thx for the PM.
Oho super surprize. Priayji bach nahi sakti aapke pati to bade prankstar hai.Wink
She fell for his pranks LOL n ended up paying for the surprize.

Liked priya's attitude n thinking. I truly appreciate her wish. liked the way ram assured her he is with her in every move of life.

good work.keep going.
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Posted: 2013-08-13T07:00:53Z
it was nice and romantic update
raya understand each other well
pls continue soon waiting and
thanx for the pm
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Posted: 2013-08-13T07:48:58Z
just fab dear nd thnks for comng loved it Clap
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