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pls update soon.nice preview.
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wow the pic is so pretty loved it
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pls update soon.nice preview.

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thank u all my lovable readers for all the comments and likes Hug
love u all Heart

Part 32:

 After changing  into night dresses priya rishab and nuts were sitting on big couch in the study with priya in between rishab and nuts.

Priya was doing work out for the complete night and instructing  Natasha and rishab and finishing her targets in her studies. Ram came from office changed himself into his favourite white colour kurta and slowly  came to study he was standing at the entrance of the study room folding his 2 hands and and saw how priya was guiding  Natasha and rishab and influencing them to study and parallel  completing her work too. Ram felt delighted looking at how priya was taking care of his siblings just like her own. He felt a contentment thinking about his wish of his wife is fulfilled he always wanted a girl to be his wife who should take care of his siblings like her own and priya fulfilled his wish.

Rishab:babhi saach main aap kitna interesting ways se paadthe

Bohut interesting hain thank u for sharing this way

Priya chuckled ram blushed and turned his face to other  side

Natasha:saachi babhi aap pura typical terms ko kitne simple daily life ke items se yaad rakhe

So nice aur isaa yaad rakhne se hum kabhi bhi nahi bhulenge

Thank u so much babhi for sharing all these

Ram was just blushing when his siblings were praising his love

Priya:achaa baas baas aur kitne thanks bholenge hum sab tho ek parivar ke hain tho no thanks btw all of us

Rishab and nuts in unison sorry babhi

Priya:uff no thanks and sorry between all of us

Rishab:teek hain babhi aaj se nahi bholengey

Nuts also noded in affirmation

Ram for a while watched them studying then after some time he started glancing his angelic love priya.the windows of the study were open the cool breeze gusted  inside the room and air  fanned priya  and  Natasha  hair but ram was just stealing glances of priya,her hair was splaying along with the soothing breeze.

A tuft of hair fell on priya eyes from 2 sides of her forehead and they were afflicting her eyes from concentrating . Ram placed his hand front and felt like tucking priya hair at back of her ears but he resisted himself  thinking about rishab and Natasha who were sitting along with priya.

When he was just standing lost in priya beauty dadi and krishnaa both came with jug of tea for threesome

Ram was just blushing and chuckling gazing at priya he got back to his senses when dadi placed her hand on ram, he turned back and saw dadi and Krishna were standing holding a jug of tea.

Krishna:ye bachoo ko priya ne kitna acche se bitaaya aur padaari beta

Indono ke lekhar jho bhi chintaa thaa mere maan  woh sab kuch dhoor hogayaa beta ye dekhey

Ram just grinned

Dadi ram and Krishna all paced inside the room

Priya:dadi maa aap sab kyu aaye agar yaad kiya tho main athi thi

Just then Krishna placed tea jug on the table

Priya requested the  elders to  sit on the opposite couch where nuts and rishab wers sitting and they sat ram dragged a black colur bean bag and placed his bag just beside the couch where priya was sitting

Priya:dadi maa aapko ye sab karne ki kyaa zarrorat thi

Dekhiye aab time 12.30 horaa aap dono ko araam karnaa chahiye

Dadi:puttar isme takleef ki kyaa baat tum sab padree tho ye tho humara farz hain ki aap sabki khayal rakhna humara zimmendari hain

Priya just gave a smile and started  pouring the tea into cups from the jug becoz Ram thought priya will serve him first he was so near to table.

 he placed his hands front like taking the cup but priya gave it to rishab then nuts dadi Krishna and finally she gave to ram

Ram was just blushing when priya was giving tea cup while bending  to his hands priya was smiling and blushing looking at him when he took tea priya bited her lower lip and realised about all the family and came and sat on the couch.

Rishab:bhai babhi toh kitne acche se explain kaari thi aap tho kabhi bhi isaa nahi kiyaa

Nuts:hm bhai aap ne kabhi bhi isaa nahi kiyaaa

Ram face frowned and kept a pout on his face and in rage spoke

Ram:hoi tum dono chup karoo baas ye kuch dhin jho priya paadaayi bhai ko taana marnaa shuru kiyaa

Rishab and nuts giggled and said

Hm babhi is the best

Nuts and rishab gave hifi to priya and priya was showing her reverse thumb and teasing ram

Ram was just giggling looking these kids and lovely couple even Krishna dadi also giggled

The kapoor family shared a sweet and cute memorable scene

Dadi:aab raat bohut dheer hogaayi kal subah padleena

Even rishab and nuts were feeling drowsy

Priya:teek hain rishab nuts hum kal se cont karenge

Gd nt sd

Both nuts and rishab wished gd nt to rest of family members elders and kids retired to their respective rooms.

Ram:chaale madam

Priya:ram baas thoda aur kaam baach gaaya

Main yu finish karke ajavungi

Ram:abhi hain

He said in a sulkingly

Priya:hm ram main jaldi avoongi

Priya said pleading ram

Ram left asking her to come fast

After some time priya slept off in study without her consent ram carried her to green room by scooping her in his hands there is a clandestine way for green room from the study ram took her that way. Ram slowly laid priya on the cot and tucked her in duvet When ram placed duvet she held duvet firmly and slept and ram slept gazing at angelic beauty his love priya hugged her tightly and doze off.

Days passed when priya rishab nuts exams were finished and they all performed well  Ram got a  new deal and so he decided a refreshment and thrown a blast

Many reputated people of the industry were invited for the blast.Niharika wife of shiney talwar a good friend of amar nath also was invited to the party they came along with their daughter Ayesha.Niharika wore a sky blue colour chiffon saree with a heavy gold ornament with matching ear rings. Ayesha wore a black colour mini which was above till her thighs she wore a black colour bracelette which was hanging from her hands. Shiney wore a grey colour tuxedo with a black hat to cover his bald head.

Priya was sitting in her getting ready for the party she chose a saree from the wardrobe which ram gifted her after coming from London It was white colour netted  saree  with multicolour flowers embedded in it she wore silver colour heavy pendant and big ear rings which were hanging she  applied a light makeup and adored her lips with light pink colour lip gloss and neatly lined her eyes with kohl.she put small bindi matching her attire. She left her hair open and it was dangling from right shoulder. Her mangal sutr was dangling from her neck and she put sindhoor on her maan

She was looking so angelic when she was just checking herself in mirror for last time ram came to room talking to a client on phone. He became numb he was so mesmerised by her beauty that he just opened his mouth and stood like a statue there.

She was looking as pure as a divine he just stood like that lost in her beauty he felt like kissing her and make love but he got back to senses when client shouted hello from the phone it took a while for ram to come back from his trance he just moved his head to 1 side cleared his throat and said

Ram:oh ya eric am listening to u and thinking about the project u have discussed

Eric:thats good

Ram:ok eric will catch u later

Eric:ya sure

Ram hung up the call

Priya was giggling and ram could notice this from the mirror

Ram was blushing and said

Ram:kyu haasri hoo mujhey dekhey

Priya:mainey nahi hasaa

She said teasingly

Ram:no u did

Priya:ji nahi

Ram sprinted and caught hold priya and pinned her between the mirror and him

Priya:ram chodiye koi ayeega

Ram clasped priya hands and pinned it to mirror priya could percept ram breathe on her neck nape his breathe was creating a havoc in her. Every time his sensous touch makes her to get lost in her man. She was feeling goosebumps she could not resist herself  but as she is the daughter in law of the house the responsibility in her made her resist her man and said

Priya:ram plz chodiye naa koi ajayegaa

Ram looked intently into priya eyes she could feel his complete weight on her  

Ram:nahi chodungi agar koi ayaa toh kyaa karenge

tum meri biwi hoo aur main puri haq se tujhey kiss bhi kar saktha hoo aur chahe toh

Priya closed his lips with her palm

Priya:ram party hain niche sab humara intezaar kaare

Ram said in her ears

Ram:priya tum bohut sexy lagrii hoo aur bohut bohut gorgeous tho hum ek kaam karenge

Priya jolted him back

Priya:thoo kyaa

Ram:hum party cancel karke romance karenge waise bhi tumhari exams ki chakkar main kitne dhin hogaaye aab main aapne aapko control nahi kar pavungaa...

Priya blushed

Priya:oh really

ram was again coming close to priya but priya tricked ram and ran away from the room ram was running back of her when niharika eyes fell On lovely couple 

when ram was screaming priya name and priya was running down to attend the guest

ram:priya rukh

priya turned back and said

priya:main nahi rukungiii

ram stopped and started panting

ram:achaa nahi rukungi naa main tujhey raat ko dekungaa...

Niharika frowned looking at the lovely couple she wanted to make her daughter Ayesha marriage with ram but ram married priya. Her dreams of making her daughter marriage with ram got shattered when priya married ram. She could not take the failure it stabbed her heart becoz of which she started hating ram she want to break ram marriage with priya and make her daughter the daughter in law of kapoor family

She went down to place where priya was cordially inviting guest and talking to them.niharika called priya, she turned to niharika side

niharika:hm toh tum hoo ram ki wife 

priya:ji namasthe

niharika:patha nahi ye ram tum main kyaa dekhey shaadi ki tum jaise middle class logo ko  sirf bade ghar ke bachoo ko patana ke adhat hothe aur bade ghar ke ladkaa ko patake unhe emotionally black mail karke unhe shaadi ke baandaan main fasathe

When niharika was telling all this tears started trickling down from priya eyes smudging  kohl from her enchanting eyes.Priya felt shattered she never went through such humiliation her agony let out a way in form of tears

All niharika words were stabbing her heart her self esteem was hurt with every word niharika was speaking but she did not wanted to shout or fight in front of everyone but she could just slowly cry with tears trickling from her eyes

Niharika saw priya tears but without humanity she continued her humiliation

Niharika: aaj tum meri beti Ayesha ki jagah liyi hoo

Aaj ye jis parivar tujhey mila hain woh meri beti kaa hain

Tum ne meri beti se uska ram aur ye paarivaar cheena hain

Main tujhey nahi chodungi

Priya  excused herself from that place and went to her room without getting noticed by everyone she came to her room and sat on the bed folded her legs and started crying holding her knees burying her face in between her thighs
she cried when ram happily entered the room talking to vikram on phone
when he entered priya wiped her tears and got up from the bed.
ram felt something wrong with priya she is not her usual self
ram:vikram yaar main neha se aur tujhse baad main baat karunga mujhey kuch kaam hain
vikram:teek hain paar priya se neha ka baat karna bhulna nahi

Ram:hm ok karwaungi

Both hung up the call
ram paced towards priya she wiped her tears unnoticed to ram and engulped her throat to suppress her sob
ram placed his hands on her shoulder and asked
ram:r u fine tum kuch teek nahi lagraa hoo
priya engluped more and said
priya:ya am fine
but yet the hoarse voice told that she cried but she lied
ram:priya i can understand a very very minor change in u i am having a feeling like u have cried
what happened priya did anyone  troubled u

Did i do anything wrong that u got hurt
priya was just noding her head in negation
ram again cupped her face with his palm and asked
ram:priya plz bolo naa
kisi ne kuch kaha kyaa tum kyu rori hoo kyaa hua priya batao
priya did not utter a single word excpet nodding her head in negation

But her tears could not stop when her man was trying to help her out.

Priya:kuch bhi nahi

Her mouth was telling this but her eyes were telling all together a different story

Ram:priya tumhari zubaan ek kehraa hain paar tere aanke mujhey kuch aur kehre priya

Priya in a very agitated tone

Priya:maine kaha naa baba saach main kuch bhi nahi hai

Hum niche chaale sab log neeche wait kaare hongee

Although ram was not conviced but somehow he left to attend guest

Priya left early and ram was on stairs when rishab came to him

He was panting badly

Ram:kyaa hua rishab

Rishab:bhai woh main aap ke paas arathaa

Ram:kyu kuch kaam thaa

Rishab narrated all the conversation between priya and niharika becoz he overheard their conversation when he was passing by that way

Ram anger raged through his veins he could not control his anger

How could niharika say all this to priya it was he who loved priya and married her.but how could niharika blame priya and put all allegations on her and he was becoming so furious on priya for hiding all this from him after repeatedly asking also

Ram decided to teach  a lesson to niharika for humiliating his love


Ram called niharika to a side and spoke to her decently

Ram:niharika aunty how r u

Niharika:ya am fine aur tum kaise hoo


Niharika:tum kaise teek hogaa agar meri beti se shaadi hothi thoo

Aaj tum bohut khush hotha


Niharika:meri beti bohut talented hain woh expert dancer hain aur teri priya

Ko kyaa athaa hain

Ram just gave a smile and just said with his eyes

Keep watching  

Ram announced everyone

Ladies and gentleman

Just for fun

Shall we dance

Slowly all gathered dancing

Ram stopped in between and said

Guys this is so boring naa all are dancing isme tho kuch fun hain hi nahi hum naa ek kaam karenge

Some people in crowd said

Tho kyaa karenge


What all exclaimed

Ram:ya dance competition

All clapped and shouted yes

Ram:yaha tho baade baade  dancers hain hain naa aa Ayesha

Ram gazed at Ayesha and stressed hain aa Ayesha...

Ayesha was perplexed did not know how to react but as such the crowd was noticing her she kept mum and said ya...

Niharika frowned looking at ram antics shiny was clapping that his daughter will be dancing

There is dancing competiton and who will be the winners u all should decide

All clapped hands and all are excited for the competition

Ayesha tum thayaar hoo ram said in a teasing tone

Ayesha: Hm main thayaar hoo main tho expert hoo koi mujhey haraa nahi saktha

Ram:woh tho hum dekhenge after the performance

raya are dancing
ram holding priya on her waist and priya placing her hands on ram shoulders looking intently into each other eyes
priya in a blue colour long frock and ram in a black tuxedo

so guys who won the competition is it raya ya ayesha

keep guessing till i come up with my next updt
waiting for ur likes and cmnts
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beautiful update...

thanks for pm
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