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Nice preview!!!!
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thank u dear for cmnts Tongue
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Nice preview Sangs..

thank u viru for cmnts Hug
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update soon pls..

thank u dear for cmnts Tongue
ill updt tonite Tongue
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thank u so much for all the encouragement, love and effection u all have showered on me till know
thanks a lot my lovable readers Hug

Part 31:


"Ram..." priya exclaimed out of astonishment resting her head on the pillow in sleeping position

Ram was silent he just placed his palm on her forehead and percepted that she is having fever and her face was so pale

"What the hell have is wrong with u  priya"  ram screamed at priya raising his eyebrows and frowned to her

She was just looking at him and gazing into his blue mesmerising eyes

She did not hear what he was speaking she was just thinking it was her dream how cute her man  was looking when he is concerned about her

"U did not even bother to inform me that u were suffering from fever" ram shouted

But seeing priya silence his resentness even increased more

But priya was just chuckled looking at ram

Her chuckle made ram even more  ferocious

He jolted her telling

"I was speaking to u since 3 days but u did not even care to inform me about ur health"  When he jerked her

Priya was asking him

"Pinch me" giving her hands to him

Ram just frowned at her

"Priya tujhey mazaak lagri ye sab kuch"

He was so annoyed and priya question just irked him more

He jerked her by holding her 2 arms

Priya just looked at him

Ram ... aap saach main aye  hoo

Mujhey toh lagraa tha ki main aapne sapne main aapko dekhri thi

Paar jho bhi hoo aap kitna cute lagree the jab aap baat kar rethe aur mere liye concerned feel karthe hoo  

Ram did not even how to react he became so baffled he did not know how to react but at the same time he was so furious on priya that she hided her health condition to him

He just frowned and priya slowly try to get up from her pillow ram gave her support and slowly  she  rested on his chest

Priya slept on ram chest  and ram was holding her palm

Ram:tum mujhey kyu nahi bataayi priya ki tujhey fever thaa

Priya:ram woh main woh...

She was stammering to speak to him because she did not know what to tell him

Ram:kyaa woh main woh main kyaa raised his eye brows again

Priya:ram jab yaha se jaare the airport ko tabhi mujhey fever thaa

Ram:what ...

He exclaimed our of perplexment


She holded her ears and pleaded him like a baby

Ram was just getting glimpses of priya not hugging him when he was going to airport  Ram placed his index finger and told

Ram:mathlab uss dhin tujhey bhukaar tha aur tum mujhey hug nahi karithi jab main airport  jaare the

Priya in a low tone said


Priya:ram am so sorry main nahi chahthi ki aap mere wajase aapki koi bhi business deal aapse chute

Ram:but priya tum hari  thabiyat se zyada mujhey woh deal utna important nahi thaa

Priya closed his lips with her index finger

Priya:ram main jaanti hoo ki aapko mujhsey zyada business deal precious nahi hain paar ram personal aur professional life dono insaan ko important hain aur

Main nahi chahthi ki mere ram ko mere wajase aapko  inn dono main kisi ek ko chose karna padaa

Ram was grinning when priya was explaining him why she did that way

He just kissed her on her forehead

Ram:am so blessed to have u in life

Priya:nahi am so blessed to have u in life

Ram:Achaa teek hain hum dono blessed hain

Priya:hm paar main zyada lucky hoo


Priya:kyunki aapko sirf main milaa lucky hoone ke liye paar mujhey aapke saath itna achaa paarivar jho  mila

Saach main ram jab mujhey fever thaa dadi maa rishab nutz sab log mera achaa khayal rakhaa ek pal ke liye bhi unhe mujhey ye ehsaas karne nahi diya ki aap ki kaami mujhey mehsoos hoo

Ram just grinned

Priya also smiled

Ram:achaa but promise me ki u wont again hide anything from me next time

Placing his palm forward

Priya promised him

Priya:hm baba pakka promise main aaj ke baad aapse kuch bhi nahi chupavungi

Ram gently collided her his forehead to her forehead and brushed her nose with his fingers

Both were smiling heart fully looking intently into each other eyes and after sometime she rested her head on ram chest and listening to his heart beat which was playing an adorable music (lub dub) for her

When these lovely couple were in their own paradise with priya sleeping on ram chest and ram just caressing her hair

Dadi and Krishna maa came to their room .Both the love birds departed from each other

Dadi and Krishna maa both smiled  when they moved apart

Dadi:puttar thoo agaaya

Ram took blessings from Krishna and dadi

Ram:hm dadi woh kaam jaldi hogaaya tho main jaldi agaaya

Just then even Natasha and rishab entered the raya room when

Priya was resting on head board ram sitting beside her placing his legs hanging down

Dadi Krishna maa were sitting on the other side of priya

Rishab and Natasha both in unison told

 Bhai aap agaaye

They both hugged ram and ram also caressed them with fatherly love becoz he fulfilled every responsibility like a father after his father demise

Natasha:We missed u  so much bhai

Ram:even i missed u all a lot

Krishna:hm hum sab ram ko miss kiya aur ram ne hum sabko

The family shared a sweet moment

Rishab:hm paar hum sab se zyada bhabhi ne bhai ko miss kiya rishab winked looking at nuts

Ram felt a bit embarrassed

Natasha:hm aur bhai bhi priya babhi ko bohut miss kiya

Now priya also felt awkward

Hain naa bhai

Dadi:oye tum dono chup karo priya ki thabiyat teek nahi hain usey araam karne dho hum sab usey araam Karne denge aur ram bhi abhi aayaa lambha safar ke baad

Tum dono araam karlena puttar

Priya gave smile and ram also gave a smile to elders

Krishna:priya tum tho aapni tablets khaali naa puttar

Priya closed her eyes half closed and said

Priya:hm maa

Dadi and Krishna maa understood that she is lying

Krishna ji:saach main khaali beta

Priya was turning her face here and other to hide her lie

Dadi:ram puttar tum usey tablets khilakee uska khayal rakhnaa ye priya toh tablets khaane se inkaar kar dethi

Ram:ji dadi aur maa main priya ko tablets dedungaa

Aap bhi araam kijiye

Thank u so much maa dadi rishab and nuts

Aap sab saach main priya ka bohut achaa sa khayal rakhaa mera kaami hone nahi diya

Dadi:puttar jaisa tum iska ghar ka beta hain priya bhi iski ghar bhi beti hain aur uska khayal rakhnaa humari zimmedari hain beta

Krishna rishab and nuts also said babhi is no more a different member she is apart of our family

Ram and priya smiled

Priya was getting tears when she was hearing dadi and the family members words that finally they accepted her as their bahu in true sense

Ram was just standing till the family left outside

Slowly he took tablets from the desk which was attached to bed priya was moving away from ram and ram was going to near priya on bed but she was about to run away from bed ram caught her and forcefully opened her mouth to feed tablets

Priya she ate tablets they were very bitter in taste

Ram slowly tucked priya in duvet and caressed her hair and slowly put her to slumber and he also drifted to slumber holding priya hands

Days passed where priya recovered completely and now again she started taking care of family members

Her daily routine would begin with kissing her man on cheeks when he is slumber then getting freshen up making chai for dadi and Krishna maa with her hands anf giving Natasha and rishab fruit juices when they are excerising and then checking the menu in breakfast then waking up ram then she would get ready and ram also would get ready and the whole family would relish a peaceful breakfast in fact she would all those dishes which were every one favourites and then pack boxes for ram her nuts and rishab

Then she and ram would go to college ram would drop her in college and go to his office in evening he would pick her and they both would come to home together

In evening everyone would have chai together then dinner and gave gala time and then all the family members would  retire to their rooms and sleep peacefully

Now nuts and rishab exams were going on and even they have chosen finance as their core subject.

Priya was sitting with them becoz they both were abit weak in studies then extra curricular activities

She promised ram and Krishna maa that she would make them study and try her level best to make them excel in their studies

The preparation were going on

Rishab nuts and  priya was sitting in the study

Priya was explaining both of them their doubts and she was completing her assignments and her preparations for exams

So ram and priya did not spend some quality time since 1 month

Ram and priya wanted to convince sudhir ji after priya exams about rajath  and reunite the son with family

so guys will the life of raya go smoothly ya any storm is gonna devastate their lives to know this keep waiting for the updts

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waiting for ur cmnts and likes TongueTongue

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sit booking..thodi bd ma prti hu
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superb part asusual...!!!
love ramfor flyng down to mumbai...and hi scare fr priya...!!!

and hitler...bck healthy...back to wrk...!! LOL

contn soon...!!
thnx fr the pm...!! 
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thanks for pm... :):) so happy for 3updates at a time...

Bt need a lng update yaar... :-p wat to do. Ur updates make me to read more...

Update soon nxt part pls..
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