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Lovely preview Tongue ... A cute description of RaYa married life Embarrassed .. Hope Shipra is fine Ouch

thank u dear for cmntsTongue
u will know abt shipra in next updt Big smile
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thank u for all likes and cmnts in all my writeups Hug
love u all Heart

this updt is quite long but hope u all like it and the preview part will come in next part Tongue

Part 30:

Next day morning:


Priya lazily opened her winced her eyes when she regained complete consciousness from her slumber she felt heavy on her tummy ram was clasping her tummy with his left hand and  and slept on tummy  peacefully she slowly kissed his hair sheepishly

Priya: good mng ram

Ram also stirred from his sleep

Ram:gd mng jaanu

He got up from her tummy and sat on the headboard

Priya slept on his chest with duvet covering both of them. Priya was listening beautiful pleasant sound made by ram heart which was only playing for her.

Ram was caressing her hair and speaking to her

Ram:priya main batana bhool hi gaayi woh mujhey kal London jaana hain woh bhi 7 days ke liye

The moment ram said 7 days  priya got up from ram's chest and  said

Priya:zarrori hain kyaa

Ram:hm jaanu bohut important hain woh hum kapoor industries ko London main extend karna chahte hain aur uske liye kuch clients se meeting hain

Priya:i cannot live without u for a while ram

Ram again made priya lay on her on his chest again

Ram:jaanu main bhi nahi jee saktha tumhare bhagair ek pal ke liye paar kyaa kaaru meeting zarrori hain agar tum chahetho main ruk javungi

Priya:nahi ram main nahi chahti ki meri wajase aapke business main koi problems ajaaye

Ram: paar priya

Priya:koi baat nahi just matter of 7 days naa isey hi kaat jayenge

Ram kissed her hair once again

Priya was telling ram that only maater of 7 days but from inside she did not wanted to leave him for a while she was just smiling but she was sad becoz she has to live without ram for 7 days

Ram also did not wanted to go to London but the business circumstances made him to go for London

Priya and ram both freshen up and  went to downstairs and joined family for breakfast

Priya took  blessings from dadi and Krishna maa

Dadi:jeeyundoo puttar

Wahi guru teri zindaagi khushi se bar dhe

Krishna maa: jeete raho beta

 All the family dadi Krishna raya rishab and Natasha all relished the breakfast

They were relishing on hot aloo paratas, some cheez sandwiches, eggs and orange juices the whole kapoor family was adoring their breakfast by chit chatting pulling each other legs

Ram:dadi maa woh main kal London ke liye jaana hain

Dadi: itni jaldi

Ram:hm dadi woh last minute main ek deal ki wajase jaana tha main kal batana chahte the paar woh kaam ki wajase bhul gaayi

Krishna:tho kab avoogi beta

Ram:lag bhaag 7 dhin lagenge

Nuts and rishab: 7 dhin bhai

They were sad listening seven days

Nuts:bhai 7 dhin jaldi aane ke liye koshish karonaa

Hum sab aapko bohut miss karenge

Rishab:hm bhai

Hum aapko bohut zyada miss karenge

Dadi and Krishna maa were also feeling bad that they all  should stay without ram for 7 days

All there countenance were telling all are sad but priya was hiding her feelings

Priya poured orange juice in 6 glasses and served all the family they were drinking it.

Krishna:tho beta tera packing hogayaa kyaa

Dadi:hm puttar tera packing hogaya

Ram: abhi thak nahi hui dadi, maa aaj karna hain

Dadi:hm beta priya puttar kardegi

Ram only gave a grin and looked at priya who was in her own world thinking how will she manage to stay without ram for seven days

Ram was just watching priya but priya did not even notice that ram was watching her

They all finished break fast nuts rishab left for college dadi and Krishna maa retired to their respective rooms

Raya came to green room

 Green room:

 Priya was silent and ram was noticing her since long time but priya was in her own world

They both entered the room

Ram :priya..

Priya did not listen after ram called her


He screamed a bit loud


ram:kyaa hua priya

priya just gave a fake smile

priya:nothing ram

ram:chalo ill drop u to college

priya: ram aap office jaare kyaa


priya just kept a question mark face like why

ram placed his 2 arms around priya shoulder

ram:meri jaanu sad hain

tho jab thak woh smile nahi karegi tum tak main office nahi javoongi

priya just gave a fake smile

ram:priya tumhari haar ek ahat main samaj sakthi hoo

tum sirf ek fake smile dheeri hoo naa naa

priya gave a grin

priya: ji nahi

am so happy i wish that London meeting should become a grand success and the kapoor industries fame should reach eternity.

Ram:hm thank u priya for coming into my life

Priya:hm i should be thank ful to u ram for this am so blessed to have u in my life

Ram:nahi am blessed

Priya:nahi am

They both fought for some time on same issue then priya started packing the luggage and ram just helping her

But priya was just controlling her sadness which suddenly burst out

She hugged ram so tightly ram did not understood why but he also hugged her so tightly and don't know when they reached their love paradise which only belong to 2 of them.

The day passed when raya spent some quality time a part from ram packing ram went to office in the evening for some time.

Priya was busy with ram packing and selecting menu for the dinner and making ram favourite items and the whole family ravished their dinner and had some quality time.

The whole day just went off  and the night again witnessed the reunion of 2 bodies 1 heart and 1 soul.


Next day morning:

 Priya lazily opened her eyes and found ram sound coming from washroom she got up but her health was not well she was running with temperature 102 but if ram knows about this he would cancel his trip. So priya was trying to stay as much as possible from ram so that she does not want  him to touch her and find about her health condition.

She did not want to become an obstacle for ram business. She want her ram business glory to spread around the world.

The time came the day was busy with ram had to leave to airport.

Ram took blessings from dadi and Krishna maa and gave a tight huggy to nuts and rishab and they gave a big list of all the items they want from London and ram happily placed the list in his black bad which he would be carrying in his hand in the  complete journey

He went to his green room where priya was asking bansi kaka to take the complete luggage to the bmw.

Ram wanted to give 1 tight huggy and also a sweet lip kiss but priya dodged him telling

Priya:ram plz don't touch me woh main aaj pooja kaari hoot ho iske liye husband wife ek dusrro ko touch nahi kar sakthe

Ram felt priya behaviour very weard but priya some how managed ram not to touch her

Ram:priya achaa teek hain main London se wapas aane ke baad papaji se baat karungi rajat ke bare main and i just hope papa ji listen and accept them

Priya eyes became wet thinking how lucky she is to get ram as life partner

Ram left to airport alone becoz he ordered his family that no one should accompany him till airport

Karthick and sharmas came to km while ram was leaving

Sharmas left the mansion and all the family retired to their respective room in night

Priya was trembling badly the whole night she was keeping 2 duvets but still the shivering did not stop she thought if she rest for a while the fever would go but nope it increased even more . ram was in flight so he could not even answer the night was like hell to priya she did not even take tablets becoz she hate it and she did not wanted to disturb any one sleep in the night by calling them and telling about her health

 Next day morning:

 Dadi and Krishna routine starts with priya chai but today priya did not turn up till 8 they thought she will come up but nope it was 9 so dadi and Krishna went to priya room.

Priya was unable to get up from her bed she was very weak and pale she did not even strength to get up from bed she was sleeping by folding her legs so close to tummy and hands close to her chest and trembling

Dadi and Krishna saw priya condition and found some thing wrong with her health

Dadi touched her forehead and it was burning like hell

Immediately Krishna bought the wet cloth and placed on priya forehead after some time priya went to freshen up


Krishna was feeding her soup and dadi made priya lie in her lap and was caressing her hair

Krishna and dadi scolded priya badly for not telling them about her health since night

Dadi:priya tum aapni thabiyat kharab hain ye bata sakthi naa

Priya was very weak and was speaking in a very low tone her voice was changed becoz of severe cold it became more hoarse .

Priya:dadi maa am so sorry woh main aap sabke neend disturb nahi karna chahti thi

Dadi:priya puttar tum humari beti hoo tumhara khayal rakhnaa humari farz hain aur ye pehli baar hain isliye maaf kiya paar ayindha isa kabhi rakhnaa puttar

Priya noded her head like a good girl


Marriage is not binding of  2 people but uniting 2 hearts 2 families marriage is not the world just related to describe a wife and husband but it is relation of a girl who will leave her family and accept a new family and treat them like hers own family  it is a beautiful relation of the new family members accepting a girl whom they don't know but accepting her and treating her like their kid

This is what is the actual meaning of marriage.


Dadi slept with priya for that  night and priya was better from before she was on medication and as priya hate tablets dadi and Krishna used to force her to take a tablet dadi would keep open priya mouth and Krishna would keep the tablet in priya mouth.priya took promise from dadi and Krishna that ram should not know anything about her that she is suffering from fever.


Ram called priya and priya picked up the call

Ram:hello jaanu kaise hoo sorry yaar time nahi mila main room ko pohunchi aur iss waqt tak meeting tha

Priya had hoarse voice

Priya:hm its ok ram i can understand

Ram felt her voice is different from her original one

Ram:priya tumhari thabiyat tho teek hain naa

Tumhari voice ko kyaa hua woh bohut hoarse hain

Priya did not know how to hide

Priya:nahi ram main bilkul teek hoo woh main paani peekhar baat kaari hoo isliye mera voice isaa araa hain

 Ram felt her reason so weard and understood something wrong with her he just spoke to her for sometime and got engrossed in his meeting the 7 day trip was just reduced to 4 days and he came back to india completing his work so soon. And all these days rishab nuts Krishna and dadi all equally took care of priya.

 Priya was weak and pale and  she was sleeping on the bed and dadi and Krishna maa was there with her for some time but they left to their room for taking tablets. Ram came to india without informing any one of family members.

 Priya was sleeping on the bed and suddenly ram came to room and saw priya sleeping he felt something wrong he went close to her and placed his hand on her forehead he understood priya was suffering from fever.

Seeing hand on priya head





So guys what would be ram reaction after knowing that priya hided her fever from him and making natak to hide it


To know what happened next keep waiting for my updts

waiting for ur likes and cmnts TongueTongue

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superb part...!!!!
love the way ram and priya managed each other...!!! ClapHeart

awww...priya down wid fever...!!!!Ouch Cry

hhhaaayyyeee...ram ji aagy...ab chalejyga priya ka fvr...!!!! LOLWink

contn soon...!!!

thnx fr the pm...!!Smile
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nice updateSmile
continue soon
thanks for pm
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Loved it ...Great GoingSmile Pks Update SoonClapClapClap
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nice update... pls continue soon...
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nice one Thumbs Up
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Uhuuu...where did u stop...i want nxt update just nowww...was enjoying reading the update so much tht did not want it to end...lovely and romantic update yet again...now plzzzsss continue nxt part as early possible...thnxx fr the pm...loved the update sooo sooo much...!!
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