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update in few min???? Day Dreaming

thank u cutipieTongue
ill updt today LOL
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thank u all my lovable readers for likes and cmnts Hug

guys plz dont apply any logic for priya naughtiness its just that i wanna make every one laugh thats it LOLLOL

part 29:


priya and jyothi were chit chatting and enjoying each other company.

green room:

ram and rajath were busy talking about priya likes and dislikes 

ram:jeeju just share about priya likes and dislikes 

rajath:ya surely u have all rights to know about it 

ram:hm thank u plz jaldi  bolonaa am so excited to know about her likes and dislikes 

rajath:ya surely 

priya loves rain alot well let me tell u a very sweet memories of my baby sister

 last year june  there was very heavy rain fall in mumbai and that night priya loves rain a lot she 

went to terrace @11pm and started enjoying the rain and when ma came to priya's room to take something my priyu was missing maa got panic woke up papa and all of us and we were searching for her in the whole apartment and maa literally started crying 

my sister slowly got down from the stairs in drenched state went to her room from the back side of the house and doze off 

priya was in slumber in the room and we were all worried maa came to priya room to take her photo to complain in police station but she was startled to see priya sleeping 

my mom fear everything went out in a vain when she saw my baby sister sleeping peacefully 

i karthick maa papa just laughed and left her room 

but she loves rain but she will get fever ya catch cold if she plays continuosly in rain and maa would prepare khada for her but priyu would run in the house and i and karthick would catch her and make her seat on the couch but priya would close her mouth tight but  but maa would open  her mouth wide  and papa would feed her the khada she is our princess gudiyaa hain woh hum sabkii

rajath got nostalgeic and got tears thinking about the moments he shared with his family

ram just placed his hand and smiled and then to enlighten the atmosphere

ram was laughing and giving a grin to rajath diverting again with priya likes and dislikes

ram:jeeju aapne kaha priya bohut naughty hain kuch incident batao jaha woh naughtiness dikhayi 

rajath laughed and started telling naughtiness of priya

when i was about to enter my graudation and priya to enter the 10+ studies 

maa papa went to a function for whole day 

we told maa papa that we will eat outside so they left all 3 in the home 

so we all were watching some cookery show in tv 

my baby sister got so much inspired and wanted to cook 

i told her that will get from outside but zidddi hain thoda and she went into kitchen and tried to cook something

priya wanted to cook dhamkaa biryani

she took a vessel full of rice

she saw vim bar in the kitchen and exo

she was getting doubt with which to wash the rice

priya:karthick karthick...

karthick: aaraaa hoo

priya:mere ye dono ungliyoo se ek pakad


priya:sawal maat puchoo

karthick:bolo naa

priya:pakado ga yaa nahi

karthick:hm pakadungaa

he got 1 finger

my naughty sister washed rice with exo bar according to karthick choice of finger

but she dont know how many vessels to remove the cooker

she did pingy pongy and removed after 6 vessels

 she cut 1 kilo bendi and 1 kilo carrot and made some thing 

and that curry spreaded in the whole kitchen and the rice became black colour 

and we did not know what to do because she started crying after making mess in the kitchen

rajath: we can bear mess but not her cry after all she is our baby sister

so we some how managed to clean the mess in the kitchen

and finally we bought some food stuff from outside and ate

we all hided about all this in front of my mom and dad 

next day morning 

mom opened the refridgerator to take vegetables but none of them were available becoz my little sister did a mess with it

she asked all of us 

we could do nothing else than following confuse or convince principle 

i karthick and priya stood near mom and said 

priya:maa aap kaise bhool gaye 

shipra :main kyaa bhool gaayi

priya:wahi ki

priya did not know nothing to do else than she signaled to both of us 

rajath:hm maa hum kal raat aur persoo ko khaye the naa

we both signaled karthick so we 3 managed to convince my mom that 

we ate the food for yesterday and day before yesteray 

ram was giggling all the while when rajath was talkign about all this things 

 priya came to room when ram and rajath were giggling loudly

priya:aree kyaa hora hain hume bhi toh batao hum bhi hasenge 

ram:kuch nahi priya baas hum yuhi baat karke haas re the 

gopal kaka bought gifts to room when rajath told he want to leave 

priya and ram gave a lot of gifts to rajath and jyothi and 


by placing priya hands into ram hand 

rajath:ram ye hum sabki gudiyaa iska khayal rakhnaa iski ankhoo se aansoo aane maat dhena

ram:i promise u jeeju that ill always keep her happy 

rajath:thank u jeeju 

priya hugged jyothi and ram hugged rajath priya also hugged rajath and they said bye  and left to their guest house

priya and ram went till the car parking to leave rajath and jyothi

ram family  all bid bye to rajath and jyothi

priya was silent all the while during eating ram was noticing her since rajath left

they ate and came to their room and changed to night dress


priya was silent and combing her hair sitting on the chair in front of dressing table

ram was noticing her and he could not bear her silence

ram kept his hands on her shoulder priya turned back

ram:priya kya hua

priya gave a fake smile and

priya:kuch nahi

she said this and started getting up from the dressing table chair

ram holded her hands and cupped her face with his palm

ram:priya kyaa huaa tum mujhey friend manoogi naa phir plz tumhara problem share karoo naa

priya:kuch bhi nahi hain

ram again looking intently into her eyes and said

ram:priya plz tell me ill try to solve ur problem i cant see u in pain

priya hugged ram and tears started rolling from her eyes continuosly making ram shoulder wet

ram slowly woke up her from his shoulder and holded her near her shoulder

ram:priya kyaa hua kyuu rori hoo


she said woh

in stammering and sobbing tone

ram:woh kyaa

plz priya bolo kyaa takleef hoori tujhey

priya:ram kyaa saach main aap bhai aur papa ko mila yenge

ram slowly cupped her face and said

ram:bharosa hain mujh paar

priya hugged him possessively

priya:hm hain isliye main teek hoo

ram holded her with his palm on her exposed neck


priya came out from his embrace

ram took her palms

ram:priya i promise u ill reunite ur family

its my promise

priya gave a fake smile

ram widened her lips and said smile

priya gave a grin

ram knows she is not in good mood

he holded her tightly and they both doze off without any romance for the night

priya slept peacefully by trusting ram words


that night raya slept cuddling to each other closely and in the night ram got up becoz window panes were making noise by closing and opening becoz of air and then ram slowly opened his eyes and searched his hands for priya

ram slowly moved his hands on the bed for some long distance with half opened eyes

but he winced his eyes and rubbed it and got up and saw there but no glances of priya there he came out of the bed and searched for priya in washroom dressing room then came out of green room and searched everywhere he came out of the mansion to the lawn where he could see some shadow there he sprinted near the shadow

priya was playing on the swing in the rain

the lawn was looking so beautiful with the meadow covering the swimming pool on all the sides and priya enjoying on the swing

the swing is a green rope with many flowers tied to the rope and an enamel encoded wooden seat

the flowers were plastic but still looking so natural ones and priya hair was open and water was falling from tips of her air the skin was sticking to her wheatish skin making her so seductive

she was looking like a princess playing on the swing

ram approached so near to her the fresh smell of mud when the rain drops were absorbed by the mother earth were making him more mad on his lady love

she was busy playing on the swing

before ram reached her she went in between the lawn and stretched her hands and enjoying the rain and turning in rounds

ram went near her with so much seductive desire which was reflecting in his eyes he also got drenched in the water and water was falling from his hair he slowly wiped his hair to splash water from his wet hair and placed his palm on his face and went to priya

 ram placed his hands on priya shoulder she got panic and turned to his side

priya gave a grin to him and ram smiled

ram gave his hand to her

they both started dancing on medley song

 the music started

 ram stretched his hands and looking intently into priya eyes and said


Sajde Mein Yun Hi Jhukta Hoon

Tum Pe Hi Aa Ke Rukhta Hoon
Kya Yeh Sab Ko Hota Hai


Priya hugged him from back and said


Hum Ko Kya Lena Hai Sab Se
Tum Se Hi Sab Baatein Ab Se
Ban Gaye Ho Tum Meri Dua


With the passing music

Ram took priya and made her seat on the swing and he was standing on her back and again the words he said to her by placing his hands on her shoulder and she was looking at him turning her back to him


Sajde Mein Yun Hi Jhukta Hoon
Tum Pe Hi Aa Ke Rukhta Hoon
Kya Yeh Sab Ko Hota Hai


Priya got up from the swing from back and made ram seat on the swing along with her and made him hold her near the swing and the swing was moving


Hum Ko Kya Lena Hai Sab Se
Tum Se Hi Sab Baatein Ab Se
Ban Gaye Ho Tum Meri Dua

Both of them holding each other near waist stood up in standing position on the swing holding the flower tied rope and

Khuda Jaane Ke Mein Fida Hoon
Khuda Jaane Mein Mitt Gaya
Khuda Jaane Yeh Kyun Hua Hai
Ke Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda


Both of them started walking holding ram hands with her left palm on the lawn and priya said turning to ram


Tu Kahe To Tere Hi Kadam Ke
Main Nishanon Pe
Chalun Rukun Ishaare Pe
Tu Kahe To Khwabon Ka Bana Ke
Main Bahana Sa
Mila Karun Sirhaane Pe Ho


Ram holded her hands more tightly and said to her placing it near his heart


Tum Pe Dil Ki Baatein Seekhi
Tum Se Hi Yeh Raahein Seekhi
Tum Pe Mar Ke Main To Jee Gaaya


He removed his shirt and priya holded him near his chest and


Khuda Jaane Ke Mein Fida Hoon
Khuda Jaane Mein Mitt Gaya
Khuda Jaane Yeh Kyun Hua Hai
Ke Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda


Raya were making baby steps

Moving front and back their legs in opposite direction to each other holding each other hands only at the palms in folded position with the passing music


They both departed and priya was moving from him

He splashed the rain water to her neck

The music  Continued

Priya bend  her neck to right side with her eyes closed  when  the water drops splashed on her neck crook left side


Ram jerked her so she fell on his chest and she holded his shoulders for support and then hugged him possessively   and she got up from his chest  and he cupped  her face with his palms and singing


Baahon ke darmiyaan do pyaar mil rahe hain
Baahon ke darmiyaan do pyaar mil rahe hain
Jaane kya bole mann dole sunke badan
Dhadkan bani zubaan


She kissed him passionately on his wet lips  and he was tapping his fingers  like he was playing piano  on her wet skin near cleavage and priya was singing

Baahon ke darmiyaan do pyaar mil rahe hain

Jaane kya bole mann dole sunke badan
Dhadkan bani zubaan
Baahon ke darmiyaan

 Suddenly thunder started screaming and priya got panic she hugged ram in her embrace tightly

Ram scooped her in his arms and carried her to the bed room.

waiting for ur likes and cmnts TongueTongue

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cute and romantc part...!!!
priya's deeds...!!! ROFL
rice washed with vim...!!! ROFL
1 kilo????? LOL

present part...!!
romantc...!!! Embarrassed
mausm ka jadoo...!! Wink Embarrassed

contn soon...!!
thnx fr the pm...!!
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Very nice update.   Funny and romantic.
Please continue soon.
Thanks for the pm.
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so romantic update
continue soon
and thanks 4 pm!!!!
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wow ye padke mere pet dukh raha hai lovely thnks for pm me lovd it
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Thank u for the long update and the PM.really a romantic as well as funny update.Continue soon.

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Awweee baarsih scene...my fav...I loved it to the core...waiting fr nxt update...greedy u see I am...TongueSmile
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