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Posted: 15 years ago
hi guys

inspired by some talented writers, i decided to try to write my own fan fiction....its my first time writing so pls comment... i m bad at writing hindi dialogues as i never really learnt hindi....i cannot write romance very well sorry guys
Aniway here it goes:

Angad tells Kripa not to mention the fact that she is in love with him [ not he's in love with her] to anyone just yet

Kripa is confused, she questions his intentions

Angad says that if his mother is already very annoyed that Kripa's and Prithvi's engagement does not take place and if she finds out about this she is going to become hysterical as she doesn't have a very high regard for Kripa. And giving people one shock after the other may not be very nice… LOL

Kripa agrees reluctantly. She hugs Angad once more before returning to the Khanna's house... Damini, Prithvi and Mishti are leaving just as Kripa enters. Prithvi smiles at Kripa but Mishti behaves as if Kripa is invisible… Kripa is hurt by this but does not show her feelings.

Kripa is greeted with very unfriendly response as she enters the house. Kripa's mother [is her name gayathrie or what?] asks kripa where she was but kripa does not wish to answer. Dadi says it ok ' agar tum humko abhi kuch batana nehi chati to teek hai. Jab tum humse bat karna chati ho, tab hum sunainge… Tab tak koi tumse saval nehi poochega'. Kripa feels better and thanks Dadi. Although Kripa's parents are not very happy about this they agree to this as they respect Dadi and her decisions.

Naina is evidently very upset about this and shows her feelings very obviously although she doesn't say anything blatantly as Dadi is there.

The next day, Kripa and Angad have recording. Angad picks Kripa up and they go together. During the recording, they both look at each very romantically as they sing a romantic song [ I suck at writing romance, anyone who wants to write romance for me is kindly welcomed].

After their recording, Angad brings Kripa for a cup of coffee at a popular coffee joint nearby. Angad and Kripa are holding hands as they enter and Kripa's head resting against Angad's arm. They buy their coffee and are drinking while talking happily ang laughing. Mishti who is at the same coffee joint with her friend for some work sees this and is extremely shocked.

' In dono ki dosti kab se hui? Kripa mere Angad ke saat itni close kyon behave kar rahi hai?' Mishti's mind is clouded with thoughts and she comes to a decision that zaroor koi gadbad hai.

pls comment....changes to the story and continuation by other people is kindly welcome and wanted cause i am sure u guys will be able to do a better job
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Posted: 15 years ago
That was good.  Pls carry on.  I love to read fan fiction.  Especially the funny ones.
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Posted: 15 years ago
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Posted: 15 years ago
plz continue tht was gr8!
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Posted: 15 years ago

heyy plzz continue!!! it was great!!Clap

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Posted: 15 years ago
that was good,try to do how much ever romantic scenes as possible atleast try I know you can
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Posted: 15 years ago

hey u r doing a very good job

love KP

keep it up

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Posted: 15 years ago
thanks guys...i m trying to think of what happens next...anyone who has ideas can continue
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