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Posted: 7 years ago
okay now our mods are in action but where was you when surbhi was bashed every single day.People are insulting surbhi but nothing being done.Today some kabhi fans told something rude about kajen and you take action even i don't think aanyone bash kajen.surbhi fanss are targeted with disgusted posts and pms.I recieved many pms who bash surbhi .its disgusting and nothing is being done.if someone says something about kajen the mods are there in seconds.
i will try my best to follow rules but please don't be biased.And this is qh forum which is related to kabhi,asya,vikrant,shalini,ketaki,neha,amrapali,aarchana,alka,vaquar,shabnam,vidya,tej,sangeet
not jennifer if kaajen fans want to uploaad sbs etc videos then please upload on dmg forum na.this is the best ways to stop the fight btw kabhi and kajen fans.
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Posted: 7 years ago
This doesn't make sense..
We are supposed to not talk about an actors personal life but you allow segments that include his wife to be discussed!!LOL
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Posted: 7 years ago
Roshni and pooja thanks for these clarifications. .. I agree .with the rules set here and we all should abide by it. Edited by tulipdaisy - 7 years ago
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Posted: 7 years ago
I think a lot of this wouldn't have happened if a certain sect of fans hadn't posted/sent pms of morphed po*nographic pictures to certain other members.

The amount of importance and time wasted by people fighting over actors who don't give a rats ass about them is hilarious. I fangirl over KaBhi but at the end of the day I don't give a damn if they are friends or not. I enjoy their off-screen chemistry for what it is and for KaJen fans to dictate what can or cannot be fantasized because their feelings get hurt is an absolute curtailment of freedom of speech.

Karan, Jennifer and Surbhi make money off selling you their chemistry on SBS/B segments. Do people seriously think these moments are real? And if somebody is squealing over the chemistry of the leads does it really warrant invasion of privacy, po*nographic pictures and rape threats?

People are crossing an apparent non-existent line of decency and as I told Rosh yesterday - I honestly don't envy the Mods job of finding a balance. Good luck to you guys!
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Posted: 7 years ago
I have a request, would it be possible that whenever KaJen on QH segment has come and is shared here, Its locked? As in Its just shared and no one can comment on it? That way Its shared as well as there is no bashing comments on it as well! Coz though people are asking you guys to ban KaJen topics here, but obviously they have forgotten that Ksg is a part of Qubool hai as well and not just Surbhi! So if QH forum allows Ksg topics they'll have to take KaJen on QH set topics as well coz KaJen has KARAN in it as well plus the segment is of QUBOOL HAI SET!

So Its just a request, could you just lock all the KaJen topics that gets posted here! Saves all of us from the bashing! << just a suggestion, rest is onto all three of you!

But Thanks for the changes in the rules! Glad our mods are taking the right actions! Hug
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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by sonia1230

This doesn't make sense..
We are supposed to not talk about an actors personal life but you allow segments that include his wife to be discussed!!LOL

Thats my point too Tongue

And like some mentioned , a MID's posts against Grover were deleted stat but nothing done about the member bashing posts which had such bad abusive language Confused

And the fanwars here too?? Foul PMs?

 another transformation into CMG forums LOLLOL

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Posted: 7 years ago
I've been in this place since day one and I can actually LOL at some fans. LOL when this forum had started Shifali and Gunia put up the rules saying that KaJen wouldn't be discussed in this forum. Weren't you guys the ones who got it removed saying that "she is his wife you cannot ban discussion about them b/c she's an actor" and all the blah blah.
now when the actual discussion is taking place why not let it happen. Wink
And I don't think the Jennifer hate has just come out of nowhere. Surbhi who is a lead of this show has been bashed, her photos have been morphed by a supposed KaJen fan so.. you cannot expect Surbhi fans to keep their mouth shut. That being said by the end of the topic [where Jen visits the sets] everyone had left. The topic was opened at a point when all the fans were livid with the hate on Surbhi so they were bound to react. that's all.
On a serious note when unbiased DT like Shifali and Gunia had put the note that kajen shouldn't be discussed they said that looking at the bigger picture, too bad you fans dint see what they meant, like most of us did.
And about the KSG topic. Omni said it all. Thumbs Up  and quoting Pooja, when the actor in question does have a debateable past then the fans should be careful before posting such topics if not they should be ready for all kind of views from people who appreciate KSG and to the people who do dont like him for his two timing history. Its the fans who need to take care of this not the DT.
Do not bother replying. thank you.
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Posted: 7 years ago
I have a very little idea what's actually happening in this forum.. I just want to say fans please grow up, their's no need to fight for Kajen and Kabhi they don't give a damn and jenny is his wife she can visit her husband any time she wants, its her right I guess LOL If KSG doesn't have a problem then why you all are banging your heads in this forum? and I think even Surbhi doesn't have a problem with it. 
Just watch this show no need to go so deep. Got it?
Even I watch this show but just for some entertainment, they are not my responsibility that I need to defend them. We have our own problems in life why increasing my Blood pressure for these celebs? 
I watch one episode and the next hour I don't even remember what happened.
I don't give a flying,walking,running f*ck to what equation they have in real life... Live and let live!

please fan don't waste your time. Concentrate on your own lives. 
Thank goodness am not a part of this forum.

And yes Omni your right, we can surely discuss about their real life, its their work and they know that their lives are not private. Thumbs Up

But no need to root for anyone LOL
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