Arhi FF: Jungle tales- Note on pg 63

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Hello people,
Surprise, this was a totally random idea which I am weaving into a story... It will not be a long story like Checkmate or Destiny games... Short story- maybe I can wrap it up with 20 updates or less
So lets start with this wild journey into the jungles of Andaman... will it catch fire with the two personalities called Arnav and Kushi thrown together?
Jungle tales
Here is the summary...
Arnav is pissed off when he comes to know that his sister and her friends had gone off to a camp at Andaman islands, to an area which is inhibited by the infamous kimibo tribes- who are not only dangerous but are also very barbaric... With his friend Akash pinning literally for his girlfriend who is also in the Anjali's gang, Arnav decides to go to Andaman swearing to give his sister a good hearing of his piece of mind- but in actuality- he is also super scared of his sister's safety and not only her's but also her friends... especially the one named Kushi Kumari Gupta!
Note: Kimibo tribes are imaginary- No offense to any natives or lovers of Andaman!
P.S: People, Check out my other new SS Wedding Hues... Big smile When Ideas come, they pour like rain... Check out my index at my signature for more of my works...
Disclaimer- This is entirely my creation. I reserve the rights to copy or post it somewhere else. If you do find my works copied anywhere else other than I-F and Dhwani, please do let me know.
Chapter 2 : The Mikoba Clan
Chapter 4 : Hopes of Love
Chapter 7 : Back to Square one
Chapter 8: Royal terms
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From the Author's desk: Here is the first update people, Feel free to read and let me know how you like it... Hope you all will like it

Happy reading Smile

Chapter 1: The Wild Adventure

 "You should have gone off with them if you feel so miserable Dude" Nk chirped as he sat munching his chips

"I know" Akaash told him "You are supposed to be my friend' and help me and not make me feel more miserable"

"May be you can start to Andaman now" NK suggested

"Yeah may be I should" Akaash told him

NK started laughing

"You are a gone case now Akaash.. Truly madly deeply in love" Nk told him as he bit into another piece from his chips packet

"Shut up NK" Akaash muttered realizing that his friend had been pulling his legs all this while

"Isnt this all getting so funny Arnav' Akaash- the most calm reliable and level headed guy in our gang turning out to be total freak.. We need to give it to Payal for turning him into a total miserable lover boy"

Arnav who had been looking into his laptop working on something all this while when his friends had this conversation, looked up at one of best buddies who was fretting all over the place' and then glanced at the other one and smirked. NK winked at him in response.

"Hopeless' I don't understand what a week of not seeing each other is going to do" Arnav commented noncommittally as he went back to his laptop

"A week?- 7 days of not talking with each other- 168 hours of not seeing each other" Akaash started to say

"hmm'10080 minutes of not behaving like a love sick puppy " NK offered

"Yeah' " Akaash started to say and then stopped himself from saying anything as he realized that his friend had been pulling his legs. NK started laughing again and Arnav shook his head simpering himself

"What are mobile phones for" Arnav asked him

"Where ever she has gone'They don't have mobile signals there Arnav' I am trying to reach her continuously' not reachable'She hasn't called me since she reached there yesterday"

Arnav finally looked up from his laptop. Thinking back, it was almost 18 hours since his sister Anjali called him too.

"That's odd' they should have signal where they went' Andaman is a tourist place"

"Yes, they didn't go there for sight-seeing they went there as a part of their medical camp isn't it" Akaash told him in an annoyed way

"Even then, wouldn't they reach their base camp after the day's work?" Arnav asked him

"I don't know what..."

Arnav tried to reach his sister. Her mobile was also not reachable.

"Maybe we should call their professor" Arnav told them getting worried a little.

Anjali was his sister, who was three years younger to him. She was a medical student and as a part of their medical camp project their class had planned to go the Andaman islands to treat and educate the Jerawa tribes there of good medical practices and give them health awareness.

Suprisingly, Arnav's call to his sister's med. Professor who was in-charge of the camp there went through. But, the phone was ringing for some time before he picked up the call.

"Hello Professor, this is Arnav Raizada, I have been trying to reach my sister Anjali Raizada.. but her mobile is unreachable' Sorry for the inconvenience but can you please pass on your mobile to her?"

"Mr.Raizada' There has been some issue here... I will not be able to ask Anjali to talk to you now"

"Oh hm.. that's alright' can you ask her to call me immediately when it is possible?"

"No Mr.Raizada you don't understand'" the Professor did not continue for a while

"Then make me understand" Arnav told annoyed

"Mr.Raizada' there has been a mishap' we all were together this morning' we have been in this camp where we were treating the jerowa tribes residing in this area of Andaman'"

"Get to the point Professor" Arnav snapped as he felt that something was seriously wrong'

" When we returned back we found three of the students missing' we searched the entire tribe' we couldn't find them'and'"

"And is my sister one of them?" Arnav asked as he started to feel tensed

"Yes Mr.Raizada" the reply came very softly that Arnav could not even properly hear it.

"What are you saying professor' How can you be so calm about all this?" Arnav said in a panicking tone.

"We are not calm as I sound Mr.Raizada' We have already contacted the police and the team of police men are working with the tribe people to find out' right now the entire cottages of the tribal clan have been searched' they are not here'Search teams have been sent into the jungle adjoining the area where they were working'"

" I will not let this go so easily professor' My sister has been missing and I have not been informed all this while' I will sue you and the college if anything happens to my sister"

"What will I do Mr.Raizada? What will we do if the girls wandered alone into the jungle not heeding to the given instructions?"

" When she was sent to the camp as your responsibility' how can you be so negligent about her safety'I don't think my sister is foolish to wander into the jungle on her own.."

"Please Mr.Raizada' we are trying out best' Don't panic'"

"You ask me to not panic when my sister is missing? " Arnav was very angry' "I want to talk to the officer who is investigating this"

The professor passed on the mobile to the police officer

"Have you picked up any clue officer?" Arnav asked the man

"No sir not yet' It seems that the girls must have lost their way when they were returning back to the destined area where everyone were supposed to meet by evening' we are investigating, a team has already gone into the jungle' We are also checking if the girls wandered into another tribal camp nearby' "

"Another tribal camp?"

"The Mikoba tribes' they are more aggressive and barbaric' less tamed' There are very less chances for this anyway as their camp is about two miles from where these girls were working'"

Dread rose sharpely in his chest as Arnav heard of this possibility' Making a mental note to check what the officer meant by barbaric and being less tamed, he asked the next question.

"Is my sister the only one who has been missing? "

"No Mr.Raizada' two other girls are missing along with Anjali Raizada.. wait a minute.. I will read you the list"

Arnav's heart beat rose as the names came one after the other

"Payal Mehra .."

"Oh my god' Akaash " Arnav whispered as he saw his attentive friends who have been standing beside him soon after they understood of Anjali getting lost from Arnav's conversation. The last name nearly gave him a heart attack

"Kushi kumari Gupta"

"All the three were working together at the far corner of the camp.."

"I am coming there.. I am starting immediately' Keep me informed if you get any news of them " Arnav told the officer and cut the call.

Arnav quickly relayed the news to his friends'

Akaash was badly shaken when he heard the news' NK was devastated too' Anjali and two of her close friends' the girls whom he always had pleasure pulling legs and teasing were probably in sheer danger' Arnav decided not to tell anything to his Nani for the fear of worrying her too much. He contemplated if he had to give the news to Payal's and Kushi's parents' then decided to atleast inform them that the girls have been missing if not about the possibility of them getting caught by the other tribe.

"I am coming too'" Akaash told Arnav atlast when Arnav had made the call to the families of the girls and had assured them that he is starting immediately and will keep them informed as soon as he gets any news.

"We all are going" NK informed him

"No.."Arnav started to say'

"Nothing like two extra pairs of eyes to search for them" NK told him. Arnav nodded gratefully at his friends'

Then the three started to pack stuff for their journey


"Run Kushi" Payal screamed as she saw her friend slowing down' "We can't afford to get caught' they look wild"

"I can't anymore Payal' you and Anjali go'" Kushi said as she came to a stop

"Kushi' please don't give up' come'" Anjali came back and pulled her friend'

"No.. you don't understand' I am 'I '"

"What happened?" payal came back too'"For heaven's sake we are being chased by a wild group of humans who look like cannibals"

"I know' I can't run anymore' don't wait for me' you both go" Kushi begged them as she pushed them both

"Are you crazy? How can we leave you here and go?" Anjali screamed

"What happened to you?" Payal asked her friend "Are you alright?"

"I am exhausted' " Kushi sat down clutching her aching stomach and thighs. One look at her friends, and they got her problem'

"To hell with this monthly curse" Anjali sweared "Why should you get it now?"

The other two girls sat by the side of their friend for some time trying to motivate her.

Soon they heard the approaching footsteps

"What do we do now?" Anjali panicked "It seems as if they have come"

"Search somewhere to hide.. quick" Payal told her looking around

"No ' please leave me and run"

"shut up" Anjali told her before the girls pulled her up and hid themselves in a throny bush nearby

Then they heard an odd noise'

"kikukukukukkku kikukukukukukku' kilickicklickilic"

All the three held their breaths but soon they looked into the pitch black eyes of a tribe who smiled evilly showing his teeth'  and squat by their side

Soon they were surrounded by the group which came chasing them'

To be continued'

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dont know if your husband will hate us for this...but i am praying that you get to spend more time at your maayke in future too because if this is what it is going to do to you...then heck...every week you should be there and come back with such ideas...

totally loving this...amazing!!!!

kilikilkilkikklll hahahaha !!!
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So cute... If u r on a roll give hourly updates because there is drought of arshi ff in the forum..
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Ok I started reading this one with enthusiasm; the plot seems interesting and the prospect of the trio of Akash, NK and Arnav searching for Anjali, Payal and Khushi...sounds promising.

Until I came to this
"kikukukukukkku kikukukukukukku' kilickicklickilic"

That had me ROFLing badly...ROFL

Expecting loads of Jungle mein MangalWink
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they are caughtOuch.
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Posted: 6 years ago
wow nice start...would love to see how would arnav n gang rescue the lost trio...
continue soon...
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my comment updated above.
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