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Really interesting ff...
Liked it a lot. ..
Awesome. ..
Continue soon n pm me when update. ..
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From the Author's desk: Hello people, Keeping up with the newly formed tradition of giving regular updates, Here I am with a longer one than usual...

Happy reading and thanks so much for the comments that people have been kind enough to share with me


Chapter 10: The Savior of Love
Part 1: Unforeseen Crisis


"Arnav babu, Akaash babu' Please come fast.. dadiji'" Om Prakash's voice broke through the peaceful cheer that existed between the threesome.

NK looked startled at the  plea and then stood up to look down through the stockade.

"Om Prakash? Is everything alright"

"No NK babu, Dadiji collapsed.. please come down fast" Ramu kakka shouted from below as NK sprinted down along with Anjali and Kushi.

By the time they reached the lower landing where they saw Nani on the floor crouched against Dadi who was lying eyes closed.

"Subadra!" Nani seemed to call dadi's name again and again, as she sprinkled some water on dadi's face but in vain.

"Arnav" she called out looking back'

"Dadi, bhai and Akaash have gone out'" NK said as he too bent beside her

"I don't know what happened'Subadra?"

Kushi who caught up soon along with Anjali, took one look at the scene and then gasped

"Has the doctor been called?" Kushi exclaimed as she tried to take over

"Yes Kushiji.. but Mamaji is away' he will not be able to reach here'we have called one of his friends" Hari Prakash explained

"Anjali call the ambulance. Her symptoms look like stroke" Kushi told Anjali as she laid her hands on Nani not to panic her.

NK tried to carry his Dadi, intending to move her to a comfort of the bed.

"Why isn't she getting up?" he asked as he bent her scoop her up

"NO" Kushi screamed at him "This is stroke, Don't move her like that'"

She bent down trying to do a CPR on Dadi, trying to bring
 her back to conscious'
Soon Dadi started to come, but looked dizzy.

"Kushi kept asking dadi to repeat whatever she told and kept asking her simple questions' trying to see how much she was able to answer'

Kushi found the left side of Dadi's body was less responsive that the right and she was having breathing troubles.

"NK can we move her to that Diwan now?" Kushi asked him

"You told me she should not be moved" NK asked her in a confused tone

She ran to the nearby window and pulled its curtain down and shifted dadi into it. She instructed NK and Hariprakash to hold the ends, as the curtain cloth formed a temporary stretcher of a sort. It was as if she had taken incharge of the whole situation, Everyone went by whatever instruction was thrown to them.

Soon Dadi was shifted to the diwan where she could get an ample free air from the overhead fan.

Nani's offer to make Dadi drink some water was stopped by Kushi.

"NO naniji, Don't give her anything to eat or drink"

"Is this very serious? She has never collapsed like this before" Nani asked Kushi

"Does she have blood pressure? " Kushi asked as she kept checking Dadi's pulse and looking for other symptoms, bending her legs or hands' trying to talk to her and assure her that help was on the way'

Anjali was asked to call Arnav and Akash and ask them to reach faster but before Arnav and Akaash could reach the mansion, the ambulance had arrived. Dadi was shifted immediately to the ambulance as the paramedic who came in it was informed that the lady was suffering from stroke.

NK and Anjali went along with Dadi and Kushi volunteered to stay with Nani who looked very worried.

"Don't Worry Naniji, everything will be alright" Kushi told her as she clutched her hands gently


"Nani' What happened to Dadi?" Arnav asked even as he came in to see Nani up and worriedly sitting by the couch in the hall

"I don't know Arnav' they have taken her to the hospital' NK and Anjali are there with her' an ambulance arrived' She had come down to fetch some water and she collapsed'Oh my god, Manohar is not there too'"

"Which hospital?"

"Lifeline" Kushi answered him

"Ok, Akash lets go" Arnav said curtly and started moving to the door, he suddenly stopped and then turned back to look at his Nani

"You don't stress yourself now' Go and rest, we will take care"

Nani nodded at him worriedly

"I will take care of her, you proceed to the hospital." Kushi told him to which he curtsied with a nod of thanks and left with Akaash.


Cool breeze seemed to brush the tired faces as Arnav and Akaash stood side by side facing the window which opened to the still calm morning outside. To their side, NK sat along with Anjali who was putting her head on his shoulder. The three could hear her sniff occasionally.

"NK, take her home and get some sleep" Arnav told him for the umpteenth time

"We are alright here Arnav, I am not going until I hear something good about dadi" Anjali snapped at her elder brother.

"May be all of you need a shut eye" everyone turned to see Kushi standing there

"Kushi" Anjali called out

"How is Dadiji?"

"We don't know' All we have seen is the nurses and doctors, getting in and out treating her all night" Nk told her' Mama reached here two hours ago"

"yeah I know, Mami came there after dropping him here, I left Mami with Nani and came here so as to relieve you all" Kushi explained

"Go with her Anjali" Arnav told his sister, "Akaash, you and NK can leave too, I shall call you if I get any news"

"No that's alright, we want to be here" NK cut in

"none of you are going to help Dadi by straining like this'." Kushi told them and then looked at Arnav "and I meant all the four of you when I meant relieving ALL of you" Kushi explained as  a matter of fact

"Are you kidding?" Arnav asked her annoyedly "we don't even know yet how she is" as he put his hand to his head massaging it to ward off a headache that was coming in.

"Alright then" Kushi told him not wanting to push him further. She went to the nearby coffee vending machine and filled up some four cups with hot steaming coffee.

NK refused her but explained that he had one only minutes before, Anjali followed her brother to refuse the offer.

"Have some, it is not going to help her if you stay without taking anything' and staying awake the whole night makes you hungry and tired" NK encouraged his sister and then she murmured a thanks as she took one.

Akaash was silent and deep in thoughts but was grateful when kushi offered him the coffee.

As she offered Arnav, he brushed the offer away

"No, thanks"

"Have some it will help your headache" Kushi told him softly as he looked at her. He seemed to look surprised but soon aligned his expressions.

"I am alright"

"I see that" she said as she held the cup a little high for him

He sighed as he wearily accepted it.

"NK you sure don't want it?"

"No Kushi, I just had it"

The door to the doctor's cabin opened. They all turned to see Manohar come out of the doctor's cabin as he nodded at Arnav who started to walk towards him and the others followed him. The all night travel had taken a toll at the man and he looked very tired.

"Nothing to worry now Arnav, I have spoken to the doctor and I have taken a look at her too. She is almost stable now. Though she had been very critical at one point of time in the night- this is indeed a very strong attack of stroke. The Doctors are surprised that she survived this'. We need thank that paramedics guy who gave her the first aid- The doctor says the first aid was too good.. He said that it was lucky that people first recognized it was stroke, had it been the other way- Dadi wouldn't have made it."

"In that case then we need to thank Kushi" Nk told Mama

"thank who?"

"Kushi" NK repeated as he jerked his thumb to Kushi who was standing a little apart "She was the one who gave Dadi first aid" he explained to mama, who looked very surprised

"and carried a head which was helpfully very level headed and quick with a lot of presence of mind" Anjali told them, "I mean, I would have freaked out at a situation like that' I mean I did freak out' completely blanked out'NK was stupefied too' Nani was screaming out for Arnav but then Kushi took charge"

"The doctor says that was a remarkable first aid. Are you a medical student?" Manohar asked kushi who smiled at him

"No sir, I have got trained in all these things when I went to work for an NGO" Kushi explained "I am glad that helped"

He patted her gratefully

Just then a nurse came out and told Manohar that he was needed inside the doctor's cabin for a moment. Manohar quickly turned to his nephews and niece who looked alert and tensed

"I will be back- Don't get tensed, I had asked to look at her reports- he might be calling me for that" Manohar told them and disappeared behind the door of the doctor's cabin

"So you aren't a doc then?" NK asked Kushi as soon as their Mama left "I mean with all those instructions- I definitely saw some professionalism there"

"No" Kushi grinned at him "You would have made my father Happy if only he was alive"

"Why?" Nk asked her. Both Kushi and NK got into an easy banter that it surprised Arnav at how the two had gotten along so well so quickly- that is a few hours last night

"He wanted me to become a doctor' "

"and you weren't interested?"

"No, I was interested too"

"Then why didn't you take it? You didn't have marks?" Anjali asked her

Kushi smiled at her

"I am a rank holder- state first when I finished high school- CBSE Rank 4 nation wide"

The two gaped at her, this interested even Arnav and Akash who stood a little apart

"bloody Hell! Seriously?" NK asked her

Kushi nodded at him

"Holy cow, I have never been associated with a genius like you.. I mean, Arnav is a different kind of a genius' but brilliant at studies like this'" Anjali told her "I used to think it is a shame to hang out with such nerds who knew only studies and ranks' I mean, I don't think you are nerd' You seem ok'"

"Why didn't you take up med school then? You would have easily got admission into one" Akaash asked her

"I couldn't afford the fees" Kushi told as a matter of fact as she dumped her empty cup into the trash bin nearby

The others looked at her sympathetically

"What?" she asked them

"Hmm' Actually I wanted to become a doc too" NK told them all dramatically as Anjali looked surprised at him just like his other brothers who were more amused than surprised

"Really?" Kushi asked him

"Yeah, he had money, interest and everything- but lacked sufficient marks.." Anjali cracked and Kushi broke into laughter

NK glared at Anjali who seemed to mock at him

"by the way, what would you have chosen if you had taken up Med school NK? Gynec or paed?"

"So what did you finally take?" NK asked Kushi ignoring Anjali

"hmm Literature" she said proudly

"What?" NK bellowed "Literature? You wasted your state rank in literature?"

"Why Literature is that bad, I mean I love it and when I couldn't go ahead and do what my father loved, I thought, I could take up what I loved' literature is like an addiction, when you love it, there is nothing more intoxicating like that"

"you sound like Arnav- he is a literature freak too" Anjali told her as she threw a look at her brother who stood a little apart.

Kushi was surprised at this news. She looked at Arnav who was steadily gazing at her. Kushi felt goose bumps on her hand with a glance like that and looked away and smiled at Anjali.

"He has a whole lot of classics and literature stuff at our study. Books which I could use if I didn't get sleep, and want to sleep'so boring stuff' he would pour over them as if that's the most interesting thing in the whole of this world" Anjali went on and on as Kushi again chanced a look at Arnav. He was still looking at her. She smiled at him awkwardly but he didn't share her smile. . She felt hot under his glare and started to look anywhere but him as Anjali kept blabbering on

Thankfully Mama came out just then, diverting everyone.

"Nothing to worry folks, she is getting steadier and now that she has crossed the critical stage, I suggest you all to head home and get some sleep"

"No Mama, One of us have to be here'All of you go home, I will take the first shift'" Arnav started to say

"I will be here" Kushi offered

Arnav raised his eyebrows at her

"Why, you don't have to'" he is voice trailed off as the others looked on

"I shall be here as I had a great sleep last night and you are the ones who need to rest now" Kushi told them all in general

"Alright, that looks great, I suppose that settles it" Mama told as he looked at Arnav who finally nodded

"I am heading home too, I hired a car immediately after you called me and the journey was very tiresome" Mama declared.

"Can I have a look at Dadi?" Anjali asked her Mama

"They are not letting anyone in- I mean not anyone who isn't a doctor- You can see her when she is more stabilized." Mama explained to her.

"How many cars have you got here?"

"Only one mama, we came by ambulance, Arnav's car is here" NK told his Mama " or did you bring a car Kushi?"

"No I came by bus" came a calm reply

"OK then, you need to give me a drop guys'come on" Mama urged and started to walk ahead.

Akaash and NK followed him. Akaash muttered his thanks to Kushi as he crossed her.  Kushi nodded to him with a smile as she relayed Dadi's status to Nani on her mobile.

Arnav stood staring at Kushi until she finished her call and looked up at him. She felt awkward under his gaze again but shrugged herself to throw the uneasiness back at him.

"You need to hurry up, They would be waiting for you" Kushi told him in the most convincing normal tone she could ever conjure up- letting him know that his looks were not bothering her.

"I..I know" he said as he looked back at the room where his Dadi was

"You must all love her so much' Inspite of all the jokes" Kushi observed

Arnav turned to look at her once again.

"What jokes ?"

"I mean, NK and Anjali were joking around as if she is someone who needs to looked out for or rather avoided if it can be helped ' but still all of you were seriously shaken when she took ill"

"She is a little stringent with her ways- But she has been there for us when our father was too busy for us and our mother left us all when we were still very young"

Kushi nodded at him empathetically.

"Nani is the lenient one' She is easily approachable but Dadi disciplined us ' they are the opposite poles of a magnet'but We love them both equally"

"I know that feeling" she told him but Arnav looked surprised at himself for he had opened up to her about these things like he had never opened up to anyone' Why did he feel so comfortable with her? Why did he share what he felt about Dadi to her?

No its just the way some girls talk' Like how Anjali had a way to wheedle out information from everyone ' He just needs to be careful the next time. He thought of changing the subject

"So came here by bus?"

Kushi nodded. "Why is it that bad? I mean you all looked surprised"

"and you like literature too?"

"yeah..." She nodded at him "So I hear you have a lot of collection at home?" She started to say annoyed at the change of topic so quickly
"and you gave Dadi first aid..."
Kushi nodded this time too, but didnt say anything, it looked like a statement and not question, and he had the tactic to change topic in the wink of an eye... and his tactic left her confused...She stared at him not knowing what he expected her to say or if at all expected her to say anything
"hmm...erm"Arnav stuttered as she looked on "well hmm.. well then'Thanks" he had been struggling to get the thanks out of his system and heaved a sigh as it finally came out'

"for the coffee? Well I didn't make it- I got it out of the vending machine" she told him as he blinked at her for a moment and then broke into a smile along with her

"Thank god you didn't' I didn't expect a stomach ache in swap for my headache" he replied her cheekily making her gap at him.

"See you then" he called out as he started walking towards the exit too.


People, this could again be considered a filler, But you would know the story has moved, or atleast a foundation is being laid, if you know where I am taking the story!

Next: All in vain


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guess who?
Yeah the foundation sure has been laid. I can already see Dadi being grateful to Khushi for literally saving her life through the first aid, the trio of siblings warming up to her...somewhere down the line I can also see Anjali rallying for Khushi as her Bhabhi as against Sheetal...that is if Arnav and Sheetal haven't broken up by them already!

And Arnav also seemed to have loosened up to Khushi, which s heartening par iss foundation pe building kab banegi?

Will they bond over the books that they both love to read, or the coffee which I'm sure Arnav will like more when Khushi makes one for him?

Iss intezaar ko kya naam doon?
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Khushi a rank holder 
i like the update 
hope dadi will melt for khushi and Khushi can feel RM as home
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whoa man she is rank holder impressive
she is gem they underestimated her first time they met
dadi'd be little nice towards her hopefully
nice update
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beautiful update dear...
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amazing update plz update soonEdited by sweety_doll22 - 7 years ago
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awesome update dearBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
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