~ In Honor of Mother's Day ~

Posted: 6 years ago
Yes- All you moms out there ... Take a bow ....
this day is about YOU...
May 12 2013
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obeisance with cards
interesting comment

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Maa sunao mujhe vo kahaani
jis men raajaa na ho na ho raanii

jo hamaarii tumhaarii kathaa ho
jo sabhii ke hriday kii gaathaa ho
gandh jis men ho apanii dhaaraa kii
baat jis men ho apasaraa kii
ho na pariyaaN jahaaN aasamaanii

vo kahaanii jo haNsanaa sikhaa de
peT kii bhuukh ko bhii miTaa de
jis men sach kii bhaarii chaaNdanii ho
jis men ummiid kii roshanii ho
jis men na ho kahaanii puraanii

25 Emotional Mother and Baby Animal Photos from Wildlife

Wild life is not wild as we often think.Mother feelings are always same in every part of the world so do in the wild life.They struggle for life, they protect their babies from every kind of danger.This weekend I just want to make you smile so I've collected 25 Mothers and their babies's photos from wild life.They are all wonderful and cute and I'm sure that you will love all of them.

Thanks to all photographers who took these photos and  show us one of the fantastic part of the world.

What a lovely Mother's Day Present, my Dear!

I know ' I'm a bit late


Dutiful mothers, female polar bears usually give birth to twin cubs, which stay with her for more than two years until they can hunt and survive on their own.


A Mother's Touch


You Can't Get Me. I am Hiding!


Bringing Home The Bugs

Feeding Time


Mother Bison Directing Traffic

Photo from the deck at the Wildlife Prairie State Park in Peoria IL (USA).


Baby Bella and her mother at Chester Zoo


White Dolphin and Baby


Polar Bears Mother Love


Polar bear Wilbaer and mother Corinna communicate in their enclosure at the Wilhelma Zoo in Stuttgart, Germany.


Love Tap

Mother elephant Kandy taps her baby, Shahrukh, at Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg, Germany.


A young elephant nuzzles its mother during a visit to the drought-depleted Zambezi riverbed.


Langur Monkey, India

In an image taken by a remotely operated 35-mm camera, a baby langur monkey clings to his mother's chest in India's Bandhavgarh National Park.


Baby Gelada, Ethiopia

Once they're three months old, geladas ride their mothers jockey-style. Females have just four or five babies in a lifetime but invest a lot of time and energy taking care of them'it's a 'quality, not quantity' strategy, says biologist Chadden Hunter, who has spent parts of the past six years with the animals in Ethiopia(From "Final Edit," November 2002, National Geographic magazine)


Tiger Carrying Cub, India

Jaws that can crush a backbone become a tender conveyance as Sita totes a cub to a new den, a constant chore to safeguard her young from leopards, wild dogs, and other tigers. Hiding cubs well is critical, since she may be away hunting for 24 hours or more


Black Bear Mother and Cub

Mother black bears are notoriously protective of their cubs, who stay with their mothers for about two years.


Lynx and Cub

Lynxes are known for the black tufts of fur on the tips of their ears.


Just Born

Donkey helping the new born foal stand on its feet


Mother's Watchful Eye


Mother and Son

A Koala and her junior, taken at Wildlife world in Darling Harbour.


Mother and Child Antelopes

Antelope mother and baby nuzzle each other.


Flamingo Chick Keeping Warm


Mother Seal and Pup, Galpagos

While hiking in the Galpagos among a colony of seals, we came upon this mother and pup sharing what appears to be a "tender moment."


Red-Necked Grebe and Chick

A newly hatched red-necked grebe relaxes, safe under mom's wing. It's been a long day and there's still so much to see.

That's all folks ...

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Posted: 6 years ago
Embarrassed no songs today :P

Happy Mother's Day in advance for all who will be celebrating.
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Posted: 6 years ago
Hope my mom watching over me, living with my brother
and his family in another US state, coz the quotes below
did not print, so trying again ...
Confused EDIT: NADA Confused
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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by AASUS

Embarrassed no songs today :P

Happy Mother's Day in advance for all who will be celebrating.
Hey Athi, obviously we had "telepathy" and on same wave length coz I just finished posting 5 songs and edited the opening thread !!! ClapClapClap
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Posted: 6 years ago
Just heard this song on 24/7 local by Jagjit Singhji
Such heartwrenching lyrics can only be written
 by Sahir Ludhianvi of this decade ...
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jo bhi gaya iss jahaan ki nazar se dekho usse kabhi ek maa ki nazar se
(o maa o maa o maa o maa, (o maa tujhe salaam - 2)
apne bachche tujh ko pyaare raavan ho ya ram) - 2,
raavan ho ya ram

bachche tujhe sataate hain barso tujhe rulaate hain
dudh toh kya asuan ki bhi kimat nahi chukaate hain - 2
hansakar maaf tu kar deti hai unake dosh tamaam
ay maa ay maa ay maa ay maa, (ay maa tujhe salaam - 2)
apne bachche tujh ko pyaare raavan ho ya ram
raavan ho ya ram

aisa natkhat tha ghanshaam tang tha saara gokul dhaam - 2
magar yashoda kehati thi - 2 juthe hai ye log tamaam
mere laal ko karatein hain saare yoon hi badnaam
o maa tujhe salaam - 2
apane bachche tujh ko pyaare
raavan ho ya ram raavan ho ya ram

tera dil tadap utha jaise teri jaan gayi
itani der se roothi thi (kitani jaldi maan gayi - 2)
apane laadale ke mooh se sunte hi apana naam
o maa o maa o maa o maa, (o maa tujhe salaam - 2)
apane bachche tujh ko pyaare
raavan ho ya ram raavan ho ya ram

o maa o maa o maa o maa

saat samandar sa tera ik ik aansu hota hain
koi maa jab roti hai to bhagvaan bhi rota hai
pyaar hi pyaar hai dard hi dard hai mamta jiska naam
o maa o maa o maa o maa, (o maa tujhe salaam - 2)
apane bachche tujh ko pyaare (raavan ho ya ram - 3)
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Posted: 6 years ago
Happy Mothers Day to all the moms in the world Hug

It is believed that God cant be everywhere to love,support and care. So he created mothers to love, support and take care. Big smile

Shrel love your post.. ! For the songs and the pics Hug

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Posted: 6 years ago
Happy mother's day to all the mom's in the world! Star 
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Posted: 6 years ago
Prema you rock :D will look at all the songs in weekend :D awesome pics collection you put together Hug
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