Fan Fiction: Romantic Getaway!

Posted: 2005-05-20T03:30:45Z
Angad is sitting on top of his red sports car at 6:00 am in the morning and waiting for Kripa to come. He is very happy and has a "am-too-good" kinda  look on his smug face since he has managed to fool his smart brother and over-smart momma into believing that him and Kripa are going on a promotional tour for their album ( Manan too pitched in to fabricate a story).

Kripa walks out of the Outhouse , still sleepy but looking really pretty in a sea-green churidaar thing.Carrying her bag she walks towards Angad whose eyes light up at the very sight of his pixie lady-love........

Angad:   "Kripa! Kitni der lagaayi tumne? Raat bhar soyee nahiin ya phir soch rahi thi ki mujh jaise ladke ke saath tumhe jaana chaahiye ya nahiin?"( he has a naughty glint in his eyes)

Kripa( rubbing her eyes) : "Very funny! Raat ko Do baje tak tum aur main lawn mein baatein kar rahe the...tumhara kya hai..tumhe to aadat hai raat ko jaagne ki .Par main kya karoon? And by the way, tum jaisa ladka koi nahiin aur maine tumse pehle bhi kaha hai...Mujhe tumse darr nahiin lagta."

Angad continues to gaze at her with a love-struck  look in his intense eyes and after a moment or two, Kripa shies away and puts her hands on his eyes...

Kripa: "Behave yourself Angad....nahiin to...."

Angad( leans towards her): "Nahiin to?"

Kripa leans towards him and says softly in his ear: "Naina Aunty aa jaayegi!"

Both of them laugh and drive away. Naina aunty must be sleeping na at 6 in the morning...raat bhar sabko darrati jo rehti hain!

A-K head towards Khandala where the Khannas own a gorgeous farmhouse ( Hmmm...Angad-pretty girl-farmhouse)

Angad parks the car and they get down......

Kripa( suprised and hesitant): "Ye hum kahaan aa gaye hain Angad?"

Angad can sense her discomfiture.He smiles and putting an arm around her waist shows her around....

Angad( smug n proud yet very soft):  "Well, ye hamara farmhouse hai.Yahaan par meri so-called family sirf new year par aati hai...lekin main yahaan tab aata hoon jab wahaan ki zindagi se thak jaata hoon.Aur tumhe bhi main yahaan par isliye lekar aaya hoon kyunki ye jagah sab se alag hai."

Kripa's heart warms up at Angad's pensive expression but suddenly.......

Angad( instantly recovering from his soft side):  Don't worry sweetheart! Mera aisa-waisa koi plan nahiin hai.....yahaan par paanch kamre hain and you can stay wherever you want."

Both of them burst out laughing and hug each other!

Angad takes Kripa around town , they smile, they laugh and spend some beautiful time together.What's more, Angad even tries to teach Kripa how to drive......

Angad( male-chauvinist!): Tum to rehne hi do. Utaro meri gaadi se.Tum  mujh par chilla sakti ho...mujhe thappad bhi maar sakti ho...lekin ek gaadi chalaana nahiin seekh sakti.You'll turn my red beauty into a junkpan!"

Kripa( all charged up) screeches the car to a halt in front of the farmhouse, gets out , bangs the door and gets furious with Angad...

Kripa: "Angad Khanna! Tum kabhi gussa kiye bina mujhse baat nahiin kar sakte kya? Main sunti rehti hoon aur tum bolte rehte ho! MAIN JA RAHI HOON...TUM KHUSHI SE ROMANCE KAR SAKTE HO APNI RED BEAUTY KE SAATH!"

Angad( calls from behind): "Mumbai ja rahi ho kya? Main chhod aayoon?"

Kripa: "Mumbai nahiin apne kamre mein jaa rahi hoon!"

She makes a cute angry face and goes inside.

Angad shakes his head and says aloud ," God! I am crazy about her....I just love this woman!"

At night(A-K  still not speaking because Kripa is sulking)..Angad knocks at her door.....

Kripa: "Yahaan kya kar rahe ho...go to your red beauty!"

Angad( smiles to himself): "Open the door Kripa...nahiin to ..."

Kripa opens the door, makes a face at him and goes to stand near a window.

Angad shakes his head and goes behind her and holds her by the waist.......

Angad(resting his chin at her shoulder): "Not bad...not bad at all.Tumhe pata chal hi gaya ki agar tum darawaza nahiin kholti to main kya karta?"

Kripa:" Tum kya karte pata nahiin lekin agar tum mujhe aise hi pareshan karoge to main kisi aur se shaadi kar loongi."

Angad's cute expression turns into fury and he spins her around to face him and pins her to the wall....

Angad( fiery eyes boring into Kripa's): "Aaj kaha hai...dobara bhool kar bhii aiasi baat nahiin karna.Tum kho jaaogi, main is baare mein sochna bhi nahiin chaahta!"

Kripa also gets charged-up and struggles to free herself

Kripa( hurt and angry): "Chhodo are hurting me Angad.Mujhe haath mat lagaao."

Angad lets go off her with a jerk and storms out of the room.

Initial fury over, Kripa realizes her mistake THAT SHE SHOULDN'T HAVE EVEN DREAMT ABOUT TALKING TO ANGAD about another man in her life.All her love for Angad comes gushing to the surface and she goes looking for him.

Angad is sitting by the poolside staring at the water.Kripa goes to him, sits near him and holding her ears in a rather cute manner says sorry to him.Angad wants to scream at her but her eyes, so full of love don't let him and he smiles back.....

Angad:" Hum dono ka kucch nahiin ho sakta.Ladte hain , jhagadte hain, phir bhi pyaar karte hain...kaisa ye pyaar hai."

Kripa laughs: "jo bhi hai, jaisa bhi hai...hamaare liye sab kucch hai...aisa ye pyaar hai."

She hugs him and Angad gets mischievious again...

Angad: "Ab kya karoon..tumhe haath lagaaoon ya nahiin?"

Both of them put their forheads together and laugh as Angad puts his arms around her and both of them get teary-eyed........


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Posted: 2005-05-20T03:56:55Z
Thanks sweetie. I think many of us here can do a better job than Ekta's creative team!
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Posted: 2005-05-20T03:59:51Z

Awwwww, that was so romantic NitsClap

Yeah, Ekta should just go and take a hike, we can do a far better job!



PS : Just wondering, where you get all these thoughts from - any real life inspirationWink

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Posted: 2005-05-20T04:03:50Z

nitica...really wonderful Clap...i would love to see a scene like this in KYPH...seriously writers can take some inspiration from this fan fic....and chilly i think Angad and (let me take the name of Kripa as well here) are inspirations for this one...what say nitica ?


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Posted: 2005-05-20T04:29:56Z

That was reeely kewl!!!!!!!!! Clap 

I agree with the other guyz, u shud b on the creative team!!!!!!!!

U rock Nits, Keep Going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted: 2005-05-20T04:38:46Z
This is really nice write the continuation tooClap
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Posted: 2005-05-20T04:42:52Z
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