short OS : ~~A New Beginning '~

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~~~~~ A NEW BEGINNING~~~~~

will you dance with me? ram extends his hands towards priya...without saying anything priya places her hands on his hands... in a swift motion ram pulls her near him... there is still a little gap between them... ram gently pulling her more their body is touching each other..priya shivers a little.. ram slowly slide his hands on her waist... priya close her eyes she warps her arms around his neck.. pulls him more close...placing both his hands on her waist ram pulls little more there is no gap between them...ram bends a little and whisper in her ear... thank you priya thank u so much... you make me today complete..i cant believe that i m going to be father thank u priya...priya thank... priya puts her hand on his mouth and huskily says don't need to thank me complete me ram, you give me all the happiness that i never imagine...thank u ram thank u soo much for everything...priya hides her face into his broad chest ...ram warps his hand around her body and presses herself against his chest... tears gather both of their eyes... they know from tomorrow they will start a new chapter of their life... they break the hug ram cups her face and wipes the drop of tear from corner of her eyes...i dont want to see a single drop of tear in your eyes..ram murmurs... he lifted her up and walking toward the bed he gently places her on the bed cover her with the duvet.. and places a soft kiss on her forehead... when ram tries to move from there priya holds his wrist and says i want to sleep in your arm..looking at her cute face ram smile a little and lay beside her...priya snuggles up to him and close her eyes... a cute smile is playing in her lips...feeling her so close ram also close his eyes for a peaceful sleep...

feeling his warm breath near her neck priya slowly opens her eyes the sun ray tries to peep through the curtains... priya smile cutely looking at her husband... his mouth is slightly open...priya lightly touches his chin and close his mouth...priya caresses his face and places a kiss on his forehead and murmurs good morning ram, i love u.. a small smile creeps into his lips... ram slowly opens his eyes..his eyes captures most beautiful sight... his life his love is beside him and looking at him longingly... ram slide his hand on her waist and pulls her close to him... priya puts her head on his broad chest..she encircle her hand around his belly..good morning baby.. ram wishes her.. a tear drop from priya s eyes... priya presses her face against his chest and clutches his kurta tightly... when ram feels her tears he holds her more possessively and whisper what happens baby..ram places a kiss onto her hair... ram i dont know why i m feeling that god will again separate us... i m feeling that i m dreaming all this if i awake up from my sleep my dream will be shatters into pieces... i m so sacra ram i dont know why... priya murmurs tears rolling from her eyes... sshhh you r not dreaming baby...i promise baby this time god also will not able to separate us...insecurities, fear, mood swing, all things r happen during the pregnancy... so dont worry jaan... ram tells her...ram raise his head a little he is looking at her...ram gently places her head onto the pillow...he sits on the bed and bends a little...priya is lying flatly on the bed...ram slide her saree from the belly... so that he can see her first he lightly caresses her belly...a chill wind blow through her spin..she closes her eyes... ram bends a little more and places kiss above her belly... good morning baby, mai aap ki papa bol rhi hun...when priya hears that ram murmuring some things she opens her eyes and raises her head a little..looking at ram she smile  ... ram continue.. baby aap ko pata han aap hamare zindegi main bohat share kusheya leke aaiye hain...jab bhi main pareshan hoti huin ya sad main app ki bade main soch ti hun... aap ki yaad ati hi meri sari pareshani dur ho jata han...aap ko pata han app ki mama na bohat innocent han uss ko lagata han ya sab dream han..aap apki mama ko kehe dena ki ya sab dream nhi han aap sach mai unki belly main han...aur ya bhi kehe na ki mai aap aur apki badi di unko bohat pyaar krta han...aur unki aashu hum nhi dekh sakte... baby aab aap rest karo papa app se firse samko baat u baby... again ram places a kiss above her belly...priya is lying beneath him...ram rubs his nose with her.. priya opens her eyes and gives him a shy smile... ram bends a little and whisper you know priya u r looking so s**y i want to feel you if u have no problem...priya raises her hand and runs her fingers through his hair.. ram gets his signal...he bends down and takes her neck soft flesh in his mouth...

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me first again LOLLOLLOL
jaaanuuu beautifulHeart
aaj baat nahi huiCryCryCry
haaayyy kash aisa scene dekhne ko mil jayeEmbarrassed
thoda aur continue karo na isse
mujhe aur chahiye Big smile
waiting pleaseee...plzzz

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this os made my daySmile
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Originally posted by sss283


subihiiAngry u took my place
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Wow its so cute. And i am eagerly waiting for your LAW ff. Please continue.
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 I love ur story very much but I love it more when u update ur ff alsoWink
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Originally posted by shamavi

Originally posted by sss283


subihiiAngry u took my place
shams thoda jaldi aa gayi m LOL
rofl ROFL  gussa mat karo LOLLOL
jaanuu dekha tumhare os k liye line lagi hui h Big smileBig smileBig smile

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very nice pls continue soon
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