FF: Woh Hansini.. With love, L.

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Posted: 2013-04-28T03:50:09Z

Jis kahaani ko shuru kiya tha.. Usse katham karna humaari farz hai.. Ek nayi andaaz.. Ek naya daur.. Ek nayi Awaaz.. Do tell me if you liked the story.. Agar pasand aaya hai.. Toh aage likhenge..

To all my silent readers.. Agar PM mein sirf iss ek baar bataayenge ki kaise laga.. Toh I would be happy..

Ek bath hai.. Joh samajgaye.. Unkeliye hum khush hai.. Joh nahi samjhe.. Aap iss baath ko na samjhe.. Toh bhi koyi baat nahi.. Hum likhthe rahenge.. Aap padthe rahiye.. Agar kuch kehena hai.. Toh zaroor kahiye..



Saraswathi Eshwar..


Ram sat in his office cabin..  A newly decorated room..  White..  There was a huge window behind his chair..  Darkness in the room.. The table lamp focused its orange light on a few papers laid out beside his Acer..  There was nothing in his cabin except for a light wooden shelf filled with files his rose wood table and his chai.. With two other chairs in front..  

It was way past midnight.. The owner of Kapoor industries..  Ram Kapoor..  A billionaire was going over design sheets for renovation of his office.. He was tired.. He leaned back on his chair..  And let out a deep breath..  His eyes hurt..  He took off his glasses and placed them on his open laptop..  His mailbox was empty.. He closed his eyes and rest his head on the chair..

 There was a thunderstorm outside and it was raining heavily.. He stood u and walked to the window and stared outside..  He could see nothing much..  He could just hear the rain.. He closed his eyes and put his hands in his pockets..  His head hurt..  His phone rang and he picked it up..

Ram: RK speaking..

Voice: Namaste, designs kardiya hai humne..

Ram thinking..  Awaaz toh itni meeti hai.. A smile curved his lips.. 

Ram: Thankyou for accepting this project..  Ill go through the designs and get back to you..

Voice: Ji.. Shukriya..Good night..

Ram: Good night..

He looks at the number and saves it.. The phone waits for him to enter the Name before saving.. He types L and the clock strikes 2.00.. Accidentally the number gets saved.. Vikram barges in..

Vik: Ram yaar chalo! Neha ki saath missed calls hai.. 

Ram bites his toungue..  Sorry yaar mere wajah se..  He hurriedly picks up his laptop and they walk out.. 

Ram closed the door of his cabin..  As Vikram rushed through the dimly lit corridor..  It was plain..   The walls were blank.. The funiture was absent.. Ram walked in large steps behing Vikram.. He had his laptop in his hand..  They walked towards an empty lobby when the elevator doors opened for them.. Vikrams phone rang as the entered the elevator.. 


Ram was tired.. He smiled at the thought of Neha scolding him.. 


Vik: Ji Namaste.. 


Ram looked at Vikram.. Who went hmm.. Haan ek minute..


Vikram covered his phone.. Ram tujhe koi problem nahi hai toh tu meeting keliye abhi jaayega?


Ram: Haan.. Shows a thumbs up..


Vikram on the phone.. Ji.. Aap address bhejdijiye.. Haan.. 


He keeps the phone and the elevator door opens.. 

They start walking out.. 


Vik: Ok SEA ke assistant ka naam Rita hai..


Ram: Kya? Humaari architect ka naam kya hai.. 


Vik: Ar. Sharma.. Aur haan..  Rita ne bola ki  Sharmaji ne designs bhejdi.. Dekhlena..


They walk to the car and zoom away.. Ram thinking.. Sharmaji? Yeh kaise.. Mujhe toh ek aurat ne phone kiya tha.. Woh kaun thi.. Rita toh nahi hosakthi.. Hmm.. Pata nahi..  Kaun hai..

Vikram dropped Ram near the gates of something that looked like a huge bunglow.. White Royal gates opened to him.. He walked in.. The Ram Kapoor had entered a garden.. Never in his life had he ever visited a garden..  All he knew as office and home..


 He smiled to himself.. He couldnt see clearly as it was very dark..  As he walked further.. He reached stone pavements.. Beautiful LED lights lit the stone pathway.. He smiled.. He could hear the wind.. There was peace and calm.. He heard the crickets creek.. And he saw Rabbits sleeping near a corner.. He was lost in this world.. The cool wind blew by.. And he shut his eyes as he walked.. He opened his eyes and looked straight.. All the lights had dimmed out.. He saw a beautiful Gazebo In front.. It was made out of white marble.. As he neared it.. He could see two people sitting down at a table with sheets spread.. He could see that it was a man and a woman...


He walked on the steps of the Gazebo.. He saw a handsome young man.. He got up and greeted Ram..


Ram: Ram Kapoor.. He smiled.. As he looked at a woman whos back was facing him..


Karthik Sharma.. The young man said as they shook hands..


Ram looked at the woman.. And he felt like someone had taken his tiredness away.. Her presence had got him spell bound.. Who was she he thought.. She wore a beautiful Creme saree With a pashmina shaul of the same colour.. She got up and walked away to the other end of the gazebo.. Ram watched the wind play with her long straight hair.. 


Karthik: Sir, Aap baitiye na.. 


Ram didnt say anything.. He smiled to Karthik and sat down.. She stoped.. And said.. Karthik hum chai bhejthe hai.. 

Ram smiled.. It was the same soice.. It  soothed his mind.. The stress vanished.. His mind was calm.. 


Karthik: Ji di.. Mein chaltha hu.. Aapse kal office mein miltha hu..


Ram wondered Karthik Sharma.. Sharmaji.. Oh.. But why was he leaving.. 


She looked side ways to him.. and smiled.. Ram was lost in her smile.. She had beautiful Red lips.. Soft clear skin.. She was fair.. Her beautiful dove eyes were neatly lined with kohl.. Her eyes smiled.. And twinkled in the dim light.. She wore a maroon Bindi.. A rather large one.. There was so much serenity in her.. 


Mr. Kapoor.. He heard his name.. He snapped out.. Karthik had left.. He said ji.. He wondered how she knew his name.. Her voice was calm and deep.. 

She said.. Rita will join you in a few minutes.. He smiled and she walked away.. Her payal went chan chan.. And she was gone..


To be Continued..



Edited by DilKiAwaaz.. - 2013-04-28T03:50:34Z
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Posted: 2013-04-28T08:28:42Z
Very beautifull goli dear...
Cont soon
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Posted: 2013-05-01T01:00:02Z
Wellmy FF is ver flowly and slow.. Dil Ki Awaazwillgo atits ownpace.. WellI thought I willwrite story in a different manner.. A simple mature love story where two people find love.. Atale of twistsandturns.. A storyfilled withroman SHAZ DI style.. Wellofcourse Ill write itmy way.. Well I would love to know what you think about this.. It willbea very romantic and a unravelling storyof twistedrelations and how these two mature individuals make life simple.. Waiting forcomments to go ahead with this.. Aapki, Saraswathi Eshwar..Edited by DilKiAwaaz.. - 2013-05-01T01:01:15Z
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Posted: 2013-05-01T01:09:56Z
Awesome idea goli...u know na we re always ready for raya romance Embarrassed so lets get started but zyada twist bhi mat dalna Wink
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Posted: 2013-05-02T13:21:00Z
Will take a long break and be back.. Im still coping with my mind and the world..
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Posted: 2013-05-08T05:37:53Z
part 1

awesome part & great start ao RaYa meet up in first part... intrusting story moving on...so plz post the next part soon waiting. ...
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