My WISHLIST reg DTs & their duties! [DT reply pg 7,11]

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Posted: 7 years ago
Since day 1 of this forum many of us are not happy regarding the DT activities.Time and again for even petty issues we had to pm DTs and make them work for this forum.There have been various instances like the MOTW and other activities,Newsletter,KAJEN & Video related imposed and unacceptable rules and the list goes on..

Now that I know that no matter what the members say,Admins have decided to put ear plugs and do nothing about it,I thought to make this thread and know the views of all the members of this forum regarding the feelings they hold for the DTs and the activities and responsibilities related to the administrative work of Qubool Hai forum.

I'll start with my personal views.
First I'll talk about the responsibilities that have been neglected time and again by the DTs of this forum.Next,I'll discuss about the DTs of this forum in particular and the satisfaction/disappointments I have from them.


1. I've strict problems regarding the sticky threads.Very often,I find irrelevant threads as stickies and the important and required ones missing from the list.For instance the sticky thread for Voting in ITA awards was removed.
2. Why can't we have a combined help desk for religious issues and other concerns in general.It's occupying unnecessary space in the sticky list thread.
3. Again another problem with the sticky thread is that we can have a single video thread where Sonyfan can update daily by editing the title and the content instead of making 2-3 threads for videos.
4. The MOTW,GOTW,other activities and competitions are needed to be taken care of properly.I find DOTW,etc missing here time and again.Dts should make a proper thread where the list of volunteers with the allotted dats are mentioned and that thread should remain sticky as much longer as possible.Reminders are definitely needed for such activities which lag behind in this forum.
5. People handling the NL are just 3.Out of these 3 two are inactive due to some personal reasons and will be back soon.I feel that mods should ask the members to volunteer and help tulipdaisy in handling the NL. NL is too large and I think we are overburdening Tulip.she already gives the WU almost daily and then handling the NL must be really difficult for her.I may myself volunteer to help if needed. I want the mods to think about it.
6. Regarding the latest video issue,I ask the DTs to have another discussion over it with the admins and come back with a proper explanation
7. We can have some interesting activities like Members choice favorite member of the month where the members can themselves nominate each other and then people getting the maximum votes may be short listed for the voting round.
8. KABHI Factor Thread and ASYA AT-We have 2 ATs for the same purpose.Both the ATs are fun but I think the 2 should be combined in order to avoid confusions.At times I feel that there are 2 KABHI groups when I visit the two ATSLOL. Anyways the main point is that Rin and Shaz have organized a OS contest and have requested the mods to make the thread sticky which has not been done yet.May I know why??Mods plz make it sticky as it's a very important contest of this forum
9. I want the mods to approach the members time and again and discuss matters with them instead of bombarding new rules upon them and asking for the implementation of the same.

10. Why is the birthday thread of Surbhi not Sticky anymore.I get irritated a lot when I see the important threads being removed from the sticky to create space for another one.

11. Earlier,I made a thread entitled as suggestions corner.That thread needed to be in the main list but within 2-3 days,it was bundled up in the important threads sticky.The response on this thread was awesome as members suggested great ideas.I'm soo much disappointed that sticky threads are managed without giving too much importance to the significance of the thread...

I'll add more after 30th as I've an entrance exam tomorrow and then my final year exams are starting from April 30.


Our channel moderator is amazing and I've no issues with her.she is the best.Big smile
I'm not at all happy with the moderator of this forum because she has been too much busy with her series of exams lined up one after the other since October.
I'm very happy and satisfied with the Viewbie,that is RD(Pooja) because she has been active here since day 1 and has been doing an excellent job.
I'm fine with the videobie because she uploads all the videos ASAP.
Armu4eva ,Naz and tulipdaisy-These three are also handling their responsibilities quite well.

I wish to see only those DTs here who are really concerned about this forum and have a desire to see it wearing the crown someday.

We are lacking passionate DTs in this forum since day 1.I wish the admins may choose a member from the active sensible QH forum members so that we can have atleast one more DT who really loves QH ,this forum and wishes it to become number 1 on IF ASAP.

I would like to add one more thing that it's the duty of the members to keep the forum active but DTs are responsible to maintain the zeal and excitement of the forum by involving members in various activities and give them opportunities to volunteer for contests and other important things now and then to maintain the charm and enthusiasm of Qubool Hai forum...


I do not intend to hurt anyone.I request to take the content mentioned in this post professionally and not personally.If everything had been fine, a thread like this would have been never ever required.It's the duty of the DTs to address to the issues of the forum members.So,I request not to get offended by this post.I wish that all of you may cooperate in a healthy manner and try to understand the real purpose of this post and take steps to satisfy me and others who are not cent percent satisfied by the DT activities.
All the matter in this post is my personal point of view.You may agree or disagree but kindly avoid bashing.I hope we all can have a discussion like mature people.A healthy debate is welcome but negative criticism would be condemned as well.

Take care everyone!!

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Posted: 7 years ago
I request the mods not to close this thread.
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Posted: 7 years ago

1. I strongly agree to the first point. the nomination thread which I made for ITA was removed, while in other forums ( M not naming any) it was kept till the end. 
I don't know about the voting thread.

DOTW, GOTW are the duties of the members I think. The Mods just give the duties to the ones who volunteered. I don't think the Mods should be blamed in this case. On the other hand,  I do agree that they should send Reminder PMs as most members tend to forget when their turn comes. 

Regarding NL, I don't think the Mods have to be blamed. The ones who want to help out Tulip can PM her :) 

What is the video issue? M not aware. 

Kabhi factor is the unofficial one. I dont think both of them should be combined as we have more freedom of speech in the Kabhi factor one. They have an official site now as well. Moreover they organise contests too. In the AsYa AT, I really have to think twice before posting anything in the fear if mods might close it LOL

I don't think we should pin point DT members coz they might feel bad Confused
Anyway RD, Tulip,Tanu(Armu4eva)  and Jyoti are doing a fab job! Shifali has her exams I guess. And Madhubala is a Coolbie because she gives Written updates of the show once a week.

Finally, All the best for your entrance exam :D 

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by supriya.ipkknd


Waiting eagerly for ur views. Wink
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Posted: 7 years ago
Come on guys plz share ur views.
Don't be afraid in being honest in expressing urself about the situation related to the DT activities on this forum..
I hope to get a good response from all the forum members
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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by crazy4KASH_AR

Come on guys plz share ur views.
Don't be afraid in being honest in expressing urself about the situation related to the DT activities on this forum..
I hope to get a good response from all the forum members
Right now its 12:50 in india. Everyone is sleeping LOL And me too going to sleep! Goodnight :)
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Posted: 7 years ago
i 100% agree with you. i won't say much but DT has to understand silence speakes volume... i'm just too much frustrated at IF's treatment.

Bravo Asma we're together united to fight for our right and justice
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Posted: 7 years ago
Plus, I would really like Surbhi's Birthday thread to be as a sticky on the first page. If we can have Karan's stickied then why not hers!

Her post is lying way down in the "Imp. posts" Post which hardly anyone checks, atleast I don't.
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