Our Love-- A Bless or A Curse| NOTE Pg 150

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Hi , Friends ,

This is Nairita , i m not at all a writer by profession and i also know that there are many talented writers over here at india forums .. it is my little try to write a story on Ram Priya not at all relating to the Show ..

I will be glad if you read it and leave your comments behind ...

Thank you ,


Our Love-- A Bless or a Curse | Sequence 2

(renaming the SS why you loved me ?? so much)


Prologue --- Page 82

Chapter 1 --- Page 85

Chapter 2 --- Page 89

Chapter 3 -- Page 95

Chapter 4 -- Page 104 (In two posts)

Chapter 5 -- Page 113

Chapter 6 -- Page 118

Chapter 7 -- Page 126

Chapter 8 -- Page 135

Chapter 9 -- Page 144




WHY you Loved me So much ?? Sequence 1


Prologue -- Pg.1

Chapter 1 -- Pg.2

Chapter 2 -- Pg.4

Chapter 3 -- Pg.6

Chapter 4 -- Pg.7

Chapter 5 -- Pg.10

Chapter 6 -- Pg.12

Chapter 7 -- Pg.15

Chapter 8 -- Pg.17

Chapter 9 -- Pg.19

Chapter 10 -- Pg.23

Chapter 11 -- Pg.26

Chapter 12 -- Pg.29

Chapter 13 -- Page 32

Chapter 14 -- Page 37

Chapter 15 -- Page 48

Chapter 16 -- Page 51

Chapter 17 -- Page 54

Chapter 18 -- Page 59

Chapter 19 -- Page 62

Chapter 20 -- Page 69

Chapter 21 -- Page 73

Chapter 22 (Last Chapter) -- Page 76


I here Present a Prologue of the story first ...
Please do leave your valuable comments behind , as it is required for a writer in making , to improve , and rectify the mistakes ...

It's a new story from my side .. a different story , keeping the vamps
away from ram priya's life , with a new scenario ' a short story ' maximum 25 parts it will have

Ram Kapoor , a lucrative but humble business man with a ripped love life from past , which made him arrogant about relationships ,He just entered his 30s, elder son of his parent , he has younger twin siblings sister Natasha and brother Rishab .. after London its Ram Kapoor's dream to rule India , with his telecommunication and outsourcing business. He believes in hard work and he also believes , things are meant to get fall in its place when the time will come ' his father takes his elder son as a self made man '. A self made emperor of the Kapoor Tele Communications .

Priya Sharma , a hard working woman , just crossed 25 , she after completing her MBA , shifted two jobs and now gets a handsome amount to support her family . Priya younger daughter of the family , sudheer Sharma , a retired Govt employee and Shipra Sharma who is a arts teacher by profession. Her elder sister has a divorced a year back and now lives with them with her 4 year old son , whose custody case is still in family court.

The story will be VOICED BY PRIYA '.



"What are you doing ?" I Shouted on ram , sorry my boss Ram Kapoor ' he pushed me harder to the wall clutching my wrist he gritted his teeth saying "what the hell you were doing?" I looked into his blue eyes , mesmerizing his eyes are , is he angry with me or just a way away to pounder his anger on me? , but what happened in last few weeks he is now more than a boss to me ' I kept on looking into his eyes , I didn't realized that I was the only person in his cabin , I snapped out from my thoughts when my brain hammered me iteratively "priya get away from him get away from him '."

" I have to '." My brain reflexes back and I gave a hard push to ram '
he was thrown back , from me ' though I was a person who hates and never used those F trade marked words ,, but what happened to me I don't know I said it '. I shouted on him What the **** !!! what you are trying to do what you supposed to show?" he like a hungry beast jumped on me , and clutched my wrist as tight as he can '. I shouted " you are hurting me ram '" he yelled next to me ' "and the way you were hurting me from last few days .. is my feelings is like a contract to you like your job contract priya'" 

I looked up to him ' does he really in love with me or else? ' I snapped out of my thoughts as ram jerked him holding me by my shoulder and said "answer me Priya'" 

" I cant surrender to him if I do that he will conquer me .. no I cant
.. no '.i know he has had a past and how can I trust him ?" I said to myself in mind '.. I looked to him with anger , though I was really not '. And said " yes it is .. have I said to you that I cant fall in love with someone else '. Pyaar hain yaar .. it can happen n e time '.that u know very well than me Mr.Ram Kapoor" I can feel his hands freeing from me '. He stepped back and looked down , slowly he knelt to the floor ' his head down to the floor , I felt like hugging him and shout my feeling to him ' but I escaped him and ran out of the
cabin .. and I stopped only when I reached the main road '. I yelled out "AUTOOO''" but instead a BMW stopped in front of me ' 


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Posted: 2013-04-26T04:40:02Z
yup! i am first do plz continue.waiting for the part
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Posted: 2013-04-26T05:13:01Z
its indeed interesting, now am excited to read the parts, good start, and happy to know that there will be no villain or vamp in the story, plz continue ASAP and next time do PM, a very warm WELCOME to the Forum and gang of BALHians
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Posted: 2013-04-26T05:24:14Z
Hey nairita good to see u here with ur story Hug u write really well dear
Nice start it looks very interesting
Cont soon nd next time pm me plz
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Posted: 2013-04-26T05:33:52Z
welcome to the lovely RaYa world...awesome writting and continue ur writting..too good..and plzzz pm we when u post the next one...
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Posted: 2013-04-26T06:07:17Z
Rita di it was awesome as always.. Loved this concept of story very much.. Thank u for writting it here. Continue soon.
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Posted: 2013-04-26T06:18:49Z
Lovely cncept...wanna read more.,do cntinue soon
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Posted: 2013-04-26T06:28:29Z
wow suprb continue
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