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Food n Fitness formula of
                             Akshay Kapoor

This young lad, who makes his debut with Popcorn Khao! Mast Ho Jao, has worked passionately to get a physique that would make him compete with today's macho heroes. ShaadiTimes has Akshay Kapoor sharing his food and fitness secrets, just for you.

A well-toned and muscular body isn't God's gift to him. Akshay had to work for it. He says, "Physical fitness can make it or break it for a dbutante in this industry. I work very hard in the gym. I do extensive weight training five days a week. It is not only the built that was difficult, to maintain it is no easy task," he says. "Besides five days weight training, I do not relax on the rest two days of the week. I dedicate them to cardio and abdomen exercises. I give an hour to the cardio exercises." His fitness regime has more than just these trainings. He says, "I take flexible training too. It helps me stay flexible for dance and action sequences."

Akshay's diet consists of lots of protein ingredients and very little carbohydrates. He had to compromise with his eating habits. "I love food. I would eat everything and anything under the sun. But now I cannot afford to eat like earlier. But even if I were a little liberal with my eating habits I do not gain weight quickly. However, I try to follow a disciplined diet pattern. My breakfast consists of 2-3 eggs, brown bread, cereal and some fruits. Lunch is chicken or fish along with rotis and dal. For tea, I eat a protein bar with bananas. Dinner is similar to lunch."

Favourite cuisine
Akshay has been living in USA since his school days. His accent might be American but his heart is Indian for sure. "I love Indian cuisine. It's my all-time favourite. My mom would always take care that we get good Indian food at home. My other favourite cuisine is Thai. But honestly, the best food is chicken makhani cooked by my mom. She also makes some amazing bhindi." Akshay has no qualms about eating at small restaurants. His favourite eating joint in Mumbai is "Nini dhaba at Andheri. It is a very small dhaba and most of you wouldn't even know about it. I used to eat there a lot during my initial days in Mumbai."

Dinner date
"My ideal dinner date will be to invite her to my place and cook some delicious chicken biryani. There is a special biryani that we (in the family) make." The recipe? "No, don't even ask it. If I let this secret recipe out, my mom will show me the way out," he jokes.
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Akshay Kapoor in a different mode...

Akshay Kapoor, was first spotted by the producer Pritish Nandy and also featured in his movie POPCORN KHAO MAST HO JAO. After a long hiatus, the actor has now decided to do 'something different'. Now he'll be soon portraying a role, who possess super-powers in Subi Samuel's movie ALAG. As its name suggests the concept is quite different as it is a sci-fi film with an emotional bend. To know more about the film, grills the actor Akshay Kapoor and finds out what's different in the film ALAG.

We started our conversation with a very casual note at Subi Samuel's studio. On meeting Akshay at this point of time, one will surely find him 'unique' as far as appearance is considered. His make-over is completely unusual, which further underlines the statement ALAG.

Perfect debut
Reading few of the publications we came across, which stated that the film ALAG is said to be perfect debut for Akshay Kapoor. On asking the same, he said, 'I cannot mark it as perfect debut for me, but of course perfect break for any struggling actor. My first film was PKMHJ, which belonged to romantic-comedy genre where I featured doing take-away acting. But by doing this film I got a chance to explore and enrich my acting skills.'

ALAG - a special movie for me
On asking him about how special this movie is for him, he said, 'its very special movie for me as I've been honoured by being cast for this particular role. I'm grateful to Mr. Aashu Trikha and Subi Samuel who has faith on my caliber and found me apt for this role. This movie is very important for me; as it has given me a chance to broaden my horizons in acting. I must say that I am blessed to work with them as they were very supportive for me and they extracted the best out of me.'

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Akshay Kapoor's second innings

Akshay Kapoor

Debutant Akshay Kapoor (aka Sunny D'Mello) tried his hand at Bollywood with 'Popcorn Khao Mast Ho Jao', which bombed. The chocolate boy fluttered a few female hearts but found it tough to break into Bollywood till photographer friend Subi Samuel decided to make a project with him alongside Dia Mirza.

The film called 'Alag' is now ready for release and if it works, Akshay Kapoor will be the new happening kid on the block! According to rumours, Kapoor is from the US and chances that he may have secured funding for the film are high!

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'Popcorn Khao Mast Ho Jao' - 'POP went the corn!'

 Producer/s:  Pritish Nandy Communications
 Director:  Kabir Sadanand
 Cast:  Tanisha, Akshay Kapoor, Rashmi Nigam, Yash Tonk, Deepak Tijori
 Music:  Vishal-Shekar
 Lyrics:  Vishal Dadlani

Caution: 'This film might put you off popcorn at least for a while!' This is no exaggeration! To start with why does everybody keep saying, 'Popcorn Khao Mast Ho Jao'? right from the beginning of the film. If you thought they had outgrown their college campus tendencies then you are completely wrong. They continue to say it even later. By chance, you discover that this is the name of the film in which our blue-eyed boy, Rahul (debutant Akshay Kapoor) is to debut as a music director. The ironical bit is that the film is being touted as the country's hottest love story with a huge dose of comedy (somebody please laugh!), when the protagonist, Rahul, leaves behind love and friendship to make it in the world of music. He also decides that he will not keep in touch with his college friends, Goldie (Yash Tonk) and Tanya (Tanishaa) to avoid any sort of distraction. Even after 5 years he has no achievement to boast of except that he has managed to get a music baron's attractive foreign-returned daughter, (Rashmi Nigam), hooked on to him. She also happens to be the girl he lusted for real badly in college while Tanya loved him deeply. (We wonder if college kids today know what it is to love?).

Anyway, cut to the present. Rahul seems to be chasing his dreams of becoming a music director for almost five years but there is no struggle shown. It may have appeared clichd but at least it would have made the audience feel for him. The climax shows him at the film premiere but there is no focus on him or his work except for a scribe (who also happens to be an old college buddy) asking for an interview. There are no rehearsals or studio scenes. Where is the euphoria? Ridiculous! Whatever scope the film had for emotions has been thrown away by the director's incompetence and his desperate attempt to make the film in a different style. Unfortunately it has shaped up into an emotionless film. One can't even remember a single memorable moment in the film

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Akshay Kapoor Movies

Cast: , ,
Music Director:

Cast: , , ,
Music Director:

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Preview of Popcorn Khao! Mast Ho Jao
Smitha Nambiar

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

By: Smitha Nambiar

Producer: Pritish Nandi Communications
Director: Kabir Sadanand
Cast: Akshay Kapoor, Tanisha, Rashmi Nigam
Music: Vishal, Shekar
Lyrics: Vishal Dadlani

Pritish Nandi Communications had come up before with offbeat titled movies like Jhankar Beats, Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi, Mumbai Matinee and Chameli. They are now back with Popcorn Khao! Mast Ho Jao (PKMHJ). Though none of the previous films were a hit, it was well liked by the youth and did fairly well at the box office in metros.

Popcorn Khao! Mast Ho Jao is a lighthearted film, which is all about friendship, love, laughter, loneliness and special moments that make up the wonder years of life. It deals with the lives of three friends who together form the ' kurta ' gang. The film starts in college and travels with the characters as they set off thereafter to achieve their own individual goals. True friendships are made while sharing lunch boxes, exchanging childhood memories and falling in love for the first time. The film mainly has four characters - Rahul (Akshay Kapoor); who is an eternal dreamer, Tania (Tanishaa), who is ever consistent; Goldie (Yash Tong) who is the 'craziest' of all and Sonia (Rashmi Nigam) whose luscious lips, curly hair and honey coloured eyes drive every boy crazy. Rahul of course is no different and falls for the beautiful lass.

 Young actor Kabir Sadanand, who has acted in some TV serials and movies like Mumbai Matinee and Chameli, makes his debut as a writer-director in PKMHJ that has music and lyrics by Vishal Shekhar. The film marks the debut of Akshay Kapoor who was spotted by Pritish Nandy in New York and Rashmi Nigam. Tanishaa, sister of Bollywood actress Kajol, whose first film Shhh bombed at the box office has cultivated a new attitude and look for this movie. Tanishaa has two distinctly different looks; One that catches her as the third member of a kurta gang where she plays a tomboy, and the other where she appears as a breathtakingly beautiful young woman. Another girl who will make her entry is Jelena Jakovljevic (the item girl who sizzled in the 'Ja Re Ja' music video). The damsel will be seen performing in an item number in the film. Now, it remains to be seen whether the girl is able to sustain her 'magic' for long.

The movie is expected to hit the theatres on October 1st and has all eyes set on it.

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'Popcorn Khao Mast Ho Jao' - 'POP went the corn!'

Akshay Kapoor looks like he has signed the first and last film of his career. He lacks screen presence. No comments about his acting abilities. He is a decent dancer. Rashmi Nigam, another debutante is okay in the 'sex appeal' department but her acting (?) leaves more than a lot to be desired. She has a surprised and confused expression on her face while reacting to everything. Tanishaa is decent but we wonder why she settled for a role like this? She should stick to spunky (like in the first half of the film) and strong roles instead of being relegated to a girl in saris and with a mature outlook towards life. Agreed even the wildest of women mature but why does she behave like a major tragedy has befallen her in those five years? She gets on ones nerves in the second half. She also has lesser footage than the other girl. The only good part about the film is Yash Tonk who is a natural performer. He tackles all the funny scenes with great ease and breathes freshness into the film. Surely a non-happening film. We won't be surprised if it tumbles at the box office!

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Actor Akshay Kapoor wins the Best New Male Actor award. Picture / Reuters
India hands out Bollywood movie awards
02.05.05 1.00pm
By Claudia Parsons
ATLANTIC CITY - India's movie industry handed out its version of the Oscars on Saturday at the Bollywood Movie Awards, which saw a veteran director take top honors and a US actor best known for "Baywatch" named international star of the year.

Dancers in shimmering costumes, Indian beauties in saris and sultry heartthrobs sporting long black coats crowded the Taj Mahal for the occasion.

The Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, that is. The event was held in the US East Coast gambling resort as part of Bollywood's bid to be a global force in cinema.

It was a fitting backdrop for a show that mixed the glitz of a major movie industry with the retro feel of variety-show dance numbers, the likes of which were long ago excised from the Oscars.

An audience composed largely of Americans of Indian origin cheered as veteran Yash Chopra was named best director for his film "Veer-Zaara," which also picked up the award for best film and best actor for its star Shahrukh Khan.

Rani Mukherjee, one of the few major divas to take the stage, won the best actress award for her role in "Hum Tum."

"The winner is the "Spielberg" of India ... Yash Chopra," said former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff as he presented the award for best film, referring to star US director Steven Spielberg.

Bollywood has a reputation for colorful kitsch -- melodramatic plots, young lovers battling cruel fate, wicked villains and sentimental, but chaste, song-and-dance routines.

"Whether it's comedy or romance or action, films should touch your heart," Chopra said, explaining the appeal of his films and the genre, which despite efforts to expand its audience has so far made few inroads into the US market.


Though an array of stars including former Miss India Lara Dutta entertained the crowd, Hasselhoff provoked some of the night's biggest cheers when he picked up his statuette.

The Bollywood awards -- which resemble a slim-line Oscar holding what could be a torch or a bunch of flowers -- are chosen according to a popular vote by fans.

"Baywatch" and "Knight Rider," in which Hasselhoff co-starred with a car named Kit, may raise sniggers from highbrow critics at home but they are still going strong in India, and the actor said he had much in common with the escapism of Bollywood.

"I'm proud of shows like Baywatch and Knight Rider because it's about saving lives, not taking lives," he told Reuters.

"It's entertainment, it's tongue in cheek, it brings the world together," he said, adding that the entertainment industry was a powerful force for good in the world.

"I think it's responsible for a lot of world peace," Hasselhoff said, adding that he was hoping to work in India soon on a project based on a series of romantic novels.

"I never knew exactly how to get there. Now I've got this (award) it's like my key to India," he said.

Bollywood churns out around 1,000 movies a year. But despite a fan base that extends to the Middle East and Europe, few films make money.

But Shammi Kapoor, who was given a lifetime achievement award, said better technology and funding were leading to more and more better films. "They're getting to be more topical," he added. "They aren't the happy happy movies of yesteryear.

Bollywood still has comic heroes and dastardly villains, however, and the awards paid tribute to both. Aftab Shivdasani turned up to claim his prize for best comedian, but the villain of the year, Abhishek Bachchan, was nowhere to be seen.
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Audience is best judge: Akshay Kapoor
Subhash K Jha, Oct 5

Mumbai, Oct 5 (IANS): Akshay Kapoor, whose debut film "Popcorn Khao Mast Ho Jao" has just been released, sounds philosophical about its prospects.

"The audience is the best judge of what it wants to see," Akshay, with a characteristic yankee twang, told IANS in an interview.

He says some people told him the second half of the film was a little too heavy. However, he feels director Kabir Sadanand had a vision and that he is inclined to go with that vision.

Akshay says he loved working with Kabir.

"Some people tell me the second-half is a little too heavy. Personally I feel director Kabir Sadanand had a vision. I feel we must go by that vision."

How did you like it working with Kabir?

"The biggest advantage of having him as my first director was... he's an actor himself. He knew how to mould a newcomer before the camera. When you're on stage you get feedback immediately. But on camera it's difficult to know whether you're connecting with the audience.

"Kabir showed me how to touch the audience through the camera. I'll always be grateful to him for that. He gave me a great deal of confidence. Fortunately I'm in 98 out of 100 frames, so to speak. Which newcomer gets a break like that? I had to look dumb before the camera and I think I managed that. I hope I'll look less dumb in my second film, ha... ha..."

Don't underestimate him. The latest Kapoor in town is a trained actor.

"Though 'Popcorn Khao...' is my first time in front of the camera, I'm a trained theatre actor. I've done Shakespeare in London. And I've done four years of acting in New York. And did two Broadway plays, 'Tape' and 'Question Of Mercy'.

Akshay played an AIDS victim in "Question Of Mercy".

"I try to convince the doctor to let me commit suicide. In 'Tape' I play a cocaine addict. So there's a lot of variety in my past acting experiences."

How did a Hindi film happen?

"I met Pritish Uncle (Pritish Nandy) at the Bollywood Awards in New York. I've spent all my years since the age of 10 in New York. Started acting from age nine. I came back to Mumbai last year. I got my photographs done and showed them to Pritish uncle. They told me they had no scripts. I thought that was their way of saying no. But two months later I got a call asking me to audition for 'Popcorn...' And I was in!"

Now Akshay Kapoor is a full Mumbai boy.

"I've come back after so many years. Mumbai has changed. The film industry has changed. Our movies have changed. We've gone from peanuts to 'Popcorn...' Initially I did feel a little lost in Mumbai. My old friends had all left. I had to make new friends. It was very tough. But I believe god closes and opens doors with a reason. I'm a very spiritual person. Now I feel like a Bombay boy."

Akshay isn't counting on his debut as a dreamboat's launchpad.

"I see 'Popcorn Khao...' as a foot in the door. The other day I watched the film with an audience and I felt there was tremendous room for improvement in me."

Now there's another assignment from the Pritish Nandy Communications. "I don't know what 'Popcorn Khao...' Will do to my career. I still have to prove to the audience that I'm here to stay. I never expected to be a superstar from day one. After all I've no family in the film industry. But I look at the king of Bollywood Mr. Shah Rukh Khan and I'm encouraged. He's a complete outsider, isn't he? People ask me about my filmy name. Well Akshay Kumar and Akshay Khanna are successful actors. One is an outsider like me, the other belongs to a film family. And they're both successful, and I hope so will I."