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Posted: 8 years ago
Originally posted by -Kainat-

^^ I have also used a PSD!

thank you :)
Posted: 8 years ago
Originally posted by Ashvi_lolzZz

Originally posted by Ashvi_lolzZz

How to make like this!?like the avi without border and in round shape!


Can i be able to know it?!

I had saved this for my own use.
Try to watch this youtube link

How to shape gif

Use marquee tool

  • example: place the circle then invert n then delete!!!
    • right click and choose "select inverse" then delete
    • NOTE: that you cannot delete at once...u need to select 1st frame 1st layer delete, 2nd frame 2nd layer delete...like that for all the frames!
    • to transform right click and choose free transform or use "move tool"

Posted: 8 years ago
Originally posted by -Kainat-

Originally posted by -iLoveSobti-

how do you sharpen your image like this?

Copy your first layer-Screen-Sharpen (selective one )Embarrassed

Thanks ya so much!
Posted: 8 years ago
Please tell me from where can I get the unexpirable version of PS 7 ?

PS 6 will also do.

I can't download a huge software like PS every month, but it expires after 1 month only,  what can I do ?? Ouch
Posted: 8 years ago
I want non-expirable link of Jasc Animation shop .

Please ! 
Posted: 8 years ago
Psl help how to do this in photoscape or photoshop cs4

Posted: 8 years ago
Asked by -Saru..



^I am hoping u have basic knowledge of making GIF's/Tween and Linking layers and frames..otherwise this will be like greek and latin to you.LOL

This can be Made in two ways:


Open two siggy's/Pictures in one new document.Make sure they are of same size.U will have two layers now.
Eg. First picture is named - 1,Second one is named - 2.
Duplicate 2-U will get 2 copy.Now go back to 2 set it's opacity to 50%

Now u will have three layers.Goto Animation >frames.

IMP: Make sure "PROPAGATE FRAME 1" is UNTICKED in Layers Box.

Now create 4 frames.

Goto First frame and then make sure the only EYE/Layer visible is - 1.

Third to - 2 copy.

Second frame to -  1 and 2.

Fourth frame to - 1 and 2 again.

Now Select All Frames>Set time to 1 / 2 sec.
And File>Save for Web N Devices!


Open two pictures and make two frames.U will have two frames and two layers.
Link 1st frame to - 1.
Second frame to - 1 and 2.

Select 2nd frame and then -
Press on TWEEN button while selecting SECOND frame.U  will get a Pop-Up Box:TWEEN

Tween with- Previous Frame.
Frames to Add- 1.
Layers-All Layers
Parameters-Check All 3.


Now select 2nd frame-
the one u just duplicated ,u will get 3rd frame, drag to last making it fourth frame.

Now Select All Frames>Set time to 1 / 2 sec.
And File>Save for Web N Devices!

If u want to add more pics..then repeat the process.
Example:  U add 3 and 4 pics on top of layers - Same Size.Add Frame 5 and 6 by duplicating and link.

Link Frame 5-Pic 3.
Link Frame 6- Pic 3 and 4.

Selecting Frame 6 - Click Tween - With Previous Frame - 1 Frame to add.
U will get frame 5.
Then Duplicate 5 - U will get 6 it and drag to end making it 8.

And So on and on...!

Edited by Xx.Sri.xX - 8 years ago
Posted: 8 years ago
Originally posted by ishq-aur-junoon

Originally posted by -iLoveSobti-

how do you sharpen your image like this?

1/ Copy your image
2/ Filter - blur - gaussian blur (Radius:1.0)
3/ Put the opacity between 40-60
4/ Ctrl+E
5/ Filter - sharpen - smart sharpen (Amount:500 , Radius:0.3)
6/ If the result is too much put the opacity less
7/ Ctrl+E

thank you for this:)...i used to skip smart sharpen n do a double unsharpen mask , but this seems so easier...n i tried , it came out beautifully...Smile

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