Flight of the sparrows ~ ArHi OS (NOTE Pg10)

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Posted: 10 years ago

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Posted: 10 years ago

Translations of certain dialogues + Additional information


"Arnav, unn dono ko humaari zaroorat hai. Hum sabki zaroorat hai par...hum nahin kar paayenge, Arnav! Hum nahin kar paayenge...hum Sama ki aankhon mein woh dukh nahin dekh sakte! Aynu ki aankhon mein woh dard...wohi dukh aur dard jisse hum...hum nahin kar paayenge phir se! Hum nahin kar paayenge! Humaare bachche hi kyon?! Humaari bachchi hi kyon?! Humaara ghar hi kyon, Arnav, kyon?!"


"Arnav, both of them need us. They need all of us but...I wont be able to do it, Arnav! I wont be able to do it...I cant see that sorrow in Sama's eyes! The pain in Aynu's eyes...that sorrow and pain which we...I wont be able to do it again! I wont be able to! Why our kids?! Why our child?! Why our house, Arnav, why?!"

"The hurt always remains Sama, it always does. I wont lie to you about that but...but zindagi aage badti hai, it moves on and you move on with it, Sama. Humaari zindagi mein phir Amara aayi, Samya aayi, Nikhil aaya, Priyanka, Karan, tum...aur zindagi phir se khushiyon se bhar gayyee...haan mujhe meri Pari yaad aati hai, Pari bulaate the hum usse, we were convinced ki ladki hai...abhi bhi woh ek adhoora sapna hai but itne saare sapne poore bhi toh hue na? Main yeh nahin keh raha, Sama, ki Ji-Jiya humein yaad nahin aayegi...bahut yaad aayegi, zindagi bhar ka dukh rahega par beta, zindagi aage bhi badegi...uss bachchi ko...uss bachchi ko hass ke yaad karo because she bought happiness in her lives, so much of it...woh tumhaare dil mein hamesha rahegi par uss dil mein phir bhi jagah rahegi..."


"The hurt always remains Sama, it always does. I wont lie to you about that but...but zindagi aage badti hai, it moves on and you move on with it, Sama. We got Amara in our lives, Samya, Nikhil, Priyanka, Karan, you...and life once again became happy...yes, I still remember and miss my Pari, we used to call her Pari, we were convinced that it would be a girl...she is still an unfulfilled dream but so many other dreams did come true, right? Sama, I am not saying that we wont miss Ji-Jiya...we will miss her a lot, it will remain a lifetime's sorrow but beta, life will go on...remember that girl...remember that girl with a smile on your face because she brought happiness in our lives, so much of it...she will always be in your heart but there will be space for others too..."

Additional Information

Arnav and Khushi have two children - Ayaan and Amara but they had a still born daughter before they had Amara called Pari.

The rest of the names mentioned are children of Anjali; Akash and Payal and their spouses respectively.

Akash & Priyanka - Anjali's son and daughter-in-law

Nikhil & Samya - Akash and Payal's children

Amara & Karan - Arnav and Khushi's daughter and son-in-law

Ayaan & Samara - Arnav and Khushi's son and daughter-in-law

Any other doubts, please mention them in your comments and I shall try to get back to you at the earliest.

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Posted: 10 years ago


I had to take a couple of minutes to compose myself before I could even begin to gather my thoughts. When I read the note saying this was related to Mora Angana I'd already started bracing myself for an emotional storm to pass through me and nothing could have prepared me for this.

It was heartbreaking and heartfelt and all that bottled sorrow and pain...it's there is every word, unpretentious and raw, and I started crying long before I knew what I was crying for. How'd you do it Rae? Sometimes you make me squeal and giggle, and sometimes I become all quiet and contemplative, like I am now. This OS is going to weigh in my mind all day.

The emotions were so real. I loved how the story began outside Shantivan, slowly moving inside it, like metaphorically peeling away the exterior to show the pain hidden beneath the show of strength. I love the Raizadas - the fact they were all mourning, but mourning in private, all because they needed to give strength to Sama - it just makes me absolutely love the people they are.

But the person I love most of all is Arnav. That flashback of Khushi's words, of Khushi breaking down and saying she couldn't do it again - my throat is seizing up just thinking about it. It's a projection of what Sama must be feeling but is unable to let out...and it's also a moment of honest vulnerability to remind us that no matter how strong Khushi may be, she's also human, she can also be weak. But what made my heart swell though was how Arnav took it upon himself to be Khushi's strength when she fell weak - when he moved to shoulder his family's grief even though he was breaking just as much as everyone else.

He's such a wonderful, amazing man. You've portrayed him as a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, and a beautiful human being without mentioning exactly that and showing us instead. I can only imagine how hard it must have been to speak of Pari - but he did anyway, because he realised that now was the time to touch upon something he'd tried to suppress, now was to unravel himself a little so he could unravel the daughter he has in the form of his bahu. God, that was just the most beautiful scene...I couldn't stop crying as I read his soulful words and it touched me more because it's so realistic and so true...it won't be OK immediately, but someday, someday it will be. They'll never forget Jiya but they would learn to move on and learn to be happy again. Such a sensitive, true, emotional thing which so many people have passed through before, depicted so eloquently and tenderly...

The silent conversation between Ayaan and Arnav, the fatherly love and support, the moment Sama finally breaks down and releases the anguish, and Ayaan isn't brave enough to face it...so real, I could see it, feel it, felt like I was there too, hiding somewhere with my tears.

There was so much grief and sorrow here and yet, with Sama's wail, Ayaan's breakdown and Khushi's hug in the end...one can't but help feel hope that it will all be OK again someday.

A masterpiece Rae. You deserve a standing ovation

PS : you probably already now my brother's called Ayaan...and Sama happens to be my childhood friend :)Edited by -doe-eyes- - 10 years ago
Posted: 10 years ago
This has to be one of you most well-written pieces, and to handle an issue like this with such sensitivity is commendable. I was teary-eyed and almost crying when I reached this line-

"Ayaan, khana khila doon, beta?"

To see this helpless, vulnerable side to Arnav Singh Raizada is near disturbing, but also synonymous to what the general public, the mother of every 5 year girl around India must be going through. Troubled, scared and well helpless.

Moving on, I admire every word Arnav spoke, the small gestures, the strength he tried to pass on to Sama, drawing it from within what he and Khushi had been through. 

And the last line, symbolizes hope for me. Because when we have that 'one' person in our life, to draw strength from, shed tears with, the pain ceases to get dormant over time, there but not just as evident. 

Posted: 10 years ago

I have cried as I read this , as I think about the 5 year old girl who didnt even know what was happening to her

I hope that the judgement passed in this case will set a precedent and will help prevent this kind of horrific  crime
Posted: 10 years ago
It was a very emotional os.
No matter what happens life goes on but the pain never goes away.It is always there in the little things which remind you of what has been lost.
I didn't see Arnav  ,Khushi ,Ayaan or Sama in this story but the parents who had lost their child ,a much cherished and precious child.
I had tears in my eyes when I finished reading.There were moments which touched my heart .When  Arnav brought Sama out of her shell, When he felt the helplessness at not being able to do something,anything to ease his son's misery, when he mourned the loss of his daughter and when Sama rushed to hold her husband and mourn with him the loss of her first-born.
This was a masterpiece Rae and I salute you for your phenomenal writing.

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Posted: 10 years ago
Rae this was so soulful, one of the most brilliant emotional pieces I have ever read. Every character strung so beautifully in a single thread, staying together, caring for each other so that the thread doesn't break. To say that it touched my heart would be an understatement, because whoever reads this will feel that unexplainable tug right there.
A befitting tribute to not only the little girl but also to those little children and their families who go through this undeserved horror. The exchange between Sama and Arnav was tragically beautiful and so was the last line. My own Nani had a child who was still born and my mother still sometimes remembers him and says "He would have been of so and so age today" and "You would have had another uncle". But as your OS truly depicted, though the gap can never be filled, time eventually heals all wounds..
You deserve an applause for writing on this subject so tenderly and so very well :)

PS- I love the title.For some reason it reminds me of "O ri chiraiya" 
Edited by Amethyst. - 10 years ago
Posted: 10 years ago
that was heartbreaking Rae i was very emotional the death of a child i had tears in my eyes loved how arnav refused to let his strength break his khushi loved how he went to sama that was so touching and told her about their first baby showing her time can heal all wound not completely but that impossible but it heals and you note at the bottom that so sad when our innocent children can be protected from the monsters out there well done Rae  

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