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Posted: 6 years ago

Jay Kumar totally loves his wife(Bhavna) . Whatever she says he happily accepts. She is his lucky charm. At the work place she is the boss and he is the obedient Munimji. At home he gets bullied the most.. and this is where he wants to fight back--- in front of the children he doesn't want to seem like a pushover--- so he keeps coming up with ways to prove to the family that he can now control his wife and make her obedient. But he always falls flat on his face he keeps his moustaches like we see in so many north indian men.. they are his pride.. hoping that one day he'll also get the power that the moustaches signify.. one day.

Bhavana Ahuja is the Actual Head of the house--super hitler!! What she says goes.. if bhavna is around then everyone is at their best behavior. In front of bhavna we will see a whole new person in almost everyone. her controlling nature comes out most in front of the husband. She loves dressing up traditionally and believes that none of the punjabi women should forget their past. She wears typical Punjabi clothes.. with a parandi and all.. big jewellery.. she shows off her status today. She runs their business.. the business is a punjabi shop: all things punjabi from food to their sarees to their accessories. She at times loves getting involved in all the fun.. so she will happily be a part of it. but at getting caught she will turn an innocent face and act all strict and angry and walk out.

He is the eldest son and the apple of bhavna's eye. He is smart, has a good job and works outside Mumbai, and keeps on visiting the family occasionally. He is a self proclaimed casanova. forever bringing home different girl friends.. forever wooing bhairavi's friends.. He thinks he is today's Rajnikant.. imitating his style.. with gaurav its not just imitation.. it is also actually being able to pull off those stunts.. but like rajnikant writes in his books about himself.. he used to practice a lot to be able to manage these stunts.. The same way we will have a lot of gags because of the failure of gaurav's stunts.. and even bigger gags and crazy stuff happening because gaurav actually succeeds in the stunts. He is the only one who will get away with anything in the house.. bhavna does not scream at him.. never gets angry.. and she tends to believe anything he says.. his trademark is a bag he carries that has a Bombay delhi airline tag.

She is the Bhavna's younger , unmarried daughter..… and Rahul's older sister.bhairavi is spirited, bubbly and is her mom's darling.. Bhairavi is very carefree and doesn't care about the young scientist wooing her… she acts high handed, and pricey all over. She is a women's activist types.. A disaster in the kitchen , yet she tries her hands on.., if she falls asleep then nothing can awake her. She is hard core women's lib and tends to attend morchas.. and other such events which eventually turn into disasters. She is in love with the neighbour Daya but it's a one sided love.

He is the main protagonist, the youngest son of the Ahujas. He is a simpleton with a heart of gold, but mischievous at the same time. He will go to the depth of any situation---his curiosity never satiates. He is also a hard core romantic He dreams of one day being her perfect prince charming..he dreams of beig his mom's perfect son.. and so he is always striving to do something better... He plays pranks on the wrong doer , and makes them learn a lesson Rahul loves all outdoor games.. he tries to imitate gaurav.. trying to be rajnikant and instead becoming a disaster.. Rahul is the true hero though.. chaplinesque.. he might lose, he might shed a tear.. but he is the most loved..

Rahul's wife with her shimmering eyes and a lovable smile, and a die hard fitness enthusiast . she knows she can never really match up to everything her MIL wants.. so she does everything bhavna wants.. Anita is from a really rich family.. and is used to doing crazy things on a whim.. for Rahul she is always adjusting.. She loves experimenting with her clothes but bhavna has strict rules.. so both she and bhairavi gang up, dress traditionally and as soon as bhavna is out they get out of their traditional stuff and wear their favourite casuals. She is too smart to fall for KK's snooping.. and KK is on a mission since the day she enters the house.. he will make her lose… she is a great cook.. so she is always helping out Kumar.. KK's mischief and bhairavi;s being a bad cook always leads to disaster.. She has a cleaning up OCD

KK works at the shop, at home he is supposed to cook, but never does it.. somehow always manages to con kumar into cooking.. he is always hanging around the house to get news and gossip of other family members so that he can report it to bhavna.. the sign for some big tamasha/ incident to happen in the house is when we see kk running to bhavna and putting his hand to her ear and whispering.. the only protection the family members have against this is that KK has very very thick glasses.. he cant see without them.. so the only way out of suffering is for family members to drop his glasses.. and then hope he cant find his way to bhavna.. and they can go ahead with their plan.
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Posted: 6 years ago

All that is known about Daya is that he is Hanuman's bakht and a bachelor. He is a brahmchari who is bothered by Bhairvari to no end!
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Posted: 6 years ago
nice posting,,,,
thanks for sharing...
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