This OS is dedicated to Bday gal :Subu aka sss283

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These are from Girija: As iam not feeling well  I asked her to do it ...Enjoy the day to the fullest lil gal..

P.S: Hey this card by Giri for you .. hope you like it .. if you able to read it its ok otherwiose i will post it clearly ..Lol ...

Special OS :Just for you Subu darling ...
Make a wish and blow the candles ...


The sound made Priya tilt her head to otherside ,And ends up in her handsome hunks crook of the neck.He nuzzled her ear"Good morning Honey"
She said "Good Morning?

Why you are up early? Nuzzling along her chin line ?..A lopsided grin appeared on his face while asking this question .
Crossing his index finger around her  cheek sliding down to  chin.
She blushed at this answered "The sounds made me "

Which sounds ,both looked at the window ,The view amazed them .
Their beautiful garden covered with multi species of colourful flowers splashing in the rain ..
A strong thunder hit the sky and the raindrops kissed the window roughly .
The horrified sound make Priya tightens her grip on him more tightly ..
He securedly holds her ,ravishing her beauty with his lips ..

Priya "Ouchh plzzz she protested " when his teeth marked on her neck.
Kya plzzz "Priya...see ekdum khoobsurath weather and outside is soo cool and inside you are hot ..why you are stopping me... Again kisses her cheek ..

Oh don't tell You forgot she is coming today..
" you should knew Im The Ramkapoor I haven't forgot but at this time plzz don't stop me by occupying her ...

Plzzz priya  puased his action ,you knew she is younger! Ram stopped her Oh Priya  her flight is in the evening and I myself will pick her up from the airport...
Now don't spoil my mood ...Bringing her closer to him ..Hugged her tightly ..
I love you he murmured in her ear while nibbling it ..

She kissed him endlessly and his hands roamed all over her body aimlessly.
Her body responded to his actions and she struggled to get same phace for his ministartions.
Her toes turned inwardly  his hands covered her mounds both were fitted in a perfect posture.
The rain stopped slowly and their rhythm came to end ...

Drenched in severe sweat, slept with contented smiles on their faces .
The sun rays ached in Rams eyes .He stirred in his sleep to avoid the bright sunlight.
Her hair was messy it jamed in his fingers ..He slowly opend his eyes to see her ..
She curled like a ball ,cuddled him tightly ,her head on his arm ,sleeping like a kid .

He kissed her forehead ...Got up from the bed wearing his kurtha he walked to the balcony .
After sometime our princess got up from her sugary sleep ,not finding her husband beside her she rushed out wearing her night robe ...She found him in the balcony..
The sun is brightening with his rays , slowly drizzling out there her handsome stood there enjoying ..

Feeling the flowers by touching them ...some he is trying to relieve dewdrops from the flowers..
He felt her presence without turning to herside ...
Isnt it beautiful .. the sunrays sametime this slight drizzling ...
His face welcoming the small drops and streched his hands out there ..
Her lips carved in a big grin seeing her big boy enjoying this dew drops from drizzling.
She walked slowly into his open arms , he securedly covered her up ..
Yah its beautiful to see my husband like this ..
"like what " he questioned ..

Hmm[Pulling his cheeks] like this my cute "Pumpkin " playing in the rain  with the beautiful flowers..
Phir se "Mota" kaha ?
When ...I didnt  ?? she said hiding her smile..
So If I'm  "Pumpkin " matlab what you are ..."Tomato " kya?
She smiled at him "Very funny "
What happen ..If you are not Tomato why you are cheeks will turn into Tomato colour when i ...
she closed his mouth with her hand he kissed her hand instantly ...
She withdrew the same speed..He winked at her ..
I feel like eat you up ..Plzz she lowered her eyes and she isnt unable to look in his eyes ..
His shrill ring of his phone brought them to this world ...

Both smiled at seeing the caller ID...
Jijajiii ...Good morning ...
He closed one of his eye and ear ...keep the phone a bit distance from his ear ...
Ha Good morning sweety ..Kya bath hai .. !
You coming to airport right ..She sounded so happily ...
HmmRam spoke, a small problem sweety ... You knew I caught up with an urgent meeting ..
when priya tries to tell something ..He makes her pause...
So im sending Ganesh driver to receive you ..Ok baby ..
He heard a sad sigh from that side ...He chukled listening to it ...
She disconnected the call murmured under her breath ..Noone remembers this day ..
Even Priya di tooo and I have a meeting etc etc he told ...
she decided to give them earfull when she reached kapoor mansion.
She is packing her things to go to mumbai ...soon she reached airport boarded the flight ...
She is beaming with joy after a year she is going to meet her di and jejaji...
After Priya di marrige she hardly get time to meet them and now its going to be a year ...
She finally cleared her B.Tech last year exams ,got plenty of holidays to enjoy with her sister and Jijaji.She so wanted to fly ...She very well knew their marrige is arranged marrige ..
Initially her sister used to tell how it is different from our locality and culture and Mainly to bear Her Jijaji's anger ...But after fewdays they bond up soo nicely and called by everyone made for each other .. She soo wanted to see them and blissfulness of being a businessman's saaliji..
She giggled at her thoughts and slept ...Bu t before closing her eyes [Rofls] the flight landed in mumbai ...[it's just 90 mins journey ]
She walked ...reading all placards one by one .. she wanted to dial The Ram kapoor number ..
But A pair of  warm strong hands scooped her in his arms and hugged her ...Telling "Welcome to Mumbai "
OMG ...Goshhh she almost fainted to see her Jijaji in that too in most handsome suit  ...
He is grinning ear to ear ...Forwarded his hand to her ...
She slid her slim palm in his gave side hug ...
Shall we gooo ...
You said you have a meeting ...
Hmm Common sweety how come i will miss your arrival ..Its a surprise...She looked over his back ... For her sister ..
Hmm she don't knew that Iam coming hear to pick you up ...Will give her a  surprise..
Oh sure..she gave hi5 to him ... Drove to kapoor mansion ..
Soon they reached the kappor mansion ...
He called her out Priya ..Priya ...
Bansikaka came ...told him ,sir !mam went to Temple she will be here at anymoment ..
Sweety ...Showing a room...this is your room ... make yourself comfortable ..after shower ,hover come to our room showing the upstairs ...
She took bath ,got ready in her usaul outfit ...Looking simple yet beautiful ...
She went to their room jumping ..singing hoping her Priya di will be home soon...
When she entered the room ... She was awstruck with the view ...
That room was elegant and decorated with red aroma candles in corners ...
And she heard the song ..

Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday me dear "Subuuu"
Happy birthday to you ...
May god bless to you ...

The song continued till she reachd the middle of tthe room there Ram and Priya were waiting for her with a beautiful love shaped small cake ..They are waiting for subu like this ,...

Priya hugged her ..wished
"Many happy returns of the day "Subu" May god bless you .
Ram also wished her giving a chotasa b'day gift to her ..
Neha and vikram joined there ..
Priya introduces subu to them..
Neha ..This is subu my ladli choti behan ...studying Btech in Hyderabad ..
She came here to visit us and today is her birthday we wanted to give her surprice..
Here it is ..
They made subu cut the cake and showered with gifts ..
Subu gt tears while seeing their  love and affection ..How foolishly she thought they forgot her birthday ..
Subu how are you feeling ...
you should fill this gap ...
After sometime ...Subu dancing with Priya ..
Priya felt giddiness and sat on a chair ... Ram rushed to call the doctor .
But Priya called him back telling no need of it ...
It's a good news ... My lil sister entered in the home .. and brought the happiness ..Blushingly she said
"You are going to be Papa soon"
Ohhh ... What ??? What you told ..Papa you mean ...
Im ..You are going to be mother ..
All were happy hearing the news .They enjoyed the dinner ...And retired to the night ...

Hopefully you like my small one shot story on your birthday ...
I knew how much you like stories especially RAYA's ..Here is littile surprise on your birthday..
Hello dear readers ...plz do comment on this and wish her on this special day ..
Thank you soo much ..

Plz wish this charming girl on her b'day ..and leave the comments ..

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Happy Birthday Image

Many more happy returns of the day my beautiful lady ...
Turning to 20 this year ...Hope your wishes will come true ...
Im so sorry my lady .. I tried alot to come to online ..But i alredy told you that im busy ..
so here is a small surprise from my side ... Hope fully you likes it ..

Today is a birthday, I wonder for whom?
It must be for somebody right in this room.
So look all around you for somebody who
Is smiling and happy, my goodness, it's you!

Happy Birthday Subu, from all of us to you,
Happy Birthday Subu,, from all of us to you.
We congratulate you, and hope all your sweet dreams come true,
Happy Birthday Subu, from all BALH forum members (boom boom.)

How beautiful is this morning
on which I come to greet you
We come with happiness
and pleasure to congratulate you!
All flowers were born on the day
that you were born
Dawn is arriving and
the light of day is upon us.

I would like to be sun
to enter through your window
And greet you Good Morning
lying in the bed.
Dawn is arriving
and the light of day is upon us.
Rise up this morning and
see what dawn has brought.

Happy Birthday Candles

Happy Birthday 2

Happy Birthday Roses

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Posted: 2013-03-27T11:55:13Z
aap aayi tho bahar aayi welcome sister 
hope your fine now
happy birthday subbu lots of love and hugs to you 

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Posted: 2013-03-27T11:58:33Z
happy birthday subu...

welcome back neel missed you so much...
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Posted: 2013-03-27T12:02:15Z
hey neel yaar plz come back miss u very much and ur updates also Big smile
happy birthday subu
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Posted: 2013-03-27T12:04:28Z
Happy Birthday Subbu...I wish you a success ful n happiest year ahead...keep rocking the forum.

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Posted: 2013-03-27T12:06:30Z
Happy Birthday subbu dear

Welcome back neel hope u re doing great with ur health take care
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Posted: 2013-03-27T12:13:16Z
Hi Neel how are you doing hope everything is fine with you. Missing u gal.Just came to forum to wish Subu happy b'day and bang Surprise thread from Neel.U made our day(night) waiting for the OS eagerly...Take care buddy.
Subu see your di has planned such a pleasant surprise for you..U enjoy it gal..Have a blast Subu.Edited by armanz - 2013-03-27T12:20:55Z
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