**Fan Fiction In The Spotlight#4!**

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Fanfiction In The Spotlight .4.


N a a c h _ B a s a n t i


Yet again, the FF in the spotlight is written on the beautiful couple of Arnav and Khushi! The thread is on it's THIRD THREAD right now! A story that clearly has the writers hooked!



Chasing Dreams



When/How did you come up with the concept for this story?

What was your first story on IF?

What about writing do you like most?

What's one thing you dislike about writing on IF?

If there was something the DT could do to make the lives of writers easier, what would it be?

Who is your favourite writer on IF? Favourite story?

Is there another story you might be writing soon? If so, do you have something to say about it?

Do you have a message for your readers or IF members in general?


Congratulations! Big smile

-FF DT [SuhanaSafar, MP_Radha & Angel-Jot.]

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I was writing the next Chapter for Chasing Dreams and I received the PM from Jot. Thanks a bunch for selecting my FF, its truly an honor.

This is me at the moment, its yet to sink in. I will answer the questions tomorrow. I'm all for the craziness quotient of the questions being high, so shoot away.

Thanks again everyone.

When/How did you come up with the concept for this story?

I came up with concept during one of my many chats with Meera 30 who is an accomplished writer herself. She and another friend Serial Junkie had been egging me to write a fan fiction for the longest time.

I have always felt that the one big clash in beliefs between Arnav and Kushi regarding marriage was never explored in the show. This is a very interesting angle for me.
'What happens when you fall in love hopelessly with the person who doesn't share your beliefs in marriage?' The number of people who dont want marriage is now increasing. So I wanted to delve into this angle more and see how the 2 protagonists of my story work through their differences.

Will they get their Happy ending or is it a case of one of those love stories which is never meant to be. We will have to wait and see. I had the story for Book 2- Chasing Love figured out before Book 1.

What was your first story on IF?
I wrote a small chapter for a spoof FF called Chamelis Fanfaraktion. It was out and out parody. I'm more popular rather unpopular for the sarcastic posts I make in the forum.

What about writing do you like most?
That you can switch off completely and transport yourself and your readers into an alternative world. I now know and understand my Arnav and Kushi probably more than some of my friends.

I recently had a baby, and currently I'm on a maternity break from work. Writing has helped me channelise my thought process in a positive way.

What's one thing you dislike about writing on IF?
It has to be the PM serice. Sending Pms after each update is rather time consuming. I wish it were as easy as ending an email.

If the
re was something the DT could do to make the lives of writers easier, what would it be?

Please introduce No copy codes for all the pages. And I have already told you about the FF award. There are some writers I would love to see win recognition for their amazing work.

The DT of this section is very active and responsive to our complaints. Initially I was wary of the lack of clarity in policy regarding sex content that glamorises rape, abuse, brute and force. But now that has been addressed.

Who is your favourite writer on IF? Favourite story?

Gosh there are so many...
1. Meera 30- Careless Whispers and Colours of the Wind. how can one not love these stories? Meera is a poet in disguise of a writer

2. Kalyaani-
Pursuit is shaping up to be one of my all time fav FF. I would say that Kalyaani was an inspiration to me with regards to building up characters and the story at an easy pace, something I tend to do as well.

3. Serial Junkie-
The Filigreed Sun is the most emotional intense FFs, I have read to date. I laughed, cried with SJ's characters.

4. Expelliaramus aka Juhi- Sins- A poignant account of how molestation and abuse breaks a woman emotionally. It was written right after the Delhi incident. Juhi handled the subject with a maturity that not many can boast of

5. Masam-
The Splintered Rainbow- I bet a $100 dollars that you would be in tears by the time you finish reading this one shot. Its one of the best written pieces on death and grief.

6. Munchy- Pandoras Box. Any list will be incomplete without speaking of Pandoras Box. There are very few writers who can claim to have complete justice to all characters in a tale set against Partition- a dark period in history.

7. HeadOverheels-
Mystic Skies- reaffirmed my faith in love, romance and the kindness of human spirit.

Is there another story you might be writing soon? If so, do you have something to say about it?

There is a book 2 which will be called Chasing Love which is set over a time period after book 1. Its will be shorter than book 1 and a tad more dramatic.

I'm also debating on whether I should write a SS after I complete book 1. Arnav and Kushi in the story have an arranged marriage. But one of them has the least bit regard or love for the other person as they are already in love with someone else.

And the final idea I have is a FF on the fashion world which I will start after I finish Chasing series. A story on how Kushi struggles her way to become a leading model from a girl from rural UP, and how Arnav builds his fashion empire from scratch, and what happens when they meet. Give IF's strict policy on matured content, I'm still debating whether I should write this.

Phew... a lot of ideas but very little time.

I'd love to hear your opinion on my ideas.

Do you have a message for your readers or IF members in general?
Thanks a bunch for reading my story.

Feedback is what motivates writers like me. Any feedback positive or negative is welcome. Feel free to share any criticism you may have. I promise not to bite. Similarly I request other writers to welcome and take on  any negative feedback they may get.

The world would be a boring place if we all agreed.

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Posted: 7 years ago
You truely deserve this!
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Posted: 7 years ago
Congratulations!! I love your FF Chasing Dreams..
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Posted: 7 years ago
Congratulations !!!!

This is the most awesome thing, ever !!

Love and hugs, yaara, and here's to many more threads of Chasing Dreams!!
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Posted: 7 years ago
Heartiest Congratulations Meri Basanti!!

I wish I had a bhangada smiley.

Or I knew how to embed Khushi's dancing after doing irritating "swami" act on Arnav!!
But for now..


Party      and  a big   Hug!

Now you know why we impatiently wait for the updates!!

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Posted: 7 years ago
Congratulations...the story truly is wonderful and the honour is justified!Clap
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Posted: 7 years ago

Congrats N_B!

You absolutely, completely deserve it! Your first work on IF and so appreciated. I am SOOO happy for you  Dancing
CD is the dreamiest story on IF Day Dreaming
Partyyy Party
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