12 March Special OS Aankahi Dastan

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" I dont want to do argue with you anymore priya, plz for sometimes leave me alone" ram says angrily..priya tries to hold his hands ram jerks his hand and goes from there... priya is alone at the room sitting on the bed. tears rolling from her eyes... sometimes later she gets up from bed and goes to washroom she splashes some water on her face..pulling the towal from the rack she wipes her face... she steps into the room and moves near the bedside table and takes the photo frame in her hand and whisper " i m sorry ram, i dont like to fighting with you but i did it sorry for that, i know u r planning so many things for tonight but i spoil all your plan...baby i will make this night memorable one... i know after see all the arrangement u will forgive me, love u jaan and places a kiss on his photo...

priya fill the room with flowers and scented candles. covers the every available surface vase of fresh cut flower Scatter individual stems of roses across the floor and rose petals over the bed and bedside tables. Line the floor around the edges of the room with scented tea lights in glass holders, and position larger candles on the surfaces between the vases of flowers... she plays a soft music and goes to changing room... she is standing in front of the mirror...  wears a black color saree... with low cut blouse.. she applies some light make up...she slide her hair on her right shoulder..and puts a bindi on her forehead... she wears a white waist chain... her mangolsutro and sindoor makes her more adorable... after looking at the last time in the mirror she walking towards the window... she is gazing at the sky..the moon and the sky looking at her twinkling more brightly... " plz ram aab to aa jao plz" she murmurs

clock shows it is 11.25 pm at night... priya is still leaning on the window... when she hears the footsteps she turns and looks at the door...ram is standing in front of the door... he is staring the room with amusement when his eyes fell into her eyes... they r looking at each other with love and pain..without breaking the eye contact priya takes some small steps and stands in front of him...

" Dil ki dhadkan badte he jaaye samne jab wo aaye, pyaar essi ko kehete han kya koi ya sam jaaye , magad sach che lagte hain ye a dharti ye a nadiya aur tummm" playing male voice in the bg

priya extends her hands towards him, ram place his hand on her palm and steps into the room... holding her hands he turns around and bolt the door...and again he turns towards her... " i m sorry priya, he places his hands on her cheek..feeling his touch priya close her eyes and leans a little... ram is gazing at her with a shy smile... few second later priya slowly opens her eyes and look at his eyes..she places her palm over his hands... tears gather her eyes..there are longingly looking at each other..tear rolling from corner of her eyes and touches ram finger.. ram brushes her cheeks with his thumbs... " i cant tolerate you tears, he puts her hands above his heart and says its hurts me here when i see your tears... u have no idea priya what you mean to me... he adds gazing at her, his expression one of absolute sincerity like a small boy telling a very simple truth...

she takes his face between her hands and say " ram aap ko bhi andaja nahi hain aap kya hain meri liya, zindigi mein kabhi nahi socha tha ki mein kise se itna pyaar karungi, jis ke ek muskan k liya mein kuch bhi kar sakti huin... ram mein to saas leyti huin par meri har ek saas mein aap ka nam likha hain... jab aap meri pas nahi hote hain mujhe lagta hain mein hoke bhi kahi nahi huin...jab raat ko meri ghod pe sar rakh ke aap sohte hain to lagta hain puri rat mein aap ko aise dekhte rahu... jab subha uhtkar aap ki muskurate cheherako dekhta huin to lagta hain meri duniya khel uhtha hain... aap ne meri zindigi ko itna khubsuroot bana diya hain kabhi kabhi dar lagta hain ki kise ki najar lag na jaiye... ram aap hamesha ek baad yaad rakhenga jab tak ram hain tab tak priya hain,.. jab priya ki zindigi mein ram nahi rehegi tab aap ko kahi bhi priya nazar nahi aaiyegi... kyun ki priya ki zindigi ram hain srif ram...

her every word is echoing  in his ear... every words of her means a lot to him... priya never express her feelings but this is the first time she confesses that she loves him so much that she cant live a single moment without him... ram cups her face and says i love you priya...i love you very much...he leans a little priya closes her eyes and parts her lips  ram takes her lips in his mouth...so slowly, so tenderly he sucking her lips... he is tasting her... her fingers twisting in his hair... the slow and gentle kiss convert into a passionate one... when both need the air they breaks the kiss... now they are breathing heavily... ram intertwined his fingers with hers and walking towards the bed...he makes her sits on the bed and he also sits beside her and takes her hands in his hand and places a kiss...

priya and ram lying on the bed priya s head rested on his shoulder...and ram arms warps around her body..." priya tum aaj bohat khubsurot lag rahi hain" ram whisper and kiss on her hair...ram gently place her head on the pillow...he shifts on top of her taking his weight on his elbow... now there looking at each other eyes... biting her lips priya gives him a shy smile and at the other side...her hair cover her shoulder..ram slides his hand in her neck and pushes the hair a side...priya is feeling butterfly in her belly... ram bends down and places a kiss on her neck he grabs her saree pallu and pulls it away from her body... priya tightly close her eyes and savoring every kiss that ram is placing on her neck and cleavage...she raises her hands and fist his hair...when ram is continue hiss sweet torture priya tilts her heads back and gives him a better access...ram slips his hands behind her and pulls away her blouse from her body...he places several kisses on her b****... and takes her n**** in his mouth, and he sucks it hardly... priya moans with pleasure...places some more kisses on her belly and her neck ram lay down beside her... priya comes over him... and starts to kiss his forehead,eyes cheek nose and lips...ram grabs her waist tightly and presses herself more into him...raising her head little more priya is looking at him...their eyes blazing with desire...in one swift moves ram comes over her... kissing her every inches of body crazily...a soft moans comes from her throat... slowly and gently ram pushes himself inside her... priya scream with pleasure and clutches his arms tightly..priya wraps her one leg in his waist and give him a better access... " oh priya i cant get enough from you, i feel so good inside you..he gapes...she let go, gloyring in what he does to her, finding her sweet , sweet release, as she comes loudly screaming his name   priya, baby and he cries and collapses beside her ... sometimes later ram pulls her into his arms and places a soft kiss on her lip... hugging each other tightly they drift into a peaceful sleep...

12 march a historical day for all balh fansEmbarrassed... so i thought to share a os on this occasion... i know it is not good at all but i just want to share something in this day... and especially i worte this os for Alya subhu and fiza..they always inspire me to write os and  ff... thank guyz for your all love and support...

hello all friends if u like it then hit the like button and leaves your comment its means a lot to me...

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It's very beautiful, I loved it
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Posted: 2013-03-11T22:29:58Z
nice os.. thanku 
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Posted: 2013-03-11T22:39:54Z
its awesome. lovely Os
its above the marks
I thanks to ur friends u inspired u to writeWink
thanks for Pm.
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Posted: 2013-03-11T23:36:52Z
It is a very nice OS, thanks for writing Smile
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Posted: 2013-03-12T00:46:20Z
beautiful OS Clap 
love it thx a lot
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Posted: 2013-03-12T01:12:08Z


wonderful good one

happy 12th marchEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2013-03-12T03:35:06Z
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