FF:Tere bina mushkil Pt5&6 updated in pg8&9

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Tere bina mushkil hai Jeena, tu mera hum Saaya!


Ram Kapoor                                Priya Sharma
Neha Kapoor/shergill               Vikram shergill

Ram, Neha and Natasha's  parents: Amarnath and Krishna Kapoor
Priya and Rishabh's parents: Sudhir Sharma and Shipra Sharma


Ram and Priya have lived in Paris for their studies during the same duration of stay, but haven't come across each other, until, they were told by their parents to meet one another and decide if they want to get married.

Vikram is Ram's childhood friend and is engaged to be married to Neha. Rishabh and Natasha are very good friends and still in college are the ones who came up with the idea of why not my sister and your brother?

Status-wise the Kapoors and the Sharmas are on an equal footing, unlike the original version.

Let me know, if you guys like my idea and also, if I should continue on building the story. This is my first attempt at anything of this sort..

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Please continue soon
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Guys, I need a positive push from you guys, should I really continue?

BTW, part-1 is titled as "Paris- The city of Romance"

Does Ram have a Girl friend? Or Priya has a boyfriend? Will they meet upon insistance from their families? Wink
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Posted: 2013-03-08T12:50:49Z
plz cntnue its intrstng
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Posted: 2013-03-08T13:43:53Z
1- Paris- The city of romance

Nuts, tell Neha about Priya and also, that she and her friend Rishabh feel, that Ram would be the ideal match for her. Neha gets all excited and asks for priya's photo and takes it to her parents and they all like her instantly.

Ram is 28 and Priya is 26.

At Sharma residence, Rishabh does the same. His parents also like Ram. 

The Kapoor's immediately start for the Sharma's house to talk about how they should proceed, meanwhile, Vikram joins them at the Sharma residence.


Ram is pursuing a double degree course in MBA, while Priya is pursuing an advanced course in Literature. Both are studying in different universities. 

It was Priya's Birthday and she friends had planned a party for her at a nearby pub. Priya gets a call at sharp 12am, it was a guy, he was drunk and says: "I lost my keys, can you open the door for me?" Priya gets irritated and cuts the call, meanwhile, Sanjay, walks into her apartment with a cake. Priya gets scared, thinking, it must be the same lunatic, who called her up at that time in the night. She doesn't think much and proceeds towards the door with a stick.

On the other side of the city, Ram, had lost his keys and is trying to dial, his roommates number, which, he mistakenly deletes because, he was drunk. He finally reaches his apartment and knocks on the door, luckily, his roommate was home, and Ram gets ready to hit the bed.


Vikram, tells, there is no way, Ram wants to marry or get involved with a girl at this point of his life, so, we have to plan cleverly, so that he doesn't refuse to meet Priya at all. Shipra says, Priya, doesn't tell much about her self, but, I don't think, she likes anybody else, that she would refuse any match put forth by us, if she likes the guy. We could give this match a try.

All agree to this. Now, Neha calls up Ram. Ram, was so drunk and was infact, intoxicated into sleeping, so, he wasn't picking, the call. Neha was wondering, normally at this time, he never sleeps, why isn't he picking up the phone?

On the other end, Sudhir, was calling up Priya, she was busy, wondering who was at the door and ignores the call. When the door gets opened, she starts hitting Sanjay, with the stick she was carrying. Later, she recognises, his voice and stops hitting him.

Sanjay, celebrates her birthday and they kiss.

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hey nyc strt..its sound intresting...bt who's this guy sanjay and priya nd that guy kiss each other???? Pls cntinue soonEdited by anuraya - 2013-03-08T17:11:26Z
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Posted: 2013-03-08T21:32:22Z
good start, but why the hell Priya kissing the guy, are they in love?, continue ASAP as I need to know what is going on
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Posted: 2013-03-08T21:46:14Z
Nice start...continue soon!!!
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