OS: Please Hold Me Tightly *last part* 4/5/13

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priya is walking aimlessly on the road.. she cant believe that what she heard... she wants to cry loudly... she wants to hold ram tightly and tells him the truth.. but she  cant do this... she cant see him in pain...she finds a bench near the beech she goes there and sits on it... she looks at the sky and says " Why God why, why u do this always to me? cant you see me happy?i love him God, dont take me away from him...   tears are pools her eyes and spills on her face...she covers her face with her palm and cry bitterly...her phone is ringing consistently but she does not bother to pick up the call...

when she reaches at home it all ready dark in the outside.. she makes her way to her bed room.. ram pacing up and down the room... it almost 3 hours he is calling her but she does not pick up the phone...he calls everywhere but nobody know where she is... he is become restless...when priya steps at the room.. her eyes meet with ram... she is looking tried and pale... without saying any thing she goes near the table puts her hand bag on the chest of the table... when she tries to go to changing room ram holds her wrist and pulls her towards him.." what the hell priya. why you did not pick up my phone and all the evening where r you? damn looks at me... "plz Mr kapoor leave me. i m feeling tired i need to take some rest" she tries to pull her hands from his fist but he holds her wrist more tightly.. why r u looking so pale what is the matter priya plz tell me, i cant see you like this, r u angry at me? did i do any thing wrong thats why u mad at me? plz priya tell me dont be silent...priya shouts dont you hear what i said i m feeling tired, and i need some rest... plz M kapoor leave me alone...plz just leave me... she storms from there and leaves ram totally puzzles...

she bolt the washroom door leans on the door she slowly collapse one the floor... she hug herself tightly tears rolling from her eyes ... she is feeling totally shatter, she knows it very well that hiding the truth she is hurting herself and ram...she gets up from the floor and splash some water in her face...she wears her nighty and comes from the washroom... Ram is standing in the balcony looking at the sky... he is feeling dejected, he always considers priya a good friend... but for priya is he really a good friend of her? he cant understands her sudden  changes behavior... is i m reacting over protective? she is a adult girl she knows what is right and wrong... i dont need to interfere in her life anymore... if she wants to stay away for me then fine i will give her the space...

It almost three days that ram and priya is ignoring each other... ram does not want to feel her uncomfortable on the other hand priya does not want to face with him..she knows if she talks with him she will be broke again...but at her heart she is missing him badly...at the night priya is lying at the bed when she hears his foot steps she pretends that she is sleeping.. ram is feeling exhausted.. without making any sound he goes to washroom... when he steps into the room his eyes fell onto her face...
he goes near her and sits beside her head...

he hesitantly puts his hand on her hair and running his finger to her hair gently... a drop of tears rolls from his eyes and fell into her face..." aisa kyun kar rahi ho priya tum? kyun tum mujhse dur rehena chate ho? ya duriya mujhse aur bardas nahi wo rahi hain...priya mujhe nahi pata mein kabse tumeh itna chahane lagi huin...ya 3 din priya mujhe pata hain ki mein kaise betaiya huin tumare bina...har ek pal katna muskil ho rahi thi tumare bina...
plz priya mujhse dur mat karo tumse mein nahi ji sakti tumare bina... mein mar joungi priya tumare bina... tumse dur rakh ke mujhe aur saja mat do...
now ram is crying bitterly... mein jante huin ki mein he thi jo hamesha humare riste ko samjota ki riste kehe the thi par ya samjote ki riste meri zindige ban chuki hain priya....... i love you priya... i love you very much...plz ek bar kehe do ki tum bhi mujhse pyaar karte ho ek bar kehe do ki tum bhi meri bina nahi ji sakte ho srif ek bar bata do priya.... srif ek bar...usske baad tumeh jitna bhi mujhse dur rehena pade raho mein kuch nahi kahungi... plz priya mujhe apna lo...

May you think of me sometimes, thats my wish ...
 Calling you as my life, that's my wish ...You are longing for someone else, may god never do that to you... You're the support to my kind love... I live, but you are the reason for living I'm sitting here, with wishes of your kindness towards my heart Say You Love Me Baby..IVe Been Waiting For You.Say You Love Me Baby.. If there is a condition for loving, then tell me so...If I ever made an error towards you, then tell me so I'm sitting here, holding my life to you  I'm sitting here with wishes for your love  
I'm sitting here with wishes for your love...

another stupid OS from me... hehehe mujhe accha lagta hain meri OS se aap logo ko tang karna... feel free to show your love towards my OS LOL... any thing is welcome...aap logo ki response dekh kar mein last part continue karungi... OS thoda sad sad hainCry... agar meri OS padke koi bhi sadCry ho gayi to mujhe PM karna mein ek hot sa story Pm kar dungi...Embarrassed...

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very nice loved Ram's confessioin
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Posted: 2013-03-07T20:10:33Z
Awesome update jaanu...muaahh...continue soon !!!!
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Posted: 2013-03-07T20:47:35Z
continue soon 
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Posted: 2013-03-07T21:49:41Z
Clap  god one write more
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Posted: 2013-03-07T22:04:24Z
its really awesome...

eagerly waiting for priyas confession and truth about what happened to her...
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Posted: 2013-03-07T23:05:20Z
good one ...
continue plz
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Posted: 2013-03-07T23:15:56Z
Very nice and sad OS...please make Priya accept Ram's love too...it should have a happy endingWink
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