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priya is walking alone the shore she hear the thunderous waves crushing one another... the swift breeze of cool fresh air splashing in her face fromall over is a most heavenly feelings.. As she continue walking she hears the the birds cawing... now she is feeling relax and
happy... past 2 month is disaster for her... she had tried hard to hide her feeling for him... but somehow she failed to do it... she does not want to think about him anymore... he belongs to someone else,... she is lost in her thinking...when she bumps with a man her
thought of train stops abruptly... "ohh sorry i did not see you" she says it a guilty voice... its okay, r u all right? a sweet male voice reply... when priya hears the voice she looks immediately to the man... a small smile creeps in her face... aap? kya kar rahi ha ya? priya asks... the man gives her a sweet smile and says when i heard that u r coming here for a holiday i thought this the best opportunity to spend sometimes with you... priya gives him a stern look... sorry i just kidding with you...the man says hurriedly ...i come here to admire the nature... there is so much presser in work so i thought to take a break from work... thats why i come here... she says okay and starts walking but unfortunately she puts her feet in a bunch of thorn... all the thorn pricks in her feet... "ouch" she screams in pain...

when he heard her screams he running towards her and hold her by her shoulder... what happens? he asks in a panic voice... she pointed towards her feet... the sand becomes red because of the bleeding... r u crazy cant u see when you walk? he says angrily.. and picks her in his arms and carrying her towards his room... blood is still rolling from her feet... she shut her eyes tightly... she tightly holds him... he can sense her pain... priya look at me plz... i know
it is hurting u very much but plz look at my eyes...tears r rolling fromher cheek...after some times later u will be fine believe me he says it in a concern voice... i believe you more than anything she replay in a low voice...

when he is near his cottage he calls the room servant and orders him to open the room door...when the room servant left the placehe steps into the room and looks at priya and sign her to bolt the door... he carries her towards the bed and puts her gently on the bed... he takes the first aid box from the table and sits on the edge of the bed... slowly he withdraw her leg from bed and puts it on his lap... he remove the thorn one by one... after removing all the thorn he applies antiseptic cream in the wound...priya s eyes is still close some amount of tear is still visible in her cheek... she is looking pale and tired... he goes near her and sits beside her... he tucks a strand of her hair that s come loose from from her hair tie behind her ear and gently caresses the lobes...he cups her face and wipes away the visible tears... priya slowly opens her eyes... some fresh tears again gathers in her eyes... i love you... plz make love with me... i need you inside me..plz Priya mumble...

he place a soft kiss on her forehead and hold her near his heart... he knew it very well that his heart beat can soothing her...priya wrapped her arms around his stomach and place her head in his chest so that she can easily hear the heart beat sound... how do you feel now? he asks her... hmm good... plz dont bother about it... i m totally fine now... i dont want to destroy our vacation...we hardly get times to spend with each other...priya says slowly...

now guyz guess it who is the man rajat ya ram...
today is historical confession day so i thought to gift you something.Big smileSubhu, Alya, Fiza sweetheart i wrote this only for you guyz... i will continue last part very soon...

hey guyz plz read it and leave your comment... happy confession dayLOL


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Hey darling u just made my day with this post...Clap
Ofcourse he should be Ram...Noone else
love is in the air...Heart
It was damn good...

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ram obviously ram  lovely part 
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hey from the dialogue wer ram shouts at her for her carelessness and then taking care of her it looks like its ram 
in the show also he shouts at her ,he cares for her and he loves her typical ram Embarrassed
rajjo kya hain kuch bhi ho apna  baathisi dikhata hain

now will they make love?
cont soon
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Originally posted by 123fiza1

Hey darling u just made my day with this post...Clap
Ofcourse he should be Ram...Noone else
love is in the air...Heart
It was damn good...

aww baby
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Originally posted by luvbalh

ram obviously ram  lovely part 

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rajat hua toAngry ram hua toEmbarrassed
continue soon
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Posted: 2013-03-05T09:28:59Z
Originally posted by shamavi

rajat hua toAngry ram hua toEmbarrassed
continue soon
he he chinta mat karo hamare raju bhaiya he hogiLOL
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