an os of pihu's birthday special

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i don't know whether i will be justify with my words and sentences but i felt i should type it and post here..sorry for spellling..

hope u al enjoy..

It was pihu's birthday.. she was looking towards her house window waiting to see her daadi big daadi nuts bua sowmya chachi rishab chacha nana nani but no one was seen her face go down.. priya feels bad and also sad thinking about pihu .she felt bad as they all cancelled trip due to conda's mini anaconda kush.. she inform ram who goes sad. He says aaj meri beti meri saat hain but no one is there just like mine.. But I don't want to have my faith of being alone I won't let it my daughter. I will make this bday as best for her.. Whoever is there or not but pihu ki mummy papa to haina.. we will celebrate the best' he hugs priya..she says haan mr kapoor we will make it best.. to kya hua they are forced not to come hum haina uski mummy aur papa. he tell not to tell pihu as she will go dull .he ask her to divert the issue.. he says he will make the day special for her.. he says he is going to make cake for pihu today along with her fav chocolate ice-cream.. she says u r going to cook please I will do that ram.. he sees her after so many days she has called him like that..he ask why I cannot cook for my kiddo? she says nothing like that but I don't want to spoil my kitchen.. he was like u r mean priya' she says fine we will make it together rem for pihu admission we did it he says exactly pihu baby will be soo happy'

They make cake .. in time they tell pihu to take an small  as she will get an surprise she smiles hugely thinking all are going to come and surprise here .. she was sleeping happily.. here  raya were making cake chocolate icecream and some chocolate clairs for pihu..  ram was making the dove paste when he accidentally  clashes with priya as he was trying to put in an bowl they almost loose it but they get hold of it.. but end up falling on each other.. make them stare each other  where dheere dheere plays.. priya goes blushing..

 he places the bowl in the top nearby priya working and hugs priya from back  .. he says I love u.. she turns smiles saying I love to .. he says I love ' she says I love to eat cake made by golu and goes laughing making him grin.. hugely.. they end up making an good chocolate cake.. they were doing the toping they write for our cute little baby pihu.. from her papa and mamma and an happy birthday.. ram says I will get an shower and come back priya says she will clean up .. when he goes she write something and put in the freezer .. . they get ready for party.. pihu was getting up in-between to see the time.. they decorate the house.. ram was blowing the balloon priya make fun of him saying one balloon is blowing another.. he hears it.. he ask what did u say?she says nothing..he says I heard. Uu.. she says haan too mera pati hain j chaiyein mein kahooon ..he says really ab dikata hoonnn tera pati kya kya karsakta hain when pihu says papaaa.. kay kar rahe hoo

Priya says nothing beta.. I was telling ur dad to lose weight as he is blowing like balooon. She giggles saying mammaa papa is blowing and u r shrinking ram laugh saying meri beti hain' priya says ofcourse totally papa ki chamchi.. they have a sweet laugh pihu raises the question running towards the door.. raya cover up. They  say pihu to change for party ' priya and ram help pihu to get ready when pihu says mama where this mini mouse hair clip and let ur hair loose .. ram sees it and says haan priya pihu is right.. priya says mr kapoor u too I will look like cartoon no way.. ram says pihu aur meriliye bhi nahi.. priya had to put it.. they smile and give hi fi..priya was having closing her hook when ram put his finger forward and says meri hote hue aapko takleef karne ki jaroorat nahi hain and hook it he bend down to kiss when pihu ask where is my surprise? Running inside.

 ram closes pihu's eyes and bring her out saying aaj pihu papa aur mama ek saath birthday manayenge  he open her eyes and says surprise.. she was wowoww papa this is soo nice.. he says meine aur mamma ne khaas kar aapkeliye banaya hain she ask realy papaa?he nodes yes she hugs ram and priya saying I love u both a lot..thank u for this wonderful birthday surprise.. she then turns to raya and ask where is daadi chachu chachi nuts bua nana nani kush sabb ?r there are hiding in next room and goes to search.. raya was worried seeing it.. they says beta they got some work so they cdnt come.. she says meri birthday se bhi important.. when ram had to lie to her.. Ram says beta wo actually naa they all wanted to come but trains had got holidays for today so they cdnt make it up.. she was upset.. priya says pihu guess aaj kiss ne aapkeliye cake icecream aur chocolate clair banaya hain?she ask aap?she nodes no and shows ram.. aapki papa ne kud aapkeliye banaya hain specially for u baby rock star..she smiles hugely

She sees cake and tries to read together.. he ask papa mein golu hooon he ask kyun she says it has written here ram also notices and sees priya who was smiling. Ram and pihu same time u did it she nodes yes and smiles ' they were like we are golu and u r ? priya was like what? They says goli and laughs.. she was like donon milgaye to mein gayiii  in time bel rings.. priya goes and see pihu friends start coming one bye one.. pihu who ran behind pihu hoping to see her family get disappointed but raya cheers up with other friend and serve them juices and snacks' ram was telling it was made by priya and she is an awesome cook all enjoy and a surprise comes it was vikram and neha with their kids saying how can we miss pihu's birthday.. vikram felt bad for raya thinking that time also they were alone and now also but only happiness was they were together and they don't need any one.. pihu was upset and sad.. she ask riddzi di u know why no one has come? She says tuje nahi pata they are celebrating kush 's birthday all again for show off and so no one has come.. pihu get upset hearing it.. she says iska mathlab they dint want to come here due to kush's birthday? They love kush more than me.. pihu near to tears.. she says even kush is happy there?ridzi says ofcourse after all his birthday is celebrated at sec time..tuje nahi pataaa?she nodes no.. she says didi they all love kush more than me na isliye they all kept me away for 5 years ..pihu goes to ram and pulls his hand and ask papa do u love kush more than me?that why u also stayed away from me for 5 yrs?is kush celebrating is birthday all again there with theme party?he ask kisne bataya?she says ridzi didi ne.. and that is the reason that no one is coming here?not even nanu?daaadi bhi nahi? No one loves me everybody love kush not me?

Ram was taken back he never thought pihu will be affected this way.. neha scolds ridzi  ..priya says not to.. ram says aise kuch nahi we love u a lot' beta they all wanted to come but because of some reason she says Kush birthday there.. she was about to cry when ram hugs her saying papa love her the most .. pihu papa aapse sabse jyada pyaar karte hain isliye papa is here with u' she says but kush is celebrating his birthday with theme party.. he says soo what.. here we are celebrating better dekoo we had done soo many things only for u baby' u r my rock star.. how can u think like that.. priya comes there kneel down same as ram .she says deko pihu  jaroori nahi hain that we get everything every time.. but u should what we have got.. papa loves u soo much isliye he made cake ice-cream and chocolate clairs only for u.. which he had never done before for anyone.. think of it.. he is here for uu and only u' waise mamma aapko bulathi haina papa ki chamchi.. aur deko soo many people love u isliye they are all here and u r the princess .. she says rockstar tooo ram says meri rockstar.. she says haan and hugs rams saying I love u papa I love u mamma.. they were touched.. bade ache wala tune plays..

neha  to divert says pihu u guess we got an spl gift for u don't u want to see she nodes yes in excitement.. she says then u need to cut the cake..chalo chaloo raya were very happy that these two came wwith kids.. ram says thanks .. he says oye from when did u started saying thanks' he says I know but I have to.. u rem u used to say me to get married.. now I am happy that u forced me too otherwise this day would have not come.. meri beti ka janam din.. ram had happy tears vikram to get saying bus bus don't get senti and they hug..

Ram priya neha vikram Rahul ridzi rohan and surprise cady was also present.. they celebrate the birthday together.. all were singing happy birthday pihu was soo happy she sees all then ram priya and smiles hugely.. she cut the cake with help of ram and priya.. she take the cake and see ram and priya she dint know whom to feed first.. when priya indicated ram she smiles and feed him who was soo happy with tears and showers pihu with kisses and holds her tightly.. with hug.. he then direct the remaining to priya they feed priya together.. they were quite senti .. vikam neha and rahul was busy clicking picture.. pihu was feeding all by her hand ..  and clicked picture  for the first time being an mother of pihu priya felt kaash sab yahan hote .. pehli baar pihu keliye we asked but she did not get what she deserve.. but I will make sure pihu and ram get their happiness .. until it was ram and me we accepted everything and sacrificed but pihu uski kya galti hain.. use kyun ye sab bukatna pad raha hain?when it is not her fault? But I promise I will give pihu and ram the happiness they deserve.. suddenly ram and pihu put their cream hands on priya's face and apply cream making her look funny.. priya says deka neha .. for past 6 months this is what happening.. baap beti milkar muje  tease karte hain.. neha says I know ..even vikram and kids do that' but it is nice yaar and they smile.. they were serving food and the guest.

Ram and vikram in an corner' vikram ask ram r u alright? Tum achanak itna udhaas kyun hogaya yaar? He says pehli baar ' for the first time vikram' u know me and priya very well right?we never asked anything from anyone.. but we have always given everything to every one chaein woo pyaar hi kyun na hoo..  but today' for the first time I asked something not for me or priya but for pihu' pehli baar I asked something from my family.. what I got?i know sab wahan par forced hain but itna kya majboor yaar? Pihu ki pehli janam din hain hum sab ke saath..  they cdnt give time for her? Ek hi din to maanga ta. Jayda bhi nahi na' meri saat kuch hota I would have bear it ,even priya would have but pihu.. bachhhi hain.. u know from morning the kid was waiting for their arrival.. we wanted to make her birthday the best and what she hear? No one coming' isn't it sad? Teek hain chaloo baaki sab ki chodo what about my ma.. u know right she left for years' and today when I wanted her to be here for her son's' only daughter m,her granddaughter she is not here' that is the worst part.. kya woo bhi .. shayd nahi muje hi kisi se umeeed hi  nahi rak na chaiye ta'  vikram says aise kuch nahi hain ram.. dek pihu keliye don't be udhaas I can understand what u r going through.. but think of pihu.. I am thinking on her only vikram.. my mom missed soo many thing in my life her son's life and today she is going to miss her only grand daughter's birthday.. in time pihu comes running papa come out..

Ridzi says surprise special dance by my mom and pihu'smom .. neha and priya start to dance.. dola re dola re dola re.. song from devadoss.. vikram and ram were seeing with open mouth.. Rahul says common guys close ur mouth otherwise mosquitos ke saath kuch aur bhi chalajayega.. they were like chup.. the dances finishes.. all claps.. pihu says mamma I love it.. neha aunty thank u.. I love u both.. vikram and ram sees each other when they decide to do something.. they start to give an surprise dance of hum to hain to hain cappuccino from kya super cool hain hum. And teases priya and neha and make them dance too.. in time when they finish Rahul starts of singing dil garden garden hogaya  seeing cady.. and they too performance.. pihu enjjoys it too wholeee .the party gets over and the guests start to leave one by one vikram neha and cady along with nevi kids informs  they will be living by tonight flight .. raya wanted them to stay back.. they inform they will come back in few days for an holiday for sure.. pihu was sad but they promise to come back.

Ram and priya were in room .. pihu mamma let us open the gift now chalo na and drags ram too to hall they were opening the gift and enjoying it.. ram says aaj pehli baar itna maaazaa aya birthday mana mein.. we organized  the party we had fun.. we also had games for kids. Specially the dance by u..all were soo happy.. priya u were right..  making the food and cake gave us soo much happiness.. pihu ask aap logne cake banayaa? they nodes yes spl for pihu. pihu was soo happy.. suddenly she ask papa did u used to make cake for kush tooo?he say nooo he used to order but today he realized that making cake for his baby made the cake special ,he enjoyed doing it .he was happy that the cake made by them was in her birthday ;..pihu says I love u papa mama and hugs them .. I will tell to everybody that my mom dad made cake for me.. She says I am soo lucky papa to have u.. priya had senti tear but controls it.. she ask tell me pihu what did u wish before blowing the candles? She says she wished for brother or sister of her own

Pihu:I prayed  to god to send my own sister or brother so that I can have it with me all time..

Priya:beta but u have kush naaa

Pihu:haan mamma but he is not my own brother but cousin I want chota one ..

Ram put hand around priya saying meri beti samajdhaar hain priya sees him and he winks

Pihu ask will god fulfill my wish..

Ram says haan priya my daughter want it and I can fulfill that atleast u see and winks

Priya says may be in another few months. All  blushing. seeing ram and blushing ram was like wait a minute priya r u she nodes yes and says it just got confirmed today evening I had gone for check and I got the letter when party was going on.. ram was like what u r telling me now. I am soo overjoyed. .. priya says muje bhi abhi pata chala hain.. pihu ask kya hua mamma.. ram says hua hain aur honewala hain  pihu looked confused.. he says u wish is fulfilled darling.. u r going to have brother or sister soon she was like wowow but kahan hain? Am takes pihu's hand and places it over priya's stomach and hold priya's hand and place it over their hand.. he says yaaahaan hain.. bade song plays.. ram was soo happy they had an family hug.. he ask wait a minute how many months.. priya says 2 and half.. he was like omg..

Ram says pihu has given me everything.. now our family is completed.. they kisses pihu 

the end with an start for their new life .

sorry for lengthy post ..

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Posted: 2013-02-26T10:01:10Z
awesome update dear u rock gal but lengthy
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Posted: 2013-02-26T10:40:52Z
AWESOME loved it Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2013-02-26T10:50:43Z
enjoyed it totally...u have done a superb job...
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Posted: 2013-02-26T10:53:26Z
Awesome and fabulous update. :-)
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Posted: 2013-02-26T11:12:05Z
mindblowing yaar..really very nyc update i like the name minianaconda fr kush i also dnt like him very much..rayape moments i enjoy it thank u fr pm :)
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Posted: 2013-02-26T12:03:16Z
wow yaar..its very beautiful
yaayy got preggy track tooo...very coolCool
lovely..nice special moments
raya moments while making cake was damn good
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Posted: 2013-02-26T12:21:39Z
ohhh wow i wish the same happens in bade acche lagte hai also .. it was very magical that now i feel like it was just another bade acche lagte hain episode .. and may be i get my wish fulfilled very beautifully described each n every word was telling story very much imaginative i really it seemed like i have seen  a episode ... it was very well writtten i cant explain just 1 word awesomeee :)
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