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Ram sat in his office cabin.. A newly decorated room.. White.. There was a huge window behind his chair.. Darkness i the room.. The table lamp focused its orange light on a few papers laid out beside his acer.. There was nothing in his cabim except for a light wooden shelf filled with files his rose wood table and his chai.. With two other chairs in front.. It was way past midnight.. The owner of Kapoor industries.. Ram Kapoor.. A billionair was going over design sheets for renovation of his office..He was tired.. He leaned back on his chair.. And let out a deep breath.. His eyes hurt.. He took off his glasses and placed them on his open laptop.. His mailbox was empty.. He closed his eyes and rest his head on the chair.. There was a thunderstorm outside and it was raining heavily... He stood u and walked to the window and stared outside.. He could see nothing much.. He could just hear the rain.. He closed his eyes and put his hands in his pockets.. His head hurt.. His phone rang and he picked it up..
Ram: RK speaking..
Voice: Namaste, designs mai kardiya hai humne..
Ram thinking.. Awaaz toh itni meeti hai.. A smile curved his lips..
Ram: Thankyou for accepting this project. Ill go through the designs and get back to you.
Voice: Ji.. Thankyou. Good night.
Ram: Good night.
He looks at the number and saves it.. The phone waits for him to enter the Name before saving.. He types M and the clock strikes 2.00.. Accidentally the number gets saved.. Vikram barges in..
Vik: Ram yaar chalo! Neha ki saath missed calls hai..
Ram bites his toungue.. Sorry yaar mere wajah se.. He hurriedly picks up his laptop and they walk out..

Do I continue? Comments and criticism is welcome.. :) Do let me know what you think.. If you like this start I shall continue..

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Posted: 2013-02-26T07:53:19Z
good start dear 
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Posted: 2013-02-26T07:58:18Z
nyc strt..update soon
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Posted: 2013-02-26T23:25:08Z
nice start do continue...waiting...Clap
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Posted: 2013-02-27T02:25:49Z
Nice start...waiting for nxt update...
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Posted: 2013-03-03T06:19:57Z
Ram closed the door of his cabin.. As Vikram rushed through the dimly lit corridor.. It was plain.. The walls were blank.. The funiture was absent.. Ram walked in large steps behing Vikram.. He had his laptop in his hand.. They walked towards an empty lobby when the elevator doors opened for them.. Vikrams phone rang as the entered the elevator.. 
Ram was tired.. He smiled at the thought of Neha scolding him.. 
Vik: Ji Namaste.. 
Ram looked at Vikram.. Who went hmm.. Haan ek minute..
Vikram covered his phone.. Ram tujhe koi problem nahi hai toh tu meeting keliye abhi jaayega?
Ram: Haan.. Shows a thumbs up..
Vikram on the phone.. Ji.. Aap address bhejdijiye.. Haan.. 
He keeps the phone and the elevator door opens.. 
They start walking out.. 
Vik: Ok BMA assistant ka naam Rita hai..
Ram: Kya? Humaari architect ka naam kya hai.. 
Vik: Ar.Sharma.. Aur haan.. Rita ne bola ki Sharmaji ne designs bhejdi.. Dekhlena..
They walk to the car and zoom away.. Ram thinking.. Sharmaji? Yeh kaise.. Mujhe toh ek aurat ne phone kiya tha.. Woh kaun thi.. Rita toh nahi hosakthi.. Hmm.. Pata nahi.. Kaun hai..

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Posted: 2013-03-03T06:23:15Z
confusion confusion ab milwa bhi do
isnt this too short 
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Posted: 2013-03-03T06:33:39Z
nice one..
continue soon
next time want a bigger update pleaseTongue
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