Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai Forum Rules: Read and Heed!

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Posted: 8 years ago

Housewife Development Team

Channel Moderator : jyoti06
Cool Viewbie : Visha_Dhami
Videobie : Dhruvie

Written and Video Updates: Written Updates and Video Updates will be provided by members who sign-up/volunteer to do them. It is requested that there be no topics asking for Written Updates/Video Updates because it could be that the Updaters live in a different time zone and update according to their time zone. Updaters put a lot of effort into their work and so it would be awesome if you guys could appreciate their work by posting a reply, and 'Liking' their updates.

New Members: Housewife Forum is a forum where New Members are always accepted, with open arms. If you are a new member/silent member, don't be afraid, open a topic and introduce yourself in the Introduction Thread! We'd love to hear from you, what you think about the show, the characters, the members and even the forum! And remember, everyone is welcome.

Archive Mansion: All Important links are posted in the Archive Mansion, so if you ever need anything, just click on the Archive Mansion : Housewife Forum Guide : Archive Mansion

Helpdesk: Have a question? Need an answer? Post your question in the Helpdesk and you for sure will get a reply. Please avoid posting brand new topics of each query. They will be closed and redirected to the help desk : ||.. HHSJH Help Desk ..||

Posting Pictures: Posting pictures of episode caps,or events is allowed under ONE single topic for each item. If two topics are opened for the same event, the latter will be closed. Creations are to be posted in the creation gallery and other pictures (not episode caps or events) are to be posted in the picture gallery. The discussion of such images are to be discussed in ATs : *AKHHSJH Picture Gallery*NO COMMENTS

Creations Gallery: Have creations? Siggies? Avis? Please post them in the Creations Gallery and get feedback and compliments from members : *AKHHSJH Creations Gallery*

Other Shows: No. Nope. Don't think about it. This is the Housewife forum and topics of discussion related to Housewife will only be entertained. I don't want to hear anything about  other show. These topics will be locked immediately. 

Criticism v/s Bashing: Criticism is WELCOME. You don't like the show, sure, state it but state WHY, and don't try to instigate members against the show. Bashing will NOT be tolerated in this forum in any case. We as the DT are very lenient in terms of our members but the moment a thread about criticism is turned into bashing, it will not be appreciated.  Bashing and making personal attacks against any actor/actress/CVs/members/characters etc. is not allowed. A critic is one who discusses things in perspective, never loses objectivity and states things in a logical and constructive way. But a basher is one, who states the points a bit too heavily such that, it no longer looks like criticism but looks like a total attack. Everyone have their own point of view let's respect it. You have right to raise your opinion but one should see lines ain't crossed. Avoid making posts that are abusive, derogatory, insulting or sarcastic enough to affect the sentiment of another member. This is against IF COC and won't be tolerated. 

Reporting Topics: If you come across a topic that goes against Housewife Forum rules and I-F CoC, please report the topic by clicking on the  Report button or PM myself. Do not reply back into the topic, because it may lead to arguments and fights. And if there are arguments happening, every member will be looked into, regardless of whether you were trying to do the right thing. The Dev Team will try our best to deal with it.

Warnings: Honestly,  I don't believe in raising Warning Levels unless it is absolutely necessary. We believe that everyone deserves a fair chance in Housewife. If there is a problem, we will listen to both the sides of the issue before making a decision. How this will work: You will receive 3 Warning PMs before your WL will be increased. And if a member continues to bash, further action will be taken such as banning.

Problems with the Dev Team: Have problems with the Dev Team? Well, then come us, please PM us and let us know! We DT members are not biased towards any fan group but that does not mean we aren't fans of the leads or any other characters in Housewife. We have opinions too, about the show, and what improvements we might want to see in the show. But that does not make us biased. Once a problem is reported, it is the DT's worry and responsibility to deal with the problem, and just because someone is not aware of what is happening to the topics they reported, it does not mean that we are not doing anything to stop/help. If you have questions, and querries that you'd like us to answer, please PM us. We'd be happy to look into it.

Appreciation Threads: Yes, appreciation threads are allowed, but no bashing is allowed in those threads but please ask the DT permission before opening the threads. And the only condition we ask for in the threads is that an active member has to start the appreciation threads and collect all the needed, siggies, videos etc and member names of that Appreciation thread.

LanguagePlease try not to use the bad words and yes, we all know what those are. Using 'W*F, WTH, What the Fish, BS' is not allowed so please don't try to find a way around it. I-F and Housewife is a forum where we have members of all ages come and to try to catch up on their favorite shows. No, it might not be members themselves but visitors who might feel discouraged from joining I-F after seeing the language used.

Birthday Threads & Congratulatory Posts: Birthday threads and Congratulatory posts are allowed to be posted in the Housewife forum seeing if the member is a member of Housewife forum. (Was that confusing or what?). Anyways, the Birthday Threads can be PMed to the Dev Team members, so they can sticky it in the forum for a while ONLY if there is room. Sometimes there might not be room for the Dev Team to add another sticky as it is mandatory for enough topics for discussion to be present on the front page of the forum.

Repeated Topics: If someone has already posted a topic which shares similar views to what you have to say, please do not create a whole new topic. Instead reply in the thread the other member created first. That way the forum will be neat and clean and there wont' be multiple topics floating around.

Promos: Yes, the promo's are allowed to be posted and discussed to the heart's content, but as before, if someone has already posted the promo, go back a few pages to see and make sure you are not posting the same promo.

Comparison Topics/Instigating Posts/Plotting: Firstly and foremost, emphasizing in any way or form that "one couple is better than the other" will not be allowed henceforth. By now, we all know instigating topics and comparison on this forum are not allowed. Some members purposely instigate others and believe they can get by with it and some plan attacks in other places and decide to disrupt the functioning of the forum. Well, it will not happen anymore. 

Member Talk: Please avoid commenting on certain members or fan groups. We are not here to talk about how one fan group is like XYZ or another is like ABC. We are here to discuss the show. Any member talk will not be entertained. 

I think that's about it LOL Please review 
all the rules above and be sure that you know exactly what they are. Violators will be contacted and dealt with individually. This forum is for everyone, not one particular fan group or individual. 

For concerns, please feel free to contact myself or jyoti06 and we'll be glad to help you.

[Credit: SkyLight & MB Forum]

Edited by Visha_Dhami - 8 years ago
Posted: 8 years ago
New Rules and Regulations for All Appreciation Threads Across Zee TV Froums

Dedicated Appreciation threads (ATs) for celebrities across all Zee TV sub-forums will be subject to specific rules here onwards.

  • The word "Appreciate" it self means to have a highly favorable opinion of someone or something. You are supposed to appraise the value of the work of the actors and express them in positive light. A thread where all the fans of the Actor/Character/Couple gather to discuss what they liked.

  • In an essence Constructive criticism/Positive Outlook towards Actors/Characters/Jodi must prevail in these threads.

  • Members must understand discussions are restricted in ATs.  ATs are safe zones for the Actor/Jodi fans to exchange information without being subject to negativity. You have the main forum to present opinions negatively and debate...So Discussion of actors/ characters/ performances and story tracks that do not directly relate to the show or whom the AT is dedicated to should be kept to a minimum, in particular when they imply stating negative opinions. However we are allowing harmless Chit-chat in ATs but the chit-chat should be only limited to ATs only

  • Bashing of other Jodi/Actors/Characters in ATs is NOT permitted at all..If members of an AT are caught discussing other actors/couples negatively, then AT will be held liable for it and may be subject to warnings & eventual closure/Ban as follows ...

    If the DT see more than 3  people breaking the AT rules constantly for a week , then the DT is allowed to punish the whole AT by closing it for 24 hours [during which another AT cannot be made in CFC or CC] and then if it happens again then it will be locked for 48 hours after which it will be shifted to CFC/CC?

     This rule is applied so that members and Admins of a AT can  tell their own friends not to  break rules as the entire AT is effected due to the misdoings of   2-3 members
    This may sound strict and very harsh, but unfortunately we are forced to take these measures to maintain peace...
    So remember guys, if you see a friend breaking a rule in an AT, make sure you tell them to stop or else you can say  goodbye to your AT for a certain period of time which the DT finds liable. So in easy steps: Don't break rules/bash and don't allow your friends to either!

  • Admins/Monitors of the AT (Those who are opening the AT will be called the Admins/Monitors) will report who the troublemakers are to the Dev team in a timely manner, so that the AT/other genuine fans are not penalized...Here the Admins have a big responsibility and so we believe them to be totally unbiased as the whole responsibility of a AT is on you ..

  • Constant negativity or repeated discussions/bashing of actors unrelated to the AT in spite of repeated warnings from DT, will result in AT closure and moved to CFC...But dont assume that every report submitted by opposite fangroup will be entertained .. We will go through the reports and only if we find the report valid based on above rules , then we will speak to the Admins of the AT and action will be taken accordingly as state above ...

Credit for penning down the Rules : -Deepzz-

Edited By :jyoti06 and *Shifali*

Zee TV Dev Team
Posted: 8 years ago
Yes guys Housewife Dev team is finally back Cool...

We are going to make a all new start with new set of IF Rules which will be implemented from today onwards and DT will take action according to the following set of rules ..

So plss read these Rules carefully since every single action from today onwards will be taken according to the following rules .. All Warning level restrictions and other issues which can result in warnings or ban are clearly written in this following post by our site admin Vijay and we hope every member of this forum will follow these rules from here onwards Smile...

Please note that the reports which were generated in these last 3 weeks  when DT was inactive will not be dealt by either of us, since these occurred in our absence ..So please liaise with Admin regarding them.

Let bygones be bygones...  Time to make a new start and we hope every single member of this forum will follow these rules and  contribute towards a more peaceful forum

Here is the new IF COC/Rules stated by our site admin Vijay .. Participation Guidelines & Rules

We hope Members will read the rules stated in the above post carefully and will follow it .. Along with these above rules , rest of the forum rules remain as it is ..

So like I said , from today onwards forum DT will take action according to the new IF COC and guidelines stated in the above post by Site admin .. So we expect members to abide by those rules and if you have any doubts , we are just a PM away ..

All PMs too will be answered from today onwards .. Hopfully everyone will co-operate with us ..

Housewife Dev team
Visha and Jyoti

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