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Kuch rishton ki naam nahi hoti.. 
Wajood nahi hoti..
Pehechaan nahi hoti.. 
Phir bhi nibhaayi jaate hai..
In rishton ki keemat kya hai..?
In rishton ki nazaakat kya hai..?
In rishton ki ehmiyat kya hai..?

Chapter 1: Woh Kaun Thi..

It was a starry night.. The winds that blew were cold.. The sea seemed endless.. The waves hit the shore.. The tides were calmer than usual.. The moon lit night lit the shore dimly.. It was a quiet night.. Ram walked to the empty shore holding his shoes in his hand.. He brushed his other handon his head.. The atmosphere was calm.. It soothed his stressed mind and tapped his heart beats.. There was something different today ont this beach.. He sensed somebody's presence.. He brushed his thoughts away and shut his eyes.. 
He heard someones payal.. Chan chan chan.. It stoped.. He was about to open his eyes.. 
Woman: Ankhein mat kholiye..
He smiled.. Her voice was deep.. Experienced.. Melodious.. He didnt question her.. He obeyed..
He felt her taking his shoes.. 
Ram with his eyes closed.. Yeh aap kya kar rahi hai..?
Woman: Lamhon ki ehsaas ko bhoj ke saath mehsoos nahi kiya jaatha..
He smiled.. He heard her payal go chan chan chan.. He was tempted to see her..  He opened his eyes.. She sat near the shore.. Her back facing him.. He smiled.. Her flowy straight long hair blown by the wind.. She sat with her hands encircling her knees.. She wore silver bangles.. one in each hand.. the shone in the moon light.. Her feet together.. The subsiding waves.. Wet her soft feet.. As the swept the skin under her payal.. The payal jingled as the water touched it.. He walked towards her.. His mind was calm.. It was the first time a woman had stolen his heart away.. He was unaware.. He was tempted to get a glimpse of her..  
His phone rang.. He looked at the display of his Iphone.. It was 11:58.. 
Vikram was calling.. He picked his phone up..
Ram: Haan bol vikram..
Vik: Oye ghar pe sab pareshaan hai.. Jaldi aa..
Ram: Tum mere ghar mein kya kar rahe ho?
Vik: woh.. Um.. Kuch nahi jaldi aa..
The phone beeps.. 
Ram gives his phone a confused grin.. The phone shows 00:00..
Woman: Mr. Kapoor..
Ram looks at her.. And smiles thinking.. Meri naam kaise jaanthe hai.. Ji kahiye..
Woman: Janam din mubaarak ho.. 
Ram: shukriya.. He smiles.. How did she know.. Yes he was the Ram Kapoor.. Suniye..
Woman: Ji.. Kahiye..
Ram: Aap kaun hai.. He bent to get a glimpse of her.. She bowed her head as he heard her giggle..Her hair blocked his view.. 
Woman: Koi nahi.. Good night..
He smiled.. And turned to walk away.. He whispered a good night.. He was happy.. He walked to his car with a grin on his face, he adjusted his glasses with his index finger.. He walked on the sand.. Leaving foot prints behind.. He reached his car..
He put his hand to open the door of his car.. He heard her payal again.. He turned.. She was walking away along the shore.. The wind blowing her hair.. She wore a white saree.. She caared herself with a beautiful gait.. He just watched her walk Away..His heart smiled.. 
He smiled and got into the car.. He drove away smoothly.. The memories of someone he never knew.. Or was it some one he knew all along..

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nice begining.. hw do she knw him????? continue soon :)
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Posted: 2013-02-20T23:43:46Z
don't tell em this is story o ghost and manLOL well i think mmay be even an memory loss storySmile
continue soon
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Posted: 2013-02-20T23:47:34Z
Nice beginning..
U write so well

Pls do not relate with TALAASH Movie-the bakwaas
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Posted: 2013-02-20T23:47:39Z
Interesting .. continue plz :)
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Posted: 2013-02-21T06:31:49Z
the way u described priya i felt she is a ghost but u really write well cont soon

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Posted: 2013-02-21T07:17:46Z
Nice start...update soon!!!
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Ram reached his house.. The Kapoor Mansion was full off Glitz and glamour.. Press celebrities.. politicians... everybody wanted to be a part of the Ram Kapoor's fortieth Birthday.. Yes they were all there.. For the media.. for the world.. Not for Ram.. Ram avoided entering the party.. He silently walked to the garden.. And called Vikram.. 
Ram: Vikram mein baahar baitunga.. 
Vik: Knowing Ram's state of mind.. Ok.. Cake cutting ke waqt bulaaunga.. 
Ram: Thanks yaar..
The phone beeps.. Ram looks at the white swing.. A large seater swing.. He walks to it when he hears Neha call..
Neha: Fatty.. Fatty..
She walks to him hurriedly.. Wearing a green gown looking pretty as always.. She and Vik were his best friends.. 
Ram laughed at her pace.. Kya hai Neha..?
Neha: Arre.. Aaj mein tumhe meri dost se milwaana chahthi hu.. 
Ram is put off with her statement.. Arre Kya hai.. ? 
Neha: Dekho Ram.. You turned 40.. 
Ram: No.. Neha mein kisi se milna nahi chahtha..
Neha: Arre actually woh ladki tumhaari agle project ki Architect hai..
Ram: Oh.. Giglles. Thankgod.. Ok.
Neha turns to leave with a grin on her face... Ok.. Woh aathi hi hogi.. 
Ram murmurs.. Uff.. Thankgod.. Thinking.. Agar phirse kisi idiot ko bhejdeti toh.. uff.. He walks to te swing.. A cold breeze passes by.. And reminds him of Her.. The one who wished him first.. A smile creeps his face.. He sits on one side of the swing and looks at the starry sky.. He hears the payal again.. He shuts his eyes.. and smiles.. Thinking.. Kash ek baar usnko dekhpaata... 
The hears the payal louder..
A voice.. Mr. Kapoor..
He opens his eyes.. And looks at Her.. Yes it was her.. the same white sarree.. He looked at her face.. Lit by the moonlight.. She was beautiful.. He beautiful dove eyes.. lined by kohl.. she had beautiful expressive calm eyes.. He was lost in her beauty.. 
She did a namaste.. He stood and greeted her with a namaste.. 
He pointed at the swing.. She sat and he sat beside her.. 
Ram: Aap yaha..?
Woman: Ji.. Neha ne aapko bataya hoga.. She held a small gift in her hand.. It was gift wrapped in a white glossy sheet with a red ribbon on it.. Aapkeliye.. she smiled.. He looked at her hands.. They looked soft..  He smiled and looked at her.. He saw her smile.. The wind blew by her face.. hair strands came in the way.. she tugged them behind her ears with her other hand.. He smiled and took the gift..
Ram: Shukriya.. he opened the gift.. It was a rectangular royal blue velvet casing.. He opened it up.. There was golden chain with a small rudhraksh.. 
Ram giggled.. Rudraksh?
Woman: Aapki gusse ko tandi karne mein madat karegi..  She smiled at him.. 
Ram giggles.. Thankyou.. 
There was a sweet silence between them.. she looked at the starry sky and he looked at her.. Why did you move back to India Ms. Sharma?
Woman: Natasha ne phone kiya.. She wanted me to design her office.. 
Ram: Aur mera naya project.. both smiled.. 
Priya: See you at work Mr. Kapoor.. She got up and walked away.. 
Ram: See you.. He smiled.. And nodded in negative.. Choti bhi na..  he got up and walked looking at the grass..
Natasha came and hugged him from behing..
Nutz: Thanks bhai! Waise bhai.. aap inko jaanthe hai?
Ram: Nahi.. Par haan.. Inhone maa ke request karne par Manhattan mein Villa design kiya hai.. 
Nutz: Par bhai.. Aapne mila toh hoga.. 
Ram: Giggles.. Arre choti.. Tumhe unme itni interest kyu hai.. Chal apna kaam kar..

Nutz giggles and runs along in her blue gown.. 
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