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priya sharma a school teacher...she is 28 years old... she is very charming girl still unmarried... she believes that one day she will finds her rajkupar... who will loves her unconditionally...she loves reading and spending time with her friends... her best friend is neha...

ram kapoor a business man... he is 34 years old... he loves his family a lot and do everything for their happiness... he is successful business man in india and also abroad.. but nobody have  never seen him... he likes privacy very much... he has never come in front of the media so the world only knows his name... but he has a bad habit he loves to spend his free time on net...he has two best friend vikram and rajat... they are very close to him...

neha meheta a bubbly girl.. always try to make everyone happy... she cant sees anyone pains... she has a secret crush on vikram... vikram and neha works together in XYZ company... she always makes some excuse to go near vikram but vkram never pay any attention to her... she calls him arrogant ass... every sunday she goes to priyas apartment and spend a good time with her...

vikram shregail a handsome man... he loves his work very much... he is very sincere about his work... he does not like those people who always tries to ru
ns from their work...he likes to spend his time with sexy girls and ram... he also knows  that neha has a soft feeling for him but he does not want to tie in a relationship right now... so this is the reason he always avoid her...

rajat kapur... who runs a multinational company... he is a very selfish man... he is very jealous of ram... but he always acts that he cares about him very much... he is waiting for a opportunity to ruin ram... but he also knows it very well that his this wish will never fulfill in this life time... he is now 35 years old man ...

Bleeding love chapter 1
it is early winter morning the clock shows it is 5.59 am in the morning.. when the clock dial touches the 6 number it buzz out loudly...without opening her eyes  priya  extends her hands to switch off the alarm...she rubs her eyes and opens it slowly... she gets up from bed and moves towards the window she pushes curtain aside and gives the sun a chance to fall in her face.. standing there sometimes she admires the beauty of nature...she is feeling now refresh and happy.. it is her daily chore to wake up early in the morning and standing in front of the window and lost sometimes into the nature... she believes that her day goes perfect when she spends her morning with nature... sometimes later she disappears on the washroom... after taking morning bath she comes out from bathroom... she wears a light pink saree.. looking absolutely gorgeous...then she takes her prayer and goes to kitchen to making breakfast for everyone... when she is done she quickly eats her breakfast and leaves the house... she knows his father is going to jogging and her mother is in a deep sleep...

ram comes out from wash room.. he is wearing a light pink shirt with out tie and a black coat... his hair is wet... some beads water isdropping from his hair... he is looking hot and handsome as usual...he goes near is bed side table and picks his tablets... without his tables he feels incomplete... his accessories is neatly keeps on the study table he moves toward the table and picks his watch and hanky.. before leaving the room he opens the drawer and picks his wallet and sunglasses from it... and puts it in his pocket... in the down stair all family member gathers on the dinning table... it is the only time when all family member eats together... ram natasha rishab and his wife somaya making some fun on the table when krishna kapoor scold them... they all remain silent... after finishing his breakfast ram bids everyone and goes his office...

ram is sitting in his cabin... he opens his laptop and send a sms to his friend...on the other area of the city... priya s mobile shows a notification priya unlocks her mobile and smile spreads her face to see the msg..

From : Mr Perfect
: Good morning
To: Miss Unknown

hi... how r you? sleep well?

looking at the around priya hurriedly types the msg and presses the send button..

From: Miss Unknow
Subject: To you too
To: Mr

hi... i m and yes i slept well... why u did not send a good night sms last night? i thought u r angry at me...


subhu darling here is the update... u r the one who insist me to write this story.. so i hope u will enjoy it... if i make any mistake than plz forgive me... love you  baby... muuhha

hey guyz plz read it and and leave your comment and plz hit hits the like button...

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Posted: 2013-02-19T14:19:52Z
looking forward continue soonSmile
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Posted: 2013-02-19T14:38:44Z
Awww so sweet jaanuu
love you loads Hug
wow rajat is jealous of ram...hmmShocked
miss unknown and mr.perfect...superb combination 
dono online chatting karte h...and priya pink saree and ram pink shirtEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
wow kya intro n start thi Thumbs Up
P.S : dont worry aise h tang karte rahungiLOLWink
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Posted: 2013-02-19T16:10:28Z
Awesome.. Wow.!! Online chatting wala love track, lovely.. the character sketch was also gud, but i didn't like rajat character, come on yaar he is not so bad to hate him so much.. But anyways every story needs some negative characters and i guess its rajat in ur story.. All through i loved it.. Update soon..
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Posted: 2013-02-20T01:33:33Z
so love the idea of story but y name bleeding love sad story and plz update ur other ff
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Posted: 2013-02-20T02:11:14Z
internet wala love. good concept cotinue
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Posted: 2013-02-20T02:17:42Z
yeah pink wala love story Clap
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Posted: 2013-02-20T02:17:44Z
loved it pls update soon
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