OS: Meri Zindagi

Posted: 2013-02-18T19:15:52Z

Meri Zindagi

I cannot miss this opportunity, so here is my take after today's super special episode – one that was worth the wait for all these months. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I am enjoying putting down in words what I see with my mind's eye. This story starts at the point where Ram hand's over his property to Chipkali.

He walks up to Priya puts out his hand towards her: Chaliye Mrs. Kapoor, I don't know where, what, when and why….

Priya puts her hand in his and looks adoringly into his eyes with all her love and all she sees in his eyes is immense love for her: I don't want any answers Mr. Kapoor. Just being with you takes all my troubles away. As long as we have each other, there is nothing to fear, nothing to worry about. We will cross every hurdle and every stumbling block that threatens to obstruct our path, with a smile on our face and a song in our heart. We are in this, our new journey together and there is no stopping for us. Just one minute before we step out Mr. Kapoor. She calls and almost immediately Peehu comes down the stairs. She holds her hand and walks up to where Nutz, Sudhir and Shipra are standing: Natasha, Papa, Ma can you please do me a big favor? Please take care of Peehu till we are back. Then she turns to Peehu and goes down on her knees: Baby, Papa and Mamma love you very much. We are going out for a little while – maybe till tomorrow morning. We want you to be with Bua, Nana and Nani till we are back. We will definitely be back before you go to school tomorrow morning.

Peehu: Okay Mamma, I love you and Papa very much. She gives Priya a hug and turns to Ram who is now standing beside Priya and gives him a big hug too.

Priya gets up and puts her hand back in Ram's and they are walking out when they hear a voice: Ram and Priya, please stop.

KK: Beta, our place is with you. Dadi and I are very happy with your decision and you have our blessings. KM and all this wealth and property is of no use if you are not with us. You are our wealth and our happiness lies in being with you. We cannot stay here any longer.

As she is talking Bansi kaka appears in front of them along with Shankar, the driver and Gopal kaka: Sir, without you we have no place in KM. Our homes might be very small but we have a big heart. Please come and stay with us as long as you want and give us a chance to repay all the kindness and happiness you have filled our lives with till now.

Both Ram and Priya are moved to tears seeing the love and affection they are receiving at this point. Ram takes Bansi kaka's hand in his: Thank you very much Kaka, I am touched with your offer. There is no greater wealth than the affection you shower on us. At this point, we have no idea where all this will lead us and you need a livelihood too, so please don't make any hasty decisions. Please stay here and take care of Ma, Dadi and the others till we make some arrangements. He turns to KK: Maa, you came back to my life after so long and I am not going to leave you and Dadi here. Please give me some time and I will definitely take you with me.

Neha: Fatty, you don't worry now; I will take Maa and Dadi with me. They can stay with us as long as they wish and you go now, tension free.

Ram turns to Priya and both of them walk out of KM hand in hand looking into each other's eyes pouring out their love for each other and their silent conversation continues. Their faces are beaming with smiles – carefree and relaxed, very happy with the decision they have just made – not knowing what is in store for tomorrow, but with the resolve in their hearts to make a future for themselves along with their loved ones, for the moment all they can think about is themselves.

Before long they are by the ocean in a secluded part of the beach. They walk to the shore and look into the horizon; Ram wraps his arm possessively around her and she puts an arm around his back as she rests against his broad chest and places her other hand beside her face, still looking far away into the ocean. Their proximity to each other is all they want at this moment, no need for any words or verbal exchange, they are just enjoying being together after five long years and all you can hear are the sounds of the ocean as the waves form and break before they rush onto the shore to wash their feet as if removing all the troubles and sorrows they have been put through in the past, so as to make a clean start to their newly found togetherness.

They walk hand in hand along the shore for a while and settle down on a bench nearby, Ram is sitting on the bench while Priya lies down in his lap, as he moves his hand gently over her hair. Both of them are deep in thought and the day flashes past them. Priya remembers Nutz, Neha and Soumya's conversation and how she was taking Ayesha's side while all along they seemed to have seen through the faade that she was putting up. Then Ram's words ring in her ears "Priya, do you accept me, just me without all my wealth, property and money, will you accept me as your husband?"

At the same time Ram recollects Priya's words "Mr. Kapoor, you are my very life itself; never did I or do I ever want anything other than to be by your side. All I want is to spend the rest of my life with you by my side."

Priya: Tomorrow is going to be the first day of the rest of our lives together. I am so looking forward to it.

Ram: I don't know what it has in store for us Priya; life is going to be a big struggle for a while, till I can get back on my feet and I promise to give you and Peehu, all of life's comforts but….

Priya puts her hand across his mouth: Whatever is in store for us, we will face it together Mr. Kapoor. I HAVE all life's comforts already; see I am so comfortably settled in your lap, something I yearned to do the past five years and never in my wildest dreams did I think will come true. Yes life is going to be a struggle no doubt, but every time we come across a hurdle we can look back and smile, because it cannot be bigger than the struggle we faced in the past five years – all alone far away from each other. Now we have each other to comfort us during our uphill times. We will be each other's strengths and always together, so don't worry; tomorrow is going to be a good beginning to our new life together. It is not often that we get a second chance at life and this time we have to make the most of it and with you and Peehu, I am looking forward to sunrise tomorrow.

Ram looks at his watch: It's almost midnight Priya; I think we should head back home. Do you still have the apartment or have you handed the keys back to Shruti? Both of them get up from the bench and start walking back.

Priya: I have the keys with me and yes, we can stay there for the time being.

Hand in hand they walk back to the street and call for an auto-rickshaw. Ram is amused as the driver stops and waits as they get in. He thinks to himself: This is my first auto-rickshaw ride and I have to get used to a different life style from now till don't know when.

Soon they reach their apartment and Priya hands the keys to Ram to open the door. Both of them enter the apartment, shut the door behind them, look around the room and then at each other. Ram opens his arms wide inviting her into his heart as they embrace each other in a hug. Ram possessively places the palm of his hand on Priyas hair while she shuts her eyes and rests her ear against his chest listening to the peaceful sound oh his heartbeat – the calm and serenity all comes back as they are engrossed in each other. As they break out of the hug they make their way to the bed room.

Ram raises his eyebrows and scratches his right temple. Priya immediately digs into the closet and as if reading his mind, takes out a white kurta pajama and hands it to him. He is surprised to see them in her hands: How did this get here?

Priya: Remember the night you brought Peehu over; when she wet the bed at KM and you spent the night here? Well, you left it here the next day when you sent the driver to bring your clothes over as you went straight to work from here. I saved it for a rainy day and see, it has come useful now.

Ram throws his head back and smiles: Ah! Always knew I have a smart wife. Thanks to you, I have something to wear tonight. He lowers his voice and comes close to Priya and whispers in her ear: Do I need it tonight, Mrs. Kapoor? He winks at her and narrows his eyes as he gives her an impish smile. Hearing his whisper and feeling him so close to her sends her heart pounding and she retracts a bit as if she doesn't want him to hear her racing heart beat.

Priya looks down: I'll be back in a few minutes and starts to move to the wash room to change when a pair of strong hands holds her by the waist and pull her back.

He takes her arms and puts them on his shoulders as his hands are wrapped firmly around her slender waist sending a warm tingling sensation all over her body and he looks into her face through her closed eyes enjoying the havoc his touch is playing on her. He smiles as he moves his hands from her waist to her face and cups her chin with the palms of both his hands. He bends his head as he raises her face and looks deeply into her face watching her expressions change in anticipation of his lips coming down on hers. He stops till she opens her eyes and looks into his wondering what is taking him so long. When she opens her eyes he looks deep into them asking her for permission and she shuts her eyes and moves closer to his face. Now there is no stopping him. His mouth comes gently down on hers and his lips play the tantalizing game, gently caressing them slowly and pulling her closer and closer. They are both transported to some far away land – or to the planet of Venus in each other's arms, lip-locked and lost in themselves. They move away from each other for a breath of fresh air and look into each other's eyes intently.

Priya: Can I go and change now?

Ram: Do you really want to? I'm in no hurry.

Priya: Do you realize we are not married as yet?

Ram: Ah well! We've lived in sin for one night already, another will not matter. For all practical purposes we are man and wife, so I have no problem taking you. At least this time you are completely in your senses I hope; no drugged drink or alcohol right? He smiles from ear to ear and pulls her into a hug,

Priya figures there is no point resisting something both of them have been holding back for so long. She just surrenders to him and lets him take over from there……

The next morning, she stirs in her sleep and slowly opens her eyes as the sun's rays are slowly breaking the darkness of the night. She looks to her left and sees the love of her life next to her, snoring away to glory with his strong arm across her waist and his head resting on her shoulder. She looks down at him and kisses him on his hair as she looks into his childish face – God, please don't take the innocence away from this man – my man. Please give him all the happiness he so richly deserves.


The End

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Posted: 2013-02-18T21:10:57Z
Take a bow from me, its tooo gud, I simply love the way u present the story, simple yet very romantic less drama, this one is awesome, thank u soo very much for giving us the pleasure of reading such wonderful OS and also thanks for PM, will wait for another masterstroke from u in coming days, till then take care
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Posted: 2013-02-18T21:47:45Z
Thanku sandhyaji :-)
for this awesome update.
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Posted: 2013-02-18T22:51:09Z
i cant say how much i loved and enjoyed reading this...
simply incredible and touching
when i was reading ..i kept thinking pls dont get over...wish i could keeep on reading and the os would never end
do try and continue Day Dreaming
thanks for an awesome osHug
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Posted: 2013-02-18T22:52:07Z
this was beautiful 
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Posted: 2013-02-18T23:29:11Z
good OS ... beautiful package of emotions along with romance ...  nice one! Edited by sreev12 - 2013-02-18T23:25:25Z
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Posted: 2013-02-19T00:22:39Z
ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap wonderfulClap
it was an cool osLOL
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Posted: 2013-02-19T01:02:26Z
Nice OS... simple yet beautiful... Good mixture of emotion n romance... Do write more like this...
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