My TD Fast Forwarded.. enjoy!

Posted: 2005-05-15T22:39:15Z
ok... man every1's writing so i decided to write one to! hope you enjoy.. now @ the end... people can keep adding cuz i cant think of the next part.........

lil advise...
disha and Dk ran away from their house and its been one year since they have gone!  suhas and sum. dont get along wid each other @ all...becuz sum dont like disha and suhas dont like dk........ and port is still there..Confused   Rano is 5 months pregnant! dont ask why!

Ved is walking and stops by Pori's room wid a video tape and is recording

Pori: (talking wid her lover): Why do you keep calling me? i told u not to call him til i get my work done

Lover: i cant wait that long u said u would have the work done a long time ago

Pori: yes i kno but  u know theres only one thing i want and that is to ruin this family

Lover: When will u come back  to me?

Pori: i will dont u worry now let me go b4 anyone sees me.. i love you!!!!

Lover: i love you too.

Ved: (talking to himself): now my work here is done thats all i wanted to hear.. but the question is how to make badi mom and Aai talk to each other again. Idea!!!!!

Suhas: Hello?

Ved: Hello Aai how are you??

Suhas: I am fine! how can i help you?

Ved: Badi mom is really really sick and i dont know what to do??? please help me!!

Suhas: Me, why me??????? why dont you call a doctor?

Ved: i did.. but i cant handle this on my own...

Suhas: Ok i am coming... (Calls up Inder cuz she dont got  a ride and he agrees to take her and rano comes along! dont ask why)

Ved: hello aai!

Suhas: how is she?

Ved: Oh.. um.... she's fine

Sum: Ved, who has come?? ( and she see's suhas)   YOU?? why have you come here?

Suhas: becuz ved had call me saying u were sick

Sum: Sick?? but i am fine i dont know why u care about me!

Suhas: Ved, why did you lie to me?

Ved: i had to, thats the only way i can get you guys to come together

Suhas: you shouldnt have done this! (Inder and rano are just listening like fools)Wink

Ved: I know but what can i do?? you guys havent talk to each other for one year and what was i suppose to do?

Sum: thats our problem why do u care??

Ved: i am sorry but i do care!!! i am doing this for  Bhai and Dish if they come back  wat will they think?

(every1s face all glow) ( Pori comes in and starts listening and is smiling cuz theres a fight)

Sum: dont ever mention thats girls name here ever again!!!!!!!!!!

Suhas: Excuse me but i will not tolerate anything  against my daughter. becuz of your son she has ran away with him

Sum: I was blind that i trusted a girl like that and its becuz of her that my poor dk is not with me look at pori she is so hurt! (pori's all sad but inside shes happy)

Ved: Oh will you two stop it..  its neither dk nor dishas fault its both of your faults

Suhas and Sum are stunned as well as inder and rano

Ved: You two tried to separate them! why??? because Aai you thought that he married Pori and Badi mom becuz u thought that Pori was your bahu.. well Badi Mom Disha is your bahu not Pori (Pori doesnt kno wat to say)

Sum: WHAT????????

Ved: Yes!! Dk and Disha are married.. The only reason why are you standing in front of all of us today is because Disha brought you here and took very good care of you and the day you got your memory back she was hurt that you didnt reconize her as your bahu!! (Sum is shocked)

Suhas: Dk didnt marry Pori?

Ved: NO! he was madly in love with disha how could he? and Disha loved him very well!

Inder: (out of no where) How do you kno?

Ved: she never told me but she never admitted her feelings for dk! and Badi mom do you know why Pori is in this house becuz Gargi brought her here so she could  ruin this family! and she did it once and she was going to do it again!

Pori: Thats a lie!!!! i would never do anything to ruin this family!

Ved: Oh really!! (Ved tells everything about how he loved pori and what happened wen he caught her and dk and how she came in the house, etc...)

(Inder, rano, sum, suhas are all shocked and dont kno wat to say)

Ved: For a long time me and dk hated each other until i realized that it wasnt his fault!

Sum: Why didnt you ever tell me this?

Ved: Becuz u werent  ready to listen to it!  and u want to know more ( He plays the convo b/t pori and her lover)

Pori: You set me up!!!! i will never leave you!!!!!!!!!!

Sum: PORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!           goes up to her and slaps her and throws her out of the house!!

Ved: Dk tried telling u about disha but disha never let him becuz you couldnt handle any shock!

Sum: Oh god! what have i done??

Suhas: I cant believe this!

Rano: But where is Di?

Ved: i know where ever they are they are happy!  but who knows they mite come back! i hope they do!

Sum:  i am sure that they will come back! oh how much i want to apologize to them i hope they 4give me! (to suhas) i am very very sorry for all of the things i said!

SUhas: no you shouldnt, its me should be saying sorry!! (They smile and hug each other)

Sum: (still crying) Oh god.. please bring me back my dk!!!!!!!!!

(By the door)

DK: MA!!!!!!!!!

Sum: DK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (suhas, inder, rano, and ved all surprised and shocked)

Sum: (goes to hug him a little emotional scene b/t mother and son!) i missed u so much and i wanted to apologize for the all things i did and said!! Ved told me everything!!! and i have no complaints!

DK: really ma! i am so happy! (goes to suhas) Are you still mad at me too??

Suhas: No, i must apologize for not letting you meet disha!! (and they both hug!)
But where is disha??

DK: she should be coming!! but shes a little scared to come in! DISHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sum: Oh i cant wait i want to see my Bahu i want to say sorry for everything i have said and done to her..... i hope she isnt mad at me! (BAHU)

Rano, inder, and ved looks towards the door  and sees dish!

(Disha walks in)

Disha: Aai!!!!!! (everyone is shocked to see disha, reason cuz she is pregnant  (5 months too)Embarrassed

TEll me what u think!! and if you guys wanna write go ahead if not i will post tomorrow...i wont lag cuz i am here everyday!!! so please post comments and tell me wat u think.. i will continue tomorrow.. but if you have any ideas go and write it!! Nite nite!

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Posted: 2005-05-16T04:16:34Z

urs is different 4 evry1s

i like itBig smile

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Posted: 2005-05-16T09:42:06Z

yes ur is different from everyone. thanx.


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Posted: 2005-05-16T10:03:36Z
nice waiting for the next part
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Posted: 2005-05-16T15:40:33Z
Part 2

Disha walks towards aai and they both hug

Disha: i am so sorry aai that i ran away...

Aai: No its me who should apologize i always misunderstood the both of you!

Disha: I love you aai!!!! (they stop hugging and disha looks at sum and walk towards her)

Disha: I....

Sum: dont say anything... i am sorry for everything that i have done and i shouldve listened to the both of you... will you ever forgive me??

(Disha tries to bend down and get blessing but sum stops her half way and they both hug and cry)

Sum: my dream has finally come true! i am finally going to be a grandmother!!! (all laugh)

Ved: well well well my job here is done!!!!!!!!! welcome back both of you!

Dk: thanx ved! you are the best brother anyone could ever have!!!

Ved: i know!!! (They both hug)

(disha looks at rano who is mad at her and has her back turned to disha)

Disha: Rano?

Rano: Inder, tell di i dont wanna talk to her.. she left me and didnt even contact me!!

Disha: I am really sorry rano!! please dont be too mad! i came back didnt i?

Dk: please dont be mad at her!! ok listen i ask you for forgiveness!!!!!!!

Rano: jiju, i am not talking to you either!!!!!

Dk: Ok then, lets go disha we'll leave again since rano doesnt want to talk to us!!

(everyone shouts... @ rano and trying to convince her)

Rano: wait!! i was just messing around with you guys..... you guys take things so seriously!!!

Disha: So, your not mad??

Rano: Of course not!! (both hug and cry)

OK folks.. i have class will continue after i get back!!!
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Posted: 2005-05-16T15:52:05Z


its KP

keep up the good workClap

will wait for the next sizzzzling episode

love KP

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Posted: 2005-05-16T15:52:39Z
lol the story is excellent!
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Posted: 2005-05-16T16:03:40Z
Great job Lol ..Do continue with ur story

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