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 Hola friends a complete book a holic I m ' I didn't knew about this site , got an idea from my friend , joined here . shuffled through the site ' got to read awesome notes from you all guys ' the wonderful writers over here at this place


Here I tried to write a story about my loved characters, Ram priya in a different changing the angles ' changing the scenario ' making them little younger , little bit less rich ram kapoor .. and bit more richer priya Sharma' actually ram and priya belong to the same strata of the society '



A magic , called Love'..




Chapter 1 ::  Introduction


A story about two person Ram Kapoor and Priya Sharma, two aspiring entrepreneur , residing at Australia , unknown to each other , they are both in their late twenties . ram kapoor a charming , handsome guys , can mix up wd n e one very easily . he was at Australia for past 2 years . back in india he has one younger sister , natasha , one younger brother, Rishab  and mom dad ' residing at Mumbai.  Natasha studying fashion designing , and rishab is helping his dad in family business '.



Priya Sharma , little arrogant girl , having no faith in relationship, likes to keep reserved within herself , rather boys keeps out from her  . she resides in Australia since her higher studies days, for about 5 years , she is now doing a job , at Australia , while her dad has a business well settled in Mumbai , living wd her younger brother and mom.





A natural windy day at Australia , it was always a fun to chill out at the beach side , ram was as usual wd his friends playing beach ball, a group of seven always get together in the week end , among the seven james the play boy is ram's best friend, he has helped him a lot after he landed to Australia , even they are planning to start a new venture of mall but they need few more fund to start it off. Ram took a break from the game and st on the beach chair , james followed him .


They were chilling out within themselves suddenly , james said " dude look there '.." pointing to a group of three peoples two old guys and a young lady. Ram sat up and said " interesting '. Looks like they are for business." James took his binocular and putting his eyes on it said " oo lala lala ram .. she is damn hot man '. Look'." He handed over the binocular to ram and rubbed his hands in excitement. Ram looked at priya dressed in business suit files in hand , glares on' dark black hairs flowing in air , giving her little trouble , she is trying to manage it '." Ram uttered " beautiful'." James making an awkward sound said " what you find a lady to be beautiful' really' interested in her then I will not try and if I try you know ' I never let a lady go with out tasting her '"


Ram keeping the binocular aside said ' she is not of that kind she will not let you to taste her '.'he leaned back and said " Indian she is .. not of your kind '." James stood up and flexing his muscle said " indian ' hmmm and you are not interested ' then she is of my kind ,'.. only 'where she is going '. Ooo lala'." He tapped at ram's shoulder and showed priya going to the bar ,ram neglected and relaxed'.


James headed to the bar and found priya siting in a corner wd her drinks . james is a playboy ' he manging his hairs he went to her , he said " excuse me'" priya turned saying " yes '" scrutinizing james from tip to toe she said " do I know you '" james sat on the bar chair by her and said ' no .. actually , I also dnt know you but , we can know each other '" priya rolled her eyes and said " look gentle man , you are trying to flirt in wrong place , I m not here to chill , like you are doing , I m here for work ' and more on I m not at all interested in you ." james jumped off from the chair as priya started to move , he guarded her way and said ' I m also here up for work lady , just as I m not in formals it doesn't mean that I m not in a work ." priya looked at him , and said " in a swim suit , bare body , in which job you are , I think the life guards at least have some more fabrics than yours , look man , better try your hand wd n e one else , I m not interested in you '.." she started walkig away , when james said ' my Indian friend is interested in you '. Madam, would you like to meet him '" priya wd out turning said ' get lost man '. Or better **** off'.'


Ram was watching priya and james encounter , he walked up to james, putting his arms around his shoulder said " what I have told you .. she is not your cup of tea '." Giving a nasty look james said ' I think she is not straight that's why she neglected me '." Ram irritatingly said " come on ' you cant say that she is not .. I mean buddy , look at her its Sunday still working ' so she is either having a steady boy friend or trust me she is married , and you please stop this'" james cuts him and says ' what!!!" ram said irritatingly said " this '. Tasting a new girl every week end , plz otherwise I have to find a new partner ."


They started walking to the bunker room , james said " come on ram, this is the age to enjoy and I dnt know what is there , in your mind go and have a night wd a lady , you will feel heavenly '. Well lets get to a pub tonight , I have to find my next taste .." ram got pissed off he headed to the changing room .



At priya's apartment , she shares a flat wd another Indian girl, nimisha , priya threw herself to a bean bag after changing herself to a house wear and said  ' this sl**s I hate them '." Nimisha served her coffee , switching on the television she said " kyun !! kisse panga .. le liya'"


---- huh !! pange and me .. rather that guy '. Muscles dikha ke ' putting a swim suit below the pelvis , do that attract a girl '." Priya said in one stretch and bit annoyingly.

---- yes darling that do attract a normal lady , nimisha replied wd a little laugh.

----- oh yeah !!! you mean to say I m not normal , mein pagal hoon , priya asked.

---- koi shak ' you are darling , I sometime get scared thinking about the boy who has you in his life, nimisha replied provoking her to give a reply.

--- that's why I will never put n e one into my life , never ever, priya stood up started walking to the kitchen when nimisha said " you never know priya when the magic will happen and you will fall in love." Priya stopped and looked at nimisha , who smiling back said " bitter but truth darling , and ready ho jana rakesh is taking us to his club , he is the dj of the month ." priya nodded and left wd the empty cups .


In A club Australia !!!!!


The dj played it loud '.. from the linkin park "living things" .. the dance floor is burning ' nimisha took priya to rakz the DJ '. She threw herself into tight hug , priya felt uncomfortable seeing them cozy , she excused herself , nimisha didn't mind to excuse her.


Priya came to the bar joint and ordered a mocktail, ram was having his drinks just beside her , he identified her , she was the target of james , he smiled looking at her , he said " In the most happening pub to have mocktail '" the music was loud priya could'nt hear him. Ram came closer to her and said from behind raising his voice said ' mam ' in the most happening bar to have mocktail ???" priya turned and found a gentle man with pleasant smile , stepping back and ended in a bar chair . priya said ' do I know you !!!" ram showed her that he could'nt hear . priya tried to remember if she has seen him n e where ' but her memory is always accoladed with the terms ' wonderful powerful awesome etc etc '" she could'nt remember ram , turning back she wanted to answer him , but ram was not there , she said to herself " bloody play boy '." 

hope you like it .. will post ... further if you like it ... 

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Hey! Great start! Really interesting character sketch.. Haha! Loved the belting Priya gave to James! Tongue
PS. I LOVE Living Things by Linkin Park! Wink
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Posted: 2013-02-17T05:08:50Z
wow ...waiting for the next part ...
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Posted: 2013-02-17T05:37:55Z
wow!! awesome start... loved it
plz continue soon
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Posted: 2013-02-17T05:51:42Z
good to see you here ... thanq!
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Posted: 2013-02-17T05:55:17Z
welcum to if writer jiii...Tongue
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Posted: 2013-02-17T07:03:10Z

wow' great start

please continue
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Posted: 2013-02-17T07:12:47Z
hiii mb welcome to this forum...Hug
starting was great...Thumbs Up
thank you..Smile
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