OS A Romantic morning

Posted: 2013-02-13T14:16:13Z
Alya and Subhi hera is the gift for valentines day..so dear read it and leave your comment... .. love you... both you r mean a lot to me... and thanks for making me feel special always... again love you guyz...

A Romantic Morning

the alarm blasts on with six am... priya is rudely awakened from her beautiful dream of a candle light dinner with ram...she angrily opens her eyes and extend her hand to switch off the alarm clock... after switch off the alarm clock she looks at  ram .. ram is wrapped around her like silk... his haired head on her chest.. his hand on her waist ...his leg over her.. holding her down..he is still in deep sleep... priya is feeling too warm.. priya tentatively reaching up to run her fingers gently through his hair and he stirs ...raising bright brown eyes.. he grins sleepily... he is looking so adorable that priya is lost for some moment...
"Good morning darling", he says
"Good morning ram ... she smile back at him... ram raises his head and gives sweet morning kiss on her forehead and leans up on his elbow... staring down at her...
sleep okay? he asks
hmmm, despite the interruption to my sleep in last night" saying this priya gives him a shy smile...
How about you? did you sleep well?

I always sleep well with you priya... and gives her winks...when priya tries to get up from bed ram holds her and make a puppy face and says dont go plz...looking at his face how could priya said no to him...he is looking so cute and innocent... priya again lying beside him...

Dont you have to get up? she asks it in a low and husky voice..
Not this morning. only one place i want to be up right now. Mrs Kapoor..
Ram.. priya gasp, shocked.. he shifts suddenly so that he is on top of her.. pressing her into the bed.. grabbing her hands.. ram pulls them above her head and begins to kiss her throat ... oh priya i m not get enough from you... and he smiles against her skin..sending delicious tingles through her... as his hands travels down her body and starts to slowly and hitch up her nightdress .. now they are  lost into another world... they both reach the climax together...

ram head is on her blossom... and his hands on her waist... priya  strokes his hair gently...making him relax... ram raises his head and says i m sorry..
why r u saying sorry? priya asks him
last night u did not sleep well because of me and now again i did not give u chance to take some rest...
ram why r u saying this... i love you ram and when we make love my love increase for you more... and trust me i enjoy it lot.. i feel complete i feel that i get the whole happiness in this world and it also remind me that you r mine and i m your in my mind my soul and my body... so plz never say sorry for this... priya gives him a peek in his forehead... now will you give me permission than i will take some rest... ...
and rams lying beside her and pulls her in his arms... now you can sleep...

after some hour later ram awakened up from a sudden noise.. he carefully puts priyas head onto the pillow and get up from bed and moves towards the window and moves the curtain a side now the sun ray is falling into priyas face..

priya covers her face with..her hand and says ram what r u doing.. plz let me sleep for sometimes.. ram goes near the bed and sits there.. priya my sweet priya plz gets up..
nahi ram plz let me sleep na...

baby its already 10 am... if we dont go down stair right now then i m sure dadi will send rishab in our room... .. so if you want to feel embarrassed than u can sleep i will not tell u any thing...
what already 10 baj chuki hain ram aap mujhe pehle kyun nahi uhthaiya hain.. aab mein nicche kaise jao..
why r u react like that we r husband wife...itna kuch soch na ki jarurat nahi hain.. aur aise bhi main tumse gussa huin?
kiyun maine kya kiya?
tum baat karke kitna time waste karte ho... meri morning kiss kaha hain?
oh god ram plz dont get start again... now move .. i need to change..
this is not fair priya... mujhe meri morning kiss chahe hain...
ram mein koi morning kiss nahi deyne wali ho... so plz move...
plz priya mein to srif aak kiss he mang rahi huin dey do na.. make a puppy face..
ram you r impossible... priya gives him a quick kiss in his cheek and runs from there... bhag k jaogi kaha mrs kapoor wait and see mein kya karta huin... thinking all his plan ram grins like a fool...

priya is standing in front of the mirror.. she is wearing a pink ciffon sharee.. with deep cut blouse...  she wears all the matching accessory and she tries to put her bindi from behind ram holds her hand and says.. will you give me the honor to put it into your beautiful forehead... priya gives him a shy smile... ram turns her towards him and puts the bindi in the center of  her forehead... he cupped her face and slowly leans... priya close her eyes for anticipate... their lips are some innc apart.. priya clutches her coat tightly... ram lightly brush his lips with her... now priya is wanting more... when she does not get nay respond fom ram she slowly opens her eyes... ram is looking at her eyes with desire and longing... priya asks him whats happened through her eyes.. without saying any thing ram leaves her... and turns towards the door.. when ram moves from there priya holds his hand and stops him.. and force him to look at her.. what is this ram asks her.. ssshhh i need sometimes with my husband will you give me the permission to continue where we stop...

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Posted: 2013-02-13T21:17:44Z
nice one, awww!, I really can't get enough of RaYa, jitna milta hain pyaas utna hi bar jata hain, I long for more, please continue this
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Posted: 2013-02-13T21:56:46Z

Awesome update darling...happy v day dear...thanks for lovely gift...muahh...

You are so chwet...
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Posted: 2013-02-13T22:52:42Z
Originally posted by jineejiggs

nice one, awww!, I really can't get enough of RaYa, jitna milta hain pyaas utna hi bar jata hain, I long for more, please continue this
yer u right dear...raya ke liye pyas bujhati hi nhi...kyunki ye pyas hai badi... Tongue
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Posted: 2013-02-13T23:32:09Z
nice update love it pls continue soon. thx a lot.
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Posted: 2013-02-13T23:46:56Z
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Posted: 2013-02-13T23:57:49Z
That was so gd!! Thank u..

BTW.. Happy valentines day..HeartSmile
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Posted: 2013-02-14T00:09:27Z
very nice n love ur DP
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