lag ja gale with aloo parathae-an os

Posted: 6 years ago
hello every one how r u... all.
after seeing promo being aired i decided to type this os and finished it on the same day managing to type so long.i am sorry for not posting cnite next part which will come soon.. it wil be contain surprise to u all .. but for this os.. it is just an purely img of mine which was much inspired from bt series.but trust me i will make u people get an smile back in your lip after reading it .sorry for mistake in spelling and is not to hurt any one it just an img story of mine.just to let out our anger and get happy.
this tittle is weird as the previous one  but it just to make u people smile reading it. once again all comment are welcomedLOL if u people are angry ,u can put it in comment or even pm meBig smile

 This starts after all hospital drama and then next conda ask priya to leave ram and go.Cry. being an maahaan priya decide to ram  as conda ask her to divorceCry and go back and never come back. OuchShe agrees for her soo called conda sister.. Angrypriya comes to ram and ask to keep her sister happy and divorce her as only conda was his wifeDead.. ram was in angry modeAngry but knows priya is very much of mahaaan he says fine priya I will give u divorce but my one condition  she says I know u wanted to give property to pihu but I won't accept it as it belongs to kush and conda' Angry when he says I dint mean that but I wanted to tell u before divorcing me u have to stay with me for 1 month in km in same room..Wink she says she will never do that' as it will hurt her sister.. he says fine then I won't divorce u nor give properties to conda.. she finally agrees she says but pihu will sleep in-between us .. and no physical and I will sleep in couch and u won't force me he agree'LOL later in evening he announce priya and he are going to get divorce in month and before it she and he will be living under same roof. Conda was shocked..Shocked and tries to act smart and tries to create rift..Angry saying I know ram di must have kept the condition he says no I kept it.LOL.  He says .. I have missed so many episode in my kids life I want to have it ' after 1 month she will leave to dubai back..Ouch I hope any one doesn't have problem right.. that night.. conda tries to come in-between raya saying ram to come and stay in her room as she was scad' when he says fine and goes.. priya was hurtOuch but she was mahaan saying she is ur wife u have to goCry' he says she is ur sister u too can goo .(looks like he got little brain tooLOL). she says she can't as pihu need her.. he says fine then I will go conda was soo happy. Wink

Priya was crying sleeping next to priya holding pihuCry(do mahanata act first then cry for it)' she can't sleep whole night she was roaming in room but she decide she should think about them anymore and closes her eyes tightSleepy.. but nope she had bad night mares Confused she cover herself with blanket and sleep. Pihu hugs her was morning priya cdnt sleep for whole night she open her eyesStern Smile in early morning and goes to kitchen to make herself an tea..she was thinking when she  hears daadi calling priya puttar .. she turns and smiles to daadi and take her blessing she says jeete raho aur 100 bachon ki maa bano (dadi is sure to bring raya together to make them hit century in  kid birthLOL)she smiles and blushes .. she says beta raat bar soya nahi kya? Did ram trouble u?LOL (omg daadi is in total advanced form)she says ohh daaadi..  nahii meina abhi ayi and runs off ..LOL she was totally disturbed to clear her doubt she goes to conda's room with lots of hesitation she sees the door was open she peep into broking her heart Broken Heart she enters to see who it was who was sleeping next to conda she with soo much of shivering open the blanket (as conda was in deeep sleepSleepy) she get shockedShocked when it was none other than shipra jiii who open her eyes saying surprise.. shipra is back to km.. priya was shocked she was like maaa u scared me.. she says kya priya .. tub hi na.. meri neend ke karab kar diya.LOL(what an twist when did shippy come?). wiase bhi puri raat ur sister dint allow to sleep well was telling me not to talk in sleep and was waking me up to keep quiet and u in morning removed my blanket disturbing my sleep.. tub hi na I am sleeping again..Sleepy priya was soo happy LOLalmost tears she back walk and runs off  in happiness when she stop thinking where was ram '.  But she was happy sshe walk fast to her room and when she enters she clashes with ram ShockedLOLand and the fall  in the floor over the carpet.Wink.  he was just in robe after his bath..9omg girls pleasee dont img things) they have an eye contact  background song plays badeee achhae lagte hain''.

here comes the famous aloo parathaLOL

When suddenly pihu says mammmaa muje bhook lagi hain alloo ke parate bane ke do na.. they stop the stare and move.. she gets up.. when he ask why were u running like that? LOLMaloom hain u hurted me..  she was like mein Shocked? I dint hurt u but u were the one who hurt me almost broke my hand it still paining as u fell over  meLOL.. u have gained weight than beforeWink(he def need to shed some kgs)' he says oye u called me mota?LOL She says haan tooo waise bhi ka kaka ke balloon ki taraf hogaye hain he sees himself and says priya this is not fair.. u can't call me like that' pihu again mamma give me allooo paratae.. it is soo yummy'. Raya sees pihu who was talking in sleep.LOL(no wonder she is chota golu)   She says deka aapki wajese she is too fond of aloo paratae that she says even talk about it in sleep.ConfusedLOL. he say too meri beti hain meri taraf hi to rahegi naaaLOL.. haan haan  she is just like uWink' in every way.. kaane mein sone meinSleepy and they hear pihu having karaaate LOL' deka I told u.. Everything is just like u seeing him from top to bottom..  he says too meri beti hain punjabhi hain aise hi rahegi okkk don't u dare talk something like that bout my daughter.. she says ohh she is mine too .. yaayaya dikta hain'  in time nuts comes calling priyaa  and sop seeing them together.. ram seeing nuts says mein abhi aya and goesLOL.. nuts smiles priya and ram was embarrassedConfused  priya ask nut tum tini subh subhShocked
?she laughs saying  haan actually papa ji has gone  to some relation wedding so me and shipra mom decided to stay here ' she says ohh. She says I came here because when u make aloo ke parate please make extra 2 because meri bhi aaj kaane ka man karta hain.. she nodes yes.. Thinking even she want allooo parataaa'(wow what an aloo family)LOL

In breakfast table table priya was serving other Krishna says aaj ghar ghar lag raha hain.(because kahaani ghar ghar kii mein st was thereWinkjust jokingLOL). conda comes down she gets irritatedDead when she sees the breakfast says itna heavy breakfast Shockedoh god meri figure karaab hojayega .. and ask for her diet food.. when she just sit next to ram and says ram why r u eating such heavy breakfast (why u r suddenly bothered?)have some diet food daadi says  ram puttar tuje bhoook saha nahi jayega le ye kaloo alloo parata and pushes the diet food plate' (daadi i love u .. u need to get more power and just sit over conda she will die LOL)she says  ram puttar mein jaanti hoon bina  alloo parata ur day doesn't start looo priya has made it specially today..  (for golu's?)priya was feeding pihu and kush was happily eating it .. he says haan papa aloo parata is too good massi has made it wonderful Big smilemamma learn something from masssi I never had such tasty food and eats.. conda get hyper.. nuts says u r soo right kush but don't ask ur mom to make kya pata we need to eat all burned food.. LOL(i know that is the reason bansi kaka is appointed Wink)and laugh' conda get angry .Angry. when ram says nahi daadi aaj mein diet food hi kahoonga kyunki muje lagne laga hain ki  aajkal meri weight has gone upp '.(u r priyaLOL) When daaadi says are nahi puttar.. u have gone slim' dekoo u have loosen 4-5 kg due to not eating properly..(omg daadi check ur eye power he is getting into balloon puttar from golu) due to some people hereLOL'. Priya says rehne dijiye na daadii let him eat what he want'. After all health also matter.(for that u r there right making him to run behind u that is enough he will get slim by himself after all it will be running exerciseWink) . she excuses herself and goes off  to kitchen.. ram eat the sandwich 'when priya sees him turning back..(wait an sec.. ram and doesn't eat aloo parata aise todi  nahooga afterall aloo parata and ram can never be separatedLOL.) she sees bansi kaka doing something with sandwiches.. she get shockedShocked when bansi kaka was keeping the pieces of aloo parata inside the bread.. she ask what he was doing when he confess saying ram has ordered to do that' priya smiles thinking tabhi too sochoon how can mr kapoor be away from aloo parata.. (afterall he is mr aloo kapoor)it is impossible. LOLShe smiles.. she comes out with the food for the kids.. for school..

She sees shipra who says I am back and walks happily saying omg breakfast has started ' omg aloo parata itni ghee priya I have told u not to add to much of ghee.. u never listen me deko damadji ki halaat deka' u have spoiled him rottenLOL(like u spoiled conda) daadi says shipra jiii I tell priya to put ghee.. we r punjabhi and we eat ghee it is good for health not like u people who eat little and talk too much' priya says kush pihu kana hogaya na chalo i will drop u people to school ' ram says I am also starting for my office and goes.. conda says ram can u drop in my parlor I have to do so many thing.. after all I am mrss conda dash dash..(I even hate to say that) need to maintain myself seeing priya.. when sipra says no beta u should goo I told u it is not good for health ad if some reaction happen due to medicine and all and mixes her mind and  drag back to her room she says I will get ur medicines wait.. out side priya tells kush pihu u lunch boxes don't forget to eat ok.. now we shall go out and get cab.. when she hear what is the need of cab? When the kapoor kids can go in their own car'LOL priya keep quite..  she says I am dropping them .. he says fine I will drop u people.. she says but.. when ram ask pihu u want to go along with papa mamma and kush in the car?she nodes yes she says mama chalo na it be real fun when we 4 go.. and drags her.. much to her dislike but actually happy inside kush sit in front saying I wont to sit in front mamma doesn't allow me to sit so I wll sit and put the belt.. Backside only ram priya and pihu.. pihu was inbetween she says wowo papa it is soo nice after long time we r going together. Big smileU me and mamma' and holds their hand.. they see each other.. pihu says papa can I sit in that corner I want to look outside I can't see anything.. and he says sure and he moves in center and put pihu in the corner who was happy..  pihu ask him to move and he moves close to priya and she put her back ins side and turns around to see the city view.. Embarrassed

 Priya and ram were sitting very close touching each other.when the car driver press the break while turning ram falls over priya.. and kisses her in her cheeks.. he dint say sorry but turns his face.. when again the driver turn priya falls over ram instead of kissing in cheeks they end up in lips as ram turns his face.they get an shock suddenly c nite flashes comes  when in fm same song plays' they kept staring each other.. suddenly the song changes  of nanino mein sapna sapno mein sajna(if I am correct) sajna par dil agayaaa' ram ad priya lost in the song as ti was their fav too they were in dream land where they were dancing the same way'.when the car hit the break all again they hug '. When the song starts bade achhhe lagte hain hain'

Pihu and kush smiles they try to wake them but they get down saying they were getting late.. and go happily.. priya realize suddenly and says mr kapoor pihu kush and when driver says mam they went of to school long back.. priyas says I will take an cab and was about to get down he says it is not needed I will get down in office and u can go back in car' why u think I will run away.. he says u can do that too.. he says driver chalo..  vikram calls ram and tells him something.. he says fine vikram.. I will take care.. but tell ur friend about it.. I am sure she will say no' and give phone to priya.. who refuses first but later agrees.. she says mein aaapke saath office chalti hoon.  He smiles.. they were in office.. priya takes the classes for the employees(like previous episode long back where she comes to take class for some reason it is repeated here..)in time ram to was sitting much to priya's shocks. All leave the class.. when priya was wiping the board she heard ram closing the door she sees him.she ask why did u close the door.. he says he need to talk to her she says I don't want to and tries to close when he pulls her and pushes against the wall and says today u have to listen to me..

Priya and ram picks pihu and kush who were happy and they take them too  mall they were walking happily.kush was little sad when priya cheers her up as already pihu  was carried by ram.. priya caries him and tell today massi will take kush around with her.. they go to fun area and they play with kids.. where pihu and ram wins' kush sees priya who says ye sab bachoon kja khel hain eh says mein bachha hoon.. masssi.. she says ohh yaa. She says chalo we will go to other one.. pihu and ram says they were very confidence saying they will win.. priya and kush was sad but priya says don't worry kush u will win this time he ask how she says wait nd watch..  it was an bike racing game where ram was helping  pihu' when she sees ram was too excited in playing it and helping pihu she wink to kush and says go head I will help u.. when she wontedly says ram in an sweet tone he turns she wink and blow him a kiss buss ram was flat she turns and makes kush win' they  says they won.. pihu says papap we lost because of u.. and stamp her feet in anger.. when he says sorry pihu ye teri ,' she says no excuse .. he says koi baat nahi I will get u chocolate icecream as we lost.. priya was like nonono.. he says yes chalo pihu chalo kush I will get u one also.. priya thinks how mean.. later she refuses ram to eat icecream he ask how she is going to stop he says aise 'pulls his hand holding cone icecream and take an large bite he says how mean and he says ohnyaa and take another bite from the same icecream and say it is more sweet now and winks., she realized what she did .. she ate his joota ice-cream and eh was doing the same.. she wipes pihu and kush and says let us go home all must be waiting.. priya was blushing all the way'  ram was also.. they enter kapoor mansion together.. kids jumping and walking in front and raya entering behin.. shipra who was coming down sees it and smiles.. but se e conda coming .. she gets an idea.. she comes down.. priya beta where were u.. I thought I will take u to meet my friend who has come to the town  she says woo mien.. she says leave it tom we will go.. tommmorrow.. ok'

Later in night after dinner.. conda was waiithng other to sleep when she decide to do something  to meet sid.. where mamaji helps her.. priya was covering pihu in blanket after the story.. she decide to tell shipra she need to take classes in kapoor industry and she will join after it so she goes to conda's room and inform and ask where is conda.. she says I don't know where she left priya was like is waaqtt.. she goes to search.. when she stops at mamaji's room where he says don't worry she is coming to meet u I will pick her after half an hour to cover things.. priya doubt increasesss .. she wanted to follow him but ram comes and pulls her inside his room he shouts on her being careless on pleaving pihu alone and she was crying  nto seeing her.. she to end up blasting her.. mamaji hearing the fight comes there and smiles..  ram praises codna and talk' mamaji think wowowww .. he goes off

Priya starts to hear another karathe sound she turns and get shocked ram and pihu were snoring in same way.. their belly tummy were raising and falling in same way..she laughs .. she again makes videos btu stop when did he come here and sleep ?he was supposed to sleep in that room?she wanted to wake him up but stops.. she lie down and sees them.. seeing them she sleeps off.. in the morning.. ram sit down and have is so called diet food but suddenly he bites and mirchi he sees priya smiling he realizes she has caught him'. What he does isss.. he eat it showing he doesn't care about the mirchi.. priya was taken back when he winks.. she was wondering why he was not shouting. She gets worried.. she serves him butter and goes  he goes off not taking butter she get worried. When conda comes and says pati ka joot a kana chiaye taabhi pyaar abdega and eat the sandwich and starts to shout mirchi paaani paaaniii.. and almost jumpsss  priya says have this butter and she eats' thinking omg ram is eathing such teeka never ever will do even for actinggg ram smiles and goess.. he goes inside his room and drink water fully and eat the chocolate which he has in pocket to cool down the burn' he says taking priya's picture u gave me mirchi right now I will punish u' as usual they stop pihu and kush and got o office..  but ram wontedly cancels the classes.. priya was like why no one is there.. she goes to his cabin she inform no one was there he says it got cancelled she says she is elaving then was her mother was waiting and came here to pick her up to meet her friend.. when he pulls her and seal her mouth in name of kiss ..

Shipra coming and was about to knock when she sees what they were doing and turn s her face in happiness but see mamaji coming toward ram's cabin and think oh no if this taklu ram comes  things will be spoiled and run to him saying mamaji ' where is meri daaamaad ji.. he says must be in his cabin she says I went  he was not there take me to  ur cabin I have never seen it and dragsss him.. priya pushes ram with all strength and shout asking what was all that? He says tic for tac for serving me mirchi in the morning she says this is not right.. he says I don't care she leaves in anger saying she is not going to come back to take classes any more.. she realized what his plan is.. he says ur wish.. she was talking to mamaji when priya comes and she says chalo priya we shall go now thanks for entertaining mamaji and goes.. mamaji was left in thought.. priya ask what was all that she says asiehii chalo chalo and drags her' she take her to beauty parlor .. priya and she has an huge argument when shipra warns her and make her get ready.. she even changes her in white gown saying it was an party and she need to dress such way and drags her' the y reach priya was feeling discomfort .. she get shocked when she sees ram was standing there and shipra says mein abhi ayi a and goes leaving her alone in room .ram was all walking towards her .. she ask what was all that he says just nothing I wanted to have an lunch date with u so mummji helped me' she says I am going he pulls her saying u can't if u go I won't give u divorce.. u told me u will be with me full 1 month.. priya tries to open her mouth when he places his finger indicating nooo suddenly he pulls her close .he says thanks to ur mom who gave the idea' as she plans good.. btw today is an special day as we met today before 6 years back' she sees him shock' he says soo will u have pleasure dinning with me.. don't worry I won't feed u chilli she blushes.

Shirpra enter with kush and pihu  conda ask where is priya?she says she left long back I am very angry at her.. she doesn't even know how to behave in an kitty party sorry conda if u were well I would have taken u but what to do.. and look sad' conda think where did she goo what if ram is also and calls to ram cell he doesn't pick' she calls ram's office who inform he was in meeting with agarwal group in so and so place' conda calls that agarwal place she get shock when she hears ram was there.. she decide to check she calls mamaji who inform he left ram in the meeting and made excuse to meet sid and going there.. she was like fine then.. priya comes back conda ask where she was ?she says she was at neha's place.. she says ohh.. late night ram comes home back.. conda thinks now I will have to work through the plan.. she goes to ram room and sleep in his bed hearing eh was getting freshen up in the washroom. Thinking that day nothing happened which we planned but tom morning when I go out of the room priya will see me and then hahaha and sleeps .. ram come sout and ask what she was doing she says she was disturbed with shipra's snoring and getting scad so sleeping there he says fine.. he goes out she ask w here he was going he says he was going to study and will come back in 10 minutes and ask her to not to go anywhere he will come back' she sees him coming back she cover blanket and smiles' in the night she kept hearing snoring sound and getting irritated cdnt sleep whole night.

Morning comes she sees herself and thinks good think I dint sleep I can show priya that something happened between us and goes out she cover her robe and seeing priya saying ye ram bhi naaa kitna naughty hain.. priya was in surprise she get dull seeing g conda who cover herself with robe.. she goes to the room when she get shocked that ram was sleeping  covered she get teary and return back.. to her room she was in tears when she suddenly hear another snoring sound she looks around and get shocked ram was sitting in corner chair and turned towards the wall and sleeping she goes and get shocked seeing ram there' no wondered she felt some one entering the room last night but thought it was her dream .. but wait who was in other room she goes and open the cover she was shocked ' dum dum dummm it was daadi.. priya smiles hugely ' she walks back to room she thinks why did conda do that?when she herself has decided to leave ram for her'  she was in confusion.. ram sees the time and realizes it was morning and starts to freshen up.. he comes down.. he sees daaadi who show thumbs up he smiels and hugs his daadi saying I love u daadi..  thanks .. I was wondering what will I do and I saw u and u gave me the idea  to switch the place.. u saved me.. she says  dont worry if u want I will save in future too afterall I want my 100 golu only one is present I want 99 which was remaining .. he laughs.. Krishna ask what happened when they tell she laughs.. last  night ram comes inside along with daadi who gave idea when he wontedly left the room due to conda's presence' she says we will get in u off the light and go to priya's room.. and same he off the light after cconda seeing him entering and imd exchange the place' 

It was breakfast table where she pretend to blush' when ram smile and wishes her good morning conda thinks omg he wished her and smiles showing her poisoness teeth. Priya comes when conda says di give me the food I will serve ram' she give her.. she was about to serve when her phone ring ram take it when he ask conda who is this jaan?she says my friend saudhami and take the phone and excuse herself and goess.. ram smiles and sees priya.. he says looks like I need to go with n empty stomach .. Krishna says beta serve ram .. daaadi syas priya beta serve him some aloo paratas which u made especially for him' she says no daadi he may not eat it.. he says I am leaving when pihu says papa have wait and feeds from his palte saying I will feed u. he kisses her and sees priya.. he says no one is loving me like my baby daughter.. priya says yes ofcourse after all  she is just like her father mr ram kapooor.. other laughs seeing their cold fight in dinning table.. shipra sees it and thinks looks like fight is on me need to do something.. it is high time that ram and priya need to get together' priya won't listen' what can I do' she gets an idea picnic but how.. conda will come there too.. I think I need to discuss with daaadi she can give better ideas'

They 3 make an plan.. they decide to leave raya and pihu in sep car.. shipra and instructs pihu she wanted to Kush to come and when shipra said if kush come conda aunty will come and she agrees.. they all get into the car and shipra and nuts tell they will ram.. they inform conda and mamaji that priya is not coming as she said no for coming.. conda get happy' daadi drags conda mamaji and Krishna sowmya rishi kush in one car.. nuts tell pihu is getting eady and informs them they will come with them.. it was not easy as mamaji was trying to put cond and ram in car as conda.. but they manages.. they think they will exchange car but were happy priya as they themselves heard priya saying she is not coming as it was their family picnic.. they were fine as shipra and nuts was with them.. in meantime shipra pretend ed to support conda after accident saying dotn worry beta I will help u and ram together and all .. and conda believes.. it' here ram comes out and nuts ands hipra inform him some and goes off..pihu as per instruction starts to cry without choice priya agrees to come she get readya dn comes down.. nuts tell car was awaiting for them .she and other haves started to go towards picnic spot. Priya comes down she sees some one waiting some was in jean and shirt folded 3/4th she think who it can be as all left.. she says excuse me aapp.that person turns .. priya is shocked ..

Pihu says papa u r looking soo cool just like me.. he says ofcourse I am cool unlike some other who r pretending to be like hot chilly.. she sees him she says all left ?he says haan let go we r getting late' on pihu insisting priya and pihu were next to driver seat .ram was driving.. pihu ask papa meri chocolate.. priya ask what? She says it is secret between me and papa haina papa and they wink priya find something fishy.. she thinks may be other have planned.. he says they have priya as if he heard her mind voice..pihu was having her chocolate and priya sees  the chocolate was full over he face ' she says pihu how many times I told u not to eating this way.. she takes tissue to wipe when he says no need wait and take phone parking the car and click picture saying my ddaughter is looking soo cute and kisses her and some chocolate stick over his face priya ends up cleaning it..  suddenly pihu kisses them both spreading the chocolate more' they were like pihuuu they clean pihu together with each tissue.. she smiels..ram says I will miss all thiss heis face goes sad.. priya too get upset' he says kuch dinon ke baad I won't even have an chance to meet my daughter' after all u have decided to sacrifice everything for ur sister.. because of u r one decision my daughter is going to suffer her life.. I wish I was in never in love too atleast pihu whould have not suffered so much.. If never accepted to marry u I would have not fallen in love nor such thing would have happen.. priya to have tears..

I wish u change the decision atleast for my daughter's sake but u r just want to be maahaan I won't stop u but after the 1 month even u won't be able to stop me from doing anything ' he sees her.. what he is upto she things.. all get down in the picnic place.. but to surprise raya were not come nuts and shipra comes on asking they says ram had cancelled his coming as pihu was cranky and he left to office for an imp meeting.. mamaji calls bansi kaka who informs priya and pihu were sleeping.. he call office also when they inform ram was in his cabin when he hears ram voice he thinks ohh fine.. as they were instructed to play ram recoded voice '. Raya reached an farm house.. she ask why one was there' ?he says may be they must have not reached and lie to her.. she tries to call but no tower.. she ask whether he has got tower he to replies the same.. when pihu says mama chaloo we will go and play and she was like play? She says haan mamma it will be real fun  mamma pleaseee he says let go pihu ur mom is very adamant on being mahaan.. he take her.. ram words starts to sing back in her mind.. she thinks what about myself mr kapoor don't u know it was not easy and still u tell that too me' but she decides to go anjoy because of pihu thinking after an month only this things will be her memories.. she sees ram and priya were already inside the pool fully wet. .she scolds them saying they will get cold they see each other and  he says ok fine pihu go up nd winks they go and suddnely  pihu pulls pihu inside  ' she was like what is all this? They says yeee we did it.. now 3 of us will get cold at same time.. priya says I am going when pihu says mama if u go I wont talk to u..  the way she says it just reminded of ram.. she gets angry seeing ram' she says pihu this is not time she says then shall we get inside poola t 4 pm mamma? It is good time? Ram laughs.. ram says beta let ur mom go she is very scad of water.. may be she will drown in this 4 feet water..  but pap u can ho9ld her too like u have holded me.. he says she will not like it.. pihu says she wont papa because we r family no 1 haina and pulls priya and make her hand hold with ram.. let hug and she pulsl closer.. priya was feeling awkward but enjoying inside.

After they get changed they starts to eat the snacks pihu says mama feed me.. priya wonders why she was doing it' she feeds her and suddenly she turn her hand towards ram who eat it.pihu claps saying papa now u feed mamma and forces her to eat.. she end up taking photos and videos..  priya wonder why they have not reaches.. pihu says they won't.. priya ask why.. when ram cover saying may be they have gone to another place.. she says mr kapoor is u people are doing something ?he says nooo.. if u want let us return home.. she says fine let us go when pihu frowns and show her tiny face which had tears ready to dlow and priya says we were just making fun haian mr akpoorrr.. she says mamaa don't call mr kapoor call him ram.. haina papaa.. he says I dint say anything ..pihu says kaho naaa she says fine ram.. pihu says properly mammaa ram' in sweet tone.. ram laughs.. they were playing park..  priya sees ram and pihu spoiling their clothes' but enjoyed every moment and  was taking videos and pictures'

They return home.. ram carries priya inside as pihu was aawake..  and she walks.. he laysher in the bed .she says I love u ram in sleep.i love u too.. pihu syas I love u both. Priya wake up with snoring sounds in morning she says not again.. she sees rama dn pihu she laughs thinking why these both golus are soo sweet specially when they sleep' she goes near rama dn pihu she says I love u both' my goluss.. I wish I always wake up every morning like this' happy tears flows down' bade achhhe lagte hain song plays'

She says I will miss u ram she runs off to washroom.all return.. before priya could ask shipra and nuts were like why u people never came .. we had great fun.. conda says haan di we had great fun without u' and ur daughter' spl ram was happy priya sees her in confusion she ask when u r packing bags after all we r now hubby and wife in all mean even we share same room u see.. priya was like conda tum.. she says it is better u leave now.. she goes ' priya was in soo much confusion.. later daaadi announces they had to perform special pooja in mandir far away from city  .. all the family member should goo she tells conda u should spls come .. ram inform he can't come as he has an imp meeting.. conda plans and says daadi let me stay here I don't feel soo well why don't u take other daaadi says but u have toos he refuses and tells he was unwell ram tell if she is not good why u people r forcing her' conda gets happy..  priya tries to tell something when he scolds her and ask her to shut up.. priya was surprised.. conda was happy seeing priya'

The night comes.. ram calls conda and informs he will be late.. he comes home drunken state'. Conda gets happy thinking I don't even need to drug him.. she pretend to help ram and takes her to her room and makes him lie down.. next day morning conda was crying pretending ram u should not have done that to me'  he ask what happened ?she says she cries .. he realizes seing his state his shirt were unbutton and he was in her room she goes away taking his clothes.. she ask himt o go and pushes him and he goes in an dramatic way.. he comes out and priya sees it and  ram sees her she goes of crying and shut the doro and cries.. . priya informs she is leaving the house as now it is clear that she has sign  the divorce paper she also mention she doesn't need any of ram's property nothing.. ram says but priya she says no need to explain.. u can live happy with your wife'  I am going seeing conda who looks happier saying atlast  she is leaving she thinks.. ram says fine even I am signing the divorce' because I am fed of this begging to u.. this is too much because u r ego is too high than my love priya' I make sure we get divorce by tomorrow..

He says conda I am throwing an party tomorrow I am officially going to announce something related to this property and my life.. I am going to tell who is real bahu of this house.. he goes off even priya goes taking pihu who was sad' conda was in happy mind..  she calls her jaan and inform him.. she tells it the reason which .. mamaji comes when she announce and tells himw ho was like kaaamaal kardiya tune  conda' u are too good..s eh says now no one can stop from the property coming into my hand.. .. now one more work is left.. I will complte it.. she goes to her sharma's house she sees priya and pihu who was sad.she taunts them.. she insults them' priya keep quite.. she says finished talking now u may go I am getting late to go to court' conda says meet u in court..  conda was about to go to court when mamaji informs that sid had called her urgently' she goes away.. later when she go to court she realize they have left and divorced happened..

 Conda dresses herself.. she think tonight when I get all the property I will kick that ram mota out and then me and sid will get married and live her happily .. she think I will not care what ever happened later with di or mr kapoor they can go to hell. She dresses herself in best form.. priya was packing her stuff. She calsl cab to leave. The party starts all were sad.. ram announces  that he is putting all the property in kush's name and giving the power of attorney to conda.. he also announces  that he and conda are planning for an re marriage' conda think ye kasie twist hain but pretend to smile.. she think before it I need to kick this mota out of this place.. but how.. when ram also announce his officially divorced to priya now and conda and his wedding was null before so he is remarrying to prooove  it she can only be bahu of this house' she was smilling' he says tomorrow is the wedding'.  All are invited.. he says till now I was not able to see the truth but after today he is really going to be conda and will plan their future  ' the party was in full swing and conda was in confusion she calls mamaji and atell him to arrange an meeting with sid today itself.. she inform sid who smiles saying she has got the property paper right she says yes.. he smiles.. he says tom the wedding will happen she was like what ia m not going to marry that budda all again .. he laugh saying who is asking u to marry that budda.. she ask mathlab he says he and she will get married and kick him out.. she laugh saying achha hain we will kick all of them.. u know how much these people used to irritate me' spl that daaadii ' he says after tom km will be ours they hugs'

Conda get ready she comes down' she sees all .. she sees ram who was sitting in mandap .. he looked fine.. she comes down happily  she stand next to the mandap the pandit ji ask her to take the place  she says haaan I will take the place but lt my dulha come she says mamaji and he bring sid along with him shocking all.. ram ask what is ll this conda? And what this sid is doing? She says chill mr kapoor.. don't shout ur bp will get raised and u will faint .. who know u may die too.. I can't marry such an person who has health issue from top to bottom' he says what? Have u lost u r sense .. do u ever know what u r saying? She says I very know what I am saying motta buddda .. he was shocked.. deka hain kud koo u look same from top to bottom.. I stand behind  u I get hideed' what u think I am in love with u nopeee.. he says u cant do that.. u r my wife.. she says kounsi wife? We were never legally married it was just an matter that when we thought pri di was assumed death u married me to save ur soo called kapoor image.. and show ur mahaaanata like my stupid di' bahut mahaaan hain.. like always.. she is an mad person' who never think of herself always think of other .. like u.. actually speaking u both are made of each other .. actually both are mhaaan ki murti and laughs.. sid says are conda don't waste the time.. we shall get married common.. he says codna what u r doing he left u  when u wer pregnant.. she says nope he dint leave me he still love me.. it was ajsut an drama created by us.. and now we r going to get married officially' he says think atleast of kush.. she says common mr kapoor  his real dad is here what is in neeed of u' and I am marrying his dad he will be happy' ram says I wont let this wedding happen oh really she says gaurds.. hold him.. and throw him out.. but sid says noo conda let him eb here and sees how we r getting married bechara.. and they start the wedding procedure' all were shocked.. shipra tries to talk but conda says if u be quite u r here other wise u r out like other she bee uite .. the marriage happens'  conda says now I am mrs conda siddharth kapoor' and the owner of kapoor 's property' ram says but conda we had spended an night together.. she laughs saying kounsi night? Night kya we have not spend and day together ti was all drama created by us.. now shut up gaurds throw him out as he no longer the owner of kapoor mansion not property we r the owner.. they hug saying hey photo grapher take an picture .. we will frame it big and keep it in the center of the hall.. they pose for the photos'.

She and sid sees she says sid u shd meet our little boy he is just like u and calls kush.. ajavoo and take picture with him.. sid says he is like name kush  who is the key of our happinesss.. they laugh'. When suddenly the light goes off the video get play first how conda taking ram to the ram' with help of mamaji' then sid coming they three talk when they ask mamaji to bring drink to celebrate his destruction.. cond says deka sid.. that why u should never be soo mahaan not even considering ur own happiness to aise hi hoga.. look at him.. by eating he looks like an gas filled balloon he laugh saying it is all because he love us all and spills the truth.. she says I am so happy with ur presence sid other wise these kapoor people irritate me soo much' u know what when 5 yrs back u decide to do something like this I was not at all happy but now I realize d why u asked to.. bewakoof ram bewakoof di.. .. never think of their happiness all wasy thought oother deko ab aksie halat mein hain.. mamaji comes and they were telling tom morning jab when he will open his eye he will think he has done something to me.. and with this raya will be separated .. and being in guilty they wont go near each other.. and ram will always be my hubby conda says not really but when he transfer the property I will kick him out who is going to bear such an huge person.. mamaji says priya and they laugh.. .. next clip.. conda putting some marks in her hand and neck.. she says mamaji jaldi kijiye remove his button.. gosh he is soo scary'

She tell thank god it din't happen like that night where u slept in ram's room and I was next to u' not knowing u were  mamaji' I still don't know after having the drink also ram was normal and was missing.. who had that drink is still unknown as I drugged it with my own hands'. .. uff all because of sid stupid's idea' but any way .. he himself has fallen into well who can help him and they laugh' .. the lights get on.. sid and conda were in shock'. They see each other .. sid was like eysab kya abkwaaas hain? Ye bakwas nahi sach hain '  says ram' he smiles.. what u people thought I am that fool that I was not able to know anything?  Thanks for the idea to drug and and frame some one.. I used it to bring out the truth in my way.. btw conda may bee an fool but I dint expect it from mamaji who never knew the difference of person being drunken and pretend to be drunken just sprinkingly the drink on him?I was feeling bad for conda but after accident everything got change.. thanks to sid and mamaji.. they were in utter shock.. never thought their plan will backfire like this' ..they were like achha hain the truth is out.. now u learnt na ram I was not interested in u but ur property now ti is iin my name.. get lost with  your family. It is also because u people were emotional' and more than it my darling elder maahaaan sister never consider about herself but thought of me.. u people have lost everything,' now we r the owner . security .. throw them out.. not soo soon conda-my dear sister' priya comes and was about to raise her hand but says no even this thing is wrong if u touch u in mean of slap also I will be cursed' it shocks conda.. she ask what did u say u people r the owner'. Right' let me tell u one thing clear.. the property is still in my name.. conda was shocked' thinking her name' she says it can't be as I have got the paper.. priya sys it was all fake it was drama just like u created one' remember that day when u came out of his room but unfortunately u dint know that ram was in my room and the person sleeping next to u was daadi' conda was shocked.. she say u and he had got into next level.. wo too dikta hain.. she says dii it is all fake suddenly an u turn' she laugh saying don't u think it is late to to lie when the truth is front' she says the property is done on mrs kapoor name and mrs kapoor is only me .. mrs priya ram kapoor when she says but u r legally divorced .now nothing can happen . she says conda.. u still think that we r divorced???? Btw let me tell u  we went to court not for divorce for registrering paper  which state the property belong to me.. mrs priya ram kapoor' she was in shock.. what u think conda sid mamaji only u people can make plan and fool us.. we will continue to blind in ur lie?noo' it is said that whatever the person tries to steal without leaving any evidence but unknowingly they will leave some evidence and u people left'

She says projector.. the wedding video where sid came and they forgotten that there are cctv camera in down stair room and  same mistake sid repeated by t meeting conda clipping in the hospital he came and went' priya turns too conda she says I will give one more surprise sply for u my dear conda.. it was the tape played where sid and mamaji were talking in the parking place in kapoor mansion thinking no one was there in his room.. where he tell when I get property I will kick that conda and the kid' after marrying her and  taking all the property from her' she is such an fool .. but have to says she trust me soo blindly .. have to say sharma sister trust us soo blindly' soo weird but true and laughs..he says conda is an direct ticket to me to reach kapoors'once I reached there I will throw her away after all accident doo happen right.. he also confess about how wanted to kill ram and niharika took his place  but in conda time he will be carefull. conda was sshell shocked  ..she says sid ye sb ' he says don't trust them they r lieng why would I do that I love u conda.. she says sid..  promise on  urself that u never sadi such things.. he says trust me codna I never meant that they have just whens he slaps him saying u still want me to truth after u said' fault is mine that I trusted u' she says mamaji now I understood why u always did it.. she break down.. but worse no one came to support her.. she says I was the one who was wrong inspite of many warning from nuts and my di I never trusted them but trusted u' u were right I was blind in my love that I forgetted everything.. even every relationship a nd kept u first'today I realized what I have done is wrong' she cries.. she goes to her mother who turns away her face.. she says sudhir I was telling u that we should start thinking about ourself  bahut hogaya.. for past 5 years we have not got out any where .. tomorrow we will go on a family holiday' after the soo many stressfully hing which had to bear due to some stranger.. it shocked her.. sudhir says ur right shipra we should.. goo I think we should start to Shimla tom I heard the weather is good .. atleast we will be away from some unwanted people.

She ssee karthick and nuts (yes karthick is back atlast)he says nuts u were complaining  about that I leave and go to abroad often now I have planned to take u there soon we will take dad and mom also so that we be away from some nonsenses' she says yes karthicfk we should starts soon.. she sees her priya dii .. she runs to her and fall in her feet.. who make her stand she says I really feel sorry for u conda but u thought me an lesson that u need to be selfish when it comes to ur kid and husband when they did no wrong.. inspite of they did not do any fault I was ready to sacrifice their happiness for u and ur kid' but now I won't do because u have thought me that lesson  that never think another person specially such an person who is soo selfish.. she sees her.. she says being an sister I failed to teach u that u should not be selfish and being a sister u thought me be selfish at time it is always good. U know what conda I never trust ram when he told me that  to trust him.. and not to trsut u.. he even told u want him for his money I know it was true  still isnpite of everything.. I decided for ur happiness I will leave everything.. and told ram to accept u.. actually forced u to accept u.. fb mode of the scene in the room where ram closed the door in he talks to her about conda and tells she was creating drama to gain sympathy. Priya knowing everything says  I won't believe u ram.. please and u have to accept her otherwise I will go ends there .. I was trying to impose on him for ur happiness for ur kid happiness sacrinfing of my kid happiness but u were sooo selfish that u never thought about other.. and u know who fault it is? Iti smine because ei was the one who  let u to damage my life and let u to get near my husband.. but it won't continue as he was never ur husband' conda turns to ram who says why r u looking me?u think I will have sympathy for u and accept u ,but u urself closed the door which thanks to u' if u have not given him ur company i would have had some but now nothing is left.. .. thanks for marrying sid otherwise u would been an thorn in our life.. he says inspector  please carry ur duties.. they arrest them.. when conda beg priya she says please move I am getting late to mine and ram's wedding' conda even tries to vikram enha who says oyee atlast ram and priay have taken the proper decision and u want to spoil it.. they ask police to take them  otherwise they can do anything and says they are very dangerous'  .. they go off..

Priya sees ram.. they hug each other she says muje maaf kardijiye ram..i never heard u.. agar sunti too .. he says shhh wipes her tears.. he says ofcourse ur heard me otherwise u would have not help me to bring the truth.. every where u were with me.. even help me to take the video clips.. she says still I was wrong I wanted my sister happiness I .. he says shhh I know priya I love her a lot but she doesn't deserve that '. Common let us get married again' everybody w ant it even pihu' nuts tell bhai  get married  otherwise the time will go.. she says I am soo happy that this time I wont miss thing .. karthick says me too.. the marriage starts.. ram priya take the vows again.. then the mangalsutr then the red sindoor..  the grah pravesh happen.. the n ll were happy.. shipra was soo happy and hgus her saying sorry ebta I was not good at u..s he says mom please.. don't say it .. without ur help  it would have not been possible .. and u were nnot less.. planned and send me date with ur son in law she smiles sying because ei am ur mom.. and want u r happiness. Pihu was soo happy and says they missed things done in neha and vikram marriage.. soo they says tomorrow they will celebrate it after marriage ' when ram sees priya with an naughtiness in eyes.. she understood what he meant she decide to tease him.. but  Krishna tells it was time for dinner .. an happy dinner after the happiness.. all were having and priya and ram had to feeed each other neha and vikram had good time teasing them..  then ram see time and indicate vikram who teases him but being an friend decide to help him he says osoo I think we should all get back and start preparing for tom function so we all need to go to sleep so we should all move right ram he says haan.. they all laugh.. when pihu says muje bahut neend arahi hia come papa let us go to sleep priya says haan beta u will sleep with us in our room ram face fall he says priyaaajj btu other laugh.. Krishna says don't worry pihu will sleep with her daadi and she will tell story.. kush was with nuts who says she will take him and go.. all goes at last.. vikram wink at ram and goes.. he goes to his room but sees priya standing in near the window he locks the door.. he hugs her.. saying kya soch rahi hoo?she says us raat kii .. he sayshaaan us raat.. that was an wonderful night .. have to thank that bewakof sid.. if he had not made some idiotic plan such thing would have never happen and we would have never come soo close all again..he starts to kiss her when she says I am sleepy and goe but he says I am not going to let u sleep he twirls her around and she falls on the broad chest.. he carries her to the bed.. .. suhaaag raat flowers fall down with wind blowing '

Next day the function begin but this time raya had a good enjoyment .. in time sid conda and mamaji escape from jail and run but end up getting killed getting clashed with  an petrol tank.. ..

Raya were informant about it.. but they were not soo sad .. they felt sad but never elt it trouble their life.. nuts adopts kush and leaves for us with karthick for his better future and forget his previous life.. shipra and sudhir move in km on ram's insistence.. sowmya and rishab move to London.. raya were happy with pihu.. btw..

After 2 month priya inform about the pregnancy' in an unique form.

They have an baby boy this time..

The end



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Posted: 6 years ago
nice ..long and sweet os
loved it totallyHeart
thanks yaar...just what was needed during these tough times
shipra was cool here...glad she played her part and supported who was rightBig smile
pihu ka chocolate face part was touching n chweeet
2nd baby ..awieee...aur 98 babies kahan h????Shocked
am waiting for next 98 babies...jaldi...waitingLOLEmbarrassed
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Posted: 6 years ago
loved it ..fabulous FF ...Thumbs Up
Shipra is so cool here LOL wish the cvs would take tips from u dear n the other ff writers on the forumTongue

the baby coming at the end is so cute really wish they'd show something similar on the write more soonEmbarrassed
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Posted: 6 years ago
OMG... so lovely OS
Enjoyed it totally...
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Posted: 6 years ago
hahahahaha ... cool OS! loved it!
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Posted: 6 years ago
oh my god hats offf such a long story...very well written...i think u have much patience...Clap
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Posted: 6 years ago
It was an awesome OS. Loved it. Clap
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Posted: 6 years ago
very nice shams everything is solved do write more i loved ur comments in brackets
thanq  for PM
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