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[FLASH WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=30]http://www.freewebs.com/dillmillgayye/Example/player2.swf?trackfile=http://k002.kiwi6.com/hotlink/x9q3h64sc2/mar_jawan_mar_jawan.mp3&title=MARJAWAAN[/FLASH]


Sanchi, a bright student and a smart beautiful intelligent girl shifts with her father, mother, 1 bro N sis to banaras frm varanasi because his father had an accident and his one leg got handicapped. Sanchi has her own big house in varanasi but when she comes banaras, she finds that their own tenants (lawyer sadanand tiwari and wife radha) had captured her house. Sanchi and family takes a house on rent infront of their own house N files a complain against sadanand. Sanchi takes admission in a college who was firstly known for his studies but sanchi realizes that the atmosphere their was of Ragging, elections N clg politics..sanchi saves mehak from ragging N they became good friends...2 student leaders, indu singh(the heartthrob male lead) N prabal pratap yadav..both rivals...sanchi has an issue of scholarship N indu helps her. They become frnds. indu falls madly in love with sanchi N sanchi was unknown to his love. Prabal gets to knows of indu's love and he pasted posters of insa all around the campus. Prabal proved to everyone that it was done by indu and sanchi also believes it..indu is restigated for 6 months but he decides to proove his innocense to sanchi and threatens principal of clg and his restigation is taken back. Sanchi now hates indu but he loves her to the core..a teacher suggests indu to propose sanchi infront of all campus N indu does so. He asks sanchi to say yes within 24 hrs but sanchi says no. He threatens sanchi inside locked classroom. Sanchi N father complains to VC..indu threatens to kill mehak n asks sanchi to say ILU...sanchi in fear says yes n indu plans everything for their marriage. He even sends her shagun. Sanchi gets to know that indu has fear of his mom. She calls his mom but his mom asks sanchi to marry his son. Sanchi now plots her fake kundli as she knows that indu's mother has so much trust in it. Due to unmatched kundli and fake pandit called by sanchi, the marriage is broke bt indu was unable to forget sanchi. With time indu gets to know that sanchi that faked pandit and he in anger decides to marry sanchi within 24 hrs. Sanchi again gets an idea as she also wanted to get her property papers back from sadanand N indu was sadanand's nephew. Sanchi asks indu to bring her the papers N marry her. Indu does so but sanchi's mother faces a fake poison intake on a day of marriage. Indu is arrested N he gets to know that sanchi again cheated him..he with help of his lawyer maternal uncle comes out of jail N kidnaps sanchi N her father N forcefully marries sanchi..Insa married forever..Next indu now hates sanchi more than love n wants to make fun of sanchi infront of clg. Sanchi answers indu with an act and indu in anger kidnaps sanchi for a fake SR..everyone thought that they completed their relationship but the fact was indu had not even touched sanchi...Next sanchi to teach indu a lesson decides to take part in clg elections. Indu's anger rises to no extent..a girl in campus tries to suicide N sanchi saves her..The girl attempted suicide because she gave money to a teacher to make her pass but he failed her. The teacher was no other than Proffe. Shukla who once asked indu to say ILU to sanchi infront of whole clg..proff requests indu to help him and indu kidnaps the girl and makes her live safely. Shukla tries to kill the girl unknown to indu n sanchi saves her but thinking tht indu wanted to kill her. Indu is again arrested for the crime he had not done. However sanchi gets to know the truth but before she can help indu, he runs out of jail. Sanchi meets indu n police thinks tht sanchi is also involved with him. INSA together hides in the jungle. Some romantic scenes n sanchi gets to know tht indu was not tht bad as people believe. With the jungle sequence, indu's love for sanchi returns back N both sanchi n indu prooves their innocence to everyone n shukla gets arrested. Sanchi is choosen the student leader n indu asks her to accept the marriage. Sanchi thinks to stay away from him n files a divorce case. Court orders insa to live together 6 months before devorce..indu shifts to sanchi's home(her big house which she got back through indu)..indu again with some hatred calls his mama n family to come to place permanently as caretaker...sanchi n indu had no of fights which comes into eyes of judge n she orders insa to live in a single room...hehehe. Sanchi's property papers r again stoled by an unknown n indu promised to bring them back. Meanwhile sanchi comes face to face with rubina ,who has affair with sada. Sanchi thinks that sada stole her papers so she makes rubina realize tht sada is cheating her. Sanchi brings rubina to her house n sada is shocked. Also to get aack the papers, sanchi n indu along with rubina plans something...they made a fake rubina kidnapping asking for 10 lks n property papers from sada. Sanchi starts getting jeolous whenever she sees indu with rubina n sanchi now herself not knowing what happened to her asks indu to do friendship with her. Indu 1st denies but later accepts. Rubina is killed by an unknown leaving indu n sanchi in shock..insa tries to hide everything but they r being caught up by police. The inspector known to them gave thm 48 hrs time to proove their innocence. The murderer was shukla because he had affair with rubina n she was blackmailing him. He tried killing sanchi bt sanchi was saved, Shukla arrested. The 6 months time was getting over n sanchi was getting in love with indu but denied it. On the day of divorce, inside the courtroom, sanchi expresses her love for indu. INSA now marry again with the will of both. Sanchi's father is not happy with the marriage as he thinks that indu is a goon and is not willing to earn...firstly indu by wrong means started earning money but is caught by sanchi and father. Sanchi is hurt and indu leaves all bad things and decides to do something in life and proove to sasurji that he is eligible for sanchi...He opens a bookstall in clg campus and it works well. Sanchi is happy now but indu's own mama sadanand keeps pirated CD's in the bookstall and his shop gets locked. Indu now again believes that he is only made to do powerful works and not the work to start a silly bussiness...indu and sanchi had a rift due to difference in thoughts. Meanwhile in clg the VC is threatened by some powerful goons and wanted a hostel room there so that the drugs can be supplied from there. As sanchi was the clg president, she tries to stop ranjit(the main goon who worked on orders of politician),..indu asks sanchi to stay away from the matter as her life was at danger and he says that he will do everything...again a good bond between insa but sanchi gets to know of drug supply. She is kidnapped by ranjit...indu reaches the spot and fights take place. Ranjit shots sanchi and she is taken to the hospital. Ranjit gets arrested and indu is heartbroken. The candle march is organized in university and students wanted justice for sanchi. The news is spread everywhere and the politician behide drug supply is arrested...indu prays for sanchi and he even gives his blood to her...indu and family comes to know that sadanand and radha were the reason for pirated cd's in his bookstall. Indu throws both of them out of the house...sanchi comes out of danger and radha and sada realizes their bad deeds and asks for forgiveness. Sanchi n family forgives her...Indu and sanchi happily celebrates their first diwali together happily and sanchi decides to persue MBA and indu makes his way to enter politics for good...and thus the story of indu and sanchi, our insa completes on tv but it is always running with all RJNians and Insa lovers.

LOVE U RJN forever. Cry

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kya waah amit...sahi ne likha nhi...story ka bharta bana diya maine short krne ke chakkar me...
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koi baat nahi ,but im impressed ..tumne itna kuch likha Big smile
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Ha wo to hai...Sukriya Sukriya.
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Posted: 2013-02-18T04:43:20Z
Thx Sonalii for writing Big smile
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wlcme bro and do watch whenever u have time at 10:30 pm and 12 pm
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Posted: 2013-04-03T11:58:04Z
2nd April of my Insa...love u so much.
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