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OS: The Calm After the Storm

This is a two part OS that starts the day after Lag Ja Gale, after Priya leaves KM feeling all guilty about what happened the previous day. Ram goes to NeVi's place and vents. As usual his friends are there for him and ''

Neha: Ram, just relax. You are unnecessarily getting upset, you need to think with a cool head ' something you don't do very easily and then regret after.

Ram: What do you mean Neha? Put yourself in my shoes and let me see how you react. He gets up from the sofa and paces up and down their living room, wiping the sweat off is brow, one hand in his pocket.

Neha looks at Vikram and smiles. She walks up to Ram and holds him with both hands and forces him back on to the sofa: Ok Fatty, sit down and think about what happened. I want to ask you this one question ' did you take her into your room to make love to her? Was that your intention?

Ram looks at Neha in surprise and then turns his head back: No never was my intention, but we just got carried away. She wanted it just as much as I did. Don't know where this juice came from?

Vikram: Hey Ram, lets just back track for a second ' did you say juice? Remember Ayesha brought you a glass of orange juice and was all over you to drink it? Think with a calm mind yaar, do you think she had something going on in her mind? I mean, I've never seen her so concerned about you unless she wants something.

Ram thinks about it and goes into FB to that scene where Ayesha is thrusting a glass into his face and forcing him to drink it. His eyes are ready to pop out of their sockets with realization: Ok bye guys, got to go.

Vikram stops him and pulls him back: Listen Ram, you need to chill first and then go to see Priya. I know she is also all upset and hyper, so you need to calm her and for that you need to be calm first.

Ram: Arrey Yaar! I am calm now. I have to go and talk to her right now. Then he stops in his tracks and turns towards Neha: Darling, please call her and see where she is. I don't want to talk to her in front of a whole bunch of people. I want to meet her alone. Please do this for me darling.

Neha calls Priya and pretends that she wants to come and meet her. Priya says she is alone in her apt and that Peehu is with Nuts. She conveys the information to Ram who rushes out of their house straight to Priya's.

Priya hears the door bell ring and wonders who it could be. She is pleasantly surprised to see Soumya at her door.

Priya: Hi Soumya, how are you? Everything and everyone alright?

Soumya: Haan Bhabhi, all are fine. Can I come inside, I wish to talk to you about something that has been bothering me for a few days.

Priya realizes that she has not asked her to come in: Oh I'm sorry, please come inside and sit down. What can I get you?

Soumya: No thanks Bhabhi. I just had my breakfast and was thinking I must talk to you so came here. Actually I wanted to discuss this with Bhappa, but you know how he is, he will not use any tact and blurt out everything and right now I think we have to plan and strategize to find out what is going on.

Priya: I am sorry but I don't understand what you are trying to say. Please come to the point.

Soumya: Bhabhi, this is about Ayesha and I am not saying this out of spite. I just want to find out what is happening and feel there is something going on. For a while I have been thinking that she has been acting very strange, just disappears from the house at odd hours and loses patience with Kush. She doesn't care about Bhappa at all and still wants to call herself his wife. Even when he was in the hospital both when you came back into his life as well as after the shooting incident, she was more keen on giving press interviews than actually taking care of him. Bhappa of course was never close to her and his feelings of frustration and anger towards her were very obvious. But lately, I have noticed Ayesha talking to someone on the phone a lot and also noticed a cologne fragrance on her Bhabhi. I know you might find it strange, but I somehow have this intuition telling me that she is meeting some guy. Again please don't get me wrong, I am not trying to find fault with her and I am happy for her if she has found someone else. After all she is young and definitely needs someone in her life. But saying this, I am wondering why she is not telling Bhappa about this and breaking off with him. I am sure Bhappa will understand what she wants.

Priya is listening to everything that Soumya is saying and is deep in thought. Is Soumya right in her observations or is she just saying all this because she is biased like everyone else and wants Ram and me to get back together? Is Ayesha really two-timing Ram? Knowing his innocence, I'm sure he has no clue what is happening in their lives. How much can I trust Soumya to make the right judgment? I understand that there is nothing between Ram and Ayesha.

She turns to Soumya: Are you sure you are not saying this because you want your Bhappa and me to get back together? Did someone send you here to talk to me? I don't know what to make out of what you are saying.

Soumya: I promise that no one has sent me here to talk to you Bhabhi and I also am not doing this out of spite for Ayesha. It is just that if she has found someone, then I am very happy for her and she should leave Bhappa and move on. I am sure that Bhappa would not have a problem with that. Kush needs a father and if Ayesha has someone else he can be that person in his life and will give him some direction, or I am sure Bhappa and you can adopt him and I am sure he will be very happy with the two of you. I just don't want Ayesha to take Bhappa for a ride and cheat on him. He and you are so trusting and don't deserve this.

Priya: If you are very sure about this, maybe you should find out more and investigate this. Do you want me to talk to her about it?

Soumya: No Bhabhi, if you talk to her then she will be aware that we know and if there are evil intentions in her mind, then we will not know what is going on. I just want to know if it is alright for me to probe and find out more about this. I am almost absolutely certain that she is seeing some man. She is even out of the house some nights and comes back in the early hours of the morning.

Priya: I understand your point and if you want to find out more, you should, but please be careful, as I don't want you to get into any kind of trouble. If there is any way I can help, do let me know., and thank you for your concern Soumya.

Just then the door bell rings and Priya goes to open the door. Soumya sees the person on the other side of the door and smiles. She tells Priya that she has some work and disappears from the scene. Ram is waiting at the door and is surprised to see Soumya rush out of the door.

Ram: What is Soumya doing here? Is everything okay?

Priya: She was passing by so came to check on me. Everything is fine and I don't think it is a good idea for you to come in. There is no one at home.

Ram: Priya, we need to talk, please give me a few minutes. This will not take long, I promise. I have no evil intentions.

Priya looks suspiciously at him and after a second, allows him to come inside. She offers him a seat and sits across the room on the opposite side. She doesn't make eye contact with him and is very fidgety.

Ram moves into the sofa next to Priya and she is about to get up and leave, but he pulls her back and makes her sit down in the chair: You trust me don't you? Like I told you, I am not here to take advantage of you. We just need to talk.

Priya: What about Mr. Kapoor?

Ram: About last night.

Priya: I want to forget it ever happened Mr. Kapoor. It was a big mistake and tears well up in her eyes as she talks. She gets up to go to the kitchen when Ram stands up and walks behind her.

Ram: I promise I will not touch you unless you want me to. I just need to clear the air. There has been some misunderstanding ' big time misunderstanding and that is why what happened last night happened. First of all I need to know that you trust me ' you know that I would never force myself on you.

Priya turns and looks at his eyes. She sees the same childlike innocence in them and immediately knows he is saying the truth: Of course Mr. Kapoor, I do trust you.

Ram: I do believe you when you say that you had some juice and then don't really remember what happened after that and feel that you might have been drugged. I never put any drug in any juice last night, I promise.

Priya looks into his eyes: Oh no Mr. Kapoor never did I imply that you spiked my drink. I know it wasn't you. I was just wondering why someone would do that to me. It just doesn't make any sense.

Ram: I had no clue that you were under the influence of some drug and when I saw you were looking ill, I brought you upstairs to our room. I just wanted for you to be comfortable. I had no intentions to make love to you last night. You were very emotional and just wanted to cry and I said if that is all you wanted to do, then cry on my shoulder and you did. Then one thing led to another and soon we were lost in each other completely and believe me when I say I never forced myself upon you. I thought that was what you wanted because of the way you were reacting to me and I was so happy and got carried away too. I know Ayesha doesn't think of me in that way and neither do I. So as far as her relationship with me is concerned it is all over. I am ready to move on and let her move on too. How long is she also going to hang on to a dead relationship? I really want for us to get back together, Priya ' you and me and when I saw you last night, I never realized that you were not ready for me. You gave me all the right signals I thought and it was very hard for me to resist after so many years Priya. We belong to each other and are so much in love with each other, Priya, I knew this was going to happen sometime soon, but believe me, I would have waited if that was what you wanted.

Priya is stunned to hear all that he said. All she can do is stand there and shed unending tears. Ram wanted to put his hands out and hold her but with great difficulty restrains himself.

Priya: But, Mr. Kapoor, what happened last night should not have happened. She begins to get agitated and feels very guilty about it and talks on the top of her voice.

Ram: Relax Priya, I am trying to analyse what happened. Please calm down. I am not blaming you or trying to say that you were actually leading me on. Please think calmly and we will find a solution.  I understand now Priya, but can we change what happened? No we cannot, so why should we regret what we cannot change. So please don't be too harsh on yourself, yes what happened was a mistake, another mistake that we made like we have in the past and it makes me feel horrible that you were not in your senses when the whole thing happened and I really wish I had known. I would not have let it happen, believe me. I am now very curious to know who spiked the drink and why.

Priya: What is the use Mr. Kapoor, the mistake has been committed and like you said we cannot change it. Both of us are feeling guilty about it and I think we should just let it be. Unfortunately I did not know what happened and do understand that you didn't know that I was not myself.

Ram: All the more reason why we need to get to the bottom of this. What juice did you drink?

Priya: It was orange juice. It tasted rather funny towards the end, though it seemed fine at first.

Ram: Do you know what kind of glass it was in?

Priya thinking for a while then: I think it was a tall narrow glass with a widish mouth.

Ram: Did someone give it to you?

Priya: No, it was on the counter and I asked the bartender if that was juice and he said it was, so I took it and drank it.

Ram puts his hand around his chin and is thinking about the glass that Ayesha gave him and asked him to drink it and remembered how she stood by him till he took a sip; Actually Ayesha gave me a glass that was just like the one you described, a glass of orange juice and she was quite insistent that I drink the juice, a kind of false concern that she showed me when we were out in public, a kind of concern that never came straight from her heart.

Priya: Are you trying to tell me that Ayesha spiked the glass of juice and gave you the wrong one? Why would she do that Mr. Kapoor? She is your wife, if she had any ulterior motive, she would not have to do that on the sly.

Ram: I know Priya, but she never had any feelings for me, she herself told me that a few days ago and I also told her I was glad because I never had those kind of feelings for her either. So where is the question of seducing me? I don't understand.

Priya recollects what Soumya was telling her while she was here. Her words echo through her mind. Something doesn't sound right, doesn't seem to fit the puzzle. Was Ayesha playing some dirty game with Mr.Kapoor? Did she have any evil intentions?

We will get to the bottom of this in the next part as Priya and Soumya don the CID roles!!! Till then, I hope you enjoy this part. Do drop a line or two and let me know what you think.


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this is the kind of storyline i expected and u have put thereClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
continue.. solve conda issue and kick her outLOL
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Posted: 2013-02-02T16:05:06Z
Ohh.! I didn't know that u can write cid kind off story so finely.. From start to end it was just fantastic.. Hope in balh also they find about the drink ka drama soon.. And the whole convo of raya or rather i should say ram was just so simple and meaningful, it was the best way to explain something.. Thanks for writting this os and helping me to overcome from balh current track.. Eagerly waiting for the next, update soon...
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Posted: 2013-02-02T21:38:37Z
Beautifully written . V r not lucky 2 get such a storyline so let us satisfy ourselves by reading this beautifully written OS. Thanks Sandhya.{ hope i got ur name correct]
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Posted: 2013-02-02T21:51:28Z
Very nice. Mam Ty for pm
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Posted: 2013-02-02T22:19:19Z
thank u di..nice os..i think we would get to priya as scp pradumn in next part
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Posted: 2013-02-02T23:43:26Z
awesome work cont. soon...
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Posted: 2013-02-03T00:48:45Z
very well written and to the point, specially the emotional turmoil priya is going through, looking forward for the next update where they unveil ayesha's ulterior motives Smile
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