in the morning of c nite pt 8 page 39

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first i am going to type something which may be funny or even like boring  but just for fun i am posting it... so no seriousness only happinessEmbarrassed
it start s here:
i thought of keeping the topic name as naughty ram ..Winkif it is ok i will keep itLOL

priya:mein i mean tom i am going to dubai tomorrow
ram:what (in his mind i knew that u would have plan something but i won't leave u so easily..Winkbecause i will come there to woo u and at least i can run away from conda and taklu mamajiDead LOL
because atleast there i will be able to peacefully spend time with u and my baby Wink who know plan for one more Wink)
he says let us live like the last minute and starts to romance priya(don't ask me what is going on ?because i have censored it .. after all i am not a writerLOL.. i know all here are grown up person who will understand)

priya says it was not right he says it is the last night everything is fairWink and continued his romance .. (he think yes priya it will be last night here as tomorrow morning i have a surprise for uWink)
they made love(well they closed the door varna conda would have entered )

priya kept chanting his name saying rammm ramm he says one more time priya.. i love it when u say ram ram ramLOL she says ok and starts to sing raam baajan LOL he says priya i asked u to say my name not to sing bajaan remember  we r in our bedroom not in mandir.she giggles saying i can't believe u can talk soo sweetly.. and kisses himWinkDay DreamingShocked she says i love ram kapoor in jeans...Wink
he think omg that mean she wants me to wear it, will do that for sure..

priya giggles saying meri golu ki golu kahan hain ?
he says must be busy sleeping...(he thinks.. in between the love making she remembers pihu how sweet and how madLOL )
she says just like her golu papaLOL
 he thinks if i leave her she will talk more bus seals her with ahemm ahemm li*s
priya felt him completely and soon was completely lost in him.. they forgot-ed  that neha vikki wedding was also going on...

it was the morning when priya awake and saw herself in the bedroom and realized it was not the same room and thought she was dreaming and cries and realizes she was in her own flat back ... and she herself changed and thinks... it must be all dream.. and cries.. wished it was true.. she comes out to see pihu eating aloo parata and ask beta.. aapp she says haan mamma mein.. kya hua?  mammma why neha aunty left with vikram uncle? she says because they r married now .. she says then mama then u tooo marry papa and we too will be with papa .. priya cries and hugs pihu not able to answer her and seeing the time realizes she need to move to dubai ..before any one could come to know of it she will leave .. she just remember that she was not in vikram and neha wedding but was not able to remember anythingConfused but she thought bus i need to leave now for good. she and pihu were in airport and done their checking..priya calls her dad and informs on returning back and they were not happy but priya manages to convince them.. when pihu ask mama wo deko papa and priya turns she says but pihu papa she says actually mama it was papa's fav car and it's photo is thereLOLShockedWink
priya felt ram's presence even img him come there like filmy one but she know it will not happen in realOuchConfused
they get inside the flight.. .. after the flight took off and almost  an hour when the light was off she was trying to remember and closes her eyes remembering the sweet moment and then realizes it was her dream when suddenly she heard some noise ...

the famous karaateSleepy of pihu and wait one more was there and that person face was closed with bookLOLShocked.. she moves it when she get shock of her life

it was none other than ram.Shocked.. she couldn't believe her own eyes.. and pinched that person who shouted saying ouch priya what r u doing?ShockedPinch she says mr kapoor u r in real.. pihu wake up and says mamama what happen why u r shouting.. my sleep got disturbed.. when she bend down and ask pihu can u see mr kapoor she turns and says no mamma i am able to see only my pappaShockedLOLWink.. priya was like how could u do this mr kapoor? he ask what? u know right in my sleep without knowing karaate comes i can't help it LOL  she ask how come u are here?i mean in this flight? .. before she could ask more he says relax priya he says i thought when we din't have any proper honeymoon i mean in proper way i thought why not we have it now?before she said anything he says... we shall talk later i am getting sleepy after all u din't leave me to sleep yesterday and slept nicely in my arms LOLWink pihu ask mama why u din't leave papa to sleep?very bad.papa u don't worry u sleep i will make sure mama doesn't disturb u LOL priya says pihu beta pls.. can u sleep for while so that me and papa can talk for few minute she says but i don't want to sleep Wink

ram giggles... priya says mr kapoor what u r upto what u r doing here u must be in.. he says shhh u r noise is disturbing others.. calm down.. and have patience we can discuss it when we reach dubai .. she was like dubai...??????????Shocked
she was all in confusion thinking what is going on .. she get thirsty when the air hostess come to serve them she thinks wine as coke and drinks it Shocked(priya is going to be talli again?) she says mam u had wrong drink it was wine not coke Shocked priya was shocked Shocked but faints due to lack of sleep ram smiles thinking it is better .. he says pihu beta  u me and mama will do lots of masti in dubai and papa will take u where ever u want.. Wink pihu says i love u papaLOL

in dubai airport... priya was fuming in anger he says priya listen to me .. look i did not do anything.. that was not my fault that u drank wine.. she stare at him in angerAngryAngryAngry

ram was left by priya and pihu well he wanted to join them but priya said eh will come by his big car and leaves.. but being ram he followed her in another car..

priya was fumingAngry seeing ram sitting in her apartment along with pihu and busy seeing the wedding picture from his i padLOL

she says pihu beta go and have some sleep me and papa need to talk.. she ask about the shaadi of ur s and papa like vikki and neha aunty? priya stareShocked ram says wow pihu it is an sweet idea and kisses herLOL

priya says pihu go inside..

she ask how dare u do this mr kapoor? he ask what did i do? she says she very well know what he was up to and it will never happen.. he ask is she is scad of that she will fall again in love with him if he be there?? they argue and in end priya says if u be here for an month also i will never let u near me ... he laugh saying but u already did it.. she stare in horrorShocked Stern Smile he ask where is washroom i need to freshen up ..

he smiles coming out wiping his hair and sees priya was in anger and arranging things .. he comes near her and ask need help in se*y way making his water droplet fall on face ..she was ShockedQuestion just stared at him .. it was like ... she never thought such thing will happen ... when pihu says mamma i am ready for shopping they turn she says pihuu ram says are waa my daughter look like doll and carries her and kisses her in her cheek and priya just melt in that sceneEmbarrassed because she has always imagined such scenes and today it was real

he says priya we need to get all the necessary item and we need to go for shopping where is the shop near here? she was likke haaan wooo and says i will be back and goes Embarrassed ram smiles and thinks his idea is working and gives hi-phi with pihuLOL  they smile .pihu ask papa will mamma and u get married like them? he says it will happen when u r mom get convinced and he need her help and she happily agrees and they hug happylyHug

they were in shopping.before priya could make the payment ram pays making priya angryAngry. she was not able to say anything because of pihu )she decide to put an end and decide to call some one... who it is?

will know in next part if u people are liking it i will continue it.. if not i will stop it hereSmile all type of comments are welcome.. ready to accept of any changes and any suggestion is also welcomeBig smile

today i came to know typing this .. how bad it is type soo much and soo longWacko hatt off to the writersClap
sorry if any thing is wrong.. do correct me thank u shamaSmile

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part 8 page 39

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Posted: 2013-01-30T12:16:56Z
hahah super lol LOL lekin i dnt think priya leave to dubai... but ur post is so hilarious LOL loved it... Clap
ram bajan LOL n dint hav proper honey moon dats y again in dubai roffl...LOL
thanks for d post...Smile
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Originally posted by rnvdbhavani

hahah super lol LOL lekin i dnt think priya leave to dubai... but ur post is so hilarious LOL loved it... Clap
ram bajan LOL n dint hav proper honey moon dats y again in dubai roffl...LOL
thanks for d post...Smile

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Posted: 2013-01-30T12:22:39Z
its just awesome dear u can continue further :)
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Posted: 2013-01-30T12:46:17Z
awesome postLOLThumbs Up
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Posted: 2013-01-30T13:03:01Z
woww...mza a gya...jaldi cntinue krna...
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Posted: 2013-01-30T21:25:42Z
continue Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2013-01-30T21:35:24Z
Wow ! Beta ji... Aap toh chupe rustam nikle... Very nice !
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