OS: So near yet so far

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Ok, I am asuuming here that RASH is cleared and Priya moves back into KM. Now Ram, Priya, Pihu and Khush start their life afresh. Its been almost a month since Priya and Pihu moved back into KM, but Ram and Priya haven't been intimate yet. For the first few days, they wanted to take it slow and rebuild their relationship and then now though they were ready to take the next step, 
Pihu darling was sleeping in RaYa's room and so they didn't have much choice but to stay away from each other. so the most intimate thing that they have been able to do is hold hands and probably entwine them. 

Its monday and the kids go off to school, Ram and Priya drop them off and Ram asks her to come to his office. Both of them head to his office. Priya enters the office first followed by Ram. As soon as they are in, Ram holds Priya's arm and pulls her towards him, she lands on his chest. Priya looks up and they have an eyelock. Ram cups her face and brings his face near her to plant a kiss on her lips, just then her cell phone starts to ring. He is not in a mood to let her pick up the phone but Priya insists and so he lets go. It is Sudhir Sharma on the line.
SS: Hello Priya, how are you beta?
Priya: Hello Papa  we are doing fine.
SS: Woh  actually beta,  your Nani is here, 
Priya: wow, really, thats really awesome.
SS:  she wants to meet you. She is on her way to your mamaji's place in Bangalore, and her Mumbai - Bangalore flight is in about 3 hrs, so she stopped  over, could you come here right away, she is really looking forward to seeing you and Pihu, may be you can take her to Pihu's school and then drop her at the airport?
Priya: sure papa, I will do that. I will come over right away. she hangs up.
Priya: Ram I need to go to papa's house, Nani is here .. and she explains the whole situation.

Ram is not too pleased as he really wanted to spend some alone time with Priya, but has no choice but to let her go. Priya visits her nani and then after meeting Pihu in her school, she drops her nani  off at the airport. 
That night Ram gets pretty late at work. He calls ahead and lets Priya know that he is going to be late and so she shouldn't wait up for dinner. Priya has dinner with the whole family and by the time Ram gets home. Priya is already asleep with Pihu sleeping next to her and holding her tight.

Next day Ram leaves early for work as he has an early meeting. Priya drops of the kids as usual and later picks them up from school. Its evening time, Dadi and KK are sitting in the living room talking. The kids are in their room, doing some drawing. Priya is in the kitchen making tea and evening snack for everybody. Ram comes home early and goes straight to his room. He then calls Priya on her cell phone. She picks it up.
Priya: Hello, are you going to be late today too, did you call me to tell that? Its not good for your health Ram. You come in late, so have some unhealthy food at office...(she just goes on and on before letting Ram speak).
Ram: Arre bas karo meri ma, at least listen to me first.
Priya: ok..
Ram: I am at home in our room and I want you to drop everything that you are doing and come upstairs. Now before you ask me any more questions, no nothing is wrong, I just want to complete what we left off at my office the other day. So before anybody disturbs us again, come upstairs now. 
Priya is blushing and her face is all red but she too wants to spend some time with Ram so..
Priya: ok boss, your wish is my command. She gives proper instructions about the food and tea to Bansi kaka 
Priya: Bansi Kaka, Mr Kapoor is here so I will take this tea for him upstairs, you please give tea to dadi and ma and give the snacks and milk to the kids.saying this, she grabs 2 cups of tea and goes to their room. As soon as she enters, Ram immediately closes the door. Priya puts the tea cups on the table, Ram snakes his arms around her waist and pulls her closer to him. He starts 
nuzzling her. In the mean time, downstairs, Bansi kaka has informed KK that Priya has taken Ram is home early and Ram and Priya are having tea in their room. KK is about to call the kids for their milk, when the kids come running into the living room.
Pihu, Khush: Dadi mamma kahan hai, we want to show this picture that we drew to her.
KK tells them that Priya is in her room as Ram is back from work early. The minute the kids hear that Ram is back from work, then run upstairs. KK tries to stop them but in vain.
RaYa bedroom:
Ram turns Priya to face him and cups her face and moves his head down. Their lips are mm apart from each other. Just then, Pihu and Khush push the door wide open and run inside. Both Ram and Priya are startled
Pihu: Papa aap kab aaye? look what we drew. 
Khush: papa we drew so many pictures. come with us we will show them to you.
Pihu: haan chalo na papa, phir hum log board game bhi khelenge. 
Ram doesn't really want to go, but doesn't have a choice.
Priya: Hey Pihu, Khush, did you guys finish your milk? 
Pihu: No mamma.
Priya: Then go downstairs and drink your milk. papa will also drink his tea and join you in your room in a while.
Ram(happily agrees to that): yes that right.
Khush: chalo na papa, lets go down and you drink your tea with us, lets race and see who finishes it faster.
Now Ram and Priya don't have a choice but to go along with the kids plan. All of them walk downstairs. Ram spends rest of the evening playing with the kids. At night, Peehu as usual sleeps with Ram and Priya, and in addition to that Khush also joins them. so the four of them sleep on the bed. By the time, the kids fall asleep, Ram also falls asleep and soon both Pihu and Ram start snoring. Priya finds it a little uncomfortable for 4 of them in the same bed, so she goes and sleeps on the couch.

Next day morning, Priya wakes up early, gets ready and goes to the kitchen to get things ready for breakfast and lunch for the kids as well as Ram.As usual, Ram drops the kids off to school and goes to office. He gets late at work again and by the time he comes home, both Priya and Pihu are fast asleep. Ram is getting really frustrated now, but can't think of a way to steal Priya away for a little while. He spends a whole lot of time at night thinking of different ideas. Finally comes up with one and decides to act on it next day morning.

Next day, after reaching office, he calls Natasha
Nutz: Hi Bhai how are you?
Ram: I am fine choti, I want you to do me a favour.
Nutz: yes bhai anything for you.
Ram: Could you take the kids to Sharma house tonight for a sleepover and then drop them off to school tomorrow?
Nutz: sure I can do that, but any particular reason?
Ram: arre kuch khas nahi, samjha kar na choti, I just want to spend some time with my wife.
Nutz: oh ok. No problem bhai, samjho its done.
Evening time, Nutz comes over to KM and asks Pihu and Khush if they would like to come over for sleepover to SH. Unfortunately Pihu and Khush have had a fight and so Pihu is upset and not in the mood to go anywhere. Nutz tries hard to persuade Pihu, but she is not ready to budge. 
Priya: Jane do Natasha, you will take her and she will make you bring her back in the middle of the night. so its ok, some othe time may be.
Nutz just shrugs her shoulders and leaves for SH. 
Ram is making plans for the special night, just then he gets a call from Nutz
Nutz: Bhai I am sorry but I tried really hard to get Pihu to come over, but she was upset with Khush and so didn't want to leave her mom.
Ram(clearly upset): Its ok choti, what can you do, bilkul apne ma pe gayi hai 
ekdum ziddi.
That night too Ram and Priya sleep with Pihu in the same bed so have to maintain their distance.

Next morning, Priya wakes up a little early and sees her handsome husband and her beautiful daughter sleeping. She goes and stands next to the window. Ram wakes up and goes behind Priya and wraps his arms around her waist and pull her closer into him. He starts nuzzling her neck. He then slides his arms under her pajama top. He steps a little back and now his hands are on Priya's back. He unhooks her bra, and his hands are now freely moving all over her back. Priya too is feeling weak in her knees and is responding to his touch. He then draws her closer and moves his hand towards her b***st. He is about to cup them, when Pihu wakes.
Pihu: Good morning papa
Both Priya and Ram get startled. Ram immediately turns around
Ram: Good morning Pihu, aap itni jaldi kaise uth gayi. 
Priya in the mean time hides behind Ram and hooks her bra and then moving away from ram says:
Priya: Good morning Pihu.
Pihu: Mom were you hiding behind Papa to surprise me?
Priya: yes beta.
Pihu: mamma chalo na lets go I want to talk to Khush and say sorry.
Priya: Beta aap jao na Khush to aapka bhai hai, why do you need me?
Pihu: Yes I need you, chalooo
She drags Priya out of the room. Ram goes to the bathroom and gets ready for office. Priya in the mean time gets Pihu and Khush ready for school. All 3 of them then come to RaYa bedroom. Pihu, Khush and Ram then go downstairs to have breakfast, while Priya goes to get ready.
At the breakfast table, Ram is almost done with his breakfast, when he recieves a call.
Ram: Yes Mr Khurana(important client of Kapoor industries), yes I have the documents all ready for you to look over. Let me email it to you, just give me a couple of min. 
Ram walks to his room, as the documents are on his laptop which is in RaYa bedroom. Priya is done with her bath and she is in the changing room getting ready. Ram quickly emails the docs to his client. He knows that Priya is in the changing room. He quickly gets up, shuts the bedroom door shut and goes into the changing room. Priya is trying hard to hook her blouse. 
Ram:(thinking)just in time. 
Ram: Need some help? 
Ram and Priya look at each other and both have a shy smile on their face. Ram moves behind Priya and gets hold of her blouse, but instead of hooking it, leaves it alone and caresses her back. Priya is mesmerized by his touch. He turns her around, looks deep into her eyes and cups her face and gives a sloppy kiss on her cheek and moves towards her lips. Just as he is about to plant the kiss, his phone buzzes. Ram is totally frustrated.
Ram: What is the problem with everybody, why are they ganging up against me? I just want to kiss my beautiful wife. I am not taking this call. I want to complete this kiss.
Priya: Mr Kapoor, le lijeye call, important call hoga.
Ram reluctantly pulls out his phone from his pocket and looks at the screen. Its Mr Khurana. 
Ram: Hello Mr Khurana, I hope you got the docs. 
Mr Khurana: Yes I did and I wanted to discuss the figures on the 2nd page. 
Ram walks out of the changing room picks up his laptop and gets busy addressing his clients concerns.
Priya drops the kids off to school and by the time she gets home, Ram has left for office. In the afternoon, Ram calls Priya.
Ram: Hi beautiful, kya kar rahi ho?
Priya: Nothing much, just trying to brush up on the TOEFL syllabus, soch rahi hoon ke coaching classes phirse join kar lun. Aap kya kar rahen hein?
Ram: Mera to kam mein man hi nahi lag raha hai. I want to come home.
Priya: Then why don't you? 
Ram: I wish I could. You know the villain, before Ram could complete his sentence, Priya: villain?Ram: Yeah the same guy who disturbed us in the morning, Priya has a smile on her face as she 
remembers the moment. Ram continues: He and his delegates are here and we are working on an important deal, so there is no way I can leave work and come home. In fact I have been in back to back meetings with him. He just stepped out for a smoke, so got a few min on my hand so thought I will check how my beautiful wife is doing. Yeah one more thing, I will be taking   Mr Khurana and his delegates for dinner. so don't wait up for dinner.
Priya: So you will be late.
Ram: No actually I should be back by 10 to 10:30. Mr Khurana has a late night flight to Singapore, so he has to be at the airport by 10pm, so I won't be late.
Priya: ok 
Ram: bye sweetheart, see you tonight.
At night before dinner, KK is playing some board game with the kids. Its dinner time, so Priya comes to call everybody for dinner. 
Pihu: No mamma, I want to finsh this game. I am winning.
Priya: Arre beta its dinner time and Dadi will also be hungry, so come on.
Khush: Nahi mamma not now.
KK: Ok why don't we do this, we will leave this game as is and then go for dinner, and continue the game after dinner. And then may be you guys can sleep here with me, I will tell you a nice story.
Pihu: Yeah, will do that. Mamma I will sleep with dadi tonight.
Khush: Yeah me too.
All of them have dinner and then go to KK's room to complete their game. Priya comes over to take the kids to get them to sleep. 
Pihu: Oh ho mamma did you forget, Khush and I are going to sleep here, see we already changed, brushed our teeth and now Dadi is going to tell us a story.
KK: haan Priya, don't worry they will be fine.
Priya: I am more worried for you ma, they will trouble you.
KK: its no trouble Priya, we will be just fine.
Priya leaves for her room. She is a little excited at the thought that finally Ram and she will get to spend some alone time. She changes into her night gown and pulls her robe on top of it. She goes to the dressing table and brushes her hair. She then goes to the window and waits for Ram to get back. She is smiling to herself thinking of the night that she and Ram are about to experience after a long time. Just then Ram walks in the room and sees her near the window smiling to herself. He walks towards her and puts his hand on her shoulder. She turns around.
Ram: Kya soch rahi ho?
Priya: kuch nahi bas aise hi.
Ram looks around and notices that Pihu is not on the bed.
Ram: Where is Pihu, is she sleeping in her room?
Priya: No, ma took both the kids for a sleepover in her room.
Ram and Priya, look at each other and have a shy smile thinking of the opportunity that they have finally got.
Ram: I think Ma felt sorry for us and so took the kids to her room.
Priya: I think so too.
Ram: I will freshen up and be right back.
Ram changes into his night clothes and then closes the door and locks it and comes near Priya. She is still at the window. He turns her around and pulls her into a hug. Priya happily walks into his arms. Both of them stay like that for a while. Ram then steps a little back and undoes the knot on her robe. The robe falls to the ground. He then scoops Priya up in his arms and puts her gently on the bed. She slides over to make room for Ram. 
Well we all know what happens next.

I hope you guys like it.
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Nice update...bechara ram...Kitni haddoya hai raya ke beech!!! Wink
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poor ram...
all attempts got failed...thanks 
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finally they get time to spend togethrBig smile
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Aww beautiful OS! <3 Loved it!!
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its not excellent, its par excellence,
I totally enjoyed it, heading is also very perfect
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