ff confrontation in the beach

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Posted: 2013-01-26T00:09:06Z
friends this is my version of story from 24 jan 2013
ram will hesitantly try to keep hand on lady shoulder but he backs off but the lady keeps his hand to her tummy
now priya will be searching for ram in the km so someone tells ram is in green room
so priya enters the room but gets shocked to see ram hands on lady tummy
priya tears flow out continuosly which fill her complete face and she will leave the room
priya will take pihu and go to sudhir and hug me and tell sorryCryCry
sudhir:asks her why u r saying sorryCryCry
priya:nothing i just wanted to tell
priya will hug shipra and say the samething sorry and go to neha
priya:she will hug neha and give a letter to her and say plz give this letter to mr.kapoor after the marriage
neha:love letter hain kya ok ill give
priya:all the best for ur marriage and rest of ur life
neha:y ur saying this
priya:after marriage u will be busy so i just wanted to sayCryCryCry
priya will go to kk and dadi and take their blessings
and priya will leave the house she will turn back and see the house
back ground bade ache sad version in bg music
the day she entered the house after marriage and now priya will get so many tears in her eyesCryCryCryCry
she will go to airport and take 2 tickets for dubai
the flight is at 10.00pm in the evening
priya will tell pihu that she will take her to a beautiful place in the world
pihu nods her head
both pihu and priya will eat kulfi both of them on each side of kulfi
priya will be remembering ram how she eat kulfi with him and tears will be comingCryCryCry
now priya will take pihu to beach
now in the beach pihu and priya will count the stars in sleeping posture
now priya will remember how she spent time with ram and how ram put her hands on his heart
now priya will weep badly andCryCry
pihu will tell mamaa why u r crying u will tell me only children will cry but why u r crying
priya:today i am crying for ur fatherSmile
pihu:then run and go to papaa like how i ll come to u
priya:i cannot go to ur papaaCry
pihu:why mamaaConfusedConfused
priya:i cannot tell u becoz ur very smallConfusedConfusedConfused
priya:will ask pihu will u forgive me becoz now we are going to dubai forever and we will never come to mumbai again again am taking u away from ur father will u forgive meCryCryCry
pihu:hm i ll forgive uConfusedConfused
priya:promise me u will never leave me and go know
pihu:promise ill never leave u and go and u also promise me that u will never leave me
priya:hm ill never leave u
priya will be crying badly and tell pihu i love ur papaa very much and ur papaa also love u just like i love u
pihu will tell u love my papaa very much
priya:i love ur papaa very much i love ur papaa mre than me
one voice will tell even papaa loves mummaa more than papaaBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
priya and pihu will tell mr.kapoor papaa
priya:aap yaha kaiseyBig smileBig smile
ram:aise hiBig smileBig smileBig smile
priya:am sorry CryCryCry
ram:promise me that u will never leave me alone and go
priya will remain silent
ram:just know u told pihu that u love me then when u love me why u r leaving me
priya:today is vikram neha marriage they need u should be there
ram: i also need u but why ur leaving me and going
priya:no u have a family and i don't want to disturb ur personal life becoz of me
ram:which personal life my life is only u then where my personal life came
priya: reamins silent and asks i told neha to give u the letter after her marriage then how did u come to know that iam here
ram:my heart told me that ur  here
priya:will be silent
ram will dictate what happened when priya left the kapoor mansion
ram will see the lady
lady will tell sid see how easily i fooled ram and my priya dhi since 5 yrs we both were together but i just used ram like atm machine and as our son's father and now we are planning to keep one more misunderstanding between ram and priya dhi by blaming ram that he slept with me
and how we kidnapped pihu and pihu ran away from km becoz of me ClapClapClapClap
ram:how dare u ayesha and gives her 1 tight slap
tish tish in bt styleClapClapClapClap
and tell her u ditched me i can tolerate that u made pihu kidnap and u abused my daughter i cannot tolerate thisAngryAngryAngry
ram will announce in front of media that priya is his only and legal wedded wife and tell that i gave name to ayesha becoz she was pregnant with sid my brother now he will show the video to media how ayesha told him all the news about herself and sid
ram will take ayesha number and take sid number from her mobile then plice tap sid number and then ayesha and sid are arrested ClapClapClapClap
natasha will adopt khush and all family will be happy but suddenly ram notices that priya and pihu are missing so ram will ask everyone but everyone will tellClapClapClap
priya was talking very weardly with everyone
suddenly neha will remember the letter that priya gave to her to return to ram
ram will read the letter
mr.kapoor iam so sorry without informing u am leaving u am sorry for all the mistakes i have done all these 5 yrs i ram away without informing u i kept pihu away from u for 5yrs but u know what all these 5yrs i love in ur memories and i didn't remember u once in 5yrs u know why beoz i never forget u any moment i was searching u in our pihu i love u
but i didn't trust u properly and that is the reason today our life is changed am sorry becoz of my mistake now u have suffered for 5yrs and our daughter is suffering am sorry fr whatever i told u and balmed u for pihu kidnap then on papaa flat
i know my sorry cannot heal ur pain becoz i have done blunder mistake in my life running away from u but i thought u should move on without me for rest of u rlife but when i saw u moed on in ur life with ayesha it hurts me and i got a lot of pain i cannot see u moving on in ur life with someone but am sorry it happened only becoz of me and my decision am solely responsible for my plight today i don't have any right to tell u move away from ayesha but i cannot see u moving with her
i failed as a daughter mother and a wife today i failed like a human being
 i know u cannot forgive me becoz many times i yelled at u and betrayed u but if possible plz forgive me i don't deserve u
and now present
ram will tell even i missed u when u were in dubai i did not move on in my life becoz u were my life and today also u r my life
priya:am sorry for not trusting u
i came from hospital after accident but everyone were crying keeping my photo and i was struck i could not bear it that everyone believed that i left this world i was shocked then everyone were talking that i died it is nice becoz atleast u will move in ur life instead of waiting for 14yrs for me
so i went to dubai to drop naina kaddy sister
then in dubai i came to know that i was pregnant
then i called u but u did not pick my call bu when u received the call u were talking to a lady and asking her ear rings so i thought u moved on and i broke so i did not have courage to tell u that i was alive and pregnant and in my pregnancy i missed u alot when ever i would go to check ups i would feel very bad becoz u missed all the moments like how pihu kicked me and pihu was born and i was happy but very sad becoz u were not with me and then pihu started crawling walking then going to school in all this events i was not happy becoz u were not with me
after 5yrs u came to my shop and u were caressing pihu after seeing u i thought all my life came back to me and next day i brought pihu to supercool party i even called u but u went on to dias so i came to know that u and ayesha are married i was hurt and i was in pain but i was happy that u moved on in ur life so i dropped the thought of meeting u and even avoided u all the time pihu would always tell me that golu uncle is similar to me when ever pihu told me about u i would die becoz i know i was alive and had a daughter but i could not tell u i died each and every minute becoz of my helpless ness and n rakhi i came to know that khush is ur son so i thought u moved on in ur life so i thought pihu and u should not meet u becz even pihu and  were bonding well becoz when u got to mumbai pihu will be broken so i avoided u and pihu meeting but i could not do and u missed ur flight for pihu to see her i was on top of world that u missed flight for me and pihu and was very happy to know that u eat the parata made by my hand and even pihu enacted a role just like u and she got a gold medal
then i came to mumbai then also i thought u moved on with ayesha but papaa told me u married ayesha just to save my family reputation becoz she was pregnant with sid child
plz forgive me all the mistakes i have done and now i was leaving becoz i don't deserve u
plz forgive me she will neel down and apologise ram for whatever mistakes she did
ram: even i did many mistakes even i did not trust we both are imperfect but perfect to each other
priya: i love u ram and i promise u that i will always trust u and live with u forever
ram:i love u and even i will trust u and ill never make u to go away from my life
priya and ram hug each other
bade ache lagte hai music
both will hug and pihu will tell papaa mamaa mai then ram will lift her then priya ram and in between pihu
then all three priya hand on ram heart and pihu all will count stars in beach
i hope u all liked it ClapClapClapClapClap
i think u all enjoyed itClapClapClapClapClap

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Posted: 2013-01-26T00:18:19Z
if the cv don't have brain they can atleast copy theses os .. becasue the writers have much better brain than cvLOL'
sweet love storyClapClapClap
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Posted: 2013-01-26T00:34:28Z
Nice update... Big smile
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Posted: 2013-01-26T03:23:14Z
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Posted: 2013-01-28T13:38:20Z

it was an awesome update dear just too gud... RaYa confronts was so amezing... finally Priya speak up n flaw out her heart to Ram... too gud just awesome... best...
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